Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway 2020

Posted on 07 Dec 2020 Posted in  Top Games

Our Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off today, and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 85,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,000 cash. So, there’s plenty of treats up for grabs this month, just in time for Christmas.

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry in to the mega prize draw to win the top £1,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a festive surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:

There are over 85,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them (like Christmas trees, snowmen and so on). As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £18,000 up for grabs over the next few weeks.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 7th December to the 29th December 2020 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 29th December 2020 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

BabyAki31 Dec 20 - 21:42 Congratulations Joanna c. Happy New Year everyone. Yes I did notice the similarities Betsyboo. Here's hoping for a better game next time.
shazzy6831 Dec 20 - 18:15 Congratulations Joanna c, lovely win for you. Happy New Year to you all. Take care and see you all in the next game 😊❣
Betsyboo5931 Dec 20 - 10:09 Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year. Lovely to see all the regulars on here again and to share this time with you. Missed T4revor again. Didn't play Autumn Treats and nothing on this game either. Hope you're ok T4revor. Keep safe everyone, hope next year is better for us all. See you next time ❤️
neilMac4531 Dec 20 - 09:15 Getting the same feeling that a lot of other participants have on here every time this game runs I end up 1 item away from a decent win then it changes to only pde’S . Can’T help but feel suspicious about the whole thing!
Top_Frances31 Dec 20 - 03:40 Congrats to Joanna c. Thanks to Top Cashback for my 3 prizes totalling 80p. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2021.

I've got a lot of the blog to catch up on, as was only just about managing to keep up with the daily clue most days and a few clicks here and there, particularly later on in the treats.
Chris12121230 Dec 20 - 22:09 Anyone else notice the £100 prizes were won every two days? Just random of course.😀
Eddiesolo30 Dec 20 - 11:32 Indeed, congrats to Joanne c, well done to the folks that won.

Justint4430 Dec 20 - 10:46 Hello anyone
Betsyboo5930 Dec 20 - 10:36 Congratulations Joanna c on winning the big prize and to all the other £100 prize winners. 👍👍
Justint4430 Dec 20 - 10:16 Over 50 free entries this time (how these can count as prizes when you find a bird I do not know) from searching the site, 1 short of £20 and 1 short of £100. All I won was 10p and 20p - again!! What a surprise!! What a waste of time this is - again!!
starblaze2130 Dec 20 - 02:59 Sorry, predictive text. Should say waggel pet insurance :)
sueroo7929 Dec 20 - 23:46 I just clicked on a bird at mattress online, but it didn't load and disappeared, so didn't register my win. Probably only a pde, but I have been cheated out of the chance!! :(
Debor29 Dec 20 - 23:42 Already closed?
wiewiora829 Dec 20 - 23:07 You guys have so many pde's.. I have only 52.. I am too missing one candy cane, snowflake and angel(and probably won't find missing ones in time) and just found my first star. I haven't won much, but still free pound and 30p it's something to be gratefull for.. Good luck ;)
Member37231538103629 Dec 20 - 22:47 Jeez all these people moaning about lack of birds or only getting a pde. Get a grip will you. This is a free entry competition that TCB have put on for a bit of fun.
Get over yourselves, stop thinking like you deserve to win something and stop your petty whining. I get enough of that from my 3 year old at home *Rant over*

Seasons greetings to all, I hope you’Re all keeping safe and well and let’S hope for a more peaceful 2021. Good luck to those in the prize draw!
Doodle451129 Dec 20 - 22:16 Snap - Betsyboo and babyaki - exactly the same here
HiLFC29 Dec 20 - 21:38 Im shutting down now, good luck all!!
I dont think I will find 3 trees , 2 snow flakes, and one for all of the rest!
Have fun and keep smiling!!

Fingers crossed that one of my 144 PDEs will win me a £1k treat!! (As if!), See you all in the Spring (if we all survive this nasty virus!) Take care and be safe, rather sit in front of a screen clicking than going out!!
Betsyboo5929 Dec 20 - 21:27 Oh and did I mention BabyAki - i'm one off four of the prizes
Strange that, really strange!!
Betsyboo5929 Dec 20 - 21:20 BabyAki -
I've won 10p - you've won 10p
I have 150 pde's - you have 150 pde's
I haven't found a single bird for approx 10 days
You haven't found a single bird for approx 10 days
Spot any similarity/Pattern here????
BabyAki29 Dec 20 - 21:10 No Betsyboo. Think we must have been put on naughty list. I have tried all my lists and suggestions. I have 150 PDes and 1 off on 4 prizes but still no birds for me or you by sounds of it. Good luck.
BenCadwallader29 Dec 20 - 20:42 Must admit this 'xmas treats' game feels like it's designed to lure you in then completely mug you off! On my prize board so far i've won just 10p but i've been 1 off a prize on the Santas, Stars, Gifts, Snowflakes, Candy Canes & Angels for a few days with the only hummingbirds i've found recently being PDEs. With time running out today, it's a slightly annoying outcome here.
Jill Black29 Dec 20 - 20:25 Pde on Gourmet Society.
HiLFC29 Dec 20 - 19:53 Betsyboo59 I think you're doing better than me, 144 PDEs, only have one xmas tree🎄 And one snowflake ❄
Need one more for others.

Others who uses twitter and facebook to boost their chances have over 300 PDEs!!

I'm trying to decide whether to stop now.
Betsyboo5929 Dec 20 - 19:12 Well I won 10p within a couple of days of game starting and as you know I and BabyAki have been blocked for some reason from playing for the last 10/11 days so, of course, I am still on 10p won and I have 150 pde's. Wonder where I would have been if I had been allowed to continue playing??? Good luck everyone for the big draw! Could put a bet on it, it won't be me or BabyAki!!!! Stay safe everyone.
Rosa16229 Dec 20 - 18:55 My 2nd post, no internet since the 24th and won only 30p let’S hope my 487 pde’S get me somewhere, here’S to spring treats 2021, stay safe all, here’S to a better and healthier 2021. Good luck all.
shazzy6829 Dec 20 - 18:51 20p for me!
Claire4499429 Dec 20 - 18:26 Pde at mattress online. Good luck for the final everyone!
ANDREA JAGGAR29 Dec 20 - 18:25 Its a 30p win for me

And a 30p win for my hubby

How did you guys and girls do ???
HiLFC29 Dec 20 - 18:10 I havent been on most of the day today as ive been in work, got home just over an hour ago and thought lets see if I will find any. Well nope, non of the suggestions on here worked, plus 300 merchants i've clicked onto, still no birds in sight. So my account and amongst others has been blocked??

Hey ho, good luck to those who are finding birds on our last day. 😀
karenoz29 Dec 20 - 16:19 Waiting for one on all of them no hope now :-(
Karleen7829 Dec 20 - 15:45 Pde won on onlinemattresses, notably their have been problems with thus game this time but these have been ongoing throughout the competition.. Its just a bit of free fun. Enjoy the rest of the festive season
Member79018426753929 Dec 20 - 14:33 I just found a bird on footasylum, good luck everyone
shazzy6829 Dec 20 - 14:26 Good luck to you all 🤞 I would really really love to hear that someone on this blog won the big prize. It's nice to chat with different people and give each other hints and tips and as Betsyboo59 said in her last post it's the nearest some people have been to company for some months (not me personally as I have a big family) but I hate to think of people on their own so take care and hopefully we can chat again, stay safe everyone ❣
Betsyboo5929 Dec 20 - 14:00 Carolann52 - would love to see a pde! Some of us (apart from the daily clue) haven't seen a single bird for 10 days!! Not that that makes it any less frustrating for you. Good luck.
Andrea Jaggar - not sure about the glitch with the Topgiftcard bonus. Didn't know anything about that but there has certainly been a major problem with this game!!
BabyAki29 Dec 20 - 13:04 BetsyBoo. Good luck for rest of game. Yes still trying. Had two randoms on the 18th and that's it since then. Had already gone a few days without randoms at this point. 1 away from 4 prizes but doubt I will get anymore than my 10p on this game. Good luck everyone for rest of day.
Carolann5229 Dec 20 - 13:01 Not that i’M cynical but now need one gift for almost anything over 20p I just keep getting pde’S. Been doing this for years and yes I know it’S free but very disheartening when my friend is playing on her game for half an hour and bags £20.

Best of luck everyone and love to hear from someone on here who has won big!
MyPoorCreditCard29 Dec 20 - 12:32 ShazzaK, you need to put a dot after the e (so type e.On)
ShazzaK29 Dec 20 - 12:19 Clue is definitely eon power. However when I type it in to search for it, there is no website for me! Anyone else got this issue?
ANDREA JAGGAR29 Dec 20 - 11:59 BetsyBoo

Maybe TCB's recent "glitch" with the TopGiftCard Bonus £2.50 cashback offer and subsequent "compensation" offer to those active participants had to financed from this game ??
Hey Andrea

This is separate to the game and the team did decide to offer members a gesture of goodwill to appologise for the issues members were having with purchasing with the service provider.

Best wishes

technoman29 Dec 20 - 10:19 As I commented earlier I was 1 away from all prizes but 2 away from candycanes and I said it is fixed that I will get one more candycanes or pde .

This is proved right as I got candycanes today on eon so now 1 away from everything and did't won anything.

That's it. I am done. Thank You Topcashback for wonderful game!
Betsyboo5929 Dec 20 - 09:41 Well here we are the last day of what has, for a number of us been an extremely poor and frustrating game. I found my last hummingbird on the morning of the 20th just prior to finding the daily clue. Since then I have not found one hummingbird and you, BabyAki I see, have had the same issue but for slightly longer. I do not believe that this has been a fair game and for some reason, either intentionally or accidentally some of us, at some point, have been blocked from playing. Perhaps they blocked the members with usernames beginning with "b"?? Despite the problems, however, we have to thank TCB for putting these games on and I will endeavour to play the next one, when hopefully these issues will not reoccur. I would ask though TCB that you ensure that the game is open to all - and please don't insult our intelligence by saying that it is all down to luck! I am not a mathematician but would think that in an open and fair game, to go 10/11 days without finding one single bird would be nigh on impossible. I also want to thank all of you who have joined in on the blog. Despite the odd whinger, we have had some good banter between us and for some of us, this is the nearest we have been to company for some months. Good luck to all of you with the rest of today. I doubt I will be playing any more as there is very little point. See you all next time hopefully. Take care and please keep safe.
ANDREA JAGGAR29 Dec 20 - 08:19 E.On today got me a Snowman = 10p

Lucky me........

Ann Summers = Prize draw entry
LoveHoney = Prize draw entry
Durex = Prize draw entry
Screwfix Direct = Prize draw entry

Maybe you will get lucky !!!!
bulgarka29 Dec 20 - 08:11 Eon-energy
HiLFC29 Dec 20 - 07:47 You can still catch the bird if you've missed one or two daily clues, its recorded what you have collected (click in to the xmas treats banner at bottom, go to daily clues, and scroll down to the bottom, it lists and date/Time stamped.

Around 16 hrs to go, good luck guys, hopefully some of us who has been blocked from catching any birds over last week or so will have some luck today.
CactusIsland29 Dec 20 - 07:37 SusieAsp, I was also 1 away from everything and todays clue got me a pde. I did win 10p though last week, so it is better than nothing, I hope you win big though!
steviegray8429 Dec 20 - 00:47 Can you do missed days?
Eddiesolo29 Dec 20 - 00:31 Good luck everybody.
paulofcroydon29 Dec 20 - 00:26 Eon-energy - 29-12-2020
Eddiesolo29 Dec 20 - 00:07 Lol, what was I saying about no icon but just PDEs?

Just got e.On clue and got a Xmas tree...I have two now.

