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We wanted to keep you informed of an important event which has happened very recently. On Friday 16 July 2010, we found out that one of the major tracking networks (DGM), which is used by all major UK cashback sites, had been put into administration. This is obviously a major issue for our business and potentially for our members, as it makes it very likely that a large amount of cashback commission will not be forthcoming for retailers who operated via DGM.

To explain in a little more detail, all of the retailers on cashback sites have their commissions tracked and invoiced by various different tracking networks. It is these tracking networks that then pass over the commission to us - at which point we pass all of it over to you as cashback. This particular tracking network runs many programs - so many of the merchants accessible via cashback sites would have been tracked and billed via DGM.

At Top Cashback, it is important to us to always remember our Fair Play policy and put our members first. We have therefore decided, in line with our Fair Play policy, that it is more important to look after our members than it is to maintain certain other non-essential expenditures.

We have therefore identified marketing budget which we can use in this instance, to make sure that none of our members lose out as a result of this affiliate network going into administration. In other words, where due you can expect your affected transactions to proceed through to Payable status as normal. If you were due to receive a bonus Top Cashback Top-Up on these transactions (up to 10% extra), then that should also be included as normal.

Remember, Top Cashback is here for the long-haul to provide the best possible service and cashback deals to our members. We work with many other tracking networks and we have already been working to move the affected merchants over to our other partner networks. In other words - it is business as usual!

In return, we would like to ask just one favour of you, our members (which we would see as you Playing Fair with us :) ).

We simply ask you to talk about this gesture and our site on forums and with your friends, neighbours, colleagues and, well, anyone who will listen! As mentioned, we will have less budget left for our marketing as a result of this gesture - which could put us at a disadvantage compared to our competitors... So wouldn't it be great if we felt that our members had supported us in return and made sure that we didn't lose out - both in the short term and in the months to come as we build up towards Christmas.

Thanks to all of our members for your loyalty and for continuing to recommend Top Cashback.

Best wishes
The Top Cashback Team

Edit : Top Cashback (26 Jul 10 11:50am) : Just a quick note to thank everyone for the support they have shown to us here on our blog. We are, of course, working to retrieve this commission - but as stated, whatever the end result, your cashback will be unaffected and you won't lose out. Importantly, we are also already working to put in place any possible controls necessary to help to protect against future recurrences.
Posted on 19 Jul 2010  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Awww....Bless you guys! I wrote an enquiry today asking whether you would be able to delete Faith Shoes from my account as I thought I would never be paid from it.....And you have paid it from your own account! Thank you! I am really grateful - you guys are much better than the site begining with q....Which I gave up on over a year ago now! Fab service and I can't thank you enough! :-)
  08 Nov 10 - 18:41
I've also just had £18 honoured by yourselves because of this issue, thankyou so much. I always pass on your details to people, l cannot for the life of me understand why people don't sign up, l did soon as l heard!
  20 Oct 10 - 11:43
I have recently been affected by this and my subsequent enquiry meant that my cash back was completely honoured as by their promise by TopCashback..Three cheers (and more) for such an ethical and honest site..You will be highly recommended wherever I go on the web and more...Thankyou!
  20 Oct 10 - 10:41
I am fairly new to TopCashback but may I say that this is excellent customer focus and I will be spreading the word !
  08 Oct 10 - 11:03
Thanks so much TCB. You guys are the best!
  05 Sep 10 - 07:23
Thanks so much Top Cash Back, thought that £75 was gone forever but you have come forward and honored it! I will definately be recommending you to everyone I know!
  01 Sep 10 - 22:47
Fair play to you for excellent customer service.
  01 Sep 10 - 15:56
Top cashback is great I will recommend to my friends and have done in the past but not via the recommendation link . But take nothing away from these people who are working to get us money back of things we need like insurance and even shopping so keep up the good work and hope recovery of the loss is speedy.
  29 Aug 10 - 16:53

Excellent service and a great sense of fairness. If only more companies operated like TCB. Well done! No other cashback site comes close.
  29 Aug 10 - 12:31
Great cashback site - been a member for long time and find them very personal and genuine always happy to recommend them
  13 Aug 10 - 21:41
New to TCB but your gesture is a breath of fresh air after my treatment on a previous cashback site... Have already recommended you to family and friends.

Keep up the good work!
  13 Aug 10 - 08:37
Well done to the whole team at TopCashback, this is the kind of treatment that your are simply the best at, it is at time like this I am so pleased that I choose TopCashback, what a real difference you make thankyou so much.
  03 Aug 10 - 14:37

I Just love this site!
  31 Jul 10 - 16:39
Q-co have just lost a regular user although I havent lost anything due to dgm situation what a fantastic responce from TCB well done guys
  31 Jul 10 - 16:38
Topcashback have asked us a favour in light of their dgm guarantee.

