Cashback Boost Top Up Bonus 2016

Posted on 25 Aug 2016 Posted in  Deals & Competitions


Need a little boost this week? Start you bank holiday with a BANGand make sure you take full advantage of earning even more cashback. That’s right we’re giving you the opportunity to save whilst you spend so whether it’s back to school goodies to get the kids excited or home décor and utilities we have a treasure chest full of retailers for you to choose.

Dare we mention Christmas? Well why not! It’s the last bank holiday now until the winter break so make an early bird head start and feel the relief around the festive period. If Christmas is but a distant memory for you then splurge and spend on yourself and loved ones as there’s some great savings to be had in the summer sales.


If you're thinking about swapping your wardrobe out, then you're in luck! It’s time to dust off the autumnal and winter fashions and pop the summer dresses away in exchange for warm knits and knee high boots. Have a blow out this bank holiday, go on treat yourself!


In the same way we reward our TopCashback Plus members by giving them an extra 5% on all of their cashback earned, we’re giving ALL of our members an extra 5% on top of the existing top-up! (Promotion starts Friday 00:01 26/08/2016 until 23:59 01/09/2016).


If you’re a bit rusty on your percentages, don’t worry; we’ve already added these to the cashback rates on the site! So, if you check the merchant page before making your transaction, you can easily find the right rate.


Here’s an example of how it works:

Let’s say you’re spending £500 on eBay;

eBay’s regular rate is 1%, so they pay us £5 for your purchase.
Our standard members get a 1% topup on top of this rate, making our cashback rate 1.01%
Explanation: This is 1% of the 1% rate, not a second 1% of the purchase price. So, 1% of 1 is 0.01, then we add those together to get 1.01.

Our Plus members get a 5% topup, making our cashback rate 1.05%
Explanation: Just like before, this is 5% of the 1% rate, not another 5% of the purchase price. 5% of 1 is 0.05, which makes 1.05 in total.
With the new 5% BOOST, this is an extra 5% on top of the original cashback rate.
For eBay, this means you get the following:
Standard: 1% rate (1) + 1% of rate topup (0.01) + 5% of rate BOOST (0.05) = 1.06%
Plus: 1% rate (1) + 5% of rate topup (0.05) + 5% of rate BOOST (0.05) = 1.1%



Cashback example 

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Craigb66629 Nov 16 - 21:25Hi I have recently made a purchase and on the pending earnings it says top up amount £30 can you explain what it means please
groovytoast31 Aug 16 - 19:25Iv been with Top Cashback for years now and only just joined Plus Member, Wish Id of joined sooner as Iv made a total of £1,405.97 so far.... I'm booking a holiday worth over £3000 I make that around £300 cashback, Iv not got a bad word to say about TopCashback, its so simple to use and its all explained in plain text. Its not difficult to understand so to have a bad word about them is not kind. These people probably work so hard to bring us amazing benefits so i'm thankful for that and will enjoy many more years getting more for my money :) xx
adlowe2331 Aug 16 - 11:26I work in advertising. This is misleading. If you have to break it down this much, then obviously you shouldn't be using that line.

I get that it's probably 'correct' in the way you mentioned it, but you need to think of a different way of communicating it.
rbwilliams30 Aug 16 - 22:58Dear Matt
I feel very sorry for you, but don't worry you are doing a great job. Not sure i'd be able to hide my disdain. Makes you wonder though... Plus membership is based on exactly the same concept, so if people don't understand it, then why do they pay it?
Hey Member432238823542,

Thanks for your kind comments. Plus Membership has had a lot of thought put in to it and we've trialled the system in different ways. Some members suggested we ask members as soon as they join which account to be on. We tried this and found members were missing out on a huge amount of the extra funds they could be earning through Plus Membership.
Plus Membership is there for members to profit from. We want members on it who will benefit from it and for members who won’T, we will equally treasure them as Classic Members. We truly believe giving members 30 days to decide is the best way for them to get a flavour of what it is. We will certainly take on board all member suggestions when it comes down to how to make this trial clearer.