CMh6729 Dec 20 - 00:01 Tuesday eon
Jill Black28 Dec 20 - 23:53 Just had a hit on Michael Kors & Won my first 20p!
SusieAsp28 Dec 20 - 23:00 So, here's an interesting thing... So far I am one bird away from every single prize. I haven't won anything but the next bird I get that isn't a pde wins me some sort of prize, how amazing is that. Watch this space...
BabyAki28 Dec 20 - 21:12 Thanks HilFc. I know both me and Betsyboo had this issue last time.
shazzy6828 Dec 20 - 20:30 Found pde on monsoon, first time i've been on since I last posted a comment and found it after 3 sites. I really do think the longer you wait between searches you get a bird quicker 🤔
Karleen7828 Dec 20 - 19:57 Candy cane found on ted baker
BabyAki28 Dec 20 - 19:17 Going for 11th day of no randoms just when 1 off for 4 prizes. Would be happy with a bird appearing if just pde as it would give me hope. No suggestions work for me.
scruffball28 Dec 20 - 18:31 Hi everyone. I dont usually post any comments but. I have nearly 400 pde's and Not a penny has been won!! Anyone else have this problem
Eddiesolo28 Dec 20 - 17:27 I agree that the prizes do seem to be a fixed percentage of wins as I have won 30p (which, I am happy about, it cost nothing but a few clicks.) However, I have needed just one on a number of prices for days with no luck. The law of averages regarding the amount of random prize boxes would mean I should have had at least another win on a bigger prize.
I have noticed that the algorithem employed knows what you have and then employs the random pde instead of any winning icons, Also, as the game comes to an end the amount of randoms does seem to drop.
Still. It's free and fun...So, in the long run...Who cares...Have fun folks.
shazzy6828 Dec 20 - 16:59 Just got my 3rd Christmas tree on zooplus thanks Mr_Graham_Burgess 👍 First 1 today apart from the daily clue. I don't believe that technoman and Doobie67 why would TCB not want people to have the freedom of speech! It's not like anyone is hurting anybody by having a little moan. I think that most of us are finding less birds because it's coming to the end of the game, not sure what happened to the people who have not found anything for days 🤷‍♀️ That's why I only look a couple times a day because would drive me crazy looking for hours on end 🤯
Brumbird28 Dec 20 - 16:43 Iceland gave me a pde too
HiLFC28 Dec 20 - 16:41 I wonder if some of us have exceeded 'x' of hummingbirds found so therefore we've been banned for a while...... 😒😔Still nowt today apart from daily clue!!🙃

Usually the suggestions here usually works after a few tries, but not lately.
2 days to go! Good luck all 😄

Ps I earned £3.50 from completing 4 surveys in 2 hours this morning😁
Hey hilfc

There is no limit to the amount of hummingbirds you can find but as they do appear on random retailer offers pages on our site you may need to have a bit of luck to land on the page where one is.

Best wishes

technoman28 Dec 20 - 16:39 Doobie67: you are absolutely correct. I am not even getting any pde or prize from morning and its all done by TCB as I commented about how this is all fixed and not random. I have cleared cache, cookies tried everything. Seems like I am on no prize list now.

Just to confirm, we do not have what you may be suggesting as we want all members to be able to play. The hummingbirds and prizes are just down to luck so we do hope you have better luck next time.

Best wishes

Mr_Graham_Burgess28 Dec 20 - 16:15 Got a Santa on pets at home and PDEs on Kiehl's and zooplus
Eddiesolo28 Dec 20 - 14:41 Iceland gave me a pde
Margarett6228 Dec 20 - 13:31 Just got a snowflake on aviva
Braddy6628 Dec 20 - 13:28 I just got a Star on Petplan!
HiLFC28 Dec 20 - 13:26 Mike jaggar: im afraid Durex .....Isnt working for me lol
MIKE JAGGAR28 Dec 20 - 13:01 Don't forget to try


It was a Prize Draw Entry

HiLFC28 Dec 20 - 10:23 You're more chance of getting paid filling a survey in one hour than hunting for a pde bird in 24 hours (excludes daily clues):d
bushbaby2828 Dec 20 - 09:45 Last night I dreamt that I found a bird on moonpig... I just clicked on it today and got a star! Hahaha

Have a wonderful new year everyone :d
neilMac4528 Dec 20 - 08:37 Today’S clue looks like there is an extra s in the first word
Brumbird28 Dec 20 - 01:11 Just got candy cane on Petplan
BabyAki28 Dec 20 - 00:20 Betsyboo. I'm same. No random birds for about 10 days
Never happened for that long before. Using laptop,mobile and tablet but still no luck. One of for three prizes.

starblaze2128 Dec 20 - 00:07 Waggle Pet Insurance is today’S clue. Only got a pde
Eddiesolo28 Dec 20 - 00:06 Daily clue: Waggel pet insurance
Stboorman28 Dec 20 - 00:06 Waggle pet insurance
CMh6728 Dec 20 - 00:02 Monday Waggle pet insurance
Helen_Ireland27 Dec 20 - 23:47 Karen millen and yours clothing
Member97874310033927 Dec 20 - 23:45 What does it mean when it says merchant is trending??
Helen_Ireland27 Dec 20 - 23:42 In 6 years i’Ve earned £3400 cash back
I buy my house car and pet insurance through TCB
I use eBay occasionally and go through TCB, I use other shops and get money back, I bought a new mobile contract and got a nice reward same as my home broadband etc.
If I want buy anything online I mostly go through TCB, it’S how to do it for a fiver a year membership
Anyone moaning is a muppet because it’S free money on things I was buying anyway
Eddiesolo27 Dec 20 - 23:26 Just another pde on Kipling live light
Eddiesolo27 Dec 20 - 22:44 Mainline menswear pde
Eddiesolo27 Dec 20 - 22:38 This is so strange that people are not getting pde's etc.

I am getting on average, 2 + A day plus the clue, I have over 200 entries and 30p won.

Granted some of the mentioned merchants do not always you a random all the time-well, they haven't for me, but just by doing clicks I have managed to get loads...Very weird indeed.

Has to me a mobile/App fault, using my laptop seems to working fine.
Eddiesolo27 Dec 20 - 22:20 Yours Clothing pde
HiLFC27 Dec 20 - 20:50 Betsyboo59 - I didnt know it was free to join :d lol

For two days 3 PDEs in total, includes the daily clues!
Xmas eve wasnt great either, 2 PDEs includes daily clues
veejay6927 Dec 20 - 19:48 Just got a bird on Ann Summers & Won 20p 🎉🎉. Thanks!!
Eddiesolo27 Dec 20 - 17:35 Benefit just gave me a pde.
ANDREA JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 16:34 BetsyBoo

Dont forget to try


Another Prize Draw Entry.......Lol
MIKE JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 16:22 Thanks Shaz68, and to everyone for the Good Wishes,
My battle with Prostate Cancer continues
But the nhs radiographers at St James's Hospital in Leeds deserve a massive shout out, for trying to "fix" me
MIKE JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 16:16 Hey BetsyBoo59

Have you tried clicking on durex

It was a Prize Draw Entry for me

Eddiesolo27 Dec 20 - 16:12 House of Fraser gave a pde today.
shazzy6827 Dec 20 - 16:03 Careful andrea jaggar & Mike jaggar you might get a telling off from TwinSandy for having a chat and a laugh! 😂 I for one wish you all the best mike jaggar in your fight with cancer, sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way 🤞
Betsyboo5927 Dec 20 - 15:06 HiLFC - welcome to the "can't find a bird club" 😭😭
Betsyboo5927 Dec 20 - 14:46 Now, now you Jaggers, keep it clean. Next thing you'll be saying you found a bird on Get Laid Beds!!!

I've given up now. Over a week without a bird is ridiculous. Contacted TCB but no explanation as yet.
Member118152850640827 Dec 20 - 14:29 Today is Karen Millen, good luck all!
HiLFC27 Dec 20 - 14:25 Getting non from all suggestionson here so far... Ahhhh
Member58890277044327 Dec 20 - 12:49 How to find all of them??
Brumbird27 Dec 20 - 11:57 Just got a pde on feelunique.Com
MIKE JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 11:52 Andrea j

I suppose you were only looking for t.C.B Kingfishers on Ann Summers and Love Honey........... Right ??

Mike j :-)
Brumbird27 Dec 20 - 11:39 Just got pde on Talk Talk
ANDREA JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 11:35 Well, well, well :-)

Who'd have thunked it !!!

Love honey gave me a pde
Ann summers gave me a Xmas tree

And quite a few laughs to
Brumbird27 Dec 20 - 11:24 Just got a pde on Very
GlassASh27 Dec 20 - 10:05 Can’T get any birds for a couple of days. Seems they are on Xmas break.
nexterday27 Dec 20 - 09:43 Talk talk prize draw
HiLFC27 Dec 20 - 08:45 Nothing is working for me (apart from the daily clues) lately, what is going on?
What did you do Betsyboo59? :D hehe im just messing btw x
Member89161893080327 Dec 20 - 08:22 I was so surprised at how easy it was to get cash back. I am very happy and it is great to see the money go back into your account.
ANDREA JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 07:44 These are worth trying....All pde's for me
But maybe you will get lucky

Lv Home Insurance
Ralph Lauren
Virgin Media
Not On The High Street
ANDREA JAGGAR27 Dec 20 - 06:32 Today's answer is Karen Millen

It gave me a 2nd santa which gave me my 1st win of 20p

Yippeeeee.........Lucky me

Now what shall I spend my winnings on ????
Auds9627 Dec 20 - 03:02 Hi
Just found pde on Moonpig you never know you may find a treat
Member89171424925127 Dec 20 - 00:20 Hi be safe thanks
Ufonex27 Dec 20 - 00:12 Karen Millen is today's hint
CMh6727 Dec 20 - 00:06 Sunday Karen millen
SusieAsp26 Dec 20 - 23:44 I haven't won a penny this time but i'll keep on trying.
Betsyboo5926 Dec 20 - 22:38 Eddiesolo - not sure I agree with your statement that the only way to get a bird is to do the time and click away! Apart from cooking Christmas dinner yesterday, I have been clicking away since this game started and as you can see from my earlier post, have not found a single bird in a week!! And I have clicked and clicked. Think i'm getting repetitive strain injury 😂🤣😂🤣
Eddiesolo26 Dec 20 - 21:52 TwinSandy. You are correct in that we shouldn't be moaning at amount or lack thereof of hummingbirds.

Sometimes a merchant that a member posts may not produce a prize box for another member, they may be useful at times but, the only way to get them is to do the time and click away.

TwinSandy26 Dec 20 - 21:04 Can you all just keep providing some useful hints and sites only.

Some of you treat this as your personal blog expecting every commment, relevant or not, to appear inmediately.

It is a waste of time for the rest of us to spend time just reading moans, complaints and personal messages.

I have never won anything substantial anyway but won't use this blog for anything else...
Member11749571420726 Dec 20 - 20:54 I found bird this morning and won 20p and won a prize draw entry this morning from yesterdays clue.
Eddiesolo26 Dec 20 - 20:39 Dcanais
26 Dec 20 - 18:35
Eddiesolo, you're a total fake! TopCashback, shame on you!

Not fake. Am very real and been a member for a couple of years now. I have never won a top prize, biggest was a fiver I think.

I have won 30p this game and have over a 170 entries, down to the many pde's and also getting 5 extra for linking to facebook.

I got 4 today, three pde's and a candy cane. I am watching some films on my laptop and pausing while I go through the lists of merchants, you need to click loads, and I mean loads, before you get one.

If you have better things to do then great...Get on with them and stop moaning.

Betsyboo5926 Dec 20 - 20:35 Well that's another full day and not one bird found (apart from the daily clue) again! I have played these games many times before and have played this particular game from very shortly after it was listed by TCB. I won 10p within a couple of days and my winnings now?? - 10p! I appreciate TCB putting these games on and hate to moan but believe this has been the worst and most frustrating game I have played. I realise the birds get harder to find towards the end of the game but 10 days before the end?? That's ridiculous and very unfair. Very disappointing.
Hey Betsyboo

We will take your feedback on board and we hope you have better luck in future games.

Best wishes

Nigel Newton 26 Dec 20 - 19:15 Tried todays answer several times no hummingbird
bobbiehicks26 Dec 20 - 19:07 Can someone explain for me please where are these humming birds. I click on say fashion, then womenswear, (is it here I find the birds) or do I then need to click on every offer to see if there is a bird in the individual sections.......Thank you for any help.
Daniel Song26 Dec 20 - 18:53 Great! Sounds fun!
dcanais26 Dec 20 - 18:08 Eddiesolo
26 Dec 20 - 16:33
Hi Eddiesolol, are you on the TopCashback Payroll? Cashback on purchases is one thing, I have earned over £1000, money on fake competitions is quite another matter....
26 Dec 20 - 14:25
Total scam, TopCashback are probably been paid for every click and we are wasting our time clicking around if lucky for 10, 20 or 50 pence, but more likely for "Free Prize Draw" entries! Surely there's better things to do with our time...

