I have lodged a 'missing cashback' claim; why is it taking so long for you to process?

After you lodge a claim, we run through the claim form just to check that the relevant fields have been completed. We may have to contact you if you have not provided your order number or e-mail address connected to the order, this will delay your claim. We ask you for this information as the merchant's network will not accept a claim that does not include this information.

Please could you be aware that we submit claims in batches every few weeks and you will receive a message informing you when yours has been sent.

Once we have submitted your claim, we simply have to wait for the affiliate network and merchant to process the claim, this is an exacting process, so we ask members to allow 2 – 3 months for the claim to be resolved by the merchants network.
As we are reliant on the merchants network process; there really isn’t much that can be done to speed the process up.

We do, however, maintain good contact with all of the affiliate networks – helping to ensure that our claims are not forgotten about.

The flowchart below details out the process we follow:

Missing Cashback Claim Process

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