Top CashBack Celebrate Their 5th Birthday

Hi All,

We're sure a few of you have been reaping the benefits of Top CashBack for longer than you can remember, or maybe a few of you can't bear to think how long you have been without us! But did you know we have now been helping our members to save money on their online shopping for more than 5 years? That's right, just over 5 years ago; Top CashBack was a mere twinkle in our founders' eyes! But now we are pleased to announce that we have hit our 5th Anniversary Milestone - so who better to thank than you guys!

To celebrate this exciting occasion, we will of course be tucking in to a big Birthday Cake with 5 proud candles stuck in the top, but we are also giving you the opportunity to celebrate our birthday with us and win some fantastic prizes in return. After's you that have helped us to become the UK's Biggest Free Cashback Site, as well as the UK's Most Generous!

The Top Prize that's up for grabs is a 3 day Shopping Trip for 2 people to New York. Wow! We're even throwing in £500 for you to spend on the famous 5th Avenue too. To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, all you need to do is put together a short video explaining what we're all about, how easy Top CashBack is to use, and why people should sign up and use us when they shop online. You could even tell us what you love the most about Top CashBack!

You can be as creative as you like to get your message across - You can do a rap, act out a scene, or even write us a never know, this could be your ticket to fame! Alternatively, you might feel simplicity is the key - a simple video of the Top Cashback screens with a clear explanation of how to use the site might prove to be the winning entry.

Once you've uploaded your video via our site on to YouTube, the most popular videos will be shortlisted and then independently judged. We're even giving away 3 runner-up prizes of £100 retail vouchers too! For more information and to upload your video, visit our Competition Page!

Now we don't like to do things by halves, so of course that's not all we're offering you! How easy is this!!! If you simply tell 5 or more friends about Top CashBack during this month using our Tell-A-Friend page, you'll receive an extra 5% of the advertised cashback rate on your Top Cashback purchases throughout October 2010. This massive bonus will be perfect for all your early online Christmas Shopping, and if you're friends actually sign up and go on to earn £5 cashback with us, you'll even get your usual tell a friend bonus of £2.50 too. Excellent!

Last but not least, we'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Facebook Fans, new and old! Over the past few months, we've had a tremendous amount of praise and feedback over on Facebook and it's been amazing to see all of our hard work pay off and to gain valuable insight in to what you'd like to see us do in the future. Believe it or not, the new email tracking notifications were even a result of a Facebook discussion!

At present we've got a record number of Facebook Fans compared to any Cashback Site, and we'd certainly like to keep it that way. So to give you all a bit more incentive to join us over on Facebook (if you haven't already of course), we will be selecting one winning fan as soon as we reach a massive 6,000 fans! If you've already joined us over on Facebook, why not get your friends to join us on Facebook too - helping us to reach the 6,000 fans mark more quickly.

So now for the important bit....what will the winning fan win? Well we've managed to get our hands on a sought after Apple iPad 32 GB WiFi + 3G worth £599. Although there are plenty of us in the Top CashBack office who are dying to get their hands on the shiny 9.7" High Resolution Touch Screen, we'd much prefer to give it away to one of our lucky Facebook Fans, so what are you waiting for....Join us on Facebook now!

That's pretty much it from us guys, we wouldn't want to keep you from creating a video masterpiece and telling your friends about us for much longer! We wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see all of your entries :)

This blog is just a little summary of the competitions. For full details of how to enter and of the prizes on offer, please go have a look over on our 5th Anniversary page.We look forward to your questions, feedback and hearing about your experiences of making your videos.

