SaveTheStudent - 6 Things Every Student Should Take To Uni



Leave the toastie-makers and Mankinis behind and make some room for these pieces of kit every student should not be leaving home without.

1. Cooking Tongs


If like me, you don’t get pleasure from burning your hands and dropping a pizza you’ve waited a whole 20 minutes for, get a pair of cooking tongs.


For some reason I only came across these once I left university, but now I use them all of the time. I prefer the ones with rubber ends, and they only cost a couple of quid!

2. Ear Plugs


If you’re going to be living in shared accommodation, well then you will hear lots of things you’d rather not whilst you’re trying to get some kip.

And I’m not just talking about your 11am alarm clock.

Grab yourself a healthy supply of ear plugs before you head off to university, because I can guarantee the first few weeks will be the loudest. Of course I’m assuming you’re planning on getting some sleep during freshers’ week, aren’t you?

If you are a really light sleeper, you might also want to invest in an eye mask to keep yourself from melting when the sun streams through your curtains and you’re riddled with hangover sickness. There’s a little bonus for you!

3. Dictaphone


In my eyes, the humble Dictaphone is a wholly undervalued tool in the student arsenal. This piece of kit means you don’t have to concentrate too hard in lectures when you’re not feeling 100%. Simply click the record button, stare into the abyss and write up any notes at a more ‘appropriate’ time.

In the rare event that you don’t think you can make a lecture, hand over your Dictaphone to a course mate who’s a little keener and with your recording it’s like you were there anyway.

Oh, and gone are the days when you have to buy tapes. They have futuristic digital ones now that record audio files that you can transfer right onto your computer. Couldn’t be easier!

Well actually, it could if you have a Smartphone as most will have some kind of voice-recording capability however they’ll struggle for quality.

4. External Hard Drive


Every student should have an external hard drive, but many don’t. Every year many wish they did have one when it’s already too late, and their laptop has either crashed or been stolen... along with university coursework due in the next day.

Aside from backing up uni work, they’re also fantastic for storing music, videos and photos which are taking up all the room on your computer.

Today you can grab an incredible amount of storage space (I’m talking Terabytes, not Gigabytes) for next-to-nothing. Alternatively, you can use Cloud services, such as Dropbox which gives you up to 2Gb of free online data.

5. Door Stop


An open door means and open heart… Well, not really but it’s well worth picking up a triangular shaped plastic wedge before trotting off to university and here’s why.

In your first few weeks, you should make every effort to be sociable with your new flatmates. Simply propping your door open with a door stop is a great indication to others that you are sociable and are happy for them to venture towards your room.

Of course, if you hear the approaching footsteps of someone you just don’t happen to like, a well-timed kick at the stopper can flip the fire door hinges back in your favour.

6. Passport Photos


In this modern day and age you’d think that universities, societies etc. would have moved onto digital photos for your ID cards but unfortunately it’s not the case.

Make sure you take a trip to the photo booth and strike your best pose because these photos will last with you for the three years of uni and you WILL take the opportunity to get them out at any house party to laugh at “how young you were.”

It’s probably best to take 4 at least.

Those are my top six slightly under-the-radar items that I believe every student could benefit from when heading off to university. Remember you don’t need to take everything with you, but of course there are plenty more things you should take, and you can find my full ‘what to take to uni’ checklist here.

Do you have any student must-haves of your own? Why not let us know in the comments below!

Blog By Jake Butler -

Posted on 05 Sep 2013  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Some great tips there; i'm not in university yet but i'll keep these in mind for the future. :)
  08 Sep 13 - 14:31

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