Not a scam, it is how the site works, all sites like this have to make revenue , by clicking on sites and in getting cashback or, what is the point them being here
Please remember that these are just games to give you some fun, I have won 30p...It is free. We get cashback on purchases we make and all this for just £5 a year.
Yes, we are never going to make a fortune but I have had over £200 cash back, all for a outlay of £20...Not bad for stuff I wanted.


Please be kind to each other.

Our competitions are genuine and we do have members winning the prizes as mentioned at the end of the game when the prize draw has been completed.

I am sorry that you have not been so lucky during this game and we hope you have better luck in future.

Best wishes

Member107970960224026 Dec 20 - 17:58 Iets get going birds are a flying
Member115356691135026 Dec 20 - 17:52 Cant get the game started
Betsyboo5926 Dec 20 - 17:14 Don't know why my previous message only listed half of what I posted. Anyway - yes Mike the regulars on here knew you had been ill as you told us a few games ago and we were worried when you didn't post messages during the last couple of games. Lovely to hear from you and that hopefully you have now been "fixed". Our wonderful nhs! Hopefully will do a good job for me - got to have both knees replaced but who knows when that will happen with this situation. You take care, our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you. Stay positive and good luck ❤️
Member107940183854726 Dec 20 - 17:13 What a great idea
Eddiesolo26 Dec 20 - 17:13 Could be they have had a touch too much nectar and are sleeping it off :d
HiLFC26 Dec 20 - 17:00 Betsyboo59: I think the hummingbirds have taken couple days off like the rest of us!! They've been working tirdlesy hard for few weeks now! :D
Eddiesolo26 Dec 20 - 16:47 Them birdies are still out there guys, had three today, 2 pde and 1 candy cane.

lekbak26 Dec 20 - 16:36 Happy new year
Eddiesolo26 Dec 20 - 16:33 Dcanais
26 Dec 20 - 14:25
Total scam, TopCashback are probably been paid for every click and we are wasting our time clicking around if lucky for 10, 20 or 50 pence, but more likely for "Free Prize Draw" entries! Surely there's better things to do with our time...

Not a scam, it is how the site works, all sites like this have to make revenue , by clicking on sites and in getting cashback or, what is the point them being here
Please remember that these are just games to give you some fun, I have won 30p...It is free. We get cashback on purchases we make and all this for just £5 a year.
Yes, we are never going to make a fortune but I have had over £200 cash back, all for a outlay of £20...Not bad for stuff I wanted.

Betsyboo5926 Dec 20 - 16:13 Yes Mike (message posted under Andrea?). The regulars on here knew you
Betsyboo5926 Dec 20 - 16:08 Think TCB have turned the birds off for Christmas! I would have been ok with a few pde's but not one bird for a week other than daily clue (and that was a farce yesterday). Very disappointing 😩😩😩
raphaelcandeias26 Dec 20 - 16:08 Happy Christmas
MIKE JAGGAR26 Dec 20 - 15:16 To: Betsyboo59

Yes, as Mrs j explained earlier, it;s been a difficult few months, but hopefully the Radiotherapy team at St James's Hospital in Leeds have now "fixed" me.

dcanais26 Dec 20 - 14:25 Total scam, TopCashback are probably been paid for every click and we are wasting our time clicking around if lucky for 10, 20 or 50 pence, but more likely for "Free Prize Draw" entries! Surely there's better things to do with our time...

I am sorry you think this. We do intend the game to be a little bit of extra fun for members who are browsing our site for cashback offers. We do hope you have better luck in the future and if you have any issues please let us know

Best wishes
ANDREA JAGGAR26 Dec 20 - 13:27 Hi Betsy, thankfully yes, am still alive and kicking......Just

Just finished intensive Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer.

18 months ago the Cancer was 1st detected and my Prostate was surgically removed, but some cancer cells remained.

The Radiotherapy is my "last" chance, so fingers crossed
HiLFC26 Dec 20 - 12:30 Not having any luck today or yesterday, just daily clues and one other pde, many suggestions on here but no birds for most of them :(
The '403 Forbidden' is popping up quite frequently now which is quite annoying.
Happy hunting all.
BabyAki26 Dec 20 - 11:51 Betsyboo. Same here. Had 8 days without randoms
Betsyboo5926 Dec 20 - 10:35 Yes, probably right but TCB do post list of main winner and winners of £100?? Also despite TCB stating otherwise, still sure they are able to block some accounts. I have not found one bird for about a week playing on my mobile. Had to go on laptop yesterday to get bird on Groupon clue and also posted a message yesterday saying hi to Mike Jagger who has been missed on here last couple of games. Message not posted, so put it on again. Still not posted!! Let's see if this one posts.
Hey Besyboo

We don't take the sirt of action you have suggested on the game system as we want all members to have fun with our game. We do advise going direct to our website on your device as the game is not available on the app and if you do have issues to try a different web browser for the future games.

Best wishes

mconnect26 Dec 20 - 10:12 Its proved now that birds are random but there is logic for the prizes, if you are one away from winning , you will rarely going to win and keep on getting other prize symbols until game is over.

Example:1 away from winning 20(Angels), 1 away from winning 100(Trees). 2 away from 10(candycanes), 2 away from 5(snowflakes).

In this case there is 100% Chance you will get snowflakes or candycanes and will never get Trees or Angels. This is my experience for past 5 games.

The game does give out prizes at random but there are only a set amount of prizes to give out so some members may see what you see at times but we do hope that you have better luck in future games

Best wishes

ush88826 Dec 20 - 09:31 Ted baker- pde. 👏Happy Boxing day😃
veejay6926 Dec 20 - 02:05 Merry Christmas!!

Groupon now working on mobiles. Pde tho 😒
upsizer26 Dec 20 - 00:40 26th Dec Boohoo. Com
CMh6726 Dec 20 - 00:05 Boxing Day
shazzy6825 Dec 20 - 20:13 Gusani8 you can't swap it's just a joke. Hope you've all had a lovely day 😊
arifc25 Dec 20 - 19:04 @Shazzy68, you're an angel :-)

Make it happen TCB...Or Phil!

Feliz Naby Lad every one :-)))))) ynwa
Anonymous 3525 Dec 20 - 18:46 Flowercard
Betsyboo5925 Dec 20 - 18:09 Well hello Mike Jagger - where have you been? If you read through the messages on the last couple of games - you have been missed! Lovely to hear from you on here. Merry Christmas 🎄🎄
MIKE JAGGAR25 Dec 20 - 15:58 Happ Xmas to All

You might wanna try these

Currys pc World
Hotel Chocolat

Member48747931905525 Dec 20 - 14:49 Just found a star on Mac cosmetics
JKJ201725 Dec 20 - 13:14 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
elizabethdocarmo25 Dec 20 - 11:27 I just won a pde at lol.
Auds9625 Dec 20 - 06:42 Hi just found snowman on mac Cosmetics
Doobie6725 Dec 20 - 05:41 Anyone looking to swap remember you have to write your swap down on a piece of paper and send it up the chimney when the coal fire is on and maybe Santa will...... Oh too late
quinlami25 Dec 20 - 01:36 All I want for Christmas is a pde!
janiasim89025 Dec 20 - 01:28 Randomly got phouse-of-fraserde on
starblaze2125 Dec 20 - 00:24 Just got a Xmas tree on aa European Breakdown
Merry Christmas Everyone :)
ush88825 Dec 20 - 00:21 Today's clue cd Key. Always pde. Never mind- collected 483 so far. Maybe chance of winning £1000🤞😉Merry Christmas everyone🌲
Gusani825 Dec 20 - 00:19 How do you swap?
CMh6725 Dec 20 - 00:02 Cd keys com is 25 th answer
shazzy6824 Dec 20 - 23:22 Arifc... I will I only need 1 angel and only have 1 tree! 😊
arifc24 Dec 20 - 23:01 Does anyone want to swap a Christmas Tree for an Angel?!
Atiika24 Dec 20 - 22:51 Regarding todays clue groupon - alot of us had the same issue. It was identified that as the icon was on top pick - selecting it from there was allowing the bird to appear as opposed to searching for it. Hope that helps. Good luck
BabyAki24 Dec 20 - 20:49 I switch my play between devices. I have had two randoms in over a week. I too struggled with groupon until I changed to desktop site on mobile.
shazzy6824 Dec 20 - 19:40 I only play the game on my mobile Betsyboo59!
shazzy6824 Dec 20 - 19:33 I didn't find a bird on the daily clue today either 🤷‍♀️ But have found a couple on other sites both pde's oh well doesn't matter. Happy Christmas everyone, stay safe and take care, hopefully next year will be a whole lot better for all of us 😊 X
Betsyboo5924 Dec 20 - 19:30 Eddiesolo - these games do not work on the app. Tcb have said so many times. I do not use the app but do log onto the website on my mobile. As you will see from previous entries I have had nothing for days! And today tried and tried Groupon without success then read your message. Logged onto my laptop, tried a couple of other sites and nothing. Thought i'd try Groupon on here and voila!!! A Christmas tree first click. Want one more for £100 - very unlikely i'll find it but I wonder if this proves your theory - that there is some block with this particular game when playing on mobiles and that you need to play on a computer/Laptop???? Never happened before, I have always played on my mobile but perhaps there's something different this time? Would be interesting to know what those who are not having problems finding birds are playing on. Happy Christmas one and all.
Hey Betsyboo

We do advise to try visiting our website directly on any device web browser (mobile or desktop) to play the game and to keep cookies cleared to help with the running of the game.

Best wishes

WAce24 Dec 20 - 19:25 Can't get the groupon one either
jazzy00724 Dec 20 - 19:21 I got one on very
Eddiesolo24 Dec 20 - 18:49 I have been a clicking today and had a few hummingbirds, granted, they have all been entries not instant prize ones but my entry pot is going up nicely.
I also got the groupon clue price but alas, that was just a entry.
One needed for £5 and £20...I think it will just be entries for me now.
I wonder why people are having issues getting them? Maybe due to them being mobile devices and the app, I am on my laptop and everything seems okay...Strange.
Vcartmail24 Dec 20 - 17:45 Flowercard
cool_hip_lin24 Dec 20 - 15:57 Nothing today at all. I give up
Merry Christmas everyone!
Marieyoung6624 Dec 20 - 15:12 Groupon.. Not working ;( no bird ;(

I am sorry that you had issues and we would advise for any future games to try all of the retailer pages you think is the answer (some retailers have more than one page for different products) and to allow time between each page you visit along with clearing cookies regularly to help with the game.

Best wishes

Claire wilson24 Dec 20 - 14:36 Same no humming bird on Group on !
ShazzaK24 Dec 20 - 14:15 I have logged in and out several times today and though the daily clue is quite obviously Groupon, I am not getting a humming bird. I’Ve done all the usual and cleared cookies etc but notice some other people in here are not getting bird. TopCashBack ?

We would advise with any future games to try all of the retailer pages you think is the answer (some retailers have more than one page for different products) and to allow time between each page you visit.

Best wishes

oo0Sarah0oo24 Dec 20 - 14:10 Is this broke today or is Groupon not the correct answer?
mardons24 Dec 20 - 13:36 Received an angel on Groupon, but it doesn’T show on my list, and it won’T let me do it again.
HiLFC24 Dec 20 - 13:19 I got a gift on tails.
Third pde on currys
Karleen7824 Dec 20 - 12:58 I Got a gift on groupon ..It did take about 5 attempts to get a bird but won £1..😃
TCBPHIL24 Dec 20 - 12:33 Bird found on mobiles.co.Uk
ovfnc102124 Dec 20 - 12:26 Got a angel on mobilescouk
Good luck everyone
I'm one away from all the prizes except the 100 one!
KIK24 Dec 20 - 12:20 Would be nice if one could go back to any missed already, it would be fun to know all daily Xmas treats completed, and thank you for the competition

You should be able to visit all daily clues in the game at anytime the game is active so if you missed one you are able to go back and get it

Best wishes

veejay6924 Dec 20 - 11:49 Ditto re Groupon. No bird!
antheacarol24 Dec 20 - 10:52 Happy Christmas and New Year Everyone
VV0LFY24 Dec 20 - 09:23 Bird on Ethical Superstore
meh4024 Dec 20 - 09:19 I didn't get a bird on Groupon, but will keep trying. I did get a Christmas tree on very though.
Creditcrunch7024 Dec 20 - 09:13 Same issue for me too. 😩
Margarett6224 Dec 20 - 09:05 Just got a bird on groupon pde
mconnect24 Dec 20 - 09:00 I was 1 away from all prizes apart from snowflake and candy. And now started getting my first snowflake and candy. This game is very smartly built so that you never win any big prizes.

