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About TopCashback Compare

What is TopCashback Compare?

TopCashback compare allows you to compare quotes for Car, Home, and other types of insurance from a wide variety of leading insurance providers. It's an easier way to compare and save with a comparison service and cashback in one go.

What are the benefits of TopCashback Compare?

TopCashback Compare not only allows you to look for a great quote on your policy premium, but you can also earn cashback on your purchase - this means that you can combine two great savings, all in one place!

All you need to do is click ‘Get a New Quote’ on the TopCashback Compare page, fill in your details, and you will get a handy list of quotes from a range of leading insurance providers. The table of results is clear and simple, so you can easily see what type of cover is included in the policy. We will also let you know how much cashback you would get, and what the total price of your policy would be after cashback.

We want to make things easy for you, so after you’ve purchased your policy, we will send you handy updates and renewal reminders to take the hassle out of buying your insurance!

Will the cashback be deducted from the annual premium I pay to the insurer?

No, you still pay your insurance premium in the usual way - either in one lump sum or as monthly payments. Your cashback will then be credited to your TopCashback account and you can withdraw it from here once it's reached Payable status.

Does it cost anything to use TopCashback Compare?

No, nothing at all. TopCashback Compare is free to use: we don't charge any fees when you run a comparison through TopCashback Compare.

Why is the cashback rate different on TopCashback Compare to other merchant pages on the site?

The cashback rates you'll find on TopCashback Compare may vary from elsewhere on the site. It’s nothing to worry about; insurers just pay different rates of cashback to comparison services.

What happens to my details when I get a quote?

The details you enter in the quote form will be used by Seopa/QuoteZone purely to return a list of quote results for you. They will only be passed on to merchants in order to get your quote and they will not be used for any other marketing purposes. Merchants will also only use your details to provide you with a quote and will not use them for any other purposes if you have not purchased a policy.

If you click through to a merchant from the TopCashback Compare Quote Results, you may find that you get a separate email from that particular insurance provider supplying the details of your quote - they're simply summarising your quote for you so that you have another record of it should you wish to purchase the insurance policy.

Who are SEOPA and Quotezone?

We don’t run TopCashback Compare completely on our own; you may see that we refer to Seopa Ltd and Quotezone occasionally around our site pages. TopCashback Compare is powered by Seopa Ltd. who provides us with the quote tool known as Quotezone. They are the middle men who receive the commission from the insurance merchant for your purchase, which they pass on to us, and we then forward all of this commission back to you as cashback. In other words, they help to make these great savings possible.

Don’t worry about your details going to a third party – we have a strict Privacy Policy. The details you enter in the quote form will be used by Seopa Ltd. and Quotezone purely to return a list of quote results for you. They will only be passed on to merchants in order to get your quote and they will not be used for any other marketing purposes. 

Quotezone may from time to time contact you by mail, telephone, SMS, or email to provide information that may be of interest to you, including their newsletter, special offers and details about the services they offer. Quotezone will give you an opportunity, in the first TopCashback Compare email sent to you, to choose not to receive marketing by email, before you submit your personal information. You can also tell Quotezone to stop sending you marketing information at any time by contacting them at


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