Will this post on Money Saving Expert do?
  31 Jul 10 - 10:35
I found this on Money Saving Expert. I'm not sure how complete this list is, nor am I aware wgere "sole" dgm clients, as money use more than one affiliate.

The retailers that are effected by this are:
192.Com, Aabro, Accountz, afa Systems, Ambrose Wilson,, be Broadband, Beauty Expert, Ben 10 Online, Bingo on the Box, Bluestone, Book Direct Rooms,
British Red Cross, Bump to 3, BuyMobilePhones, Car Audio Centre, Cho-Yung, Club Med, Condor Ferries, Costbiter, Decode Car Hire, Demon Internet, Dobbies, Eclipse Internet, Engage Mutual Assurance - Health Cash Plan, engage Mutual Assurance Child Trust,
Engage Mutual Assurance Easy Save, Engage Mutual Assurance Junior Easy Save, engage Mutual over 50's Life Insurance,Equifax,Equifax Free Credit Report,Fashion World,Fifty Plus,Forest Holidays, Forthill Home,Free Orange sim,Fussie,Gaming Club, Garmin,gizoo, Gray & Osbourn, Helpucover Income Protection, Helpucover Mortgage Payment Protection,
HelpuCover Pet Insurance, Home Shopping Direct,Hotter Shoes, House of Bath, itv online shop, Jacamo, JackpotCity Casino, Jacobs Digital, jd Williams, Julipa, Jurys Inn, Lakeland Leather,Lebara Mobile, Machine Mart, Mankind, Marisota, Mazuma Mobile, Merchant 4577, Microwarehouse, mo-Call, National Trust, Naturally Close, New Now, Nickshop, Orange Home & Mobile Broadband, Orange Home Broadband, Orange Mobile Broadband, Parkdean Holidays, pc World Business, pdsa, Perfect Pizza,Petplan, Petplan Equine,
Please&Thankyou, Pontins, Premier Man, Red5, ru Books, ru Craft, SeaFrance Ferries,
Siblu Holiday Parcs, Simply Be, Simply Yours, Sleeping Solutions, Snow+Rock, So Bathrooms,
Soletrader, Talkmobile ,Terrys Fabric,The Adventure Company, The Dog House,, Tracesmart, Viking Airlines, Virgin Bingo, Virgin Poker,Viva La Diva,
Vodafone, Vonage, Warner Leisure Hotels, Washbag.Com, Webfusion, Whatafind.Com,
Whats About Town, WHSmith Mobiles, Wilkinson Plus,
  31 Jul 10 - 08:55
  31 Jul 10 - 00:12
This may explain the recent relative poorer performance, longer times to track, and also higher incidences of items that fsil to track?

It would be helpful to know which merchants are most affected. For example I have four transactions with oyyy, the older ones having been pending for 4 months now, plus the two most recent have failed to track altogether. Or is this a case that the remaining affiliates are picking up the slack from dgm and hence are falling apart, or can't cope?

Can anyone say on their outstanding items which ones are being guaranteed by TCB, and which ones are subject standard confirmation/Decline rules? Info on how we can tell which items are subject to the TCB/Dgm guarantee would put a lot of minds at rest.

  30 Jul 10 - 23:31
Perhaps if you got rid of the attitude, TCB would be more willing to help you , but somehow , I think they are a bit busy at the moment .
  27 Jul 10 - 19:02
Dear TCB team..You are always fair and honest to everyone. I always recommend TCB to everyone and will continue doing it. You have my support.
  27 Jul 10 - 10:37
Your fairness to your clients is commendable. As a recent user to this site I am enjoying using the site and finding many deals relevant to mine and my families needs. Highly recommended to my family and friends and have been for the last few months, will continue to support you. Thank you
  27 Jul 10 - 09:29
I think this very good customer service from TCB and I for one will be using you more in future..... However in line with your 'fair play policy' perhaps you could also honour the £45 payments due from a&L to your many members for 8+ Months?
  26 Jul 10 - 11:37
I think you are being more than fair and I will continue to use you exclusively.
  25 Jul 10 - 11:57
This is excellent news! I always make sure I click through TCB and majority of my transactions have been successful (still a few queries taking a while). I am always telling my friends and family about TCB and how much cashback I have earned which has been a great marketing and incentive for them to join.

