Member Testimonials
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friend icon Thank you for all your had work this year! I love the ease of your website and how helpful you have consistently been from the start of me joining. You have saved me a good deal of money and also help me track my finances. Keep up the good work.
  millcroft | 29 Dec 2021
friend icon just want to say Thank you for all your help and excellent service not on one occassion but on every occassion if you have any problems the customer support team are always there to help ...... Stan
  daddytaxis | 9 Oct 2021
friend icon Just received an answer to a query I had about the levels of membership. I had asked for information on my account and asked about the costs. I had a reply back within a couple of hours. Very impressed. Hannah was helpful, friendly and professional and I could not be happier with the outcome. In these troubled times it was great to get such a speedy and positive response. Thank You.
  arnold171 | 2 Jul 2021
friend icon I have been with Topcashback since 2014 and todate I have just exceeded £2,000 cash back. What a great site delivering savings on just about everything. Today, a big thank you to the Customer Service Agent "Tom" , I had a problem with the cashback from a BT offer, and Tom stuck with it and chased BT over and over again to recover my cashback. Yesterday a well appreciated £75 was paid into my account. Thanks again Topcashback and especially Tom.
  Irene152 | 17 Feb 2021
friend icon I have used TopCashback for many years now, initially when I was really struggling financially, but still continue, through good and bad times - Why not get a little extra back on purchases and services. You will be suprised how the click of a button can earn you that little bit extra.
  bdette | 30 Jan 2021
friend icon I made a mistake . Sent message to TopCashback got a reply within 24 hours .. they rectified the problem .. sorted thank you
  x578lgd | 15 Jan 2021
friend icon I love the website's ease of use, choice of banking cash or online discounts, regular exclusive discount increases, your competitions and vast choice of retailers. Money I have earned has helped me stay afloat during Covid19. You can see I love TopCashback! Thank you.
  DiscountGirl | 24 Oct 2020
friend icon Very good
  Saniek359 | 8 Oct 2020
friend icon Love this and everyone that work for cashback are great I have autism and disleic they alwaud help me thanks cashback x
  Kezzaski | 29 Sep 2020
friend icon I absolutely love top cashback I see it as money for free
  mesh259 | 30 Oct 2019
friend icon Topcashback have always tried to be helpful. On the rare occasion that it is usually down to the retailer I have found Customer service to be be really helpful when this happens
  jancurtis3663 | 5 Aug 2019
friend icon Changed my broadband provider 20th may 2019. Received my £85 today. Money for nothing lol. Received it faster than the quoted 8 week wait too
  Tubs75 | 28 Jun 2019
friend icon I have been with Topcashback for years and earned hundreds of pounds, thank you Topcashback.
  paulgwalker | 14 Apr 2019
friend icon I really love topcashback site browsing so many products.
  Member271438606114 | 22 Feb 2019
friend icon Five star company....I have earned so much cashback since becoming a member. Excellent customer care when support is needed. Everything about the site is so easy to use and I never shop online without going through Top Cashback
  lolb | 29 Jan 2019