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Christmas is an expensive time and we’re all trying to save for the year ahead. There are so many ways you could save without changing much of your life style and without even cutting back.

Some of the major costs we incur are bills such as  utilities, debts and insurance, often people are paying over the odds without even knowing it, and just accept the cost for what it is, but many people don’t realise that there is almost always opportunity to save just by looking for those better deals.

Gas, electricity and broadband etc. are some of the most competitive industries of today, and they’re all trying to supply you with a better deal for the same products and services – but if you think you’ve got a great rate now, there’s always another supplier looking to steal your custom and often can give you a better price. If you don’t want to switch, find out how much cheaper you could get your energy and ask your existing provider to match this price, most energy suppliers will want to keep you as a loyal customer so you’ve a great chance of saving some hard earned cash. See what better deals you could find on your utility bills today with Simply Switch and you could earn cashback as well as saving on your bills!

Debts, especially this time of year can creep up on you, and you don’t want to be spending the next 12 months paying off your debts from this Christmas and leaving yourself short for next Christmas. Try and find a new credit card with a low balance transfer rate, some even offer 0%APR for so long, and you should be able to clear any debt much quicker because everything you pay in the 0% period will go toward paying off the balance and no interest. You can find some great interest rates with some of the most popular lenders PLUS some amazing cashback offers to start you on your saving journey.

There’s no doubt about it, sometimes insurance seems like an inconvenience, especially when your existing company sends through your renewal quote and despite having no claims with the same circumstances they’ve hiked up the price! But even though it’s worth having that peace of mind that you and your most valuable assets are protected, you will almost certainly find a better price elsewhere. You can use our TopCashback compare tool to find out if you could save and as with everything else in this blog there’s chance of earning cashback, even for just getting a new insurance quote.

Saving money doesn’t just stop at making bigger long term savings, TopCashback offer a whole range of services to help you save money every time you shop! Whether it’s time to update your wardrobe or just the weekly shop we’ve got over 4200 merchants that offer great rates of cashback. With Snap & Save and OnCard there are even more ways to help you earn cashback. We’ve even developed our Cashback Notifier to help you find the retailers with the best cashback rates.

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