Keep up the good work!
  23 Jul 10 - 23:56
Having just lost £100 from Vodafone through Quidco and the dgm affair (Paying them a yearly subscription for the privilege) I now know where all my business will be linked through.
  23 Jul 10 - 13:48
Well done TCB!!! That's all because of you great work with your costumers and always being there for all of us. Very well done and congratulations!!
  23 Jul 10 - 13:47
Three thumbs up!
  22 Jul 10 - 23:38
Thank you for putting your customers first. A rare thing these days! I have recommended you to many and will continue to do so :)
  22 Jul 10 - 22:53
Thanks - glad to hear some-one is looking after our interest ( certainly not the banks !)
  22 Jul 10 - 13:31
Well played guys.
  22 Jul 10 - 11:16
Once again you have shown the wayof how to do things....Thanks!!!!
  22 Jul 10 - 01:30
I shall post this in a regular forum, thanks for all the work & Putting us frst, don't often get that, in fact I am struggling to think of one single example where anything like this has happened, legend xx
  22 Jul 10 - 00:20

I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone and everyone. You are people of the highest integrity - thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.
  21 Jul 10 - 21:59

I will be recommending the site and thanks for all the hard work and understanding of your members, as it is the members at the end of the day that do keep the business running
  21 Jul 10 - 14:29
Well done TCB I always new you were the best.
  21 Jul 10 - 14:25
Excellent as usual in all respects. Truly professional and values their customers and their faith in the organisation.
Thanks to every one in the team.
  21 Jul 10 - 11:19
Quote on moneysavingexpert website:

Richard Yendall, head of websites Cashback Kings and imutual, says: "a very tiny proportion - less than 1% - Of our Cashback Kings members will be affected by this. There has been some concern about dgm for the last few months so whenever a link was available via dgm or another affiliate network, we went with the other option.

So why on earth did Quidco continue to use dgm when they clearly must have been aware of the serious financial problems dgm were facing? Shame on you Quidco. Well done for your fairness TCB.
  21 Jul 10 - 10:42
Topcashback are the best. I will never use Quidco again as they clearly cant be trusted.
  21 Jul 10 - 10:10
I agree, the best cash back site by far. Good work TopCashBack
  21 Jul 10 - 10:06
So happy that I switched here from Quidco.

The customer support is 2nd to none !

Thanks very much for this.
  21 Jul 10 - 08:11
I posted earlier over on mse, that i'm starting to feel sorry for quidco - I am starting to wonder if they can't cover the losses - if it was sold recently, could there not be the money there to pay up?

Could this be Karma? The bully bitten?
  21 Jul 10 - 01:55
Thanks for putting the interests of your members first.
It is good to know that tc puts its customers/Members first when too many lesser companies nowadays would seek to look after themselves.
Well Done!
You have my continued support.
  21 Jul 10 - 01:09
Thank you TCB
What a refreshing attitude. Always speak highly of you.
  20 Jul 10 - 23:23
Well done TCB for really playing fair. I already tell everyone I know about TCB this will just make you sound even better
  20 Jul 10 - 21:34
Very much appreciated.......I often recommend Topcashback and will continue to do so!
  20 Jul 10 - 21:29
I have used a couple of the other well known cash back sites before finding TopCashback and am glad I did. The last cash back site I used left me with over £100 non tracked amounts and took over a year to pay verified amounts of approx £40.
Since joining TopCashback 2 months ago all transactions have been tracked, I have already received one payment and 5 more are already confirmed. Would recommend this to anyone :)
  20 Jul 10 - 20:22
I got contrect mobile in last october via TopCashback and after 9months and sending lots off msg still didnt rcv anything from them.Naver use TopCashback since then and notgona use again advice everyone to use quidco naver had any problem with quidco.
  20 Jul 10 - 19:23
I purchased car insurance through rac and it has not tracked in view of your blog how likely am I to receive the £60 cashback for taking out this insurance.I would not have taken this insurance as the quote was higher than others but the £60 made it worthwhile . Mrs d Horsley
  20 Jul 10 - 18:06
Its greats to hear that there are people out there with morals.
I will be glad to mention TCB to one and all.
  20 Jul 10 - 17:26
Excellent news, it shows how TCB really do care and look after their members when some other sites do not give a damn.Many thanks again.
  20 Jul 10 - 15:45
Thank you TCB for your commitment to us all. I haven't been a member for too long, but all my transactions have been monitored and cashback allotted to me. Before this notice about the company going into administration, I have been singing your praises to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you once again.
  20 Jul 10 - 15:03
It's so refreshing to see that there are still companies which genuinely put the customer first instead of just saying that they will. Thanks Topcashback x
  20 Jul 10 - 14:35
My enquiry still says 'pending' and status is 'waiting for TopCashback team'

I have not not not not not had one single penny of the priomised £28.

In what way is this case closed ? Last email from you was 26/4/10 and it just said that the claim had been passed to the vendor again...

