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The Christmas countdown has begun, you may be thinking of ways to make those pennies go further. Well have no fear, TopCashback is here! 

For the next two days only you can look forward to a boost on every transaction you earn. Make a start on those Christmas wish lists and look forward to receiving an extra boost onto your cashback earnings. For every transaction you make we will give you an extra 50p up to 5 transactions.

Don’t worry, there are no nasty surprises here, we will add the 50p to your account once your cashback has tracked so all you have to do is log in and get shopping! Don’t forget to clear those cookies and cache first and get ready to watch that cashback track.


T&Cs Apply

Posted on 28 Oct 2016  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
I have the same with my ipad I tapped on it then it just circled and never showed anything bit never mind lol
  31 Oct 16 - 20:19
  Hey antheacarol,

Normally when this happens either an item or a prize draw is added to your account. This is often down to a very brief blip that quickly resolves itself.

Best wishes,
Well I did 2 transactions over £5, and of course the first issue is, only one of them had the 50p boost. Now problem number two is, not only is it an m&S e-gift card (Which I am unlikely to ever use because I never shop in m&S, so it is completely useless and as other people have said, was not mentioned in the t&Cs), but it has now placed all of my payable amount as an m&S e-gift card, so all of my cashback amounts ever made which had reached payable are now stuck as a stupid m&S e-gift card which I am never going to use!
Great, all of my current cashback gone down the drain.
  30 Oct 16 - 11:38
  Hey topbanana85,

We have amended the bonus to open up the pay-out options - so sorry that it originally tracked as m&S Only.

If you're still one bonus missing please drop our team a support ticket so they can assist with this.

Best wishes,
Why is the bonus cash back only available as an m&S gift card? No where can I see this stated/Explained.

I don't want an m&S gift card so tried to donate the money to charity. I wasn't permitted to do this as I have to withdraw at least £1.00 as an m&S gift card.

  29 Oct 16 - 21:02
  Hi pooka,

We have changed this in our system to allow members to payout through other options. So sorry for the original confusion this caused.

Best wishes,
What a fright I got when I saw 50 p extra on my account I thought my account had been hacked, thankfully I realised it must be this promotion though it would have helped if you'd referenced the correct store I purchased from ?? Never mind i'll have the 50p now I know it's legitamlty mine ??
  29 Oct 16 - 20:06
  Hey pinkcalculator,

Thanks for your suggestion. It was the first time we ran a promotion like this and appreciate your feedback regarding it.

Best wishes,
I too have made a purchase over £28, it's been tracked but no additional 50p added???
  29 Oct 16 - 20:04
  Hey whipcrack69,

I can see you do have a bonus in your account but if you are expecting more please do drop our Team a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,
Three times I have seen the hummingbird on my iPad but each time when I hit on the bird nothing happens and I ultimately watch it fly off into the distance. Don't know why it doesn't always work on the ipad but vey, very frustrating!
Made a purchase just now on Natures Best, no sign of the 50p yet.
  29 Oct 16 - 15:26
  Hey carolebrowne,

With the Hummingbird, it may be down to the calibration of your touch screen device not being quite right so this may be worth considering.

I can also see the bonus is now showing in your account.

Best wishes,
Two purchases one yesterday the 28th, the other today the 29th both well over £5.00 - neither have .50p allocated against them.

Its a Christmas ruse!
  29 Oct 16 - 14:23
  Hey Blusher,

I do believe these have been credited to your account now. However, please do submit a support ticket if you have any further queries regarding this.

Best wishes,
I did two purchases yesterday and they have both been put too pending, they are all over £5 as well I didn't get any 50p cashback as of yet, I did put in a ticket about it. Did a third purchase which i'm waiting for it to show up I hope I at least get the 50p from that one!
  29 Oct 16 - 12:34
  Hi Novasilence,

I can see these have been credited to your account now.

Best wishes,
This is really misleading. It says "Don’T worry, there are no nasty surprises here" and "you can look forward to a boost on every transaction you earn"

But in the t&C it says "Your purchase amount should be £5 or more" so that isn't "every transaction you earn" is it?
  29 Oct 16 - 12:27
  Hey lyesbkz,

Thanks for your feedback regarding this term. As a new promotion, there will always be things we learn and improve on and we will certainly bear this in mind in the future.

Best wishes,
Made 3 transactions yesterday, 2 have resulted in the 50p bonus cash back, but can only be withdrawn to m&S gift card. Don't see that mentioned anywhere?
  29 Oct 16 - 10:42
  Hey ianperry,

Sorry that these initially tracked under m&S Only. We have managed to resolve this now so you can payout through other options.

Best wishes,

I purchased an item yesterday 28th October and I didn't get the 50p

Many thanks
  29 Oct 16 - 10:21
  Hey Mrslay,

This did have a minimum tracked purchase amount of £5. However, if you felt you met this term and the offers please do submit a Support Ticket so our Team can assist.

Best wishes,
Why do I need to clear my cookies & Cache? If I don't will it not work?
  29 Oct 16 - 10:17
  Hi ukgray,

Clearing cookies and cache will assist a transaction to track and can help if you encounter issues playing the Hummingbird game.

Best wishes,
Hello, I have shopped, it has been tracked but I don't see my 50p. Is there any other condition?
  29 Oct 16 - 07:14
  Hey Dacores,

The purchase needed to have a tracked amount of £5 or more and needed to be made on the 28th or 29th November 2016. These were the main terms and conditions.

If the bonus is not showing for you and you think it should be please do drop us a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,
28th & 29th Oct.....
"For the next three days only"

Errr. Ok.
  28 Oct 16 - 18:31
  Sorry for the confusion caused. I can confirm this is for two days only. We will look at amending this as soon as we can.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Great news for all of us early Christmas shoppers !!!
  28 Oct 16 - 16:25

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