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Posted on 15 Dec 2014 Posted in  Christmas Ideas

We’re heading towards the cold time of the year; a time where the frost bites at your nose, where your fingers feel like they might fall off from being so cold, where you can’t feel your toes – a time when snuggling up on the sofa and watching a movie (or two, or three) sounds like the only perfectly reasonable solution.

And thanks to NOW TV, that’s exactly what you can do – with some of the best movies of the last year lined up on Sky Movies, ready to enchant and engross you in rich storylines and heart-warming tales that’ll give you reason to grab a delightfully hot chocolate, wrap up in a blanket and melt into your settee. With no contract, a 30 day free trial and just £9.99 a month PLUS £12.50 in cashback when you make that first month’s payment, it’s an offer Yule love to log on to.

While we don’t condone laziness, we certainly think that this time of year is the perfect time for it – and so we’ve got our pick of some of the best movies to look out for:

Making its television premiere on the 19th December, The Muppets: Most Wanted is a typically hilarious crime caper featuring all of our favourite Muppet characters, a devious Kermit doppleganger and the always-brilliant Ricky Gervais as his dastardly sidekick. Hilarity ensues as Kermit is implicated in a crime he didn’t commit, as the rest of his gang do all they can to bring the real culprit to justice.  

Taking fun in its stride, Sky Movies brings us The LEGO® Movie – one of the happiest movies of last year – on Christmas Eve. An animated adventure featuring an all-star voice cast, The LEGO® Movie tasks the ‘Special’ Emmet, an ordinary LEGO® figurine, with saving the World from the grasp of the tyrant Lord Business, who wants to glue the LEGO® universe into place. A global success, this is one family movie you won’t want to miss!

Christmas Day sees two more exciting movies to enjoy – the outstandingly amazing Frozen for kids and adults alike, and the biblical adaption of Noah for the grown-ups.

Little can be said about Frozen that hasn’t been said already, but if you’ve not seen or heard about Frozen, then you’ve missed out. A beautiful Disney Pixar animation featuring princesses, princes, snowmen and numerous other characters, the musical beauty of this movie cannot be ignored.

Noah turns the biblical story of a man who saves his family and animals from an apocalyptic flood into an epic tale of resistance, survival, love and hate. Featuring a cast of Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly and Sir Anthony Hopkins, the movie hits you with twists and turns of action-packed scenes – giving you a great way to end Christmas Day.

Your NOW TV Sky Movies Month Pass keeps rolling with the punches on Boxing Day as Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier sees our all-action hero battle with an old enemy – a mysterious soviet assassin. Steve Rogers, the protagonist of the piece, finds himself an outcast from the SHIELD Agency and relies on the help of some new-found friends to support him as he battles to clear his name and bring the Winter Soldier to justice.

And if Boxing Day doesn’t satisfy your need for superhero action, then the Amazing Spider-Man 2 will swing in on the 2nd of January to defend New York and from the villains who want to harm him and the city’s inhabitants. Not only does Peter Parker have to deal with the physical toil that comes with being a superhero, he also has to deal with his own, internal battles. Swooping from a fight with an enemy into the arms of his beloved Gwen takes its toll and spins a difficult web to navigate for Peter – tune in to find out how he handles it.

And if none of the above inspire you to sit back and relax in the warmth of your own home, then there are more than 1,000 movies on demand to choose from, including family Christmas classics such as Elf, Home Alone and Love Actually!



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