Will someone please stop sending me 'nothing' emails and actually help me instead ?
  20 Jul 10 - 14:02
Hopefully the word will spread that you are going to honour things, so maybe it will embarase the competitors into doing similar. That might level the playing field a bit too for your depleted marketing budget.

Keep up the good work.
  20 Jul 10 - 13:05
Thanks - I already sing your praises to all my friends anyway and will continue to do so. Never bothered with any of the other cashback sites!
  20 Jul 10 - 12:02
This is a nice gesture, but personally I would prefer it if TCB made more resources available for chasing up outstanding cashback claims. For example, I have 2 claims that I have been waiting for 2 years to be paid out (rac Breakdown and Kwik Fit insurance), one claim I have been waiting 15 months for (Shirt City) and one claim I have been waiting 7 months for (thetoyshop.Com). I doubt if I will ever be paid now and it has soured my view of TCB somewhat. I do promote TCB to people but with the proviso that you may not get the cashback you were expecting!
  20 Jul 10 - 11:56
The issue isn't really with the cashback sites, it is the, in my opinion, greed of the tracking company thats been put into receivership, too often and too easily companies can be run by dodgy people, who run up the debts, spirit away the money, and leave the poor saps (us) out of pocket, happened to my wife with the hamper company a few years ago. I for one will be bringing the matter to the attention of the mainstream media and my mp to get the directors of the tracking company scrutinised.
  20 Jul 10 - 11:40

Thank you very much. From the forums, I see that I would have been down over £40 from this. And @Kbeber, no, other cashback sites have stated their terms and conditions as a reason it won't be paid. I think this is very commendable for a free site to offer this. I too have the odd outstanding claim, but that's just part and parcel of cashback sites. This is an exception and one whick I for one am glad i've stuck with TopCashBack

Thankyou to all the TopCashBack team.
  20 Jul 10 - 11:39
Not all of the tracking faults should be blamed on TCB in my opinion.
Sometimes the retailers advertise there great deals and likely "forget" that they made them - leaving TCB with the wrath of the consumer.

The businesses that comply with the offers to TCB may not have the facilities in place to reward us as TCB customers in the end - in which case - this could be addressed for future deals before the offers are set up.

As consumers of TCB, the offers come through TCB and therefore tbc do have some responsibility, but lets face it - we have fee free membership and are given free money - unlike some other websites.

Im sure that TCB are working hard in the background to help us behind the scenes as im guessing running this site is not an easy task.

Thanks TCB :)
  20 Jul 10 - 11:38
Sounds good but aren't all the other cashback sites doing the exact same thing ?

Be honest - if TCB don't fall into line and do 'the right thing' it'll be a lot more costly to them in the long run .

I for one would not use them again .

Similar to the multi-post above - I have an issue with at the moment claiming they've paid out my money to another search engine/Cashback site .... No proper explanation ... And TCB are seemingly ready to just buy what they're saying and let me miss out without any sort of fight ...
Which is why this statement infuriates me :
"At Top Cashback, it is important to us to always remember our Fair Play policy and put our members first. We have therefore decided, in line with our Fair Play policy, that it is more important to look after our members than it is to maintain certain other non-essential expenditures. "

I'm waiting to see whether they're as good as their word or not.

If not , i'm ready to bombard every forum around to highlight this fraud !!!
  20 Jul 10 - 11:27
The multiple comments from hannahbannah are not fair in my experience. Sometimes it has take a very long time for payments to come through (mine for house insurance through morethan took 9 months, but it did come through. I also find that TCB do answer queries, usually quite promply and always politely, even when I have been less than even tempered (mea culpa). So far I have eventually got everything back - and after all its free money really - i'm agout £250 better off than I would otherwise have been. I just hope that whatever the cost of having to stand this loss is doesn't push TCB under too ....
  20 Jul 10 - 11:22
So rare these days to find someone who looks after their members above their own "profits".

  20 Jul 10 - 11:18
Thanks for the gesture - customers are the reason for being in business and it's nice to see that remembered.
  20 Jul 10 - 11:16
Again TCB show that they are fair and ethical in their policies. When 2 casino/Bingo sites failed to pay up, they gave me 50% From their own budget. I am sticking with you lot!
  20 Jul 10 - 10:55
Well done TCB, i'm glad i've always remained loyal to yourselves.
  20 Jul 10 - 10:07
Recommend TCB as the cashback site to join to my friends! Will continue to do so and can now add that they are a reputable company with a good honest reputation!
  20 Jul 10 - 09:47
Top cashback are not so good.

I am still waiting since January for a £28 cashback from buying my car insurance via this site.

Top cash back simply ignore my emails.

Very poor.

