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TalkTalk Broadband & Digital TV - Existing Customer Reviews

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TalkTalk Broadband & Digital TV - Existing Customer Reviews
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What cashback!
In March 2023 I upgraded my TalkTalk package via TalkTalk broadband & digital tv - existing customer, the cashaback didn't track so put in a missing cashback claim. Since then Topcashback has gone very quiet and when any questions is asked about the cashback the reply you get is, you have to be patient. My patience is wearing very thin after 9 + months.
  plastics | 14 Dec 2023 Report Abuse
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Tracked and paid out perfectly as a new customer. When I changed products as an existing customer, I was worried that as I had a log in that TCB would not be recognised as the last referrer... so I deleted history, cookies, everything and clicked via the existing customer link on here. It didn't track and my initial missing cashback claim was rejected as the reference/order number that Talk talk gave me did not meet the required format. Odd as I had the email from them and if I logged onto my account I could see the number they rejected. The process of rejection took about 10 months. TCB would not appeal it unless I provided another order number. I went online with Talk Talk customer services for about 2 hours and was provided with a completely different order number. It didn't match the one on my email or the one on my account. But I felt certain cashback claim would now be accepted - I saved the customer chat in case of issues. It was rejected again as the format required a letter in front of the numbers. None of any of my Talk Talk order had ever had this and their customer service were unaware they needed this. So again it was rejected despite Talk Talk being able to look me up as a customer within seconds. I suggested to Talk Talk to stick one of acceptable letters for the format in front of my number and resubmit. After 20 months, still no resolution. TCB eventually made me a offer as a gesture of goodwill, however I think they let Talk Talk off the hook as I ordered completely online, with TCB as the last referrer, following a link for a specific existing customer offer and was rejected as they order numbers they provided in their own format did not match the format that they accept for missing cashback claims. All very odd.
  sonicspanner | 15 Dec 2022 Report Abuse
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Didn't track put claim in been 7 months still no payment or even a reply to claim
  madmax16 | 19 Oct 2021 Report Abuse
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its so easy
  mal2pool | 02 Dec 2018 Report Abuse
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DO NOT TRUST THIS MERCHANT TO PAY CASHBACK I was unwise to trust this merchant to pay cashback as an existing customer a second time as I had already been done by them once, I was told “terms and conditions not met”. I definitely made sure “terms and conditions were met” the second time even though they were met the first time and again they say “terms and conditions not met”. IT IS WRONG FOR THIS MERCHANT TO CONTINUE ADVERTISING ON TOPCASHBACK WHEN THEY CLEARLY HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF PAYING CASHBACK
  shirleyg386 | 03 May 2018 Report Abuse
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Do not trust this merchant to pay cashback I am an existing customer and made my purchase cancelled all my cookies browsing etc and I was tol “Terms and conditions not met”. I will now leave TalkTalk as they are putting the prices up anyway!
  shirleyg386 | 09 Aug 2017 Report Abuse
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Unfortunately I have to lodge a claim for this merchant as cash back hasn't been paid as of 13-02-2017. I feel it is wrong for this merchant to continue advertising on TopCashback when clearly a problem exists with processing the transactions. Given five stars to place it at the top of the page as advice to others.
  jamesrann | 13 Feb 2017 Report Abuse
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Waiting 7 months just for Talktalk to get in touch after I put a claim in. I was an existing customer upgrading to fibre. Never had a problem with TalkTalk before this but I will probably change supplier next time round just because the promise of cashback has not been made. Beware.
  steshaw63 | 09 Jan 2017 Report Abuse
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I was promised £90 cashback when upgrading to fibre broadband as an existing customer. It has been 7 months now and after opening a claim I have still received nothing.
  harlar | 23 Nov 2016 Report Abuse
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I upgraded to fibre broadband via topcashback. The transaction has not shown on my account for the ladt last w months. I raised a claim and have to wait for merchant to reply. DON'T TRUST THIS MERCHANT TO RECOGNISE YOUR PURCHASE. Topcashback have not really made any efforts to follow through with theclaim even though I have provided all of the details. The even removed the click through from my account. Fortunately I had filed a claim before they did this so I have evidence of my claim. It a large amount, £94 to lose. I feel cheated. ALL BUYERS BEWARE. I rated this 5 star so the warning comes up on page 1 when people check reviews.
  ssh_98 | 14 Sep 2015 Report Abuse
Hey, I would like to explain that we will never remove a click through record on your account. We will not benefit from this as we want our members to get the cashback. When you lodge a claim you cannot use the click record again which is why you may feel like it is deleted. I would also like to explain that we didn’t delete your transaction; it never tracked to your account. You lodged a claim for this but it can take 3 to 4 months to hear back from the merchant. I would finally like to clarify that we do not delete claims and you can see this claim in your account. We are a cashback site and we want our members to get the cashback, if we didn’t want our members to get the cashback back we would be a normal commission website. Best wishes, TopCashback Support