Top Ten Money Saving Tips for Mums

Posted on 28 Jun 2013 Posted in  Cashback Diary

Sarah Willingham, Founder,

Sarah Willingham

Children can put HUGE financial pressure on a family, and with 4 children under 7 I know that saving money can be tricky. However, you’d be surprised where you can save cash…


The average cost of a one year old’s wardrobe of clothes is £327 yet they probably wear each item 12 times.  What a waste!  However, mums can get great basics cheaply from the supermarkets especially packs of vests, t-shirts and tops for not much more than £1 each, especially in the end of season sale.  You can also get some great second hand bargains on auction sites like eBay and through local events such as NCT sales. For some higher end stuff, try Secret Sales sites like Half Pint Chic and Zulily where there is some gorgeous stuff at 70% off!


There are hundreds of pounds there for the taking as long as you never ever auto renew your car insurance! In just 10 minutes a mum could save on average £375 by switching. If mums are savvy there are loads of ways to save on her policy. Changing your job title from unemployed to housewife can cut 10% off your premium! Once you've got the cheapest quote check to see whether that insurer offers cashback!


Families are going to be spending big in the months before and after a baby is born and for years afterwards, but many don’t take advantage of the offers out there.  Bounty research says that almost a third of pregnant women spend more than £1000 before the baby is born. 

An interest free purchase card like one from Tesco or American Express would save a mum 16 months’ worth of interest or a cashback card like Santander and Barclaycard would mean a mum could earn money back from her big purchases. As long as you can afford the repayments, then there are some good options out there that will suit mum and save money.  Read my guide at


To a mum a smart phone can be a lifeline as she’ll be using it day and night and will end up with a load of apps specifically for her children. But with 74% of the UK wasting £171 a year by being on the wrong tariff, choosing wisely will help mum save. You need to know whether you can get good network coverage at home and whether buying online or from a store is cheaper. Getting it right can save hundreds so it is worth going through a comparison site like omio to get the right deal.

Don't forget you can also get cashback on every phone that you purchase!

5. MAKE MONEY AT HOME              

If you are a stay at home mum you can still contribute financially to the household.  There are loads of easy things that can be done as long as you have access to a computer.  From renting out your bike for £6 a day on zilok through to selling on eBay and doing online surveys at, there are opportunities out there for mothers of even the tiniest babies.


There are ALWAYS ways to earn cashback when you shop through sites like TopCashback and also by using a cashback credit card like the Santander 123 card. This is genuinely FREE money. As long as you look for the right price first, then checking for a good cashback deal on top is a no brainer!


Buying the groceries can be awful, especially with a big family where you end up sometimes spending hundreds of pounds a week. However, if you are a bit savvier, then you could save up to £50 a week on your supermarket shopping. Go online and take advantage of free delivery offers and money off vouchers and look for the cashback apps from Topcashback where you can earn extra money back by photographing certain items you have bought each week and claiming cashback through the site.


With 4 children I know how expensive hosting a kid’s birthday party can be, but it really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A good tip is to invite children in multiples of 8 as you’ll find most party bag sets, plates, cups etc come in packs of 8. Also, try and organise some kind of craft at the party as this can double as a party bag, saving you LOADS of cash on pocket money toys.


Remember to claim your childcare vouchers.  The average cost of childcare in the UK is £5028 per year but if you work, you (and your partner) are entitled to claim £243 per month in Childcare Vouchers, saving you over £1800 a year as a family! You can even use them to pay for holiday clubs, as long as they are OFSTED registered.


If you use the train a lot, then getting a Family and Friends railcard can save you a fortune as you get A THIRD off travel. If you travel with a child between five and 15 years old then you’re eligible.

Please be aware that the above blog should not be taken as financial advice and that before purchasing any financial product proper research should be taken out by the customer.

ovverbruv28 Jun 13 - 14:56The tips apply equally to Dads as Mums. A better title would use parent in the title rather than Mum.