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Do you want to drink beer that tastes as great as possible? If you’re anything like us, your answer to that question will be a resounding yes. Thanks to Pinter, it’s time for you to start enjoying the best-tasting beer of your life.Beer drinkers don’t always know as much about the beer they drink as they should. For example, did you know freshness is fundamental to beer’s flavour? The flavour of Pinter's beer develops during fermentation. When they buy beer that’s already been fermented, the taste will be impacted by time, storage temperature and many other factors.So, when it's left to outside sources to ferment beer, you run the risk of beer not tasting its best by the time it's drunk. This is where the Pinter comes in. Pinter’s technology allows you to ferment your beer from the comfort of your own home, for ultimate freshness.Brewing your beer yourself means you have control over how your beer tastes, so you can drink it when it’s at its optimum freshness. Pinter offer all kinds of beers, from German Pilsners to Session IPAs. Treat yourself to delicious beers from all over the world, whether you’re after an American Pale Ale or a Belgian ale.So, why not unlock a brand new beer-drinking experience today? Don’t forget to shop through us if you want to benefit from our fantastic cashback deals.

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Pinter: the best beer dispensers to bring the pub home

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Did you know the freshness of your beer massively affects the taste? The way beer is stored, and how long it is stored, will have a big impact on the drinking experience of your beer. Instantly upgrade your parties, barbeques and movie nights at home with Pinter’s fresh beer brewing kits. Pinter are a British independent premium beer retailer who are bringing the brewing process into the homes of millions of people who love beer and want to buy it at an affordable price.

You may not be able to turn water into wine but you can certainly turn water into beer (with the help of Pinter beer kits and the advanced engineering methods of the Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co, that is). No matter your preferred type of beer, Pinter will have a Pinter pack to suit your tastes, whether you’re all about lagers and pilsners, or you’re obsessed with American Pale Ales.

The Pinter is the perfect size for storing in your kitchen and keeping in your fridge when chilling beer. Its dimensions are 350mm x 230mm, with a height of 235mm and it weighs less than 5kg. Made from powder-coated aluminium alloy, the Pinter is robust and durable, while still looking stylish.

When you order your Pinter online, you’ll receive a starter pack containing your Pinter and brewing dock, as well as two beer glasses and one or two Pinter packs (depending on what you select before checkout). What’s more, with the all-new Pinter 2, you can enjoy freshly-hopped beer at home and all you need to do is add the Hopper after fermentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter a new world of fresh beer with Pinter. Sign up to the Pinter email newsletter and they’ll send you a free gift of a Fresh Beer guide. You’ll also be the first to hear about Pinter discount codes and other Pinter offers. What’s more, if you sign up to TopCashback, you can earn cashback on your online shopping with virtually no effort at all.

Pinter Greater Good Brewing Company Home Brewing Kits

What is Pinter? Home brew beer device explained

If you’ve always dreamed of being able to enjoy fresh beer on tap at home, it’s time you headed over to You can be drinking your own fresh pints of beer and cider from the comfort of your sofa by just following a few simple steps. Firstly, you’ll need to order your home brewing kit from the Pinter website. The Pinter 2 comes in a variety of stylish colours, including hot red, midnight grey and submarine yellow.

Next, you’ll need to choose your fresh beer, either as a one-off purchase or a subscription. Options include the Haus of Hops German Pilsner, Waltham Forest Dark Fruit Cider and Stars and Stripes APA, as well as more unusual flavour beers like the Dark Matter Espresso Stout. Each Pinter pack will provide you with 10 pints (which is equivalent to 17 x 330ml bottles).

The next steps involve purifying your beer with the Pinter Purifier, adding Fresh Press and Brewing Yeast, before leaving to ferment and then condition in the fridge for a few days. It sounds complicated but don’t worry, you’ll find all the instructions and advice you need on the Pinter website. If you want a helpful way to keep track of your brew timelines, you can download their free app.

Just search for ‘Pinter’ on the App Store or Google Play and join their network of like-minded people, each of them a beer lover just like you. You can discuss your brewing methods and swap tips with other members of this Pinter community. If you have any questions about your new Pinter, or just want to find out more about Pinter brewing products, check out the FAQs page on to get an answer in no time. Or, if you need further support, just contact their helpful customer service team.

Pinter Features

Join the Pinter Fresh Beer Club

Subscribe to the Fresh Beer Club and you can receive up to four different fresh beers every single month (and remember, each Pinter pack comes with 10 pints of beer inside).

There are huge savings available for club members as every single fresh beer Pinter pack will only cost you £15, when they can be anything up to £20 each when you buy them individually. In the interest of ways to save money, other Pinter offers for Fresh Beer Club members include a chance to save £1 per beer style (up to four styles) when you add an additional Fresh Press to your order.

And don’t worry, you’re not tied down to having the same beers every single month. All you have to do is head over to your account area on the Pinter UK site and change your options every four weeks. From the Public House IPA to American-style ales and wheat beers, you can try it all when you shop Pinter beers. And when it comes to cider, you can try everything from cloudy apple cider to elderflower cider and dark fruit cider as well.

Pinter: the greater good fresh brewing company

Not only are Pinter beers high quality and packed with flavour to provide a supreme drinking experience, but this company is also very conscious about their impact on the environment.

Because customers add cold water themselves during the brewing process at home, rather than the beers arriving ready to drink, Pinter are able to dramatically decrease the weight of their packages. Sending lighter and smaller packages reduces the company’s carbon footprint. Each and every Pinter pack holds the equivalent of 17 x 330ml bottles or cans, so by switching to Pinter, you will reduce the amount of waste you indirectly produce.

In fact, since Pinter began business, they have been working towards a more sustainable future by removing over two million cans and bottles from the UK waste stream. The aluminium used to make the Pinter machines is also 100% recyclable. Some of the Pinter team are also recruited through the BEAM charity, which works to help get homeless people into work.

So while you get to enjoy delicious, high-quality fresh beer from the comfort of your own home, you’ll also be doing your bit for our planet and the people living on it by shopping with a company that works towards the greater good.

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