Case studies

Many members have left unsolicited testimonials on the TopCashback site as a result of their shopping experience, this link will take you to them.

In addition we have a growing number of members who are happy to talk to the press about their spending and money savng in general and TopCashback in particular.

These evangelists (there are several hundred of them) have provided us with key facts about themselves; location, income, family status etc and also a photograph to enable us to quickly identify suitable people for media case studies.

Examples include:

- Jon from Newry in Northern Ireland has earned £5,005 cashback in less than four years, he uses TopCashback for everything he buys online and can’t understand why anyone who’s an internet shopper doesn’t use it.


- Kate from Sawbridgeworth is married with 4 teenagers & three dogs and is passionate about money saving, using every trick in the book to cut costs. Since first using TopCashback in February 2006 she's saved £2,365.


- Tristan from Macclesfield, married with a baby son, is a retail manager and online shopping aficionado. He’s used TopCashback to earn £1,600 in four years and considers himself a bit of a guru when it comes to finding the best way to buy anything.


- Janine has been a TopCashback member since early 2008 and freely admits to being a money saving evangelist, with two young children, she uses TopCashback to research the best deals and confesses to giving her friends a hard time if they don’t sign up and earn cashback online.


If you are looking for a case study and would like to be put in touch with one of our willing volunteers, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

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