Bank Holiday Weekend Extra Bonus

5% bonus

With the extra day off work this weekend, we thought we’d give all our members an EXTRA BONUS! That’s right, shop with us over the bank holiday weekend and we’ll give you an extra 5% top up bonus!

That means if you’re purchasing Sky, our cashback rate will go from the already great £141.75 Cashback to £148.50!

If you’re not a member yet, sign up and take advantage of this extra bonus before it runs out! If you’re not sure where to start, add our notifier extension to your browser and we’ll tell you where you can earn cashback as you’re shopping around!

Posted on 01 May 2015  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions, Cashback Diary
Is it an extra 5% On all purchases with any merchant or just with Sky, ee and Aviva?
  02 May 15 - 12:22

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