I am 100% Sure I will end up with 1 away from all prizes as it happened in past 5 times.

As the game does give prizes out at random this can sometimes happen as there are only so many prizes but we can assure you members do win and if they choose to do so they do let others know about it on social media.

Best wishes

Jules_2724 Dec 20 - 08:54 Keeps saying no match found when I type in the clue was working before I update the app
scrabb24 Dec 20 - 08:50 No bird with the daily clue :(
cool_hip_lin24 Dec 20 - 08:41 Same for me, no bird on todays daily clue Groupon.
Anesuam24 Dec 20 - 08:34 No bird on Groupon. Oh dear.
antheacarol24 Dec 20 - 08:24 I went back to check daily clue and it showed that I had got it right it is Groupon
Jlw210524 Dec 20 - 08:17 No bird on Groupon?
francis1724 Dec 20 - 07:52 Did set my screen as "desktop site" setting and it worked this time....Today s clue is Groupon.
Alliej524 Dec 20 - 07:50 I'm having the same problem too 😬
francis1724 Dec 20 - 07:43 No bird with daily clue which is Groupon...So what happen now?
HiLFC24 Dec 20 - 07:37 I got bird on Groupon. I didnt even look at the daily clue!

Happy Xmas Eve everyone!
lexi6524 Dec 20 - 07:34 I've got a pde with groupon just now. Keep tryng. (Merry Christmas everyone)
Slj7424 Dec 20 - 07:33 I logged into groupon and then no bird but I went out of it and then went back in and the bird was there, you have to wait for the Xmas treat bar to load at the bottom, hope this helps
Alliej524 Dec 20 - 07:31 I'm having the same problem too 😬
antheacarol24 Dec 20 - 07:26 I thought daily was groupon but it can’T be because no bird 😢
Does anyone know what today’S clue is please?
BingoBango24 Dec 20 - 07:19 With you. No birds on the daily :(
beanyt197924 Dec 20 - 06:59 Tried Groupon no bird.... Signed out cleared cookies still no
Braddy6624 Dec 20 - 06:43 Im having the exact problem! Im not getting the hummingbird on Groupon either! First time i've had a dilemma on here otherwise all good fun 🙂
Spandybear24 Dec 20 - 06:41 Same. No birds. Not even on daily. Yes cookies have been cleared.
ste__d24 Dec 20 - 06:06 I can't even get a bird on the daily clue. Been to Groupon 5 tes now
hooley07824 Dec 20 - 01:08 Morning iv just got a snowflake on Very x
JKJ201724 Dec 20 - 00:33 Spoiler alert
It's Groupon.
Jill Black24 Dec 20 - 00:10 Today’S answer is Groupon.
CMh6724 Dec 20 - 00:01 Christmas Eve answer is groupon
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 22:56 Good luck all. There is still £5,512 to go!
I think I would rather like to see you all back with me on this site next ,Good friday next year.
It's good to belive.
God loves you.
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 22:14 I think we have to admit Betsyboo59. Your & My tickets are random and has a set prize amount.
The pde's are just extra and have no limit on how many you can have. ( Everything is Random Phill, says so)
The more time, effort you put in the more rewards!!!
Can I say Bo to a goose!
Had enough
Now. Sorry.
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 21:07 It was me that (was) getting them every 15 mins Betsyboo59 hun, but I did start late this time, remember? I just guess that it's my time for no birds then. 😞
Perhaps if I aim my luck just towards you then it might rub off.👍😇
Betsyboo5923 Dec 20 - 20:40 Yes Chris121212 - day 4, click afte click and absolutely nothing, not one bird! I would have thought that impossible in a fair and square game. Especially when you read on here that people are finding birds every 15 minutes! My account definitely been switched off the game for some reason I think. Good luck to everyone else though 👍🤞
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 20:38 Thanks nexterday. Sorry.😂
lolls23 Dec 20 - 20:26 Superdrug pde
TCBPHIL23 Dec 20 - 20:13 Monster Pet Supplies but keep getting pde. And I know it increases my chances but could do with 20p or 50p Lol.
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 20:13 Thanks yesterday I have supplied and used all those. Try post office travel, The jewel hut, uswitch, benefit cosmetics, monsoon, triumph, blacks, my 1at year, easy jet, my protein, Crabtree and everly, phase eight, I love wallpaper, boots, mountain warehouse, hq hair, swift, and urban outfitters.
Good luck all😃
Jill Black23 Dec 20 - 20:11 Hi Guys,
Can’T remember which one as i’Ve tried so many, but either Hamleys or The Entertainer worked for me!
nexterday23 Dec 20 - 20:00 Hope you haven't all given up as finding a bird every 15 mins tonight! Make sure you clear history/Cookies before logging in and do it each time. Avis, Currys, Smashbox, Tails, Reebok, Hamleys, Samsung, Zavvi, Ann Summers - they do all work eventually. Could only find clue and one or two others a day all week.
BabyAki23 Dec 20 - 18:41 I'm same. 2 random birds in about a week. Can't even get any off suggestions.
HiLFC23 Dec 20 - 18:27 Nowt today apart from the daily clue :(

...Birds gone into hibernation
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 16:27 Still nothing today Betsyboo59. There was somebody on Facebook that thought that TCB had closed their account again so your not the only one. My list is getting very short now a few new suggestions wouldn't go a miss from anyboby.😊
Eddiesolo23 Dec 20 - 16:13 Just got one on zooplus.
Eddiesolo23 Dec 20 - 15:55 I have tried a few suggested sites and have gotten a few birdies, also I shared on fb to get the extra entries-didn't know you could do that for every prize you get.

I just like the fun of seeing if I get one, if not...Who cares. Remember folks, it is free cash if you win and if not it hasn't cost you anything in just playing and having a bit of fun.
Top_Frances23 Dec 20 - 15:42 Congrats on your £20 win @Chris121212, nice one!
rooneal23 Dec 20 - 15:40 Just got a candy cane on samsung
Betsyboo5923 Dec 20 - 14:07 Hey Phil - thanks for your response to my message 22/12 - 20.57.
You state birds get shy "towards the end of the game"? This is the fourth day (again - happened last game) that I haven't found a bird apart from the daily clue. The game does not end while 29th so I would not call 10 days away from the end "towards the end of the game". Would you?????
Hey Betsyboo

This would not usually be the case but as all hummingbirds except the daily clue appear on random retailer offers pages they may not be on the pages you are trying.

To help with this in future please allow time between each page you visit as this will allow time for a hummmingbird to show if it is there.

Best wishes

HiLFC23 Dec 20 - 13:04 Just the daily clues so far :'(
Chris12121223 Dec 20 - 05:41 Well done Top_Frances. The birds have disappeared this end.
Top_Frances23 Dec 20 - 05:05 Thanks Chris121212! A second Santa on Tails just now and I have won another 20p. That's me up to 80p now.

And I didn't even try any other site when I popped back on just now. :O)
Top_Frances23 Dec 20 - 00:20 A Santa at Currys pc World and a pde at today's daily clue answer - Virgin Experience Days. Still not playing as much as i'd like.

13 prize items with 36 PDEs. 1 away from 20p and £5, 2 away from £1, £10 and £100 and 3 away from £20. 60p prize haul so far and it brought me up to the next pound so I cashed in already to buy some "treats" in time for xmas.

Thank you Top Cashback. :O)
paulofcroydon23 Dec 20 - 00:03 Virgin-experience-days - 23-12-2020
m_omran5323 Dec 20 - 00:03 Got a third star at TalkTalk so I won 50 pence (:
m_omran5322 Dec 20 - 23:56 Got a third star at TalkTalk so I won 50 pence (:
Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 22:58 Lots of people on Facebook saying they have had nothing all day. Try smashbox and Mac cosmetics.
LadyG22 Dec 20 - 22:50 Just won 20p - have had 2 wins. Amazed.
Rosa16222 Dec 20 - 22:33 Candy stick hamleys, plus 2 pde today
WAce22 Dec 20 - 21:43 Just spent a wasted 40 mins going through all the as and bs on entertainment and leisure and got nothing. Then did some randoms and got 10p on ghd.
Nicolacar22 Dec 20 - 21:22 I just found a pde on O2. Hopefully a prize for someone else.
lesleyrunner22 Dec 20 - 21:01 Illamasqua
Betsyboo5922 Dec 20 - 20:57 Thanks Chris121212 tried Avis and Reebok numerous times and nothing. Already got 2 pde's on Tails first one in first couple of days of games. Like I say sure TCB have turned my account off again!!! 🤔🤔

I can assure you we do not turn off accounts as that would not be fair to all members. Hummingbirds showing on random retailer offer pages apart from the daily clue answers would be fair which is why they do appear this way.

Towards the end of the game the hummingbirds can be a little more shy but they can still be found.

Please keep clearing cookies regularly and this should help with the game.

Best wishes and good luck

TCBPHIL22 Dec 20 - 20:30 £11,700 given away. Have not had a penny. Keep getting prize draws. Hmm random.....Annoying.
WAce22 Dec 20 - 20:30 Thanks Chris for info on time between birds. Only found pdes today.......
Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 20:25 Try avis, Reebok and tails Betsyboo59.
Betsyboo5922 Dec 20 - 20:14 Nah then Chris121212 - you're just showing off now 😄😄. I reckon you must have some of their favourite bugs in a dish on your windowsill attracting them 😂😂. Still not one bird found for me for last three days!
Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 19:39 Tails.Com, avis and reebok.😊
bhavya422 Dec 20 - 19:30 Only daily clues for me, not finding birds other than that
Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 19:30 Quotesearcher.
Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 19:00 Tails.Com.
shazzy6822 Dec 20 - 18:58 Just got a bird on Muscle Food! Posted a comment earlier this afternoon but not showing! 🤔

Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 18:26 Reiss, Espa, Aliexpress, Kipling, Virgin, and Anne summers.
BabyAki22 Dec 20 - 17:41 Me too Betsyboo. Never had 6 days of no ransoms. Won £20 once but only 10p so far this time.
Betsyboo5922 Dec 20 - 16:55 HiLFC - me too! That's another day and not one bird anywhere!!
Chris12121222 Dec 20 - 16:39 Wace. After finding a bird I wait 15 mins and that is the shortest amount of time I have had to wait between birds. Hope that helps.
Eddiesolo22 Dec 20 - 16:35 Got myself 20p...Better than nothing. Just need one angel for £20...Will I get it?

I enjoy these games, never won anything big but, who cares, it's fun and we have to remember...We get free cash back anyway...So these games are just a fun bonus.
Anonymous 3522 Dec 20 - 16:14 Cadbury gifts direct
Betsyboo5922 Dec 20 - 15:44 Shazzy68 - tear to my eye not year to my eye!!!! This predictive text gets you every time.
shazzy6822 Dec 20 - 14:19 Just got my 3rd angel on The North face 🤗 Thank you to whoever suggested that down the line! WAce I think from what other people say you do have to wait some time inbetween, I leave really long gaps inbetween like you do but only because I can't get on it very often so when I went on it this morning to get my daily clue (pde) then this is the first time i've been on it since then went to work. I've also won 20p but it does seem unfair people looking a lot more often don't get much joy. Betsyboo59 I found your earlier post about where you wrote the word compe---ion it didn't come up for quite a while did it? So does make you wonder if that is what happens when you put certain words in your post! HiLFC- I had to laugh when I read your message about the reset button! 😂🤔🤫
HiLFC22 Dec 20 - 11:26 Clicked about 200 merchants.. Not a single bird (apart from daily ones)... Yes i've been counting lol
Betsyboo5922 Dec 20 - 09:55 Ah Shazzy68 - thank you so much for your very kind message. Brought a year to my eye! Yes I do have quite a bit of time on here so you would think the odds would be that I found more birds but it would seem those of us who are not on Facebook etc are at a disadvantage. Ah well, keep looking! Thanks again for your message. Good luck👍
WAce22 Dec 20 - 09:36 Just got a pde on Ann Summers. What I would like to know is is it possible to get birds in a short time frame as mine are always with huge gaps in between? Just wonder if once you have 1 you have to wait a certain time.
Have found them on a lot of sites people suggested but only by going time and time again. And won a grand total of 20p.
BabyAki22 Dec 20 - 08:17 Betsyboo. I have the same issue again. Two ransoms in about a week.
Spandybear22 Dec 20 - 07:53 Betsyboo59 same here, checked pages people recommend countless times including cookies cleared, logout/In, etc.

