Fathers Day 2013 Gift Ideas

What do Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Mufasa and Jack Burns all have in common (aside from being fictional)? They’re dads! Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’m not too sure it’s a day that gets as much recognition as it deserves, or more importantly, dads don’t get the recognition that they deserve. A generic card, a pint at the pub and some cigars? We can do better than that! I beseech you to take a moment to remember all of your most precious memories about your dad and the ways in which he has and is affecting your life.

My Dad is a dazzling guy. He is an intelligent man, weird and wonderful in equal measures with a scathing sense of humour (some people say it’s a little harsh but I like it).  I have the most amazing memories of growing up; he, my siblings and I were always out on adventures whether it was exploring derelict buildings (not recommended!), building rafts to sail down rivers,  going ‘sand-diving’ down sand-dunes or helping him out at summertime craft and garden shows (he’s an artist). My favourite memory is all the summers spent in our garden playing on our homemade waterslide; sheets and sheets of blue tarpaulin stretched out over scaffolding and planks for metres on end into a makeshift paddling pool. It probably was as dangerous as it sounds but impossibly fun and a memory that I know I’m lucky to have.

My Dad taught me to be brave, to have imagination, that there’s nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes and wanting the best for yourself, to not take life too seriously, to be proud to be different and a little strange, and that adventures and laughter are key to happiness.

Now I am a 25 year girl who does not claim to know anything about men, let alone being a dad, so I am going to base this blog loosely around my Dad and all of the other lovely fathers that I know. To make this Father’s Day extra special for our dads I’ve compiled a list of a few treats that I think will work just as well as (or even better alongside) a massive bear hug and an ‘I love you’ (go on guys, tell him!).

1. Printed Canvas.

Do you or your dad have a favourite photograph of you (and any siblings) together? Does he have a favourite from a special time in his life? My sister once got me a t-shirt with a photo of her weird face printed on and that was epic to say the least, so imagine your dad’s face when he opens up a massive print of a special memory. If I had to print a canvas out for my Dad I know which photograph I would choose…

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2. Whiskey.

Treat your dad to a gift that he can savour for a few years and bring out at dinner parties to impress his friends. Plus it’ll serve as a lovely reminder about just how much you love him each time he has a glass.

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3. An Experience to Remember.

Racing car driver? Pilot? Does your dad have a dream job or maybe even a dream adventure that he’s yet to experience in his life? Never mind buying him a present, help him realise an ambition!  Buying your dad an experience gift that you can share with him is definitely a sure-fire way of ensuring that this Father’s Day is extra-special

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4. Something Personal.

I’m not a fan of cheesy gifts at all, but I think a personal message on something small that can be used every day is a wonderful idea. An engraved message on a watch or a card holder is a really special way of reminding your dad every day how much you love him. It could make him smile, remember or laugh; make it an individual message that only the two of you will understand and he’ll keep it close by forever.

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To all of the dads and dads-to-be out there - I hope you have a very happy Father’s Day. Have you got any memories that you’d like to share or things that you’d like to thank your dad for? Maybe you have an incredible gift idea or you just want to say what a great guy he is. I know my Dad is going to smile so much reading this; Happy Father’s Day Peter Price!

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