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People across the country will all be preparing themselves as they make the jump from GCSEs to A Levels or A Levels to degree. There is no need for students to accumulate stacks of disorganised notes from lectures these days because, thanks to technology, it is much easier for people to keep things in order, simplifying the learning process. Here we’ve put together some top apps that all students should make the most of to aid their experience.


Evernote is a great app that lets you sync all your notes and data in one handy location. You can access notes made on any of your devices, make to-do lists and, if you own an iPad, use your Smart Cover to quiz yourself. This intuitive app will change the way you make study notes as you can clip web pages and share them with ease.


Following a lengthy stint writing that arduous essay, the last thing you want to do is create a reference list that doesn’t break any of the countless rules that come with the Harvard system. Thankfully, someone came up with EasyBib that lets you take a picture of a book’s barcode and then generates a suitably styled citation that you can just pop into your bibliography.

It’s also worth checking out Neil’s Toolbox which is another handy tool to help with referencing.


Digg is a great way of keeping on top of the latest news. While the internet is a fantastic resource for transferring information to be passed around with ease, there is also a whole heap of rubbish on there. Digg sifts through all the rubbish and puts all the best content right in front of you. Whether you’re looking for information on the latest technological advances or trending political issues, it can be tailored for your particular interests and keeps you abreast of the latest updates.

Whilst studying you’re likely to come across plenty of words you’ve never heard before, and are therefore likely to become great friends with a dictionary. Fortunately, students no longer have to flick through a huge tome to find that unintelligible word as they can just use this great app to decipher it for them. What’s more, the app also functions as a thesaurus so there’s no need to be reusing the same word over and over in your next essay.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a great little service that can be used in multiple ways. If your teacher opts to use it they can upload their lessons, curriculum resources and materials on there. However, should that not be the case, you can still access a huge range of educational content for free. Institutions such as Oxford, Stanford and Yale have put up entire courses on there, all of which you can use to aid your own studies.


Being organised is essential when you’re a student – if you have a tendency to forget crucial deadlines then this is the app for you. You can input all your deadlines and it will then send you reminders, and if you schedule all your classes in it’ll automatically silence your phone for you during lessons. There is also a feature to save notes and photos, though it is recommended you use Evernote to do that.

Voucher Codes

Finally, this is not quite an app that will ease the learning process, but it is one that all students should be aware of. Voucher Codes collates all the discounts and exclusive deals from high street retailers. It’s always worth checking this app before you head out for dinner, and you can often find a bargain at many popular shops, such as 50% off at John Lewis and 40% off at The Body Shop when you shop online.

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