Five Great iPhone X Features - with Sky Mobile

Posted on 03 Nov 2017 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
iPhone X on Sky Mobile

Apple has now launched its latest flagship phone, the iPhone X, a beautifully crafted technological masterpiece with an edge-to-edge display, a highly advanced security system and additional simplicity. And you can earn up to £105 with Sky Mobile when you buy the iPhone X.

But why should you consider upgrading? Or making the purchase? Here are five great reasons.

An edge-to-edge display that impresses

The time has come to say goodbye to bezels. Those thick bands at the top and bottom of your screen had a purpose once upon a time, but as screen technology has advanced so has the use of it in smaller devices.

Technology that was once the pinnacle of TV sets has finally filtered down to handheld devices, and in the case of the iPhone it has resulted in a stunning improvement. The 5.8in HDR display is something you can really marvel at, with true blacks and rich colours producing a visual experience you can really enjoy.

Unlock your phone with amazing FaceID technology

The new edge-to-edge display brought with it a conundrum. How could Apple ensure that the device would still be secure without the fingerprint sensor that was first introduced on the iPhone 5S? By changing how security works entirely.

Using cutting edge technology, Apple designed an authentication system which scans the features of your face to build a security map that only you can unlock. It will only unlock with the contours of your face – so you can forget unlocking the phone with a photo.

FaceID takes just a few minutes to set up and the unlocking process is almost instantaneous. Once you’ve used it you won’t ever want to go back to fingerprint sensors or pin codes.

Cut the Cord with Wireless Charging

Simplification is something we all seek – whether it’s at home or in how we use technology. Apple knows this, and with the introduction of wireless charging, they have cut ties to cables.

Thanks to the use of Qi technology and the iPhone X’s glass back, you just need to place your phone on a charging pad and that’s it – it’ll charge until you pick it up again.

And next year, Apple will launch a pad capable of charging up to three devices at once – perfect for Apple lovers with the Apple Watch and/or AirPods.

A Camera Designed to Capture More

With a new 7-megapixel TrueDepth front camera (which is crucial to the FaceID feature we mentioned above) you’ll not only be able to capture a greater level of detail but you’ll also be able to use the new Portrait Mode, producing stunning selfies with a depth-of-field effect.

The back of the iPhone X also features a redesigned dual 12-megapixel camera system with dual optical image stabilisation. Thanks to a higher aperture, you’ll be able to capture even more detail no matter what lighting conditions are like.

This is in addition to a new colour filter, deeper pixels and an improved Apple-designed image signal processor – all of which delivers advanced pixel processing, wide colour capture, faster autofocus in low light and better HDR photos.

A new processor that pushes the limits

Whether you’re looking for greater productivity or greater gaming power, Apple’s newest A11 Bionic processor is the ideal companion to a phone already bursting at the seams with performance enhancements. It’s the most powerful and smartest chip ever to be built into a smartphone.

In real terms, the new chip can give up to 70% greater performance while increasing battery life by two hours over the iPhone 7. The processor also integrates an Apple designed graphics processor which delivers 30% faster graphical performance – making games more immersive.


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