Also checked so many other pages and blip all! Tis what it is I guess 🤷‍♂️ But when you're 1 thing away from a couple of them it's a bit frustrating lol
HiLFC22 Dec 20 - 06:01 One of my message has been removed... One about has TCB forgot to press the reset button so other players can win prizes too... Lol
arifc22 Dec 20 - 00:16 James Beloved
Member118152850640822 Dec 20 - 00:08 Answer today is James Wellbeloved
shazzy6821 Dec 20 - 22:54 I agree with you it's not right, in fact you should be finding more birds than some of us as you are searching for longer! I know you don't begrudge anyone I can tell by the messages you send to them, it's a shame you aren't getting anything but the daily clue 😐 Hope you find something soon and get a nice win 🤞
Betsyboo5921 Dec 20 - 22:44 Shazzy68 - exactly the same thing happened to me in the last game. I think I had 4 straight days without a bird other than the clue. I even asked TCB if they had switched my account off somehow but they said they hadn't. I don't begrudge anyone winning, not at all, in fact I celebrate with them, but find it strange how some can find bird after bird and others, like me, can go days without finding any???? Just doesn't make sense to me.
Wiz201721 Dec 20 - 22:19 Espa skincare pde
HiLFC21 Dec 20 - 22:04 Hey Betsyboo59, I just got a pde on easyjet
shazzy6821 Dec 20 - 21:58 I don't use Facebook either but don't understand why you are not finding any birds at all apart from the daily clue Betsyboo59. I would be moaning if that happened to me 🤷‍♀️ I've only got 56 entries into the prize draw but don't spend an awful lot of time on here.
shazzy6821 Dec 20 - 21:50 That's great news Chris121212 😊 Good luck to everyone else 🤞
Betsyboo5921 Dec 20 - 21:45 Chris 121212 you have done really well. I don't do Facebook so can't benefit from there. Now had two straight days without one bird apart from the daily clue. Really, really don't want to moan but getting tedious i'm sorry to say.
HiLFC21 Dec 20 - 20:59 Chris121212: im so gutted that I dont use facebook! Been clicking all evening, nothing!! Boohoo
Chris12121221 Dec 20 - 19:47 I do wonder how many pde's are available for the final draw as it does not say in the t&C.
Perhaps (every thing is random) Phil can answer this one for us please?😊
Hey Chris

There is no limit to the amount of Prize draw entries you can build up during the time the game is active as some members like to share about getting a prize draw entry to get more entries.

Best wishes

Chris12121221 Dec 20 - 19:40 Ok. For this game I have only used sites that people have mentioned on Facebook site or here. I have not searched for any other sites myself.
The only sites that I have not had birds on yet are.
Savagevines,Thompson & Morgan,footasylum,Sunday Times wine club,allscore,red baker,travelodge,samsung,the North face,zooplus,ninja kitchen,John lewis and Angela's wheels home insurance.
Remember some sites have more than one bird on them so keep trying again even if only for pde's.😀
Chris12121221 Dec 20 - 18:51 Thanks Betsyboo59. Just got a gift box on getting personal. First one.
364 pde's now. 12 prizes found.
HiLFC21 Dec 20 - 18:29 Wiltsdj - u are so lucky amongst many others, do you log out after finding a bird or do you just continue to click and click for hours?
HiLFC21 Dec 20 - 18:11 Chris121212 well done! I think TCB forgot to reset their button so that different people can win that amount :d
The highest prize i've ever won was 50p. Currently i'm still on 10p.

I got my first xmas tree on Ancestry, thanks for the tip. Theres still 9 days to go!! Happy hunting.
aeryre21 Dec 20 - 17:57 I don't understand why people are so sassy, it's a free competition, you're not losing anything by entering... We're lucky we even have the opportunity to play, TopCashBack doesn't owe us anything, in fact, they've been giving back to us from day dot! Stop being so entitled and have fun, if you don't want to join in, then don't.
veejay6921 Dec 20 - 17:06 Thanks Chris121212!!
Rosa16221 Dec 20 - 17:05 First click, Very, 😇 Won just a moment ago
Betsyboo5921 Dec 20 - 16:08 Chris121212 - that's absolutely brilliant. So good to hear when someone wins something substantial. Well done! The most i've ever won on these games is £1.30 and I have had another day today with not one single bird apart from the daily clue! Still only 10p won for me but many, many congratulations to you. 👍👍😄
m_omran5321 Dec 20 - 15:47 Very has a bird
Chris12121221 Dec 20 - 14:36 Pde on azimo.
Chris12121221 Dec 20 - 14:12 Angel on ancestry. Thanks. That's a £20 win. The 2nd time I have won that amount on these games. 😁 Good luck.
Eddiesolo21 Dec 20 - 12:34 Currys pc world gave me a pde today.
HiLFC21 Dec 20 - 07:43 Thanks for the answer for daily clues!! I thought the third one was a lemon, and the fourth was a Lizard!! I take its a mango? And Iguana ??....

Btw dont avoid clicking ones you've got prizes/Pdes before, I got my second pde on Samsung!
JKJ201721 Dec 20 - 05:23 Thank you was clueless even after the clues. 😀
BacardiQueen1121 Dec 20 - 01:21 Thanks you Chris121212 & Ryansinclair85
Ryansinclair8521 Dec 20 - 00:25 Todays clue if anyones stuck is remitly
Chris12121221 Dec 20 - 00:07 Today's clue. Remitly.
LadyG20 Dec 20 - 23:40 Have just won a £1
Betsyboo5920 Dec 20 - 23:26 Wow Chris121212 you're on fire! Well done. I haven't found one bird today since the daily clue. Think they've turned my account off again (lol). Similar thing happened last game, everyone finding birds and I couldn't find one. Still just 10p won. Tired of looking now going to bed!!!
BabyAki20 Dec 20 - 23:24 No random birds again. Try ancestry and getting personal.
Nicolacar20 Dec 20 - 22:39 I just won a 10p snowman on Snapfish. I hope someone else finds something good there.
shazzy6820 Dec 20 - 22:18 Just got a candy cane on Levi's thank you Top_Frances! Just need one more now 😊 No where near with other symbols, 20p won so far.
Top_Frances20 Dec 20 - 21:43 Pde's on randoms at Levis and Nasty Gal.
Xmas tree (2nd) on today's clue answer, Coast.
Chris12121220 Dec 20 - 21:33 Amara living.
Chris12121220 Dec 20 - 21:28 Zatu games. Pde.
Chris12121220 Dec 20 - 20:37 Avis, pde.
Anonymous 3520 Dec 20 - 19:39 F.Hinds jewellers
Betsyboo5920 Dec 20 - 19:28 Well I got a gift from Hamley's first thing this morning (thanks Nicolacar) and a pde for today's clue then not one more bird today!! Chimneys3 - don't think you've got nothing if you don't get a bird first time of clicking. Sometimes you have to keep going back to the suggested sites. I tried Hamley's all last night - nothing. Tried it again first thing this morning and got a gift. Then, like I say not one more bird anywhere since.
Chris12121220 Dec 20 - 18:55 Candy cane on sixt thanks Wace.
You were saying chimney39. Do you clear cookies and log back in after each bird?
chimneys320 Dec 20 - 17:15 Betsyboo39
I have gone onto the sites people suggest that there are prizes on and I haven’T received a thing. Nothing from people’S suggestions today.
So unless others have let me know!
I think tc delete the prizes from those suggestions.

Hummingbirds appear at random except the daily clue answer.

Best wishes
Wiltsdj20 Dec 20 - 11:17 Hi guys n girls.. I just wanted to say i've been playing this game everyday like everyone else and I definitely don't think it's a fix because i've won a 10p Snowman on the first day and then about 6 days ago I won £10 with 4 Candy canes and i'm now needing 1 Christmas Tree for £100 which i've also needed for days too everything crossed!!!🤞🤞🤞
I think if you stick with it and keep clicking away, the bigger chance you have.. And for those who are getting frustrated with it, try and just enjoy it for what it is just a fun game.. You could always let the kids have a go for a few minutes while they look for Christmas presents to see if they can find what you can't?...
I never win anything usually!!! And even if you don't win anything, at the very least you've got a massive chance of winning the £1000 Competition with all those pde's Lol ☺️ Good Luck Peeps🎅💝😸😉
WAce20 Dec 20 - 10:19 Just got a candycane on sixt
HiLFC20 Dec 20 - 08:53 Thank you Chris121212, I got my first santa in audible, I think others needs more clicks before I get anything!! :-)
Member17096582592320 Dec 20 - 00:31 20/12 Coast
paulofcroydon20 Dec 20 - 00:31 Coast - 20-12-2020
Chris12121219 Dec 20 - 23:34 Chi chi london, audible,papier,ghd and hobbs.
Chris12121219 Dec 20 - 22:36 Pde on snapfish and very.
Chris12121219 Dec 20 - 21:51 Thanks nicolacar. Christmas tree.👍
BabyAki19 Dec 20 - 21:13 Betsyboo. I'm same. 10p won. I Xmas tree needed. Tried all suggestions and lists I have and no bird except for clue for three days.
Nicolacar19 Dec 20 - 21:07 I just got a pde at Hamleys
shazzy6819 Dec 20 - 20:21 Legoland Holidays

Member99242009345119 Dec 20 - 19:47 Ted baker

Have worked for me today
Betsyboo5919 Dec 20 - 19:24 HiLFC - i'm doing a bit better. I've got 1 snowman, 1 Santa, 1 star, 1 snowflake, 3 candy canes (got these day one), 2 angels, 2 Christmas trees and 138 pde's and like you 10p won (still)! Getting a bit tired now of looking today.
Chimneys3 - what do you mean once people print where they have received prizes they must delete them????
chimneys319 Dec 20 - 18:43 Once people print where they have received prizes they must delete them

We do check posts to make sure they adhear to our guidelines but you can see a range of posts on this and other threads where members are letting us all know where they have found hummingbirds.

Best wishes

HiLFC19 Dec 20 - 18:30 Thanks Betsyboo59, I will try them later as I managed to get a pde on Astrid & Miyu (ive lost counts on how many times ive clicked on this over the last 7 days!!) - Im still on 10p too,

Only 1 cane, 1 star and 1 angel... No where close!! 101 PDEs
shazzy6819 Dec 20 - 17:21 Betsyboo59 You have probably tried all the list I have just got a pde on Myprotein if you havnt tried that one. Good luck 🤞
Betsyboo5919 Dec 20 - 15:32 Shazzy68 - 👍👍👍. Brilliant, glad to help. I'm still in same position just 10p won. Running out of ideas for sites to try so any suggestions folks very welcome ☺️
dcanais19 Dec 20 - 15:32 Not genuine, spend the day clicking all you get is "Prize Draw" entries!