Olly, Mike, and the rest of the Top CashBack team

Posted on 07 Sep 2010  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates

A well deserved and happy fifth anniversary for TopCashback. I am glad to hear that you are celebrating your 5th birthday and many thanks and well done.
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  05 Oct 10 - 05:43

A well deserved and happy fifth anniversary for TopCashback. I am glad to hear that you are celebrating your 5th birthday and many thanks and well done.
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  05 Oct 10 - 05:40
Happy birthday and here is to many more !
  27 Sep 10 - 20:30
Hi TCB, can you please let me know how many people you have signed up - i'm sure its huge!
  16 Sep 10 - 17:56
Happy 5th Birthday to you.....Such a shame it took me 5 years to find the site!
  13 Sep 10 - 16:56

Happy birthday
  10 Sep 10 - 10:15
Happy birthday and heres to the next five. I hope it is as inventive as the last. I only wish I had been in at the beginning as I shudder to think how much money I lost because I was not. However, better late than never!!!
  10 Sep 10 - 09:44
Well Done Top Cash Back!!!!!
  09 Sep 10 - 13:16

Kepp it up girls and boys you do a wonderful job that all members benefit from. Long may you prosper!
  09 Sep 10 - 10:38
And congratulations on the best cashback site on the net. You guys and this site are brilliant!
  09 Sep 10 - 09:49
Saved me lot of me money. I am so addicted to this service that I check everytime I think of purchasing anything and almost all the time I found great deals saving me even more. This site is a must if savings is your top aim/Concern. Kudos to the team and management!
  09 Sep 10 - 08:59
Many many thanks for introducing charm in shopping habit and providing great incentives to the shoppers.
We will introduce as many friends as possible. Your services are excellant and helpful to all users.
  09 Sep 10 - 08:33
Can we get free cash back for posting a comment here ????
  09 Sep 10 - 02:49
Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for teaching me how to shop wisely! Yours is the absolute best of all the cashback sites Long may you continue..!.
Liz53 xxx
  08 Sep 10 - 21:44
How can we thank you all? What an absolutely brilliant site you are. Not only do you save us money off our shopping, bills, holidays etc but you are now my little 'Nest Egg' too. You are obviously working hard to get more and more companies to join you too and am often impressed when I do a search and they appear on here and want to give me money back - fantastic.
Keep up all your good work from a very satisfied and happy user.
  08 Sep 10 - 19:12
Well Done, Very Good Website. Genuine Website to do online shoppings.
  08 Sep 10 - 18:53
Have a good one peggy
  08 Sep 10 - 18:41
A birthday worth celebrating! Many thaks and well done!
  08 Sep 10 - 16:57
Thanks very much for the site :)

Here's to another 5 years.
  08 Sep 10 - 16:45
Great to hear you have been helping us shoppers for so long. Keep up the good work!
  08 Sep 10 - 16:35
Thanks for the excellent service in the past and future
You always notify by email about your cashback.
No words can thank you enough xxxxx
  08 Sep 10 - 14:41
Congrats on 5 years of brilliant service and making my shopping more rewarding until I found you I hated shopping lol
Now I can't get enough!!!!!!!!
  08 Sep 10 - 13:46
Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Thank you so much all the efforts from you and your team to make us get back soooo much cash!!!! Love you lot and keep going!!!!
  08 Sep 10 - 13:44
Thank you and happy birthday TopCashback am so gald my sister told me about you!
  08 Sep 10 - 13:12

A well deserved and happy fifth anniversary for Topcashback for providing a great service that is fun and proftable..And promotes online shopping. Even my 70 year old mum (lol sorry mum..)Checks to see if retailers are linked with Topcashback before buying goods and services on line!! Here is to another five years.
  08 Sep 10 - 13:09
It is indeed a great achievement for Topcashback to have reached 5 years milestone ! Thousands of individuals are enjoying the fruits of Topcashback and I would recommend it many more.

Wish "Topcashback" a happy birthday :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
  08 Sep 10 - 13:06
And I hope you managed a decent rebate on your Birthday cake!

H-h-Happy b-b-Birthday all
  08 Sep 10 - 13:01
Wish you all the best on your Birthday, and thanking you for all your good work in the past, You're tops !!. Alan.
  08 Sep 10 - 12:56
Congratulations! You did well job
  08 Sep 10 - 12:56
There are not words to express our gratitude to all of the staff at TopCashback. It is you who made this place the best, I hope you all remember and understand that without the wonderful staff here this place would never have come to be the top, so I not only wish you a happy birthday I also wish to thankyou all on behalf of all your users for the fantastic job each and everyone of you have done. Thankyou
  08 Sep 10 - 12:48

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