Cost of Dating - How could you save?

cost of dating

With Briton’s becoming more Savvy as the days go by – where does this leave our daters? Our PR team out researching what it costs to start dating and what habits our daters are in to save themselves some extra cash.
The findings we’re quite intriguing as 46% of us are happy to split the bill and use a voucher code on a date while 56% of women are happy to split the bill and 17% will even contribute to the cost but with two thirds of men still preferring to pay the full cost of a date – they must be savvy elsewhere.

With 10% of Brits saying they would be impressed with their date if they used a voucher code and 29% thinking their date was savvy – it’s hard to believe why more people don’t do it.

Five Ways to save on Dating

Find a Date

If you’ve still not got anyone to impress with your Savvy  ways why not try and find your ideal date on eHarmony or with some great rates of cashback and see how much you could save.

Save on your Meal

You can get a free trial of a Taste Card from The Gourmet Society now with cashback and save some extra pennies on that all important date.

Save on your Entertainment

Find tickets to the theatre, stand-up comedy with Ticket Master and

If you love the cinema, why not get an Unlimited Card subscription? You get unlimited movies from just £16.40pm, plus 10% discount on food & drink. TopCasback currently has £9.13 cashback available for Unlimited Cineworld Card subscriptions.

 If you’re going bowling, don’t miss out on 5.25% cashback with online purchases at tenpin.

Save on Travel

If you’re a few dates in and are going to another town or city for your date, save on travel with cashback on

Save on Looking your best

Most of the time you won’t want to buy a new outfit just for a new date, but if you find yourself needing a new outfit then make sure you get cashback too!

Posted on 03 Mar 2015  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
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