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It’ll be no surprise to you that the team here at TopCashback are borderline obsessed when it comes to money saving and being thrifty. You’ll often find members of the TopCashback team round the kitchen table recounting their tales of money saving glory!

But we aren’t alone! There’s a whole army of Thrifty Warriors out there who have tips and advice on everything from thrifty parenting to thrifty travel to thrifty cooking!

We’ve brought together a list of our favourite thrifty bloggers so you can become as obsessed as us guys and hopefully see the results in your bank balance!

1 – A Thrifty Mrs

A Thrifty Mrs

This is a fresh and helpful blog by yep; you guessed it, “A Thrifty Mrs”! Her blog is packed full of tips of how to make food last longer, where to get the best deals on all kinds of products, recycling, pocket friendly days out, clothing and to be honest the list is practically endless! A Thrifty Mrs manages to make a potentially depressing subject of trying to save money into a cheerful and light-hearted read and is constantly updated with new posts. Definitely deserves the badge of a true Thrifty Warrior. 

2 – Frugal Queen

This blog takes being frugal very seriously. Frugal Queen (affectionately known as “Froogs”) posts regularly about meal planning and budgeting, how to make tasty meals for less and learning to sew. Her posts are really detailed and explain superbly how to prepare recipes or step by step guides how to sew quilts! Each post has a smattering of humour, and makes you feel like you genuinely can achieve money saving heroism!

3 – Baby Budgeting

Baby Budgeting

Baby Budgeting is a refreshing and engaging blog which focusses on the best ways to save money and budget when in the first stages of parenthood. It’s a daunting time for any new parents but we know it can be made doubly stressful knowing you’ve got to make your funds go further. This blog will help you cut costs where you can on baby essentials, travel, toys and pretty much anything baby/child related but at the same time manages to keep things exciting and interesting. It’s won a couple of awards too!

4 – Miss Thrifty

Miss Thrifty

Following a recent overhaul Miss Thrifty’s blog is looking super fresh and interesting. Her posts are always packed with eye catching photos and information about the best ways in which to make your money go further. Whether it’s how to mend broken make up, where to find the best sale goodies, how to reduce food waste or even thrifty uses for a potato – this is the place to find it!

Hopefully these bloggers have tickled your thrifty fancy! If you know of others or have your own tips then let us know below!

Mad Blog Awards

We’re also super excited to be sponsoring the Thrifty Category at the MAD Blog Awards for Mums and Dads. So watch this space for news!

Happy Money Saving!


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