  20 Jul 10 - 09:44
  [Ed: Top Cashback. Hi hannahbannah, We have removed the duplicate entries to this comment - not sure why it was posted about 18 times? We are sorry your claim hasn't progressed, however we have answered your enquiry and also the questions you posted directly onto the claim - within the same day in both cases. Perhaps you haven't noticed our replies? Sometimes you need to scroll down to see our full reply. I hope that helps. Top Cashback support
Hey, it`S free money, so even if we did lose a few pounds it`S wouldn`T be th end of the world. I have bee with other cash back sites but none come up to the standard of TCB. However it is great news from TCB
  20 Jul 10 - 09:43
This is great news which I would only expect from the best cashback company, it has to be said that even the closest competition Quidco dont even come anywhere near the customer service you get from Topcashback.
  20 Jul 10 - 09:40
'Ditto' all the other comments, but just wanted to add my thanks too.
  20 Jul 10 - 09:36
Thanks for being upfront and honest as usual, and looking out for your members as always.

Will tell everyone!!

I always recommend you to everybody, sounds like everyone else does as well, so if we all get together you should be fine
  20 Jul 10 - 09:20
I am always recommending TopCashback to other people, especially when they ask about a different cashback site (always suggest they join here instead!)

Good to see that a company is putting its members before its wallet

Thanks for making it so easy for me to show people how great you are! This just supports the point I am always making about TopCashback being the best cashback site to use
  20 Jul 10 - 09:13
Honesty, integrity?? I had forgotten what they were!! :-) How wonderful to find a company that still has sensible values! Thank you!! (Any jobs going?? :-) )
  20 Jul 10 - 09:03
I will be sure to spread the word and get everyone I know to sign up!!

Top site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20 Jul 10 - 08:55
We buyers have to completely trust cashback sites or we will not use them. You made the right decision, and you will keep our trust and our business. Some other sites will not! More about the failure of dgm and which retailers are affected here
  20 Jul 10 - 08:41
Ok Ive tweeted and shared on facebook since this is a great gesture!!
  20 Jul 10 - 08:33
I will continue to recommend you by word of mouth whenever I can. I have always got my cashback eventually. I know it can take a long time sometimes but, at the end of the day, it is a bonus & Should not be relied on. A great added bonus nonetheless. Keep up the good work.
  20 Jul 10 - 06:16
This restores my faith in business. I knew this would be the best cashback site - today and going forward. I used to spread myself thin with various cashback sites. Now, I don't use any others. It's TopCashback all the way.
  20 Jul 10 - 06:15
Weldone TopCashback but some of my transactions are over 2 months and still not payable.
  20 Jul 10 - 06:03
Mighty white of you, as Clint Eastwood said, in Dirty Harry. It is appreciated.
  20 Jul 10 - 05:48
Wom is the way to go!

No point in annoying your customers and then spending the money you could have used to calm them on marketing anyway.

Well done for being more than fair, i'll continue to spread the word as much as I can :)
  20 Jul 10 - 03:10
Compared to how other firms or sites run any kind of business, you are truly putting your customers first. Thank you for the gesture we all appreciate it!

This is a prime example of great customer service.
  20 Jul 10 - 03:05
I appreciate what you're doing about this, and will continue to use you for my online purchases. Thanks for keeping your customers in the picture.
  20 Jul 10 - 02:00
I've already received a 'nice' amount from TCB, and also have a 'fair' amount currently tracking. So you can rest assured that I will continue to sing your praises at every opportunity, but perhaps with a little more oomph to help you through these difficult times ;0)

Keep up the good work, and I hope we are both still supporting each other in 10 years time!
  20 Jul 10 - 00:49
Thank you for this fine gesture, being new to TopCashback it makes me feel that I am with the right site, so you have my thanks
  20 Jul 10 - 00:24
Thank you! Hope others follow your lead.
  19 Jul 10 - 23:41
I Have always sang your praises about the amazing service you offer.This gesture confirms that you are a fantastic team.I will try even harder to inform friends and collegues about the top class service you provide
  19 Jul 10 - 23:13
Tcb team I didn't know people/Businesses like you still existed - I feel a renewed faith.

Thank you so much.
  19 Jul 10 - 23:07
I signed up ages ago for a few cashback sites. I never go near the others now. TopCashBack is always reliable and pays out quickly. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
  19 Jul 10 - 23:05
Thaks TCB for doing the right thing.
Well done and thanks for providing a great service.
  19 Jul 10 - 22:53
Its already on my faceebook!
  19 Jul 10 - 22:46
Just read your email regarding this. Very pleased to see you trying to be as fair as possible.

