50p Donation To The Haiti Earthquake Appeal for Each Referral That Joins Top CashBack

This has now finished.  Thanks so much to all who took part.  We are busy totalling the figure and will make a payment straight away.  Thanks again to all.

On Tuesday January 12th the already poverty-stricken country of Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. The death toll is colossal with over 100,000 already dead and fears emerging this figure may reach 200,000. Those who have survived are in desperate need of clean water, shelter and medical help.

It's times like these that really make us all stop and think what can we do to help. We have therefore decided to donate 50p to the Disaster Emergency Commission for each new member who has been referred by an existing member and joins before Friday 29th January. (Please note, normal referral bonuses will also still apply).

So you, our members can help us raise as much as possible by:

1) Going to our 'Tell a Friend' page by clicking here

2) Enter as many of your friend's email addresses as you can, recommending they join Top Cashback - and don't forget to mention that if they join we'll donate 50p to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

3) If you are on Facebook or Twitter - share this blog by clicking on the icons above so others can help too.

You can also help even further and donate more from your Top Cashback earnings easily, just choose the option to donate to charity when you request a payout of your cashback. If you would rather donate directly or wish to read more about the charity appeal, you can find them listed on our homepage or simply click here: http://www.dec.org.uk

Please help us as much as you can to raise money to aid this worthwhile cause.


Olly, Mike and the team.

p.s. If you have arrived on this page and wish to join using a referral link (which ensures 50p will be donated to the appeal) then you can use this link : http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/HaitiAppealReferral. Alternatively, you can use anyone elses referral link.

p.p.s. We don't benefit financially or directly from this appeal, but we do (all) benefit from any new member increasing the size of our site, which, for instance, helps us to negotiate better cashback discounts with the merchants. We will also be adding our own company donation to the final grand total - but running this offer lets us justify (in a business sense) giving more to the campaign than otherwise. We hope that seems fair and justified to everyone.

Posted on 22 Jan 2010  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Scottish power link not working any ideas?
  27 Apr 10 - 17:54
How much did you raise on the haiti appeal
  25 Feb 10 - 12:44
I never understand why people criticize these sorts of things.

It's a free donation, it doesn't cost you a penny!

Whether it's your only donation or in addition to other donations you are doing it's better than not doing it.

Sure, TCB may stand to gain out of it long term (so do we from better cashback rates!) But in the short term they're not going to gain anything (it's debatable whether they'd recoup their money in the long run either!). A 50p donation for each new member whether they earn anything or not is generous as far as i'm concerned.

  25 Jan 10 - 11:47

I feel soooo sorry for all those people, especially those losing their families. This will at least help them in some way or another - I will certainly encourage my friends to join and donate any earnings to this or other charities.
  24 Jan 10 - 00:47

I donated early on in the crisis, but now the camps are crowded and sanitation is poor. Disease and diarrhea is a problem so help and aid is still needed. Whatever the incentive whether it be to getting friends to join this free site, shaving eyebrows or jumping out of a plane it all leads to more help and that's what counts.

  23 Jan 10 - 18:20

Keep up the good work !
  23 Jan 10 - 11:10

Surely this is fine - 1968Charger, of course you can donate yourself through dec, but this is a donation by TopCashBack and won't cost you a penny! Surely the donation is better than nothing. I think you should definitely keep this in place.
  22 Jan 10 - 19:58

I personally think this is great, it allows me to earn money for myself, save money for my friend and help charity! If I earn any referrals as well then i'll also give that money to charity. This is money those charities may not have got otherwise. :) So I don't see any harm, just good.
  22 Jan 10 - 19:38
Hi 1968charger

Thanks for your message. I'm sure you are voicing what a number of others may be feeling.

We are aware that this might not sit well with some (or many?) People. So where do we go from here? We certainly now have to leave this for the week - which we have already promised. If many people feel this is not a good thing to do however, then we definitely won't go down this route again.

As mentioned though, we do feel that this means that more will be donated than otherwise would have been - can that really be bad? We will just have to guage opinion to help us determine what to do in future.

Thanks again for voicing your concern.

  22 Jan 10 - 18:47

I couldn't believe it when I just received the TCB email about this?? The pursuit of business advantage masquerading as altruism. This doesn't sit well with me at all. We've all seen the news reports and we're all aware of the official means of donating via the dec.

This is poor form TCB!
  22 Jan 10 - 17:55
Hi Knifty

Thanks for your posts - as you requested, we have removed them. We do like to read comments and respond to members - or even take action and change practices or ideas, where appropriate - so don't worry too much!

We actually added the referral link to the original article based on your comments - so thanks very much for pointing out something 'confusing'.

Thanks again
  22 Jan 10 - 17:49
Hi Member271512821

Thanks for your post.

We have been sensitive to the idea that we, as a business, benefit from the fact that we might get more members in this way. I should stress we don't benefit financially or directly - but sure, we would like more members.

After thinking about this for quite some time however, we felt that by running this campaign ..

(A) It allowed us to justify (in a business sense) donating more than we otherwise would have been able to.
(B) It does give our members the ability to 'make a donation in kind' to the cause, even if times are tight and they don't want to actually send money directly.
(C) Doing something about this is probably better than doing nothing and just sitting back.

I should also mention that we are making this donation for all new referred members for the next week - whether that referral was caused by this campaign or not.

I hope that seems ok to you?

Best wishes
  22 Jan 10 - 17:40
Slightly suspect that you are making a gain out of it as well?!
  22 Jan 10 - 16:03
That is very nice of TCB and I hope you raise lots of money.
  22 Jan 10 - 15:01

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