Christmas Pinterest Competition

Posted on 02 Dec 2013 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards

Here at TopCashback we are giving Pinterest a go,  

And it just so happens to be Christmas you know,

So we have created a festive board or three,

Christmas themed for all to see.

~  ~  ~

Number one is a Christmas wish list,

From the title you can get the gist,

Filled with decorations, trees and more,

Activities and gift ideas galore.

~  ~  ~

Board number two is something new,

An A-Z of Xmas just for you,

Click to the link and you will see,

A merchant cashback suggestion for thee.

~  ~  ~

Then there’s board three that is pretty cool,

Full of festive jumpers made of wool.

We have written this blog telling you our faves,

You’ll only get on our nice list if you behave.

~  ~  ~

We might add some more as we go along,

As for now we near the end of our song,

If none of these are right for you,

For bah humbugs there are other boards too.

~  ~  ~

TopCashback’s Christmas Decorations Competition - The Competition has now ended, congratulations to Chris Hunt!

Don’t miss out on our Christmas Competition and your chance to win a £100 Homebase voucher so you can deck your halls:

Win £100 Homebase voucher to help decorate your house this Christmas.

Homebase Vouchers

All you have to do is take 5 easy steps:

1)      Follow us on Pinterest.

2)      Create a Christmas Decorations board and Pin what you would like see around your house this season  (no more than 5)

Take a look at our Christmas Wishlist board for inspiration here

3)      Tag @TopCashback in each pin

4)      State why you like each decoration and where you would put it

5)      Post the URL to your Pinterest Board in our Blog comments below

You’ll then be entered into the prize draw. The winner will receive a £100 Homebase voucher so that they can deck their halls this Christmas with some new decorations.

Hurry ends 16th December midday

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Florence16 Dec 13 - 11:03Here's the link to my board
honora16 Dec 13 - 05:30I've created a board here:
magenta_pink16 Dec 13 - 05:16
magenta_pink16 Dec 13 - 05:14Merry Christmas to all @TopCashback
Fab competition! Had fun doing this board! Here's my pinterest board:
siobzilla16 Dec 13 - 05:13
sydroo16 Dec 13 - 03:22Here's my decorations board:
midge2k1316 Dec 13 - 03:07Here is my board. It was great fun looking around for lots of fab things... Very inspirational. Thank you x
Ciix16 Dec 13 - 01:55
LaSynergie16 Dec 13 - 00:07
d0nnasaur15 Dec 13 - 20:25I love a good homemade christmas!
HelenSwales15 Dec 13 - 18:25Here is the link to my Christmas decorations wish list board
xxlouxx15 Dec 13 - 18:10Here is mine
MISTYMCNOODLE15 Dec 13 - 15:21
MISTYMCNOODLE15 Dec 13 - 15:20
xxlouxx15 Dec 13 - 15:14
xxlouxx15 Dec 13 - 15:14Here is mine!
cheryl10015 Dec 13 - 14:42My board:
Robyn29715 Dec 13 - 03:08
Member11758841034914 Dec 13 - 21:24My board, Happy Christmas!
KATEDUPONT3114 Dec 13 - 13:36My christmas wishlist board
KATEDUPONT3114 Dec 13 - 13:27Here is my christmas wishlist board.Merry christmas xx
KATEDUPONT3114 Dec 13 - 13:25Here is my christmas wishlist board:))merry christmas xx
xxlouxx14 Dec 13 - 12:17My Christmas decoration board - apols if twice, didn't seem to work
xxlouxx14 Dec 13 - 12:15Here is the link to my board
olivia814313 Dec 13 - 14:50
deepdaleducky11 Dec 13 - 01:37This is the link to my board
leanneth10 Dec 13 - 23:23Wow- just joined Pinterest- it was incredibly easy!
Karenwhitt10 Dec 13 - 20:05
Phil170109 Dec 13 - 23:05My other half usually helps me with pinning on my Pinterest account as I am not great with social networks other than facebook. I feel quite proud of myself as I did the searching and repinning by myself for this competition. Just hope that I did it right.
This is my board. Christmas greetings to all.
suenatal09 Dec 13 - 12:12
little_owl09 Dec 13 - 07:43
Here is my board. Happy Christmas to you all.
jogette08 Dec 13 - 23:37Here's my choices for this years Christmas decorations - had great fun making the board!
nap9108 Dec 13 - 22:54
bhur1408 Dec 13 - 16:21
nataljap12308 Dec 13 - 14:22Here is mine.
millylitre07 Dec 13 - 22:27
Hdh7407 Dec 13 - 20:06
kimmy10107 Dec 13 - 18:35
Heres my board.
Ho ho ho ho, this going to be (hopefully)mine and my boyfriends first Christmas together in our first home.
The only thing stopping us is a kitchen floor, a living room floor and some paint to bring the house together to make it a home.
cathwarbur07 Dec 13 - 15:26My Chistmas board hoping you like it? Thanks
figment00106 Dec 13 - 21:58I finally managed to whittle it down to just 5. It was hard as i'm a big kid at Christmas.
Here's my board and wishing all of you a great Christmas.
Eleanoret06 Dec 13 - 19:55
indyjes06 Dec 13 - 15:36
kimmy10106 Dec 13 - 09:28Here's my board! This going to be hopefully mine and the boyfriends first Christmas in our new house.
michellebamber05 Dec 13 - 17:30
Member121315190462905 Dec 13 - 13:41

Here is my wishlist....Had great fun making it...Thanks!
carriecomp05 Dec 13 - 11:51
Member91242132515205 Dec 13 - 11:03

Here is my board from Emma Gallagher
shellsterooney05 Dec 13 - 07:15
05 Dec 13 - 03:39Had a bast making my board of Christmas cheer.
Well this is it all done... Look Just here.
Filled with stuff that would make my Christmas complete,
From games, to crafts and a yummy festive treat. ;-)
Welshbybirth05 Dec 13 - 00:44A link to my board
Joanna197604 Dec 13 - 22:41Merry Christmas!
spanglisher04 Dec 13 - 16:01
mbarron23103 Dec 13 - 20:14
mpsandy03 Dec 13 - 18:32This is my board
Catty21203 Dec 13 - 17:44
lisa206203 Dec 13 - 17:23Thanks for the giveaway, and here is my board
lapsapchung03 Dec 13 - 15:48Here is my board - loved doing it, I wish we could have more than five pins!
specialk8503 Dec 13 - 12:02Here is my board:
cornishpasty103 Dec 13 - 09:23Ho ho ho Merry Christmas @Topcashback

Here's my Christmas Decorations board:
polobint03 Dec 13 - 09:15Hey guys, had fun doing this board, thank you! Merry Chrimbo to one and all xxx
megone02 Dec 13 - 13:58Here is my board.: