November Tell-a-Friend Takeover Deal - Up to £40 for Telling a Friend!

Posted on 07 Nov 2023 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
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Tell-a-Friend Takeover Offer
Tell-a-Friend is taking over! Make the most of our exclusive 72 hour deal by sharing with your friends now!

Earn both yourself and a friend a delightful cashback bonus of up to £40! Want to know how? Check out our Tell-a-Friend Bonus from the 7th November 2023 10:00 to the 10th November 2023 10:00.

You'll earn up to £40 cashback when you refer them and meet the cashback threshold, and your friend will get a £10 Sign-up Bonus from us as a welcome gift too!

So how does it work?

Here's how you and a friend can earn your bonus in just 3 easy steps:

1. Message your friend about TopCashback and how much money we could help them save. Make sure you use your unique referral link from the Tell-a-Friend page in your message too - if they don’t use it we won’t know you referred them!

2. Your friend then needs to sign-up with your unique referral link.

3. Once your friend has started saving, earned £10 eligible cashback and the cashback reaches payable status, you’ll both receive your Tell-a-Friend Bonus.

The increased bonus ends 10th November 2023 – at 10am so, make sure you spread the word soon!

Refer your friends now!

What is my Tell-a-Friend Bonus?

Both you and your friends’ bonus will get added to your TopCashback accounts to redeem once they become payable. Here’s what you’ll earn:

Plus Members – Get a £40 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback.
Classic Members – Get a £35 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback.
Your friend – Gets a £10 Sign Up Bonus for signing up and earning £10 payable cashback.
* This is a time limited offer, please ensure that you check the cashback bonus rates at time of referring.

See Terms and Conditions.

Scrollman14 November 2023, 13:15 I referred my daughter in law she has had her bonus but I have not got mine
How can I get in touch to ask why

Please submit a support ticket on your account in the customer service section as our team can take a closer look to help -Phil
Member91156445658269 November 2023, 10:55 Try this
MegWatson8 November 2023, 19:17 Does your friend have to earn £10 payable cashback before 10th?

As long as your friends sign up via your link within the time they can take as long as needed to receive £10 of eligible cashback for the bonus to show on your account -Phil
Member11118060571578 November 2023, 17:58 Hi,
I get loads f money back going through this site - Mia got me onto it! No fee but just use it if you buy off EBay, Argos, Groupon and loads of others.
Lynda x
Kaykay27 8 November 2023, 16:40 Free money 💰
kemmyodes8 November 2023, 13:54 This is good 😀
I’Ve recommended a friend yesterday, when does my bonus show?

Tell a friend bonuses show when your friend has received £10 or more of eligible payable cashback which wouldn't include any bonuses or new member offers

Best wishes
Jlm98 November 2023, 13:01 Used topcash save money
HGabra8 November 2023, 07:51 Please use the code
Member111164025434498 November 2023, 00:11 Good ok good
Luckypie7 November 2023, 22:40 Don't forget to use Topcashback when you start Christmas shopping! Best time to start as you'll end up getting lots of cash back!!

Yiyang Zhou7 November 2023, 20:43 What does it mean by "meet the cashback threshold"?
Hey, for the tell a friend bonus your friend would need to receive £10 of eligible payable cashback after signing up via your link for the bonus to show on your account -Phil
vap92h7 November 2023, 20:35 Try this
Lisa Wetton 7 November 2023, 18:29 TopCashback everyone should get it I earn buy buying my car insurance pets at home eBay etc try it it’S great
rqwyu7 November 2023, 16:25 Enjoy extra money
Katelomax7 November 2023, 16:21 Hi mum - you have got to use this site! Save yourself money..
Member41069828044357 November 2023, 15:45 I have changed my password and my 35.00 cashback has dusappeared

If you could please submit a support ticket on your account and our team can take a closer look to help

Salonija7 November 2023, 15:16 I have 100% Got over £600 in 2 years from using TopCashback x if you don’T have it and shop online get it before your Xmas shopping xx
zedline17 November 2023, 15:15 It's £10 bonus if you shop through TopCashback.
Croftsie7 November 2023, 15:05 Topcashback is an excellent service.
Join today to get yours
Member2856801080537 November 2023, 13:11 Top cash back really works
boolesjules7 November 2023, 12:56 Money for nothing. Shop & Save.
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