Ghastly deals & tips to keep your little ghouls happy this Halloween

Ghastly deals and Tips for Halloween

All Hallows’s Eve, All Saints Eve, or more commonly known as Halloween is nearly upon us.

Time to crack out the Jack o Lanterns, dig out your face paints, and slip on something terrifying!

We’ve got 3 top ideas to make sure your Halloween is as thrifty as can be!

1 – Pumpkins!


This is a must for any Halloween celebration! A Jack O Lantern was traditionally used to aid “guisers” (the old fashioned word for trick or treaters) to see their way. Nowadays pumpkins are carved in all variety of designs; not just the standard ghoulish face!

Not only is it fun to decorate a pumpkin but they also provide a nutritious and cheap meal! You can pick up a pumpkin in most supermarkets at this time of year for around £1.00 - £1.50. Buy two. One for decorating and a second for making soup! Here’s a great recipe for Silky Pumpkin Soup

2 – Make your own costumes

Grim Reaper

During Halloween the streets are filled with people, young and old dressed as vampires, witches, and every other conceivable scary character! Often, these costumes are extremely expensive to buy ready made in shops. Personally, I feel half the fun is making a costume out of bits and pieces you already have! The failsafe is always a ghost! Got an old white sheet? Got some fake blood? You’re away! If not, try Asda or Tesco for some cheap Halloween accessories!

Another favourite is a mad scientist! You can pick up a white lab coat very cheaply at your local market or DIY store. Use gel and hairspray to stick your hair on end and you can get black framed “geek glasses” for a few pounds!

3 – Decorations

Ghost Decoration

Previously, lavish decorations have been a habit of our friends across the pond but each year more people are choosing to outdo each other with freaky decorations!

Again – the shops are full of expensive decorations which you can beat by making them at home!

There are endless sites online with how to guides and helpful step by step videos on YouTube.

One of my favourites is “Ghoulish Eyes”. Simply find a few old cardboard rolls (aka a loo roll!) and cut out scary eyes. Place some red cellophane over the holes of the eyes. Then place them in a bush, thread some fairy lights through/or stick a glow stick in the tube and you will find yourself being watched!

How to make homemade halloween eyes

Transforms to scrary watching eyes!

Bush Eyes

Image and idea sourced from

Let us know if you have any cool tips for Halloween, especially when it comes to saving money!

Posted on 24 Oct 2013  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
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