Prizes are given out at random and this would include prize draw entries which are a great chance at winning a huge prize. We wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes

shazzy6819 Dec 20 - 13:02 Just got my first Christmas tree with vistaprint thanks Betsyboo59! 😊
cool_hip_lin19 Dec 20 - 12:32 Ted baker
elizabethdocarmo19 Dec 20 - 12:03 Happy Holidays. PDEs for everyone!!!!
Betsyboo5919 Dec 20 - 11:25 HiLFC - just got another bird on Virgin media (second on there), Vistaprint, and Esure but yet again all pde's. Still no prizes, still just 10p won. Good luck 🤞
Atiika19 Dec 20 - 10:23 Angel on musicmagpie x
Member18514427955219 Dec 20 - 09:57 Ysl today
shazzy6819 Dec 20 - 09:37 Found a bird on Magic Madhouse

HiLFC19 Dec 20 - 09:32 Any other suggestions before I click onto todays clues? .... Im running out of click ideas!! Tia
debs34519 Dec 20 - 08:31 Ysl today
bulgarka19 Dec 20 - 07:04 Ysl Beauty
arifc19 Dec 20 - 00:46 Ysl Beauty
paulofcroydon19 Dec 20 - 00:21 Ysl-beauty - 19-12-2020
ush88819 Dec 20 - 00:18 Ysl Beauty today's clue. Still only pde for last 12days😑
SusieAsp19 Dec 20 - 00:15 Ysl today
Member126950817422418 Dec 20 - 22:06 I think we are getting more pde's because the competition is running for a longer time than usual. So far I have 109 pde's, 10 treats and won 10p. Not complaining though - as they say "you have to be in it to win it"
Member99301318 Dec 20 - 21:04 Michael kors
Betsyboo5918 Dec 20 - 20:12 Paul of Croydon gave an explanation for that Shazzy68 and HiLFC in one of the previous games. Something to do with the server having to catch up?? That doesn't explain though why some messages don't post for days so you put them on again (i do) and again, and then like in the last game they suddenly list them and you end up with the same message on half a dozen times!!! Very annoying. The explanation when I asked us that the system sometimes highlights words where there might be profanity and holds the message to be checked. I had put the word competition in my message and the system had read the middle bit without the compe and without the ion and held it back. So be careful what you write!!! Let's see if it does the same this time. 🤔
wiewiora818 Dec 20 - 19:20 I've won 1.10 so far, but as may others I am getting mostly prize draw entries. Just keep checking the website, there is still plenty of time to win :)
quinlami18 Dec 20 - 19:08 One of the worst ever "games".

I am sorry you think this as we do see that a lot of membrs are liking what we do with the game. We will take this feedback on board and we wish you the very best of luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes
cool_hip_lin18 Dec 20 - 18:12 Appleyardflowers
shazzy6818 Dec 20 - 16:49 I noticed that too HiLFC! If I post a comment I refresh the page and sometimes comments that were already there disappear then I refresh it again and they come back sometimes with more posts. I just keep refreshing the page until my post shows 🤷‍♀️ I never sign in and out or clear history or anything like that the bar is always there when I come back to the game and I carry on playing. I don't ever get the message "403 Forbidden" come up either so can't help with that.
Betsyboo5918 Dec 20 - 14:41 Apparently over £8,500 given away so far! Not sure who to, certainly not anyone putting messages on here!!! We're all mumping about only finding pde's 😩😩 I am still only 10p won. Certainly dragging this one out, wonder if it's because it's over more days this time??? 🤔🤔
HiLFC18 Dec 20 - 13:34 I dont know if anyone notice, but you have to keep refreshing this page to get the latest post.
Atm the last message I see on here is at 10.18am, but I know there were newer posts after this etc.
It just makes u wonder ... That we might be wasting our time hunting if its stuck on the old history (dispite my web browers clears all history each time I log out and close the window). Keep refreshing the page until you have the latest post. Right now the time is 13:33 when I 'click post a comment'
Hey HiLFC, we do check messages to make sure that they do adhear to our guidelines which is why it make change a little on posts with comments. Best wishes Phil
Betsyboo5918 Dec 20 - 13:31 Kinkykay, you're a day behind. Misspap was yesterday. Michael Kors today.
Jaden118 Dec 20 - 12:07 Pde pde pde pde how many more? I hope everyone else is doing well.
And there's another week of pde's has the instant cash wins dried up already? There, i've had my first ever moan, sorry 😂
KHumble18 Dec 20 - 10:18 Mispap for today answer
Jaden118 Dec 20 - 10:01 There's only been pde's from the start not had a prize even for today's clue. This game is worse than its ever been.
Hey Jaden

We do work hard to give the best games as possible and we will take your feedback on board. Best of luck for the rest of the game. Best wishes Phil
Member68985202471518 Dec 20 - 09:44 This is a rubbish game, I just keep getting entry to a draw, I have been sat on the site for 5 days solid....

The prize draw entry is a great chance to win a huge prize. There are also prizes left on the game so please keep trying and we wish you the very best of luck.

Best wishes

janbertie18 Dec 20 - 09:43 Jd Williams
Member119377968950718 Dec 20 - 08:25 I am one away from 100
janepwr18 Dec 20 - 08:25 Pde for clue Michael Kors. This game definitely has more pde's this time around.
HiLFC18 Dec 20 - 08:08 Anyone get the '403 Forbidden' message every now and again?

If you are having issues please reach out to us via support ticket via email or on social media and we can take a closer look to help.

Best wishes

Luckylulu18 Dec 20 - 08:02 I have had a go at this game several years running and I have never ever won anything to get excited just 10, 20, 50p with possible £1 or £5 🤔🤔🤔 But I can’T remember...I now just expect this amount and am relieved if I do.. When others suggest sites I never find anything and pdes are very common - dissapointed then lol 😆 But I never ever get in the region of the amount of entry’S others do?? How an earth u manage that?? 🤔💐

This may be due to the amount members are playing and sharing prize draw entries would increase the amount of prize draw entries too

Best wishes

Luckylulu18 Dec 20 - 07:38 Thank u... One and all I didn’T learn morse code at school.. 😉👍🏻💐
maz91118 Dec 20 - 01:20 Michael Kors
Member11749571420718 Dec 20 - 00:58 18/12 Michael Kors
paulofcroydon18 Dec 20 - 00:21 Michael-kors - 18-12-2020
animalmad1118 Dec 20 - 00:20 Today’S morse code is Michael Kors
Bebelusia18 Dec 20 - 00:16 Michael Kors
Robwinger18 Dec 20 - 00:14 2days clue Michael kors. Pdf ,4 me thou...
Kev03r17 Dec 20 - 20:55 Pde :( everyday and I am 1 away from £100
JKJ201717 Dec 20 - 20:54 Thanks Betsyboo59 👍
Chris12121217 Dec 20 - 20:16 There really should be a way on this site to record all the sites you have won birds on, apart from the once a day clues.
Betsyboo5917 Dec 20 - 20:14 Shazzy68 - that's blooming marvellous! Well done, happy to help. But how can that be when birds are "random?" Yet again proves our point methinks Chris12121 - the birds are on the suggested sites, the only thing random about the birds is whether you get a prize or a pde!!!
Sorry to say I am no further forward with my wins. 128 pde's but still only 10p won! Not doing well at all. Suggestions please!!!
cool_hip_lin17 Dec 20 - 19:30 Ethical pde
akirkmartin17 Dec 20 - 18:37 Pde on Mountain Warehouse
shazzy6817 Dec 20 - 18:25 Khristyne you are closer than I am so good luck. I've been using a list Betsyboo59 put on here and have won 3 treats with it (not pde's) thank you Betsyboo59 👍
Chris12121217 Dec 20 - 18:24 2nd bird on prettylittlething today. Won 30p so far.

Good luck all.😁
nkimani17 Dec 20 - 17:45 I always find birds on pages you guys recommend thanks so much!!
GoodoldMarty17 Dec 20 - 17:24 Getting boring just too many PDEs
Helen_Ireland17 Dec 20 - 14:53 Fatcatmendoza. Ive won 50p already. I didn’T find 50p in the street. Each time I play I win small prizes which i’M happy about. If you dont play more chances for the rest of us. Bye then
BabyAki17 Dec 20 - 14:51 I have needed 1 Xmas tree since a few days into competition. No birds except for daily clues for days
janbertie17 Dec 20 - 14:36 Well I never win anything so think yourselves lucky if you do!
Helen_Ireland17 Dec 20 - 14:15 Anyone who thinks its a fix then just go elsewhere. It’S pot luck just like any competition or lottery. Sick of reading people moan about the free chance to win something. It’S a bit of fun which could win you something.
nkimani17 Dec 20 - 13:23 I’M 1 away from the £20
Bluejay17 Dec 20 - 13:17 Member1067145167211
Daily clue +1entry. I've had that numerous times on daily clues. Am I supposed to get a symbol?

Some of the hummingbirds will give a icon prize but these are given out at random

Best wishes

webley17 Dec 20 - 11:01 One off the £100....
francis1717 Dec 20 - 09:29 Looking at the last big winners, 2 were "Anonymes".
Arent we supposed to be logged on our account to play ?
How do the anonymes winners get their cashback ?
Would love to know...

This would be due to some members not filling out their details. We do post names of winners and do make this as clear as possible.

Best wishes

Member106714516721117 Dec 20 - 09:24 I think is not fair for everyone is not same like previous games with this one is something wrong, some special peoples have treaters other have nothing with daily clue. Is in purpose ?

We have always worked and continue to work to make the game as fair as possible which is why the prizes and hummingbirds show at random except the daily clues which can be found on our social media posts as the answer to these can show a hummingbird.

Best wishes

Member106714516721117 Dec 20 - 09:14 Why my daily clue is only +1 entry ?

If you are having any issues please drop us a support ticket on your account and we can take a closer look to help.

Best wishes

mconnect17 Dec 20 - 09:10 Hey Phil(Topcashback),

You said prizes are given out at random and all depends on luck. Why have you then deleted my previous comment where I mentioned truth about this game?

If one of your comments is missing please drop us an email or submit a support ticket and we can take a closer look as I can see previous comments from yourself.

Best wishes

mconnect17 Dec 20 - 08:56 One funny thing observed today. One of my friend was one away from snowflake and he got star.
I was one away from star and I got snowflake.
This cannot be random its intentional and rigged.

What are your thoughts on this Phil from Topcashback ?

I would put this down to both of you getting prize icons at random. There is still time left on the game and I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game including the prize draw

Best wishes

akirkmartin17 Dec 20 - 08:36 Just got pde on House of Fraser
Khristyne17 Dec 20 - 08:33 I only need 1 more Christmas tree for £100. Anyone else?
Britgoddess17 Dec 20 - 01:04 Today's clue, anagram: MissPap
Member11749571420717 Dec 20 - 00:52 17/12 misspap
Loopylou17 Dec 20 - 00:21 17th Dec - Misspap
paulofcroydon17 Dec 20 - 00:17 Miss-pap - 17-12-2020
miltonish16 Dec 20 - 20:52 Just won 20 p with a Santa on Wiltshire farm food
cool_hip_lin16 Dec 20 - 20:15 Pde on Victoria plum.
Janethobbs16 Dec 20 - 20:12 Why no birds for 3 days?
Chris12121216 Dec 20 - 20:09 Thanks Atiika. N i've to get 12 birds in a row. Still no win yet😊
Betsyboo5916 Dec 20 - 20:00 Hi Chris121212, wondered where you were. Glad to see someone has given you the information about start date and daily clues. Hope you are lucky this time.
Quinlami - go bang your drum somewhere else, nobody's bothered what you think! You moan every game. Just stop playing and stop trying to spoil it for everyone else! Good luck everyone, happy hunting and any suggestions for sites where birds might be lurking gratefully received.
Atiika16 Dec 20 - 19:47 Hi chris121212

It started on 7th dec.

Daily clues are ;
I saw it first, kiehl's, claire accessories, fit flop, kate spade, bloom and wild, timberland, 20 cogs, urban decay and Scottish power.

Hope this helps & Best of luck
fatcatmendoza16 Dec 20 - 19:41 Waste of time. Ive got better chances of finding a penny on the street than looking endlessly here. Also if someone finds a snowman with 1 retailer the other gets pde. Scam

This is a game based on luck and the prize draw entry is a great chance of winning a huge prize.

Best wishes and best of luck with the rest of the game

Chris12121216 Dec 20 - 19:20 Quinlami. We know from experience that the birds are not random. We have been doing this for years and have proven this. Also the same names keep popping up game after game.
bhavya416 Dec 20 - 19:15 Thanks Betsyboo59.

I think birds are not random. I tried from a to z, the first suggestion that comes when I type each letter. So I searched 26 random pages and didn't find any bird.