Completely unrelated, i've just requested my first payment after 2.5 years. Hopefully the interest has been useful to you.
  19 Jul 10 - 22:41
That's what I call good customer service. Keep it up!!!
  19 Jul 10 - 22:30
Great, keep up the hard work saving us all the money.
  19 Jul 10 - 22:27
Well done guys,
  19 Jul 10 - 22:25
To think I even dared to consider using Quidco not only satisfied to take £5 charges each year they are now prepared to rob as well. Well done TCB
  19 Jul 10 - 22:09
Great gesture which makes me really confident about using the site . I am happy to carry on promoting TopCashback to all my friends and family. Well done.
May be worth getting credit ratings on the other tracking companies you use?
  19 Jul 10 - 22:06
Is not to pay the lost commission to their members, as per their terms and conditions.Topcashback rocks!!
  19 Jul 10 - 22:05
I was originally with Greay Palm until I found out they greased their own palms with half the money. Then I was with Quidco, until their excuses for not paying out on many occasions seemed very dubious and I suspected they were keeping some of my money. Then I found TopCashback, who I sometimes think must be paying me out of their own money they are so efficient at getting money back. This latest gesture proves my decision to stick with this site for all my major purchases was the right one. Well done Topcashback.
  19 Jul 10 - 22:01
You deserve all the paise you are getting, well done TCB.
  19 Jul 10 - 21:28
Over on mse people started saying how TCB hadn't even said anything.

I did say there was a far better chance that TCB would look after it's users:

Thank you (even if i'm not affected)!
  19 Jul 10 - 21:27
Thanks for all you help. You are the best
  19 Jul 10 - 21:18
You have done the honourable thing,and deserve praise,however I will save the other two cheers for when I receive my Orange cash back( Dec 2009}
  19 Jul 10 - 21:16
In a word...........Amazing
  19 Jul 10 - 21:14
I'm not even due any cashback at the moment, but i'd still like to say well done and I will continue to spread the word.
  19 Jul 10 - 21:05
It goes to show that there are still some really great internet companies out there. Well done to all the team at TCB I certainly mention this site to all my friends.

Unlike a certain travel company who went bust on friday night taking my sister n laws money when she booked at 4.30pm on the same day just 7 1/2 hours before they went bust!

I am sticking with TCB well done
Best regards
  19 Jul 10 - 21:03
Thanks TopCashback, you definitely deserve praise for this!
  19 Jul 10 - 20:53
Just for once isn't it nice for someone to do the honourable thing and not try and wriggle out of it. Well done TCB!
  19 Jul 10 - 20:52
Thanks TCB - a good move which is in the interests of all members. We should therefore get behind you and support the TCB brand.

A thought however - what impact will this have on the future of the affiliate networks?
  19 Jul 10 - 20:40
Allow me to add my voice to all those above praising this forward-thinking move on your part! I will definitely ensure that I make redouble my efforts to make people aware of this wonderful site!
  19 Jul 10 - 20:39
Well done Top Cashback!

Although I am not affected by this you will win a lot of praise for this.

  19 Jul 10 - 20:34
Well done TCB look forward to getting pending moved to payable on Buy Mobile Phones.
Have also posted good news on paid to shop site.
  19 Jul 10 - 20:27
Honesty in business, particularly in dealings over the internet, are always suspect nowadays. have proven that old values still exist. Thank you and congratulations on making this gesture. I will certainly continue to recommend your site to friends and family.
  19 Jul 10 - 20:18
Top marks TCB keep up the good work.
  19 Jul 10 - 20:13
Hello-Is this why simply business refuse to pay the promised cash back?I have waited nearly 7 months for this company to pay the promised £25 only to be told by TCB recently that they have decided not to pay.I have asked TCB for an explanation but so far they refuse to reply.
  19 Jul 10 - 20:02
It would of been completely understandable for you not to pay out cashback from dgm sales so us members have alot to thank you for! The main reason I only use TopCashback is for the great staff and helpful responses, and offers. And of course by far the highest cashback amount on the net! I hope you will be here forever
  19 Jul 10 - 19:52
May get quite a few joining

I have been using this site for a while, with anything I needed to buy, lots of money back all paid, it's marked up front what cash back you will get and you always get 100% Of that. Just thought I would pass on the info. No catch nothing in it for me except to know that times as hard as they are City fans can really get "money for nothing" (and the chicks are free)
  19 Jul 10 - 19:45
Yep - no need to state the obvious. Thanks to Topcashback.
  19 Jul 10 - 19:45
Although I don't have many (if any?) Users signed up via my link - I do tend to sign Topcashback's praises quite frequently on forums and other sites that I frequent and am more than happy to continue so - and will mention this gesture in future posts :)

I still can't quite believe that I wasted so much time on other sites, collecting points and the like, and I still kick myself over that - but I have definitely benefited from signing up to Topcashback, and am more than happy to keep providing the link to the site to other people.
  19 Jul 10 - 19:38
Congratulations TopCashback on adopting this policy on outstanding dgm cashback. Your competitors have done the opposite and will not be honouring any outstanding cashback regarding dgm transactions. I for one will only be using Topcashback in future. Your competitors now have a pr disaster on their hands!

