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What is home insurance?

Home insurance covers the cost of emergency repairs to your home. The policy typically covers the cost of repairing damage due to fire, lightning, other natural disasters, as well as damage or losses from vandalism or theft. 

More specifically, buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to your building while contents insurance covers the cost of replacing stolen or damaged items.

Do I need home insurance?

As a homeowner:

It's not a legal requirement such as with car insurance, but 75% of homes in the UK do take out a home insurance policy.

Your mortgage provider may insist that you take out a home insurance policy, but if not then you could consider your situation and the risks you are likely to face, but in particular consider the value of your belongings and the building.

If you are far from a water source, you may be unlikely to experience water damage (which is the most common cause of claims) but you may still experience a break-in, fire or other damage.

Your home could experience accidental damage in a number of unexpected ways and could cost hundreds or thousands to repair, so many people do prefer the peace of mind knowing that they are covered if anything does happen.

As a tenant / renter:

You won't need buldings insurance, but you may still want to consider contents insurance. There is no legal requirement to get any kind of insurance, but contents insurance will cover the replacement cost of any of your belongings which are stolen or broken.

As a landlord:

You should consider buildings insurance, as accidental damage to the building itself is your responsibility to fix. Should a tentant cause significant damage, or should a natural disaster occur, the cost to repair your building could be in the thousands if you do not have buildings insurance to cover it.

Which policy is right for me?

You can choose either buildings or contents insurance, or a combined policy of both together.

Buildings Insurance

  • Covers the cost of repairing the building itself (walls, floors and so on) as well as any permanently fitted aspects of the home, such as the kitchen and bathroom
  • Good for homeowners and landlords

Contents Insurance

  • Covers the cost of replacing damaged or stolen belongings, from your prized vinyl collection to your computer and jewellery.
  • Good for homeowners, tenants and landlords with furnished rentals

Combined Home Insurance

  • Covers the cost of repairing or replacing all of the above and may be cheaper than buying those separately.
  • Good for homeowners and landlords with furnished rentals

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