Later I tried with the list provided here and on 3rd or 4tth search I found a bird.
Chris12121216 Dec 20 - 19:13 Hi Betsyboo59 & Top_Frances.
Thanks for the clues. I have only just managed to get the flyer on the site. I've been looking for this one for weeks and it has only just appeared! I have just got 72 pde's and 4 prizes. What date did it start please? I need to check that I have all the daily clues.
BabyAki16 Dec 20 - 16:26 Thanks for the list Betsyboo.Unfortunately all my birds have flown away.
quinlami16 Dec 20 - 16:20 Betsyboo et al. Apart from the daily clue birds are totally random. You are wasting your time.... Lol.... Typing names where you got birds.

Atiika16 Dec 20 - 15:15 Not a bird in sight except the daily clue for me :(
Spandybear16 Dec 20 - 14:51 @Shazzy68 whoa big spender! I got a whole 10p lol
shazzy6816 Dec 20 - 13:36 Same here Spandybear, i've won 20p so far so that's the gin sorted for christmas! 😂
akirkmartin16 Dec 20 - 11:47 Just got a tree on Lookfantastic and the other day got a pde on Swarovski.
Wendydye16 Dec 20 - 11:15 Bonus bird on rac
Spandybear16 Dec 20 - 10:32 Easy one today: Scottish Power Gas and Electricity. Not getting many now, and mostly been pde the last few days, ah well :)
Top_Frances16 Dec 20 - 04:18 Thanks @Betsyboo59. ;O) It's an even split on pde and prize items for me at this point albeit on a far lower number of overall entries.

Just won 10p on the daily clue answer. :O)
sammywoof16 Dec 20 - 00:09 Today’S clue, Scottish Power Gas and Electricity
Member118152850640815 Dec 20 - 22:41 Today is Urban Decay
shazzy6815 Dec 20 - 21:03 Hi Betsyboo59, Thank you for your list i've just found an angel with one of your suggestions, will try the rest over the next day or 2. Good luck to you and everyone. Someone posted on here last time they had won £100 which was great to hear, it could happen to anyone of us 😊
Betsyboo5915 Dec 20 - 20:23 Stephsmith33 - you and me both! I've had 3 candy canes since day two. Don't think i've found one bird today other than daily clue, but not had as much time to play.
For everybody some suggestions, apologies if others have listed these:
Sunday Times wine club
Far fetch
Astrid and Meyu
Ethical superstore
Appleyard flowers
Savage vines
Ninja kitchen
Lands end
Nasty gal
Master of malt
You should find birds on these. Happy hunting.

JKJ2017 - if it doesn't tell you you've won a prize and tell you what that prize is then you've missed the bird. Sorry.

Wendydye15 Dec 20 - 20:12 Random humming bird on Oliver Bonas
JKJ201715 Dec 20 - 20:02 Does anybody know what happens if you don't click on the bird in time? Do you still get the prize...? #Just curious 😀😉

You would need to click on the hummingbird for them to give you a prize

Best wishes

Karleen7815 Dec 20 - 20:01 Every time I try to complete search I get one of two errors I have logged out and back in cleared history no joy..Just defaults to trending items or error code...😕

If you are having issues please submit a support tcket on your account and our team can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

Stephsmith3315 Dec 20 - 19:02 I need 1 more candycane to win £10
Claire4499415 Dec 20 - 17:57 All Pdes for me too. But try Verbaudet and Harvey Nichols
nkimani15 Dec 20 - 17:40 Yay I won 20p lol and 1 away from the £20 prize. Fingers crossed!!

Regardless of what people say i’Ve 9/10 found birds on pages people have suggested! Please keep it up it really helps
Betsyboo5915 Dec 20 - 12:07 Thus blog dies your head in (lol). Doesn't post your messages for a couple of days and then when you post another saying more it less the same thing as your missing posts, voila - they suddenly appear! Very frustrating 😃
Member106714516721115 Dec 20 - 10:10 I have just entry everyday with clue ... Wrrrrr
Betsyboo5915 Dec 20 - 08:42 Well done Top_Frances. I can't find anything but pde's. Now 117 and only 8 with prizes, just 10p won. Nice to see some of the regulars playing again. Paul of Croydon you were missed on the Autumn Treats, did you not play that one? Where's Chris121212 this time I wonder? All messages not being posted again either. Two of my previous haven't been posted. Ah well, the search continues! Good luck everyone 🙂
Top_Frances15 Dec 20 - 04:45 Found my third star on todays daily clue answer (Urban Decay) so wahey, i've just won 50p! :O)
paulofcroydon15 Dec 20 - 00:17 Urban-decay - 15-12-2020
acommandeur14 Dec 20 - 18:31 Got lucky with Iceland
Claire4499414 Dec 20 - 18:25 Try Haven
neilMac4514 Dec 20 - 16:04 Is there a reason that most of the treats I find this time round are pde’S

The game does give out prizes at random and the prize draw is a great chance at winning an amazing prize

Best wishes

Dave056414 Dec 20 - 15:35 Guys

I see a number of mentions of support ticket. But when I try to submit one, I get repeated returns to FAQs.

Sorry to derail the thread, but I don't have any other way to get in touch.
Hey Dave

If you are having issues getting in touch please try social media or email us at contact@Topcashback.co.uk

Best wishes

JKJ201714 Dec 20 - 15:32 Lol 😁 #Topcashbackguys and their tips on catching the bird 😂😃😄Log off /On again etc 😁😂😃😄 #Toofunny. Brilliant 👍
Jlw210514 Dec 20 - 14:45 Jaden1. Thank you ill give it a try
Betsyboo5914 Dec 20 - 13:36 Very slow today! Hardly any birds found. Nice to see some of the regulars on here again Top_Frances, HiLFC and Shazzy 68 to name a few.
Also, hello Paul of Croydon. Missed you on Autumn Treats game. Did you not play that one? And where's Chris121212 this time?? Keep searching. Good luck everybody 😉
Sweetie7214 Dec 20 - 12:12 I believe todays answer is 20 Cogs
Jaden114 Dec 20 - 10:10 Jlw2105 are you still having a problem and message coming up when you enter the clue, same here I can only go through my email and then it works, try your email, i've put in a support ticket to TCB. You do the same if still having a problem.
Top_Frances14 Dec 20 - 00:23 Daily clue answer recap so far for anyone late to the party:
I Saw It First, Kiehls, Claire's, Fit Flop, Bloom & Wild, Kate Spade, Timberland and 20 Cogs.

Besides those, I have only had the time to find 5 random birds: Monsoon, Virgin Media Fibre Broadband, Currys pc World, Hotel Chocolat and Clarks. Hoping to play more this week. 8 prize items and 5 pde from just 13 entries, no money won as yet.
paulofcroydon14 Dec 20 - 00:17 20Cogs - 14-12-2020
wiewiora813 Dec 20 - 23:56 Craqzedsarah81 I haven't find more than 2 a day so I would'n worry. And most of them are extra entry into prize draw. They appear by random so spending all day on the site probably won't help
Betsyboo5913 Dec 20 - 23:08 Sorry forgot to say crazedsarah81 - when you have found a bird don't carry on looking. You need to log off, clear your history/Cookies, wait 15/20 mins and then log on again. You will find more birds this way, that's what I have found.
Betsyboo5913 Dec 20 - 22:42 Crazedsarah81 - go through all the entries on this blog and make a note of where others have found hummingbirds. Click on them, if a bird doesn't appear the first time you click - try again (several times if need be). Despite what one member on here says, birds can be found on the sites suggested by others. I have found birds on every one of the sites suggested by others on here. I also have lists from other games I have played on here. 109 pde's now but still only 8 with gifts and still only 10p won. Good luck 🤞
Foodlover2613 Dec 20 - 21:46 Ann summers
crazedsarah8113 Dec 20 - 20:40 I don’T understand how some find so many humming birds, i’Ve found about 10 since this started - where am I going wrong? Do I need to be on this clicking retailers all day long? 🙈😔
Gusani813 Dec 20 - 19:31 Giffgaff
ponchie13 Dec 20 - 18:06 Littlewoods
shazzy6813 Dec 20 - 16:18 Thanks nexterday! Just got 1 from there, will try again later 😊
Jlw210513 Dec 20 - 15:12 Sight seems to be playing up, type in shops and its not recognising them, have updated and closed and restarted?

Please try going direct to our website and not via the app and if you are having issues please reach out via support ticket and our team can take a closer look

Best wishes

Betsyboo5913 Dec 20 - 15:09 I agree Jaden1, difficult game this one. I have 96 pde's but only 8 of those had a prize. Just 10p won. And blogs again not being posted!! Put message on here before lunch but not showing. Ah well, keep looking everyone, good luck.
batat8913 Dec 20 - 13:05 Timberland and Swarovski
nexterday13 Dec 20 - 12:48 Shazzy, try Currys Business found more than one on there over several days
Jaden113 Dec 20 - 11:53 This game is really bad this time around last two days nothing but pde and that's including the clue looks like it's only 20p this time around like last game better than nothing I suppose. To the rest of you members good luck. 🍀😉
Damo198513 Dec 20 - 10:32 Quinlami That’S not entirely true, when the hummingbirds appear is random, but they are algorithmed to appear on certain sites, that’S why you won’T find them on last years daily clue sites. If you keep returning to the mentioned sites it will eventually pop up
Hey Damo

The hummingbirds so appear on random retailer offer pages as this keeps the game fair for all.

Best wishes

shazzy6813 Dec 20 - 10:13 A few sites i've found birds on..
Aa uk breakdown
Amara Living
John Lewis
Monster pet supplies
Pets at home
Thompson and Morgan
Urban Outfitters

Betsyboo5913 Dec 20 - 10:12 Well hello Paul of Croydon, nice to see you here again. Stated in the Autumn Treats game that you had been missed. Did you not play that one? Where's Chris121212 this time and Top_Frances rather quiet! It's like old times and good to engage with others during these difficult times. And yes, you are all right, you do find birds where others have found them! Take no notice of quinlami, he bangs the same drum about this every game and says every game that he is not playing again. Then lo and behold he pops up with his negativity! Let everyone play as they want to play! Enjoy, keep safe and fingers crossed for a win.
kaz832213 Dec 20 - 09:26 Thanks ryansinclair85 I would never have got today’S clue without your help!
shazzy6813 Dec 20 - 09:13 I agree with keelywinch! It's the main way I get hummingbirds, gives people places to look 👍
shazzy6813 Dec 20 - 09:10 Thanks Ryansinclair85, I was stuck with today's clue 🤔. Fatdog73 winners are always announced at the end of the competition, well the main winner and £100 prize winners are anyway, also if you read back through the last blog in October a £100 winner wrote on there saying he'd won £100 which I think lifted everyone's spirits a little 😊 Good luck everyone 🤞
CCEM198013 Dec 20 - 09:05 It is not pointless. I have found many birds because others have said. The winner is announced at the end of the game along with all the £100 winners. If you don't like it go elsewhere and take you negativity with you!
keelywinch13 Dec 20 - 08:47 It’S not pointless to say which pages birds appeared on. I often find birds on the pages which have been suggested on here.
Fatdog7313 Dec 20 - 04:08 10p and prize draw entries 🤷‍♀️ Never see the winner announced either

We do post on social media channels and on the game prizeboard the winners of the prize draw

If you ever would like to know this when a game has ended please reach out to our team via support ticket and they will let you know.

Best wishes

quinlami13 Dec 20 - 03:15 Kricle - TCB have confirmed that apart from the daily clues it it utterly random where birds may appear for you. The fact someone says they got a bird on x page does not mean you will.
It is totally pointless in fact people saying which pages they got birds on.

