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“Chewey, we’re home.”

Those words from an older Han Solo in the latest Star Wars trailer speak for many of us when we return to a galaxy far far away and join Han, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and a host of new characters in Star Wars, Episode 7, The Force Awakens this December.

You don’t have to be strong in the force to have felt the tremors of excitement from both adults and children alike since images of the Millennium Falcon soaring into the sky were released earlier this year. If you heard a distant popping noise a few months back, it was likely myself exploding like the Death Star with excitement upon seeing the full trailer. Seriously, I’m still gluing myself back together!

I’ll admit, the recent prequels didn’t float my land speeder and when I heard Disney had purchased the Star Wars franchise, I, like many feared that the world that fired my imagination as a child would further turn into a cartoonish ‘safe’ universe with Princess Leia singing ballads about building snowmen at every opportunity and Han not shooting at all, never mind first. But as hard as I have tried to dampen down my expectations of the new instalment, I’m going to come clean and be totally honest here.


From the drip feed of images and trailers we’ve been fed on through the year, you can’t help but get a sense that the Star Wars that first blew us all away in the late 70’s to mid 80’s might actually be back. Nothing is certain of course. Trailers by their nature show you really cool stuff to get you hooked. But consider me hooked as there is some seriously cool stuff in these trailers.

It does look as though director JJ Abrams and the folks at Disney have honestly tried to make a film for the fans. Gone appear to be the clean CGI worlds and back is the tangible sand and dust of Tatooine. Your favorite characters are back. (Well most of them, Lando Calrissian anyone?) Your favorite ship is back. (I could happily just watch 2 hours of the Millennium Falcon doing cool maneuvers) Even the new additions like Rey & Finn look like they actually belong in the original Star Wars universe. The new ball shaped BB8 droid has already won everyone over without even making its first beeping noise! It’s already on my Christmas list and if Santa is reading this, I’ve been really good this year and would like either…



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There’s still a lot of questions to be answered as anticipation grows for the 17th December release of Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens. Not least what has happened to Luke Skywalker? Notably absent from all promotional material, we ask has he turned to the dark side? Is he going to have an awesome reveal scene? Has he given up on the force and become a lounge singer in the Tatooine Cantina’s? We don’t know but it’s a lot of fun to guess! Tell us what you think has happened to him. Has Luke gone rogue and joined the red lightsaber club?

Until all is revealed, we can revel in the anticipation of what is to come for a few more days. Who are these new characters? What is their story? What’s going to fire the imagination of a new generation? Tell us what you’re looking forward to seeing the most or what you think will happen when we all settle in to our cinema seats, shovel in the popcorn and then travel to a galaxy far far away once again.

See you at the movies and “may the force be with you.”

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Posted on 11 Dec 2015  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary, TopMovie
I did enjoy the film and I think i'd agree with your score of around 8/10 .

All the new characters were excellent and well performed. The mood, look and feel was also on the money! But........ Is it Episode 7 or a thinly veiled reboot of the original I ask myself?

As you say a few things don't stack up given this is meant to follow Episode 6 and (without going into detail for those yet to see it) you can't help but ask if jj Abrams has not done a little copy and paste here and there with regards to story.

That being said, as a film it's still an excellent ride and I look forward to Episode 8 with interest. However first comes Rogue One next year! That should feed all our appetites until the next installment!
  22 Dec 15 - 14:26
So now we have viewed Episode vii, aged from 10 up to 40's, we wouldn't agree with the "epic masterpiece" tag but it was very good. Our average across five of us was 8/10.

Many unanswered questions and a few things didn't quite stack up based on what we know from 1-6, particularly in use of the force and ability to wield a lightsabre. Not a self contained movie like I and iv and clearly set up as part of a trilogy.

Some questions we hope to answer in our own minds with a repeat viewing :)

We await the next installment with eager anticipation, only 17 months to go!

How was it for you?
  22 Dec 15 - 12:29
Good to hear from you tetrisx!

I'd agree with you that young Jake Lloyds performance in Phantom Menace was actually very good but Hayden's first class impression of plank of wood did detract from the trilogy. :)

There certainly were elements I liked within those films, the Pod Race as you say was excellent The climactic lightsaber duels delivered and I thought Ewan Mcgregor made a very valid effort in Episode 3 in bridging the gap to Alec Guiness in Episode 4. Overall though they just felt a little to flat for my taste.

Good effort on the viewing 1-6 twice this year and it is the perfact lead up to The Force Awakens! I hope the new installment has delivered for you!
  21 Dec 15 - 09:58
Actually the prequels, in hindsight, were not that bad. The main problem is The Phantom Menance, it wasn't what fans wanted and soured the experience somewhat for Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. All the blame is on Jar Jar! Many blame whiny Ani but for me his performance given his age was much better than the stunted wooden performance that Hayden gave in Episode ii.

Effects wise, excellent, and got better and better. The Episode 1 pod race is incredible, Episode 2 made us laugh with crippled Yoda on his walking stick suddenly turning into a Capoeira monster, and Episode 3 really shines, the opening quiet fly by of the two small ships that quickly turns into battle anarchy was a joy, as was the final battle between Obi Wan and Annakin whilst Yoda battled the Chancellor.

We have done a 1-6 viewing twice this year, most recently the last six Saturdays with The Force Awakens tomorrow. Watching them all in order it (mostly!) Makes sense and we can't wait for the "Epic masterpiece" (imdb) of Episode 7.
  18 Dec 15 - 10:35

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