Get a 6.5% payout bonus with our MasterCard PrePaid Card

MasterCard PrePaid Card

Payout now through Reward Wallet and select the Mastercard Prepaid Card option and get a 6.5% bonus (3% for classic members).

The Mastercard Prepaid Card is a brilliant alternative to Bacs and Paypal and can be spent anywhere online that Mastercard is accepted, and that includes Amazon. Plus, you can earn even more cashback when you spend your Mastercard Prepaid Card through us.

Here's how simple it really is.

You have £100 payable cashback and chose to pay it out as a Mastercard Prepaid Card. That means you now have £106.50.

Say you spend your £106.50 on a hotel booking for your Summer holiday at you'll get 10% cashback meaning an extra £10.65 in your TopCashback account.

Now you've turned £100 into £117.15 - magic!

If you are a classic member you can upgrade now to take advantage of this offer and all other plus member benefits. Plus membership is £5 per year, which is deducted from your cashback total when you have earned £5 or more.

Posted on 25 Apr 2019  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates, Deals & Competitions
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