Brits making unhealthy lifestyle choices to save money

Brits making unhealthy lifestyle choices to save m

‘Hitting the gym’ and ‘eating healthier’ are on most Brits’ to-do lists, as part of the eternal quest to become healthier. However, those still sitting at home on the couch, eating ‘TV dinners’ may not be there merely for lack of will power or drive. Research published today by reveals that a concerning number of Brits are making unhealthy lifestyle choices to save money. Around half of Brits choose to buy unhealthy foods over healthy options because they’re cheaper, around a third have avoided attending eye appointments to save money and 45 per cent of non-gym members don’t go to the gym due to the price of memberships. Other key findings revealed that:

•             More than a third of Brits have not attended a dental appointment to avoid the cost

•             18 per cent have not taken a medical prescription to avoid the costs

•             92 per cent of Brits who chose to buy unhealthy foods to save money stated they would buy more fruit and vegetables if they were cheaper

•             Women are more likely than men to make unhealthy lifestyle choices to save money

The full set of statistics is displayed in the Brits and Healthy Living Costs…in numbers infographic below:

Posted on 13 Aug 2014  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Some supermarkets have been giving special offers on fresh produce this summer and that should be an incentive to buy good food. I know fitness is important and as I find gym too expensive I do a lot of walking and make it brisk too - that costs nothing but time and commitment
I find tv is a very unsociable atmosphere for any relationships so maybe instead of sitting and eating around the tv - swithch off and sit at the table as a family - its our choice as to what is most precious to us and what we dont want to lose.
  15 Aug 14 - 22:08

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