Best wishes,
future300030 Aug 16 - 19:00Is not 5% As it never tracks so you get zero , tesco direct tracking is shocking only about 1 in 3 orders with them tracks
MarcusMusique7230 Aug 16 - 04:32Typical of Top Cashback. Since when has 0.5% Been 5%? I do not think tc realise that 5 percent is 5 whole units out of 100, not a 0.5 as a decimal, meaning not a whole unit. They need to go back to school and stop being either idiots or out to try and dupe their customers. I suspect a bit of both here.
Hi MarcusMusique72,

We do indeed understand percentages and members are getting, as you say 5 units out of 100 for the amount we receive for your purchase. However, we wanted to make clear that this wouldn’T mean all rates would be above 5%.
Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
spuggie129 Aug 16 - 20:28No it says 5% Bonus on everything, this is misleading advertising, it should be clearer. The number of confused comments shows it is misleading.
Hi spuggie1,

We have run these bonuses a lot in the past and each time we take something from it. We wanted to break down exactly what we mean by a 5% Increase of the cashback amount to reduce confusion. Going forward we will of course bear all of these comments on board as all we strive for is to make everything as clear as possible to understand.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
puddings29 Aug 16 - 13:48Very simple. It is 5% Extra of the cashback amount you are being paid, not 5% Extra of the amount you are spending in store.

Example, spend £100 at Viking, (normal rate is 10%) So thats £10, then the bonus is 5% Of the £10, which is 50p.

The same procedure also applies to the top ups paid throughout the year. 5% For premium members would be an extra 50p, or 1% For standard members would be 10p.
Sojah29 Aug 16 - 12:00I recently booked my holiday through cashback with Tui. I thought I was getting 3.5% Cashback on my booking but it seems I only received 1.5% Can you explain.
Hi Sojahm,

If you could submit a support ticket abou8t this via the Customer Care section of your account our team will be happy to help you and investigate this ?
Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Fd252629 Aug 16 - 11:43It seems its 0.5% Not 5%
Hey Fd2526,

This is certainly a 5% Increase of the cashback amount we receive for your purchase. However, we wanted to make clear that this doesn’T mean the actual cashback rates would all be above 5%.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
aiqbal400029 Aug 16 - 06:16Surely that is 0.5% Rather than a 5% Boost
Hey aiqbal4000,

It’S 5% Of the cashback amount we receive and not a 5% Increase of the actual rate and this is what we wanted to make clear ?

Best wishes,
spuggie129 Aug 16 - 00:19Very misleading indeed, probably worth reporting this to Advertising Standards Authority, I think I will actually
Hi spuggie1,

I’M sorry you feel like that, we wanted to clarify the rates in this blog - something members have fed back to us in the past. When we have run these bonuses in the past we have learned a lot from them and we will continue doing that. We just wanted to clarify to our members that this is the top up amount and not the actual percentage.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Matthew_Farrow28 Aug 16 - 10:02It's quite simple - we're being offered a 5% Boost on the cashback we'd normally get. The banner's quite right, it just needs reading carefully!
biggaymatt27 Aug 16 - 21:555% Of 10 is 0.5

I can assure you we do learn and understand maths but wanted to make clear to our members that this was 5% On top of the commission we receive which doesn’T mean rates will have an extra 5% On top.

Thanks for your feedback and we’Ll be sure to take it on board.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Daisy10727 Aug 16 - 18:195% Extra ? Please explain about the 5% Cash back extra is it 5% Or 0.5%?

Hey Daisy107,

I can confirm this is 5% Of the commission we’Re paid which does not mean a 5% Increase of the actual cashback rate and this is what we wanted to explain on this blog.

All members get 100% Of the commission we receive and we normally provide an extra 1% On top of this for Classic Members and an extra 5% On top for Plus Members. For the bonus weekend we added an extra 5% Top up , meaning a total of 106% Of the commission we’Re paid for Classic Members (100% + 1% + 5%) And 110% Of the commission for our Plus Members (100% + 5% + 5%)

I do hope this clarifies everything.

Best wishes,
Nathan2327 Aug 16 - 15:47So from the graphs this is 0.5% Not 5% As in the banner
Also the text states all members get 5% But the graph states classic members get 0.1%?
Hey Member836279883816,

The increase is a 5% Increase on the top up amount – The amount we add on top of the commission we receive. When we have done these bonuses in the past some people provided feedback on how we explain this so we did try something different as you can see above.

All members’ Get 100% Commission we’Re paid. On top of this, on a day to day basis we award 1% On top for classic members - making it 101% Of the commission we’Re paid and 5% On top for Plus Members – Making it 105% Of the commission we receive. On top of both of these rates we had a 5% Bonus weekend which meant a total of 106% Commission paid to Classic Members and 110% Commission paid to Plus Members.
I do hope this clarifies everything for you.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support