Pancake Day Cashback Ideas

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It is finally approaching us. The best day for indulgence after the festive period. Pancake Day!

Traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday, it is a day that is celebrated by religious and non-religious alike. For Christians this day marks the last day before Lent, a time where fasting or giving up an indulgence usually occurs. Pancakes were made to use up the more indulgent items before Lent of the time such as sugar and eggs. Some believe the four ingredients used in pancakes may actually represent the four pillars of the Christian faith - flour as ‘the staff of life’, eggs as ‘creation’, milk as ‘purity’ and salt as ‘wholesomeness’.

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Pancakes All Day Long


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Whether you are celebrating for personal, religious reasons or not we think it is a great excuse for pancakes for breakfast, dinner and tea.

There are so many different variations from the type of pancakes to what you pop on them. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Here are a few of our ideas for what to try for each meal of the day.

Breakfast pancakes we think are best with an American style stack. Why not add maple syrup and bacon for a naughty morning. For a healthier option try adding in blueberries to the mix and on top for a breakfast full of antioxidants.

Not all pancakes need to be sweet, for dinner grab a savoury option. Swap your cheese and ham sandwiches for a delicious cheese and ham crepe with a dollop of sour cream and chives for dipping. You could go all out and make a pancake bake, much like a lasagne. Just layer your pancakes in like the pasta and add your favourite ingredients, trust us we have tried this one and as bizarre as it sounds it is tasty!

When tea time comes around we think it is finally time for some of that indulgent extravagance. The traditional lemon and sugar with chocolate is the way to go. Whether you try a flavoured spread, sauce or even jam, it is definitely time to pack in all the sugar. Add cream, ice cream or excessive amounts of butter. You can also try adding in things like cinnamon to the batter or banana for a different twist. An office favourite is to keep is simple with sugar and lemon but adding in freshly squeezed orange to add in a new flavour. There is no limit to the things you can try and discover.

You can find lots of recipes online and grab cashback on all your ingredients.

Getting the Pancake Flipped

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As we all know it is traditional to flip the pancake. However, you can’t get to that stage unless you have the right equipment!

The obvious mixing bowl and whisk, measuring jug, pan and spatula aside there are a number of other things you can purchase to make your pancake day more exciting.

Get the perfect amount of batter mix for each pancake with a handy batter dispenser. You can get these from many stores such as eBay or Wayfair, both of which you can grab cashback from.

Don’t want a boring traditional round pancake. You need some fabulous pancake moulds. You can grab some from Etsy in many styles or get a pan with a squeezy bottle from Asda. Don’t worry if you aren’t an existing customer to gain your cashback from Asda you can get it from TopGiftCards and spend in store. Helping you save even more this Pancake Day.

We all know pancakes can get messy. So why not grab yourself a dedicated pancake apron and be the king or queen of the kitchen. Browse for cashback from novelty slogans to practical pockets from sites like Funky Pigeon or Zazzle.

Flipping No!

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Hate the idea of making your own pancakes? Really don’t think you can make the flip to the otherside? Have no fear!

There are plenty of places that are doing pancake fun. Most restaurants will have this treat on the menu, so why not take a rest and have a look at where to go that will give you some cashback on this years tasty treat.

There will also be lots of events around you set up for pancake races and having a lovely time so why not take a look at where you can go to have a laughing happy pancake evening.

Let us know what you get up too and what scrumptious times you have been having!

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Igwyncymru7818 Feb 20 - 22:25 You should try pancakes with ice cream and fresh strawberries 🍓