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Posted on 22 Oct 2008 Posted in  Tips & Updates
We have some FANTASTIC news to bring you in this blog.

We have now launched our long awaited ‘Top-Ups from Top Cashback’. What does this mean I hear you ask? Well, let me explain...

We have now enabled all of our members to earn MORE THAN 100% cashback. We see this as our way of saying a BIG thank-you to everyone for their loyalty. This is unique to Top Cashback and the first time such an initiative has been seen in the UK (or anywhere in the world, come to that). This has been launched at a perfect time for everyone’s Christmas shopping – and should be just that little bit of extra help to beat the Credit Crunch.

We have consistently broken the cashback rulebook since we launched over three years ago. We launched as the only site to offer 100% cashback with no admin fees. Many people felt this couldn’t be done – and some even poured scorn on the idea. By keeping our operation very efficient though, we have not only survived, but prospered under this model.

Why are we Launching "Top-Ups from Top Cashback" ?

We are absolutely determined to always maintain our position as the “UK’s Most Generous Cashback Website” and to continue to bring to our members the best value service in existence. As we have grown bigger over the last three years, our advertising revenue has increased (you might even have noticed some ‘Premium Positions’ popping up for some of our retailers on our website) – so true to form, we have been looking for the best way of passing some of that extra revenue back to you, our members. We finally hit on a means of rewarding our new and loyal members – and we call this ‘Top-Ups from Top Cashback’.

“Top-Ups from Top Cashback” Explained

For a full explanation, your best bet is to click through to our ‘Top-Ups from Top Cashback’ page. But here is a summary...

Every time you earn cashback through Top Cashback, you have the potential to earn a ‘Top-Up’ on top of the cashback which is already passed on to you. In order to qualify for a ‘Top-Up’, you simply need to have earned at least £10 in cashback in the previous month. Even better, as the amount of cashback you have earned increases, so do the Top-Up rates. So, the Top-Up rate you are on for all new transactions in November (for instance) will depend on how much total cashback you earned in October. You won’t need to do anything differently to qualify – your Top-Up will be automatically added to your new transactions. Below, we show the different cashback rates you can now qualify for:

0 to £9.99 earned during the previous month … 100% cashback
£10 to £19.99 earned during the previous month … 101% cashback
£20 to £29.99 earned during the previous month … 102% cashback
£30 to £49.99 earned during the previous month … 103% cashback
£50 to £99.99 earned during the previous month … 104% cashback
£100 to £199.99 earned during the previous month …107% cashback
Over £200 earned during the previous month … 110% cashback

For a more complete explanation, and to see which cashback Top-Up rate you qualify for, simply visit our ‘Top-Ups from Top Cashback’ page.

We spent a lot of time devising these rates to make sure virtually everyone could be included and therefore benefit – whilst ensuring no-one can lose out. We hope you like it :-)
25 Mar 14 - 20:30I am so disappointed in this because i've been waiting on my cash back being made payable for over a week I have had better results from other websites i'm going to close my account
hazbas08 Mar 09 - 15:04Hi,Really don't have any faith in cashback moving from pending. Please prove me wrong.
nanachokro05 Dec 08 - 21:24I have purchased four itmes through this cashback site. Each time caskback has been shown as "pending". Three times out of four times the transactions have mysteriously
Disappeared. I have been asked to fill in a missing cashback claim. When I try to do that, system tells me that no such tranaction exists!! Sucks!!!!

Anyone else have these problems? What is the solution? Any help or shedding of light on this would be much appreciated.
bazwaldo_the_1st05 Dec 08 - 20:54
marieanne21 Nov 08 - 13:53Hi

When it refers to month earned does it mean actually when it was earned (ie the date you went to the website, ie would only show up in pending) or the month where the money has moved to the payable column?

Also what happens if you have a missing claim filed. Will you get reimbursed for top up claims that you should have got once your missing claim has been earned or will you loose out?

Many thanks!
ceemac03 Nov 08 - 17:34This really is the most generous cashback site. I also like the blog which gives me chance to say how much I appreciate what you do.Thankyou very much.

Btw stinkabit looking at my account it applies to free cash as well!!!
bugle29 Oct 08 - 10:08I think the missing commission team have gone on strike I have had claims going on since march 2008 , TopCashback used to be bang on but of late there are very little daily cashbacks and I think the team should concentrate on sorting the cashback out rather than giving us top-ups
lazytomato27 Oct 08 - 15:56Don't really know how this is possible, but it sounds very cool!!!
Ballerinababe25 Oct 08 - 08:54Really enjoy receiving cashback, what a way to save!
stankabit25 Oct 08 - 08:42Does this include no-purchase cashback as well or just actual purchases?
chrisse24 Oct 08 - 12:36This is fantastic! Mine account building up really nicely! And Christmas is coming! We are in a recession and yet we have fantastic "Cashback!" What more could you ask for! It's even better than any isa!
Regards chrissie :o)
kebeley24 Oct 08 - 10:49Your site is sooo brilliant thank you all, i
Really appreciate what you do.