Topcashback deserve all the extra trade they will undoubtedly gain from the demise of dgm.

Thank you once again Topcashback.
  19 Jul 10 - 19:33

Excellent service and brill to hear your doing this.. Good luck with the future as usual I will continue reccomending you to anyone that listens and keep posting your link where ever I go...
  19 Jul 10 - 19:25
Do we know which retailers this covered andthe situation with missing cashback claims?
  19 Jul 10 - 19:18
Thanks for this fantastic gesture and don't worry it is good marketing as I am sure you have realised (probably why you published this!) - Probably better than spending a few thousand pound on adverts as people will pass the news around! I have always found you are the best cashback site and care the most about the customer as well!
  19 Jul 10 - 19:17
Well done TCB this is very much appreciated!!
  19 Jul 10 - 19:13
You guys are the best, this is great customer service.
I will be telling everyone I know.
  19 Jul 10 - 19:10
Impressed with your response to this issue. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends
  19 Jul 10 - 19:09
Well done TopCashBack!!!! Mwah lol
  19 Jul 10 - 19:06
Thanks for playing fair with your customers TCB. Will definitely recommend your site to others.
  19 Jul 10 - 19:06

Nice one TCB. That's why you are the best - and we appreciate it.
  19 Jul 10 - 19:03
Top gesture from Top Cash Back.
  19 Jul 10 - 18:58
Tcb is a very good site, but I am not sure that they are any better than any of the other sites.
They may claim to have this Fair Play policy but I have never actually seen any evidence of it.
I have got a ridiculous amount of unpaid cashback transactions and they don't appear to do anything about them at all and they certainly don't tell me what is going on with them.
  19 Jul 10 - 18:53
Have left loads of comments on q***Cos Facebook , plus a few links . Well done TCB.
  19 Jul 10 - 18:46
It would've been so easy to say that the cashback would not be forthcoming now due to the situation. However you are to be applauded as being true good guys. Will continue to recommend the site :)
  19 Jul 10 - 18:46
Very fair play by TCB. I will remember it in the future. Thanks
  19 Jul 10 - 18:40
Nice one
  19 Jul 10 - 18:40
Great decision and prompt. Well done
  19 Jul 10 - 18:32
Thank you guys. People 1st, profits second. Who nowadays can truly say that!?
  19 Jul 10 - 18:32
I have just posted you anouncement on to my status on facebook, this is certainly the best cash back site to use, keep up the good work
  19 Jul 10 - 18:32
That is an excellent gesture you have made. Very impressed. I hav repaid your gesture by mentioning on my Facebook profile about yourselves!
  19 Jul 10 - 18:30
Thank You TopCashback.

You're no.1
  19 Jul 10 - 18:21
Spare a thought for the staff, especially Andy Guest who only joined dgm eight weeks ago.
  19 Jul 10 - 18:13
I think my header about says it all, I was never really one to click on sponsored adverts but I know you get your money that way and from now on I will click on a few a day every day just to show my appreciation.
What can I say apart from you are the very very best
  19 Jul 10 - 18:13
Wondered why some things had started tracking in grey font. But thumbs up for covering the costs.
  19 Jul 10 - 18:13
I tell everyone about this site. I really commend you for thinking of us as your customers insted of profit.

  19 Jul 10 - 18:07
  19 Jul 10 - 18:05
Much better than what's happened with another cashback comapany (who's name includes another name for pound...)
  19 Jul 10 - 18:05
Thanks TopCashback I for one couldn't afford to loose this so to say you are a life saver is more accurate! Top marks TopCashback!! :-D
  19 Jul 10 - 18:04
I think this is a nice gesture on TopCashbacks part. Especially in the days where customer service is not prime focus. Each time i've had a problem with tracking i've received a prompt response and good customer service.

Keep up the good work and I shall continue telling my friends and family about your website and it's amazing offers.
  19 Jul 10 - 18:01
Thanks TCB. This again highlights why you are one of the best uk cashback sites.
Many thanks, it really is appreciated your support with issues such as these.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:56
Moved over here from Qu**Co and was beginning to wonder if i'd done the right thing after I seem to have so many queries outstanding....... This makes me realise I have done the right thing
  19 Jul 10 - 17:54
Thank you TCB, your fairness and commitment to putting your members first is second to none. I knew it was good to move from Quidco to TCB:) I agree with imavroukakas that I would happily forego the top up.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:52
Could you let me know if Hotels uk and Best Western are tracked by the compay, dgm, that has gone bust. Reason for question is that I can cancel my bookings without charge and rebook using Top Cashback if a better platform is in place, thus not costing Top Cashback anything.