CrazySheBat13 Dec 20 - 02:04 Anyone else always get 30p and then nothing but prize draw entries?
Kricle13 Dec 20 - 01:16 Apart from the daily clues, do the pages the humming birds are on change daily?
Ryansinclair8513 Dec 20 - 00:56 Todays is timberland if anyones stuck
paulofcroydon13 Dec 20 - 00:45 Timberland - 13-12-2020
Damo198512 Dec 20 - 22:30 Alright Kev, chill out mate, you just crack on and do you then...
SusieAsp12 Dec 20 - 19:17 Thanks Betsyboo, that will teach me not to try to figure out the clues in the early hours of the morning, I thought it was 3 a's.
JasonNeary 12 Dec 20 - 18:54 Sorry meant
Kate spade
JasonNeary 12 Dec 20 - 18:48 Kates pade
Member126950817422412 Dec 20 - 18:48 JKJ2017 - the first number is 11 then there's a space for the next 1 so Kate Spade
Betsyboo5912 Dec 20 - 18:39 JKJ2017 - the numbers relate to the letters of the alphabet - 11 = K, 1 = A, 20 = T, 5 = E. 19 = S, 16 = P, 1 = A, 4 = D, 5 = E. Kate spade. They may use this system on another clue later in in the game so you need to know how it works. Good luck 🤞
Tracey29076112 Dec 20 - 18:20 Kate Spade
JKJ201712 Dec 20 - 17:51 Thanks guys you are the Tops👍. Can 😴 At night now 😀
(Still don't get how it's Kate Spade though😕😀)
kev021012 Dec 20 - 17:43 Dont no what people moan at when the treats start. You earn money off TopCashback all year round half of you dont even pay em the £5 charge and iv just wrote down all the clues fount 6 birds in 5 minuets only 2 pda’S the sites where I didnt ill keep trying til the end you cant win on every site but what u do win is a extra bonus free 😷
Betsyboo5912 Dec 20 - 17:15 Sad to say finding this game really slow. Out of 83 hummingbirds found only 7 with gifts! Usually enjoy these games but not so sure about this one.
Member58891124633012 Dec 20 - 16:26 Need another snowflake got 2 anyone found one anywhere
Betsyboo5912 Dec 20 - 16:16 JKJ2017 - the first number is 11 = K, the second number is 1= A and so on. The clue does not start with three ones. The answer is Kate Spade
HiLFC12 Dec 20 - 16:08 JKJ2017
Its kate spade

11 is letter k
1 is a
And so on
Member18375792463812 Dec 20 - 15:29 @ JKJ2017 - it starts will ‘11’ And then ‘1’ ☺️
JKJ201712 Dec 20 - 14:59 Who has managed to get today's one Sat 12th? 1=A and starts with three of them...😕
GARRY8212 Dec 20 - 13:14 Fantastic prize thank you for the chance to win. Merry Christmas 🎅🎄❤️
bhavya412 Dec 20 - 13:07 Got a pde in TalkTalk
HiLFC12 Dec 20 - 11:04 Ahhh I did not even know this was back!! Need to scroll back to previous clues to hunt for my birds!! :)
Happy hunting all x
Member11749571420712 Dec 20 - 00:50 12/12 kate spade
Spurs63311 Dec 20 - 22:19 Great idea
kazbinch611 Dec 20 - 20:36 Randomly clicked on Samsung got a entry to free prize draw
beanyt197911 Dec 20 - 18:32 Snowflake at shoezone
wiewiora811 Dec 20 - 18:13 Very random, I clicked on music magpie and got another entry to prize draw :)
quinlami11 Dec 20 - 15:20 Lol, here we go with the pde fest and tons of people saying where they found birds despite TCB confirming it is utterly random (other than the daily clue).

cups12811 Dec 20 - 13:09 Why are there no sites showing
Janmael11 Dec 20 - 12:21 Hi. The Shoe Zone Competition. Choices in the Drop Down Box are wrong and you cannot, therefore, enter the correct missing slipper? It may, of course, be me haha

Please reach out to us via support ticket with what you think the answer should be and we can take a closer look.

Best wishes

mamusia8911 Dec 20 - 11:44 So goo fun with this !! Love it
Glampuss11 Dec 20 - 11:12 What is going on 4 days straight only PDEs !!!
beanyt197911 Dec 20 - 10:16 Santa at tastecard
Member11749571420711 Dec 20 - 00:54 11/12 bloom and wild
KatyGlamGirl11 Dec 20 - 00:34 I just found one on petplan
Member118152850640811 Dec 20 - 00:24 Bloom and Wild is today’S
Claire4499410 Dec 20 - 21:44 Currys business and Littlewoods pdes. Hopefully luckier for others
Janebatley10 Dec 20 - 21:05 I have tried each day but no Xmas treat box yet !
Hey Jane

Please make sure you are going direct to our website after clearing cookies and if you have issues with the game after trying this please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

jennyfrater10 Dec 20 - 18:33 The XMas treat box isnt appearing when I log in with the app or the website. Have tried numerous times during the day

Please make sure to try going direct to our website as the game is not available on the app.

If you have issues after trying this please reach out to us via a support ticket and we can take a closer look

Best wishes

Member99242514484610 Dec 20 - 16:52 Have tried fitflop over 20 times and nothing, noe it's not even connecting to cashback.

Please make sure you are playing the game on our website via mobile or desktop web browsers and clearing cookies can help too.

Best wishes

Claire4499410 Dec 20 - 16:52 Aa and Superdrug pdes
Junjun410 Dec 20 - 16:20 Looks like only pde's today. Got 3 of them today
mconnect10 Dec 20 - 16:07 Good start initially but past 2 days only getting pde. That's planned and intentional by TCB but I lost interest completely as its total waste of time. Will probably login once in a day to try luck.

I am sorry that you are not having too much luck with the game but as prizes are given out at random it is just down to luck to get a instant win prize.

A prize draw entry is also a great chance to win a huge prize.

Best wishes
Member28579329174810 Dec 20 - 12:18 Got a pde at petplan pet insurance
And at top gift cards
m_omran5310 Dec 20 - 11:01 Donnamc .. Don't use the app, you should pop from the website!
Damo198510 Dec 20 - 10:38 Started off quite well but now all i’M getting are prize draw entries, starting to feel a bit fishy
Member56189134281210 Dec 20 - 10:04 Not working at all tried all the suggested fixes still not working never had problems before so won't be bothering with this one.

Can you please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

Donnamc10 Dec 20 - 07:02 Definitely app problems!!
I have entered with the correct answers the past 3 days.
Just keep getting no results found.
Braddy6610 Dec 20 - 02:22 FitFlop today
Damo198510 Dec 20 - 00:05 Where did you find them batat89
batat8909 Dec 20 - 23:56 I have won £ 1.10 so far!
Member129547582141309 Dec 20 - 23:33 Greetings
Tracycotterell09 Dec 20 - 22:34 Good luck
JKJ201709 Dec 20 - 22:27 😍 This. 👍
Memeaj09 Dec 20 - 22:23 I don't know if anyone have said these there is one in have a hummingbird in boots and a hummingbird in Currys
wiewiora809 Dec 20 - 22:05 Doobie67 did you use the website or app?
I checked brand alley twice today and it gave me a treat on second time.
Doobie6709 Dec 20 - 20:00 Kiehl's didn't give me anything yesterday or today
adrian200009 Dec 20 - 19:26 Good Luck everyone!
beanyt197909 Dec 20 - 18:19 Cane on brand alley
Akasha9909 Dec 20 - 16:45 Fantastic New year's coming 👍
tonninka09 Dec 20 - 15:17 Bird in Snapfish
Dav49k09 Dec 20 - 14:59 Currys pc World, i've won 10p so far,-so that's Christmas sorted. Happy Days!
Member17030921385609 Dec 20 - 14:22 Anybody found any today?
Marky197509 Dec 20 - 10:47 Not seeing no birds
GarrethM09 Dec 20 - 10:34 Had a pde on monsoon
Memeaj09 Dec 20 - 10:33 I've had experience with a competition similar to this with a TopCashback before I get with excellent but did not realise this promotion was on until today day but really worth your time and always the best deals
Member17096582592309 Dec 20 - 09:36 Claires todays clue
Bizzy44309 Dec 20 - 09:09 I am not finding any birds on any of the pages!
Wiltsdj09 Dec 20 - 03:53 I thought I was going mad for a minute.. Glad to know there's a letter missing... That's helped so me thanka u!!☺️
Jamilah8509 Dec 20 - 02:07 Yes there seems to be a letter missing..
Also found birds on Yankee candle and Hotel Chocolat
Member17096582592309 Dec 20 - 01:17 Claires todays clue
Robertbagshaw09 Dec 20 - 00:27 Isn't there a letter missing from todays clue? 🤣
Foxymax08 Dec 20 - 23:09 Thanks for the competition, I enjoy these, have you had a problem with the website today, I got today's clue but when the bird appeared it didn't go to anything it just froze, no treat no pde.
Kind regards Maxine
Hey Maxine

Please submit a support ticket and our team can check this out for you

Best wishes

dulal09208 Dec 20 - 22:46 How comes I cant play, notification some how vanished

Please clear cookies and if you still have issues please submit a support ticket so our team can take a look to help

Best wishes

Paul dawkins08 Dec 20 - 21:49 Hello santa
leximai2012408 Dec 20 - 21:46 Fingers crossed 🤞
BoraJimbo08 Dec 20 - 20:42 Clarks as always
Juliedel6508 Dec 20 - 20:04 Fab fingers crissed
jdragoon7908 Dec 20 - 19:30 Great stuff!
bhavya408 Dec 20 - 18:49 Currys pc world
Virgin Media

All the above worked for me
Claire4499408 Dec 20 - 16:36 Mobiles.co.uk and treatwell
Member34366545240408 Dec 20 - 15:28 Try virgin media
Member119385479635108 Dec 20 - 14:46 Festivities
Claire4499408 Dec 20 - 14:31 Look fantastic
m4ry08 Dec 20 - 14:00 All the very best stay safe and take care
Gorczynska08 Dec 20 - 14:00 Christmas
edward_carew08 Dec 20 - 13:17 Hope to have a good christma day when it come to all the frends and family all over the worl
hooley07808 Dec 20 - 10:01 Hiya iv just got pde on Boots and Goldsmiths
Claire4499408 Dec 20 - 07:50 Candy cane at Pretty Little Things
Fizzymagic08 Dec 20 - 06:37 Kiehls today
Magzy9908 Dec 20 - 05:42 Today's clue... Kiehl's...
HelenVic08 Dec 20 - 05:16 Birds aren't appearing on the app. Go to your browser version everyone who tried. Good luck
Helen_Ireland08 Dec 20 - 03:08 Kim. Sign out. Clear all history and switch off whatever you on and load again sign in and try the website instead
Kimawhalley08 Dec 20 - 02:15 I think there are app issues, other than yesterday's clue no hummingbirds. Plus search for retailers but each time you click on them no search results when they are definitely on the site!

The game is only currently on the mobile or desktop website so please try these.

If you are having issues with the app to make a purchase please email us at contact@Topcashback.co.uk so we can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

Sky2908 Dec 20 - 01:25 Monday 7th Dec Answer : I saw It 1st
RobsonMarchant08 Dec 20 - 00:31 Not getting humming birds when shopping around only had the two daily clue ones


Please make sure you are using the mobile or desktop website and that cookies are cleared regularly as this can help

Best wishes
Goose8107 Dec 20 - 21:27 Hi everyone, just wondering, is there a limited number of birds u can find a day??

There is no limit to the amount of hummingbirds you can find but they do appear at random (apart from the daily clue answer)

Best wishes

Simple11907 Dec 20 - 21:25 No humming Bird, app recently awful to use , logged out and reinstalled twice and still won't work correctly 😢

If you could please email us at contact@Topcashback.co.uk and we can take a closer look to help your issues

Best wishes

C_Heyworth07 Dec 20 - 20:28 I enjoy these regular treats.
Stred9207 Dec 20 - 20:18 I saw it first
sugi912807 Dec 20 - 19:55 Great news! Answers here if anyone needs them!

planetpooch07 Dec 20 - 19:18 Present on Very and pde on curry’S
JAIMIEandOZ07 Dec 20 - 17:36 Currys pc
toottootsie07 Dec 20 - 17:24 Don't know why I play this lol i'm hopeless.

We don't think this :) You have to be in it to win it

Best wishes

Nigel Newton 07 Dec 20 - 16:59 Hi been on today's answer but no hummingbird i've reset my history and cookies
Hey Nigel

Please try all the answers you think this is and try the mobile or desktop website to play the game.

Best wishes
annbalou07 Dec 20 - 16:15 Yaayyy i've won 20p, happy days
Opsec107 Dec 20 - 15:01 Yippee I love these #Happyas
clintess07 Dec 20 - 13:29 I saw it first
Radoz07 Dec 20 - 13:05 Good Luck everyone
Top_Frances07 Dec 20 - 11:24 Whoo hoo, a xmas star! And 24 days of competition fun, thank you Top Cashback, Merry and a very safe Xmas! :O)