Double Tell-a-Friend Plus £1,000 Travel Competition


For the next two weeks we have a Double Cashback Bonus on Tell-a-Friend, meaning you can earn up to £15 for every friend you refer to TopCashback!

If you’ve saved a bundle on your online shopping with cashback, it’s a great time to boast to your friends. Not only will you receive up to £15 for every one you refer, you can enter our travel competition with a £1,000 prize draw.

Here’s how to receive your bonus:

  1. Tell your friend about TopCashback and how much cashback you’ve earned! When you do, make sure you use your unique Tell-a-Friend link on the Tell-a-Friend page.

  2. Your friend will need to sign-up by clicking through on your unique Tell-a-Friend Link.

  3. Once your friend has earned £10 cashback at payable status, you will receive your bonus.

Plus members will receive a £15 Tell-a-Friend bonus for each successful referral

Classic members will receive a £10 Tell-a-Friend bonus for each successful referral


Why not enter our competition too? £1,000 Prize Fund!

If you’re sharing your referral link on Twitter or Facebook, why not enter our #TopCashbacking competition at the same time?

Simply share your referral link (from the tell-a-friend page) with a picture of you on your travels to be entered in to our prize draw! You’ll be entered in to our prize draw, plus if anyone signs up and earns £10, you’ll get your Double Bonus. The prize fund is split between 3 winners (£500, £350 and £150), see our giveaway blog for more details...

Eg. “I saved money on my travels, did you? #TopCashbacking

To enter and refer your friend you must:

-          Include #TopCashbacking

-          Include a picture of you on your travels

-          Include your unique referral link

-          Tag TopCashback @Top_Cashback on Twitter, @TopCashback on Facebook


Posted on 08 Jul 2016  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Hi iam frend ihave working
  24 Jul 16 - 01:19
What else is there to say?..
  22 Jul 16 - 08:20
Brilliant way to save as you spend
  21 Jul 16 - 07:11
I strongly recommend Topcashback. It is great chance to save some mony.
  20 Jul 16 - 10:35
Just the best place to get top offers and savings plus its fun fun fun all the way.
  18 Jul 16 - 23:48
You can get some amazing offers, there is always something to help everyone.
  11 Jul 16 - 20:29

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