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Secret Santa

Secret Santa always seems like a great idea, get a quirky gift for one of your team mates, with the smallest budget in the world… oh wait, now I’ve picked Jimmy who I know nothing about! If this is you (and believe me, we've been there), then we’ve compiled this handy gift guide with the best gifts. From the funny (but not too offensive) to something useful for the office. Plus, you’ll get cashback!

NOTHS - Something a Little Bit Unique


Personalised and unique gifts is something NOTHS know all about. There were so many we could have chosen from to show you, but here’s our top picks with 3.45% cashback:

The Positive Planner - £24

The Positive Planner makes a perfect gift for anyone who needs more positivity in their life (don't we all!) the stationery lover, or anyone wanting to improve their general wellbeing and daily organisation skills. A 12 week planner and journal dedicated to self-care. Featuring originally designed artwork and illustrations, inspirational quotes, art therapy and mindfulness activities.

Personalised Christmas Dog, Metal Bauble Decoration - £12

Personalise Christmas metal baubles with your dog breed image and name. This gorgeous dog bauble is bound to make any puppy lover smile this Christmas. Some dogs have festive hats and some are dressed as rudolph, or you can opt for the new christmas jumper option. These little beauties are all handmade.

Marshmallow S'mores Kit - £25

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, our s’mores kit will make a superb addition to a BBQ, garden party, camping trip and pretty much everything else in between! The s’mores kit includes one box of gourmet marshmallow, eight authentic Graham crackers, three authentic Hershey’s chocolate bars in creamy milk chocolate, cookies n' cream & cookies n' chocolate flavours, a marshmallow toaster, set of eight bamboo skewers and step-by-step instruction guide, all presented in a beautiful kraft gift box!

Set Of Two Cat's Whiskers Mini Planters - £14

These small indoor pots are perfect for housing cacti and succulents! In a calming shade of cream and painted with a sweet cat face on the front, these whiskered planters are just what you need to add an element of cute to any space. Calling all cat lovers, these are an absolute must!

The Works - Gifts For Any Personality

The Works

For the bookworm and stationery collector shop The Works for your Secret Santa gift. There’s sparkly gift sets, as well as games, toys and things to keep them warm. You can also shop their 2 for £10 offer and grab yourself a bargain. Here are our top choices, plus you can grab 20% exclusive cashback:

15 Piece Glitter Stationery Set - Assorted - £7 (2 for £10)

Help them show off with this 15 piece stationery set, including a glittery case to keep it all safe from colleagues who like to “borrow” stationery. There’s a notepad, rubbers, mini gel pens and much more. They’ll be set for 2020 and will do it in style.

Dad Jokes - £3

Sometimes I touch my knees to my chest and lean forward... That's just how I roll.

Dive into the only the cheesiest and most cringe-worthy Dad jokes from the most-followed dad jokes page on Instagram @dadsaysjokes! A collection that is sure to leave your Secret Santa’s family laughing and groaning in equal measure.

Magical Mystic Ball - £5

A crystal ball is always handy when you’re at work. But this gift is so much better, ask it any yes or no question and it will give you the answer. All decisions will now be made with this gift - they’ll thank you we’re sure of it!

Think You Know It All - The Activity Book For Grown-Ups - £3

Does your Secret Santa boast that their school exercise books were adorned with huge ticks, glowing comments and gold stars? Do they still think they know it all? This is their chance to prove it with Think You Know It All?

Challenge them to list the capitals of Europe, name the 52 states of the USA, check off all 38 Shakespeare plays, or recall all the James Bond films (in order). Will they still be a know it all at the end?

AllBeauty - Something for Every Secret Santa Recipient


There’s something for everyone at Allbeauty. Including the hard to please. Spread the chances of getting something they are happy with, by getting a few small items. The jokers who appreciate a good joke present, something not too serious or maybe you feel they just need to calm down! Or the quiet one, a safe gift is definitely best here. It doesn’t however need to be boring. You can also get up to 12% exclusive cashback.

Decleor Neroli Bigarade Infinite Cleansing Kit - £12.15

Decléor masters the science of ESSENTIAL OILS to guide you to INFINITE CLEANSING: 2 gentle yet efficient cleansers for face & body.

MAN'STUFF The Grooming Guide - £10.95

A bumper set of grooming products that take care of a man’s skin during and after shaving. The Grooming Guide set features a total of 5 products: a shaving brush and 4 toiletries. The shower gel and face wash keep skin clean and fresh whilst the shaving cream and post-shave balm help ensure a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Body Collection England Vintage Emergency Kit - £7.95

Everything a woman needs for beauty touch-ups on the go, the Vintage Emergency Kit is stuffed with 10 little treasures for fixing up the nails, hair or even clothes. Packaged within a zip-up carry case this portable collection is perfect for travel and tending to problems on the go.

