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Claim your 3 months free trial and get cashback at GoHenry! GoHenry is the UK’s #1 kids’ debit card and learning app for children aged 6-18. It has everything your child needs to learn about money first-hand — from budgeting pocket money, setting savings goals, earning money through chores, and more. Kids and parents get their login details for the GoHenry app, with the parent view offering full transparency into your child’s money through spend notifications, customisable limits and instant transfers for need-it-now moments. Join today with a 2 months free trial and choose from over 45+ customisable card designs.

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GoHenry – the kids’ debit card for safe spending

GoHenry Logo

GoHenry is the UK’s number one debit card for kids, with more than two million members learning about money management in an easy and digestible way. The GoHenry youth debit card works just like a normal kids’ bank account, but with lots of extra benefits that give them independence and you peace of mind. Not only can kids and teens gain financial independence, but they’ll learn along the way with an educational mobile app to teach your kids invaluable skills about money. Be money-savvy yourself with our GoHenry vouchers and cashback deals to get money back when you sign up.

GoHenry UK gives young people aged 6–18 the tools they need to grasp the basics of budgeting, earning, saving, spending, and more. Whether you’re looking for flexible control, weekly allowances, or secure safety features, the clever money app has it all. For a monthly fee of just £3.99 per child, you’ll get access to a customisable debit card, app download, and educational tools to make both your lives easier.

We’ve found lots of handy GoHenry offers to save money on your account, too. Sign up as a new customer and you’ll get a 30-day free trial to see if it’s a good fit for your family. If you’re a member of our site (it’s free to join), you can find a GoHenry discount code to get up to three months free, plus you’ll earn cashback deals on top with an extra click. Opt in to their email newsletter to receive exclusive discounts straight to your inbox and refer a friend to get £30 to your parent account.

GoHenry app for kids & teens

Money Missions in the GoHenry app

Money management for kids & teens

When you sign up for a GoHenry card, you’ll be able to choose from more than 45 custom designs, with your child’s name added for personalisation. Not only is there an app for kids but also a companion app for parents for flexible control over children’s spending, easy transfers, and weekly allowances. The GoHenry app is more than just a handy way to keep an eye on credits and debits. In-app videos and quizzes called Money Missions make budgeting fun, so your child can learn about money and earn points and badges.

GoHenry works just like a top-up card, so your kid can add and spend money without any worries of overspending or debt. You can even set spending limits on cash withdrawals and get instant notifications on where and when the card is used, all while they gain financial freedom. The cards for teens mean they have extra benefits like receiving wages via BACS payment and sending or requesting money to and from friends.

Strict security features mean that you don’t need to worry about unsafe spending or theft. GoHenry will automatically block risky transactions, plus with fingerprint and facial recognition, chip and PIN-protected transactions, and bank-level encryption, there are plenty of safety measures in place. Lost card? Parents can easily block and unblock it from the companion app.

GoHenry Features

Pocket Money & Chores

Kids & teens can earn cashless pocket money by completing chores via the GoHenry appTurn pocket money digital by adding a weekly allowance to your child’s account. You can opt to send pocket money on a regular basis or allow them to earn it by creating and ticking off completed tasks. Turn household chores into paid daily tasks like making the bed, doing homework, and walking the dog. Once they’ve completed the chores, you can mark the task as completed and they’ll get money in their account. There’s nothing like a practical lesson to teach children about money.

Savings and goals

Set savings goals and add parent-paid interest to encourage good money habits nowThe savings account feature within the GoHenry app is about empowering kids to take charge of the money they put away. They can set their own savings goals and dates, so they can set their sights on that new pair of trainers in three months’ time or a phone upgrade in time for Christmas.

To encourage them to persevere with their savings account, you can add parent-paid interest. Use the in-app calculator to decide what interest rate to pay, which you can adjust at any time. Your child will be able to view 12-, 24-, and 36-month projections of the interest to motivate them to keep going.

Gift Links

Friends and family can send fee-free money on special occasions via GoHenry UKWith Gift Links, you can add friends and family members as a GoHenry Relative to the account. Once set up, they’ll have their own login details and named profile from which they can send money. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas present, celebration, or any other occasion, a GoHenry Relative can send money fee-free whenever they want. This means kids can choose the gift they want, and there’s no stress about last-minute gifts with instant transfers. Added relatives can add a special message along with the money, so you can keep track of who’s sending money, how much, and what for.

Junior ISA

Open a stocks and shares ISA for your child that’s locked until they’re 18Invest in your child’s future with a stocks and shares ISA you can control in the GoHenry app. Open the account with as little as £1 and pay what you want every month so they have a nest egg to look forward to. Not only can a GoHenry Junior ISA account earn interest, but also capital gains alongside the market growth. Monthly investments and capital gains are also tax-free up to £9,000 within the tax year. Keep an eye on market trends and the value of your investments right from the app so you can be in control of their future.

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