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So, if you hadn’t noticed by now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching then a) where have you been and b) we slightly envy you! If you’ve been a bit of a social butterfly floating around in your own little world you may not have noticed it creep up on you, but if, like a few of us, you’re a lone ranger trying to get on with your daily life then you’re sure to relate to this.

OK, we get it - it’s Valentine’s Day! However, does this mean we want to be showered with love and affection in the form of fluffy cards and gooey chocolate hearts wherever we go? No sir we don’t!

We’d just like to be able to buy our essentials (bread, milk, trashy mags) from the shops without having to walk past the flowers and wonder how many blokes will be rushing in like the stampede from Jumanji to buy them on February 14th. We wanted to dedicate a little somethin’ to our sassy singles out there who, like Beyoncé, can be independent, pay their own bills and eat ice cream in scruffy clothes without anybody judging them or thinking they need help.

Channelling our inner Bridget Jones, here are a few reasons why being single comes out on top in our books!

- We don’t feel the need to enter an underwear shop and try to purchase, on the spur of the moment, something that will either leave us still trying to figure out how on earth we are supposed to get into it after an hour of pulling, tugging and snapping straps or leave us regretting choosing something we thought was wild but, in reality, make us look as attractive as Pat Butcher from EastEnders or a stuffed sausage. Believe us when we tell you that it’s not all fun and games and not many of us are blessed with the looks of a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

- We can enjoy the daily ritual of getting home and immediately putting on a comfy pair of scruffs/pjs which may feature the odd hair dye stain or a couple of holes here and there but which are so comfy that we know they have probably been made by puppies and fluffy kittens!

- We don’t have to feel guilty about watching reality TV for hours on end, thinking about what we would say or do in those very same situations. And does it matter if we want to watch the same episode of our favourite TV show over and over again? Nope!

- Our fridge contains more bottles of wine than food for the fun times, the bad times and the midweek crisis times. Well, who doesn’t need a little pick me up now and again?!

- We also don’t have to deal with the trauma of those first few nights your new partner stays over, which result in you having to sneak out of bed in the early hours of the morning to slap on some make-up and pretend you ‘just woke up like this’. Believe us guys, no girl wakes up looking like Kate Moss in the morning - unfortunately for most of us, it does take a little bit of work!

Just so we don’t sound completely bitter, we do enjoy a good love story and celebrate those strong couples who are keeping it real like Kim and Kanye. However, you have to admit the above points definitely show there are advantages to being single!

Posted on 02 Feb 2016  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
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