Bomb Cosmetics Hammer Time Gift Pack - £16.95

Get your fix! This is not a drill, fulfill your DIY dreams and nail your cleansing routine!

Prezzybox - Gifts Under £10

There’s a huge selection at Prezzybox, from the funny to the nice - they even have a Secret Santa Sloth Generator which will help you to create your Secret Santa list. We’ve picked a few of our favourite gift ideas:

The Senior Moments Memory Workout - £8.99

Do you have the member of the team who’s always asking how to do something on the computer or where they left their keys? It sounds like they need The Senior Moments Memory Workout, designed to keep those senior symptoms at bay and contains puzzles, quizzes, brainteasers and memory challenges to help keep them in tip-top shape. You’re just doing them a favour really…

Mug Cakes Recipe Book - £7.99

Secret Santa doesn’t always have to be about the crude, humorous gift. Maybe you want to encourage one of your co-workers to bake, so they can bring you nice treats into the office, well here’s the perfect place to start. There’s over 30 recipes for quick and delicious cakes with minimal effort. Choose from the classics: lemon, carrot, or chocolate fondant (drool), or go full on fancy. Raspberry and green tea? Blueberry and ricotta? They’ll be a mug cake connoisseur before they know it.

Soothing Gel Bath Pillow - £9.99

Never quite know what mood your teammate is going to be in? Be sure from now on and help them to relax with a Soothing Gel Bath Pillow. With easy to attach suction cups it can be affixed quickly and easily to the bathtub’s surface and will provide there reclining head with a place to dream, relax and read at your leisure - no more stiff necks caused by uncomfortable (and cold!) plastic tubs. Bathe in comfort.

Pineapple Lamp - £9.99

Help your Secret Santa escape to paradise everyday with a Pineapple Lamp. The perfect thing to give the office an all-year party vibe. Marvel as the lamp changes colour, and creates a proper party atmosphere. Add a fun and fruity vibe to any living space with this battery-operated lamp.

IWOOT - Guidance & Inspiration

World leaders in the science of Secret Santa, there’s gifts for your work colleagues, for a fellow prankster and pretty much anyone you need at IWOOT. Top picks below, make sure to check out their full range.

Director of Unnecessary and Special Projects - £7.99

Let everyone know who’s in charge with the wooden desk plaque clearly reserved for the top dog; a humorous office gift that’s perfect for having a friendly dig at the head chief. At first glance, the desk sign looks official, but zoom in closer and you’ll find the gold plaque is actually labelled ‘Director of Unnecessary and Special Projects’ – sounds about right!

Nothing (For the Person Who Has Everything) - £6.99

The predicament of what to buy a person who has everything has reared its ugly head once more. Well here is the answer - nothing at all. Filled with absolutely nothing (well other than all the atoms and other scientific things that make up thin air, but you get the picture). This 'empty gesture' is the only way you can make your point to someone fortunate enough to have every gadget or luxury item known to man.

Prosecco Bon Bon Jar - £8.99

Why should children have all the best sweets? Try the delicious Prosecco flavoured Bon Bons and tantalise the taste buds. Flavoured with the irresistible Prosecco taste without the alcohol, the sweets are beautifully presented in a traditional bon bon jar. The little treats are sure to delight anyone partial to the fizzy stuff.

Grow It Bonsai Tree - £10.99

Green fingers aren't required to grow a beautiful bonsai tree at home, or in fact brighten up the office space. Give confidence to the person who can never keep a plant alive, with this Grow It Bonsai Tree kit, which includes tarter growing pots, compost discs, seeds and a booklet containing growing tips.

M&S - For the Thoughtful Gift

Not looking for a joke present? M&S have a wonderful collection of thoughtful gifts to suit all budgets. Here’s a few ideas:

NUXE Prodigieuse Travel Pouch - £18.50

Give them a bit of luxury, wherever they travel to. Packed with a shower gel, multi-purpose oil, le parfum and scented body lotion, they’ll have all the things they need for a relaxing night in, whether that’s a work trip or a break away from the office.

Gingerbread Jar Candles - £6

Bring the comforting smell of Christmas baking into your home with this gingerbread-scented jar candle. Free from animal testing, the spicy scent features warm notes of ginger, cinnamon and clove, resting on a buttery biscuit and creamy vanilla base. Enjoy up to 25 hours of burn time.

Origami Kit - £5

For the budding creative, get them the Origami Kit. This set includes 48 sheets of origami paper, a page of eye stickers and instructions to help them along the way. Let their imagination run wild, they’ll be able to make their own paper creations with just a fold here and a fold there!

Nostalgia Toys 1000 Piece Puzzle - £12

Settle in for the long haul or add a bit each day with a 1000-piece puzzle, featuring classic toys. There’s all your favourite, nostalgic toys and games from The Wombles to Paddington Bear to the crazy game of KerPlunk! Be transported back and have hours of fun doing so.

**All offers correct as of publishing date**

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