Member Testimonials
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friend icon I absolutely love top cashback I see it as money for free
  mesh259 | 30 Oct 2019
friend icon Topcashback have always tried to be helpful. On the rare occasion that it is usually down to the retailer I have found Customer service to be be really helpful when this happens
  jancurtis3663 | 5 Aug 2019
friend icon Changed my broadband provider 20th may 2019. Received my £85 today. Money for nothing lol. Received it faster than the quoted 8 week wait too
  Tubs75 | 28 Jun 2019
friend icon I have been with Topcashback for years and earned hundreds of pounds, thank you Topcashback.
  paulgwalker | 14 Apr 2019
friend icon I really love topcashback site browsing so many products.
  Member271438606114 | 22 Feb 2019
friend icon Five star company....I have earned so much cashback since becoming a member. Excellent customer care when support is needed. Everything about the site is so easy to use and I never shop online without going through Top Cashback
  lolb | 29 Jan 2019
friend icon Just received my £20 WH Smith voucher, thanks again. Its not hard is it, its money for nothing.
  Raspberry101 | 18 Oct 2018
friend icon Love topcashback! They really do pay out! ?
  Anna0289 | 30 Mar 2018
friend icon An absolutely amazing website. I've earned money on things that I would have bought already, very grateful for the extra money. Simple and easy to use, can't thank TopCashback enough!
  chelsearice | 5 Jan 2018
friend icon I had set up two accounts in error. Contacted Topcashback and they immediately transferred earnings and closed the redundant account. No drama. Absolutely first class customer service.
  elizadontop | 5 Jan 2018
friend icon TopCashback - is TOP for sure! Have "earned" hundreds just by buying the things I need and as far as I know the only site that supports eBay. You can double up by collecting Nectar points AND cashback, what isn't there to like? Have bought everything from Insurance to Shoes, Garden goods to food and get cashback every time. Redeemed some of my cashback in vouchers for even more money - going to have a very nice Christmas meal on this - for free. Can't recommend the site more.
  thecoldargon | 20 Dec 2017
friend icon I use the topcashback website all the time and love the competitions taking part anyway as not won anything. Would like to see more competitions though maybe on a month to month basis and with more winable prizes maybe All in all though it is a very good website
  Bluefudge | 1 Nov 2017
friend icon I used this site for the first time in March (thought it was a bit of a scam to be honest).... turns out they are true to their word. took the deal out in March and was promised £120 by August and got it by middle of July so cannot complain. I got a brilliant deal with sky and £120 cashback - what more could you want?! such a lucky girl....
  valleybabe3 | 21 Jul 2017
friend icon I absolutely love Topcashback. I have changed the way I shop, and over the last two years built up over £700 in cash back - which is now taking me on a holiday to Dubai! If that isn't reason enough to get involved, I don't know what is.
  crustyclown777 | 23 Mar 2017
friend icon Happy itd good
  Anna_golab | 29 Jan 2017