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Money Saving Resolution

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This is a popular one, a close contender for our favourite NY resolution along with losing weight, it’s not surprising; we’ve just had Christmas which means we want to save money, get slim again and go somewhere warmer.

Although we have now apparently seen the worst the recession has to throw at us (touch wood), times are still tough! Christmas has just gone, train prices are on the up and don’t talk to us about the price of chicken these days!

That’s why we’ve come up with our Top 4 Money Saving Resolutions

1/ Budget

It’s an obvious one and probably one you already know, creating a budget is actually pretty easy, you just write down all the things you currently spend on and what you want to cut down, simple right?

We all know it’s not that simple, the key to a budget is sticking to it, like glue. Getting into a habit of thinking about your budget every time you need to make a transaction or are doing the shopping. If you can do that and review your budget on a regular basis then you’re on your way.

Our Top Tip

Keep a tally on your phone or somewhere you can easily see it; spreadsheets are great to keep everything in order, plan out your year, but to keep on track you don’t want something buried away in My Docs, never to be seen again until your next NY resolution. It shouldn’t be flash, just write down in your notes every amount, it’s pretty obvious when you’re over spending and it’ll help no end!

2/ Plan

This is basically part of your budget but it’s such an essential part we’ve decided to put it separately. Planning is crucial and the more you plan the better off you’ll be, it gives you time to shop around, stops cash flow problems and doesn’t leave you with £100 to last you a whole month after Christmas.

Our Top Tip

Be proactive and think about what you want. If you decide on what you’re working towards or what rewards you want, you’ll have motivation to save and see your budget through because you’ll see the reward! Remember, you’re saving for a reason and it’s important to think about the positives.

If you know you want to go on a summer holiday, you know you won’t be able to see your long lost friend a week before your holiday. Be proactive; give them a call now, while you have time and money, this way you won’t have the fantastic choice of letting your friend down or over spending.

3/ Always keep an eye out for bargains

Now that you know what you want, throughout the year you can better search for what you’ll need later and save yourself some money. It’s an old trick and at first it may appear a little sad, shopping for your winter clothes in the Winter sales when summer is on its way doesn’t seem logical, but you’ll get a better price and not have to worry when we get our summer in the middle of April!

Our Top Tip

Set up price alerts on your most wanted or high priced items. Various comparison websites provide price tracking facilities which are really handy and sometimes you can even set up alerts on the retailer website.

You’ll then get an update when your most desired item is at bargain bin price and you can even see if you can get cashback on it too (you can even set favourite cashback merchants to receive alerts on your favourite retailers)!

4/ Don’t forget cashback and vouchers

OK, we’re blowing our own trumpet a little here but there is nothing worse than the moment you realise you could have got £50 cashback on that new mobile phone contract or 20% off your food bill!

Our Top Tip

Check cashback as soon as you know what you want. It’s good to have it in your head before you start shopping around as you’ll consider your cashback and voucher while you’re looking for the best deal. Once you’ve found the deal on the site, STOP clear your cookies and then go straight to TopCashback.

You wouldn’t pass go on the Monopoly board without collecting £200 would you?

Monopoly Go

*Please note that prices and cashback rates on the blog were correct at time of posting, however are subject to change. Please ensure that these are checked before making any purchases.

Posted on 03 Jan 2014  |  Posted in  New Year's Resolutions
Good tips and worth following. Thank you Topcashback.
  15 Jan 14 - 08:45
? Should I be clearing my cookies first? I have never done that.
  12 Jan 14 - 01:38
Thank you,Topcashback you always come up with right things and give good advice.
  06 Jan 14 - 07:51

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