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Hive Smart Home & Heating

Hive – save money with a smarter, greener home One of the UK’s favourite smart home providers, Hive is in 1.6 million UK homes - and counting. From heating and lighting to EV Charging and motion sensors, Hive makes your smart home easy. And smart homes can help you save energy, so you could save money too. Control everything with the award-winning Hive app, or go hands-free – Hive is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. Hive smart heating The Hive Thermostat could save you up to £311 a year* on your energy bills, as can the Hive Thermostat Mini, the smaller, sleeker and the more affordable next generation of smart heating. Add in Hive Heating Plus to save a further £26 a month† during the colder months, and Hive Radiator Valves to control each radiator individually. Hive home EV charging Start your journey to cleaner, greener driving with Hive EV Charging at home. It’s super convenient – just plug in to charge up– and it automatically syncs with your energy tariff, so you charge when it’s cheapest. Hive lights, plugs and sensors Take your smart home a step further with Hive Lights, Hive Plugs, Hive Motion Sensors and Hive Window or Door Sensors. Together, they can help you manage your home automatically, so it works around you, while helping you to save energy and money. You can set your heating to switch off when a window is opened, or a hallway lamp to come on as someone walks past it – brightly during the evening, then dimly after bedtime so as not to wake everyone. Hive. Technology you can trust in.

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Hive — Build Your Home with Smart Home Technology

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Hive UK are one of the nation’s favourite smart home providers and help customers make time for life’s best moments by taking care of the little things. Shop their full range of products, which includes heating, security and lighting products, today and turn your property into a smart home tomorrow.

Hive is one of the highest rated smart home apps in the UK, which you can control anytime, anywhere. With one app for everything, you can join the 1.5 million Hive users across the UK using the app. Manage your central heating system through your smartphone with their smart heating thermostat, Hive Active Heating, and save on your energy bills.

Hive works with what you have. So, if you already have smart technology like Amazon Echo, Google Home of Philips Hue Lights, their devices will connect easily — making your home even smarter. Keep your eyes open for Hive offers. However, if you want to get a great Hive deal, make sure you check out our cashback offers.

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The Smart Way to Heat Your Home

You can always ensure you come back to a nice warm house, without ever having to heat an empty one, with Hive’s smart heating products. With the Hive Active Heating Kit, you can get the temperature at home just right from wherever you are with their beautifully designed and simple to use smart Hive thermostat.

The award-winning Hive Active Heating thermostat lets you control your heating from smart mobile phones. Not only could you save on your heating bills, but you can set up to six daily time slots for your heating and hot water to fit with your daily routine. With Geolocation, it knows if you’ve gone out and left the heating on and can send you a reminder.

You can get your Hive Active Heating controller installed by a certified engineer, while it works with your existing boiler and energy supplier. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Connect your devices together with Hive Actions, while if you add Hive Multizone, you can stay comfy and save money if you have multiple heating zone areas set up in your house. You can also buy a Hive radiator valve for controlled heating, room by room, from your smartphone, plus handy accessories like a Hive Active Heating and hot water thermostat stand.

Hive Features


If you’re security conscious, Hive cameras let you keep an eye on what’s happening in your home, from anywhere.

With indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors and window and door sensors, you’ll feel incredibly secure. The Close to Home Plan, meanwhile, lets you stay connected to your home and get that extra peace of mind with a Hive View, their latest smart indoor camera, Hive Lights, Hive Sensors, a Hive Plug and a Hive Hub. The Hive Active Plug lets you turn your appliances on and off remotely with a tap of the Hive app.

Connect your devices through the app and get notifications sent to your smartphone when motion or sound is detected. With simple self-installation, you can set up all products yourself and create the perfect mood just by walking in the door by connecting your sensor to your lights. Hive View has built-in motion and sound detection.

If it detects anything, it starts recording and sends a notification straight to your smartphone. With Hive window or door sensors, your home can get even smarter by linking them with your other Hive devices in the app, while you can download and access rolling 24-hour camera history for free. If you're thinking of buying Hive View cameras, don't forget to check out our cashback deals.


From spotlights to colour-changing bulbs, Hive have a full range of next generation smart lighting.

You can tap the app to set the scene when you’re in, while when you’re out, you can let them look after your home by turning them on and off automatically to make it look like someone’s there. You’ll find dimmable E27/B22, E14 and GU10 bulbs, which you can control from your app, as well as cool to warm and colour changing bulbs.

Sensors & Plugs

Hive’s family of smart sensors allow you to enjoy life to the full, knowing everything’s alright back home.

You can check if there’s been motion at home and get notifications the moment anything happens. With Hive Actions, you can also trigger your smart lights to come on automatically when your sensor detects you. With a window or door sensor, you can check on the app to see if windows or doors are open or closed and get notifications if anything changes.

If you’ve been away for a couple of days, you can see which doors and windows have been opened or closed, going back seven days, while you can also find out if someone’s home as the moment it detects activity, it sends you a notification. The Hive Active Plug, meanwhile, is a smart plug which works like an adaptor.

Once in a wall socket, you can plug your appliances into it as normal and do things like turn the iron off from wherever you are with a tap of the app. If you’re away, you can set your smart plug to turn your lamps on. Set up a schedule to make it look like you’re in or you can get Alexa to turn your plug on.


Connect all your Hive smart devices and receive smartphone alerts when alarms ring in your home with their smart hubs.

The Hive Hub 360 also detects important sounds around your house, like your smoke alarm, and sends you a notification. Featuring 360-degree audio detection, it also detects and records sounds like windows breaking, while you can also set it to pick up dogs barking. This will allow you to listen in and hear whether they’re in trouble or barking at a stranger.

Their most advanced hub yet, the Hive Hub 360 connects your Hive devices over a secure, dedicated network so they work brilliantly together. You won’t need to plug it into your router as it connects through Wi-Fi, while it’s available in two colours. There is a Hive Hub, which does plug into your router, while a signal booster is also available.

The Hive App

The award-winning Hive app puts your home in your hand.

It makes looking after your home incredibly easy, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. You can switch your heating on and off, up or down and set the perfect temperature. If you’re feeling colder than normal, just hit the boost button to override your schedule.

Turn your hot water on and off, plus boost your hot water for up to six hours, while they’ll remind you to turn your heating on before you get home or off if you’ve left it on when you go out. You can set Hive heating and hot water schedules, while frost protection automatically activates if the temperature inside your home dips too low to protect pipes from freezing.

When it comes to lighting, Mimic mode helps make it look like you’re home when you’re not. It will turn your lights on and off around your home in a pattern designed to look like you’re there. You can control your lights from your smartphone, wherever you are, and create the perfect mood with the right dimming level. You can set schedules for your lights and even turn on lights by stepping into a room.

You Hive sensors will keep a history of events which occur in your home and if anyone or anything is moving about unexpectedly back home when you’re away, your sensor sends an alert. You can also turn on your lights by opening your front door with Actions. Set schedules for your plugs, switch any home electrical device on and off wherever you are and even turn off your hair straighteners by walking out of the front door.

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