I very much appreciate your honesty and integrity in your offer.

Long may you last
  19 Jul 10 - 17:49
That's very cool of you guys but I believe we should give something back , so how about asking all members if its ok with them to forego the topup? I know I would.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:48
Very refreshing news indeed you get what it says on the tin TopCashback tops indeed.
Would love to know what etailors were affected by this company going under but fair play to TCB looking after there members first, everything I buy I buy through here and that will never change well dont TCB top marks from me.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:47
Thanks for honouring cashback. I am due a payment at the end of july and I am reassured that you are still paying. Many thanks
  19 Jul 10 - 17:47
I think that is a kind and welcoming thing of Top Cash Back to do, and I for one will advertise (and currently do on my site) and tell my friends and family (Although most already use it). I always knew TCB was the best Cashback site especially when it dropped its annual fee, and now you've doubly proved it - thanks!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:46
To be honest I bug my family and friends loads about how good you guys are so this gesture does not come as a surprise thanks guys. You are always my first stop when buying anything and will continue to be!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:46
You are undouteably the very best!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:46
I have been with other cashback sites in the past and have been disappointed in my dealings with them.
I have to say I find that your customer service is second to none and this reiterates that you are the no 1 Cashback site.I will continue to spread the word on how great you are.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:43
Continue to give this standard of service , and I Will continue to spread the word
About the No1 cash back site.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:41
Thank you for making this decision and looking after us all! I am always singing youir praises to friends and family and can't understand why anyone would miss out on the oppiortunity to make cash back on transactions through your site.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:40
Could Topcashback please clarify whether this includes the many customers of Orange who ordered in dec 09 when the cash back was £150 and who are still waiting for a resolution to their claims?
  19 Jul 10 - 17:40
Effective use of marketing budget .... A neat move by your marketing dept there :-) .... Very on the ball ! Not dissing this but I have to say this obviously has been done for business reasons ie marketing, not simply because you are soft hearted lol, well done but calm down people it's only a marketing ploy !
  19 Jul 10 - 17:40
Good work TCB.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:39
It's good to know TCB is on the ball in this digital age and is re-routing to ensure what is an excellent service keeps going in the future.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:37
Well done and thankyou for being so upfront and generous. I will be sure to pass this on to all my friends
  19 Jul 10 - 17:37
Hopefully when people withdraw they'll start giving a bit more of it back to yourselves!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:37
How refreshing to see a business actually playing fair rather than just signing up to a some standard or other as a marketing gimmick but not adhering to it or being forced into adhering to it when called upon to do so.
I for one sincerely hope that you reap the benefit of increased customer loyalty and more customers gained by word of mouth.
I will certainly do my best to let others know what you are doing.
Good on you.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:33
I have found TopCashback gives excellent customer service and follows up everything in the interests of it's customers this is a further example. I will continue to recommend the site.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:33
I'll make sure to pass on some good word of mouth as a result of this gesture :)
  19 Jul 10 - 17:32
It's a much appreciated gesture. It proves TCB are committed to their members in every way. I'm off to start spreading the word about this right now!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:30
Excellent stuff. Compare and contrast this to the actions of other paid-for sites.

Great response yet again from TCB. I'm not affected but for a few quid... I recall a similar gesture with a fly-by-night casino..... Tcb came good at their expense.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:29
Well done TCB. Unfortunately i'd gone through Quidco for one of the affected merchants - big mistake!!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:29
Much appreciated, TCB - off to post on a forum now.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:28
I often rave about saving money on TCB to my family/Friends, this announcement will be no exception! Thank you for putting us first TCB!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:27
Yet again TCB shows why it's the best cashback site. Great work, guys!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:27
Well done guys were with the number1 cashback site for a goood reason! We'll spread the word.
  19 Jul 10 - 17:27
Well done chaps! Thanks for this - it's reassuring to know that you're good guys :)
  19 Jul 10 - 17:26
  19 Jul 10 - 17:24
Thank you TopCashBack for ensuring we don't lose out, i'm always singing your praises to anyone who will listen, and this will only make you sound even better!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:23
This is very much appreciated, and underlines yet again why TCB are the best. Many, many thanks for this very generous gesture, and I for one will be more than happy to sing your praises (even more than usual) to other potential users. Well done TCB!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:23
In these days of cut backs and dodgy sites wanting to make a fast buck, it is refreshing that TopCashback has decided upon this course of action to ensure its customers do not suffer. A fine gesture, and one which keeps my faith in TopCashback as the TopCashback site out there. Keep up the good work!
  19 Jul 10 - 17:22

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