5 Ways to Use A Bin Liner This Halloween

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We’re all about tricks and treats this Halloween at TopCashback and boy do we have a few tricks up our sleeves for you! The content below contains top secrets to a chillingly cheap and cheerful Halloween party and here’s the trick – you only need one practical item!

The best things come in 5’s (Spice Girls, Five Fingers, Pentagon, Channel 5 and well you get the gist) so get ready to be wowed into next week with our top 5 Halloween tricks using wait for it … A BIN LINER!


First Idea: Halloween Games

Number Of Bin liners required: depend on the number of games you intent to play – 1+

A great place to store trick or treat Halloween presents or even to host a gruesome game, make sure you invest in this low cost item, sure to provide hours of entertainment! Choose to fill your bin liner with water and fruit for a good game of apple bobbing or create the ultimate feel bag and choose to fill with jelly spiders or something more sinister such as Victoria sponge fingers! Argh!


Second Idea: Fancy Dress

Number Of Bin liners required: dependant of the number of people and outfit changes required - 1+

For this the options are endless. There’s no need to splash out of the latest bank breaking Halloween fashions. Simply create the perfect outfit via the use of black bin liners and your imagination of course. We found out that bin liners make the best ghost, cape, skeleton, witch outfits and you get the gist!


Third Idea: The Simple Table Cloth Trick

Number Of Bin liners required: dependant of the number of tables displayed - 1+

We all enjoy a good food spread and what better way to display a collection of sweet treats whilst still in keeping with a haunted house theme is to decorate your table in this fine choice of material! Not only is it slightly shiny and waterproof, but it also make clearing the left overs (if there are any!) very easy away afterwards! One bin liner per table is all you need to complete this task.


Fourth Idea: Household D.I.Y Decorations

Number Of Bin liners required: dependant of the number of decorations you may want to create - 1+

We may have to confess / admit something that at this stage we must have scrolled though pages and pages of Pinterest, eyes popping over the various array of Halloween decorations available to create with a simple bin liner. From cobwebs to spiders and even black cats we’ve re-pinned our favourite for you to get some inspo from right here, take a peek if you dare (cue evil laugh): https://uk.pinterest.com/topcashback/halloween-bin-liner-decorations/


Fifth Idea: Traditional Use

Number Of Bin liners required: dependant of the number of bins your household has - 1+

Of course you can always go down the traditional route of course and still to the old fashioned way of carefully placing the bin liner inside of your chosen bin with a lip just hanging over the edge for ease. Let’s keep it clean people!


Don’t forget to share your bin liner ideas and creations below.


If you think they’re rubbish ideas let us know in the comments below but if not it’s time to have fun with trash and save some cash for some seriously spooky savings this Halloween.

Posted on 30 Oct 2015  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
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