I wasn't logged in to my account when I made my transaction- is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately in order to be eligible for any cashback you do need to ensure that you are successfully logged in to your account first and then complete your purchase immediately and wholly online.

If you do forget to log in then this does mean that there is no click record on your account to confirm that your transaction had started from TopCashback. As such unfortunately we don't get paid any commission for this which equals no cashback. However should you accidentally make this on the account of a friend or family member, although this should track as expected, we would not be able to transfer this over from one account to another. In these cases you would need to leave this to progress on the account on which you had made this and then ask this member to request the cashback on your behalf before passing this on to you themselves.

We realise that this might be disappointing when you accidentally forget so always double check you have signed in (and to your own account!) before you proceed with your shopping.

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