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How does pet insurance work?

Paying for vet bills can get expensive, especially when your pet gets ill suddenly or breaks a bone. Pet insurance helps you cover vet fees through monthly or annual payments.

This means that if you have pet insurance and there are medical treatments you need for your companion, you won’t be suddenly scrambling to get the money together for it. Instead of paying for unexpected costs that can run into the thousands, you can claim it through your insurance and only pay an excess. You’ll usually agree upon the excess amount when you sign up for your policy.

Pet insurance policies don’t just cover medical bills, but also any accidents or injuries your pet may cause. Depending on the policy, it can also include theft or loss of your pet.

Types of pet insurance

There are a few different types of policies and the one you choose depends on your pet and the coverage they need.

Accident-only insures against injuries your pet may incur if they are involved in an accident. Under this coverage, your pet won’t be covered for illnesses or any other conditions.

Time-limited covers illnesses and accidents, but only up to 12 months or a price limit per condition, whichever is reached first.

Maximum benefit covers illnesses and accidents with a price cap but no time limit. You’ll be given a cost limit per condition and once you’ve reached it, you won’t have any more cover.

Lifetime offers flexible and comprehensive coverage with no time limit on conditions. Your pet will be covered even for long-term conditions, as long as they began within the cover period and you’ll have continuous cover as long as you keep renewing your policy.

What does pet insurance cover?

Each policy is different, and your coverage will depend on your pet, your insurer, and the policy you choose. This is what you can expect to be insured for under each type, but check the details of your chosen policy and insurer carefully before you purchase.

Accident only Time limited Maximum benefit Lifetime
Preventive care

Including vaccinations, routine check-ups, neutering and spaying.

Dental treatment

For non-accident related dental work like scale and polish.

Treatment for unexpected illnesses
Treatment for unexpected injuries
Last minute boarding costs
Third-party liability cover

For dogs only, covering damage or injury to others.

Pre-existing conditions

Any condition your pet had before taking out your policy.

Loss of pet costs

Compensation towards the cost of finding a missing pet.

Therapies and prescriptions

Recommended by your vet, including alternative therapies like acupuncture.

An example of what you can expect to be covered with each policy, although specific insurers may vary, and you may be able to request additional benefits.

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How do you take out pet insurance?

Use our pet insurance comparison tool to get a quote for your pet. You’ll need a few details to hand to make sure your quote is as accurate as possible.

  • Details about your pet like their age, sex, and breed.
  • Information on whether they’ve been spayed or neutered.
  • Whether your pet has been microchipped.
  • How much you paid or donated for your pet.
  • If they are up to date with vaccinations.
  • Any recent vet treatment aside from vaccinations or neutering.

You’ll also need to give us some basic information about yourself like name, date of birth, address, and contact details.

Once you’ve provided these details, we’ll run it through our list of insurers and give you a list of your options with each cashback amount.

Tips for bagging cheaper pet insurance

Pet insurance often comes down to factors revolving around your pet’s health. While there is no fixed cost for a policy, there are things you can do to ensure you get the lowest price.

🐶Neuter or spay your pet

You won’t get covered for neutering or spaying your pet under a policy, but doing this before taking one out can lower your premiums. Your pet will be at a lesser risk of developing certain health problems or having unwanted litters.

🐱Get your pet vaccinated

Keep your furry friend up to date with their vaccinations so they are protected from common conditions that could affect your insurance cost.

🐶Healthy weight

Weight-related conditions like diabetes can be expensive and therefore affect your insurance cost. Keeping your pet at a recommended weight means they are less at risk for a number of other conditions, therefore keeping your pet insurance costs lower.

🐱Opt for a higher excess

An excess is the amount you’ll need to pay upfront if you make a claim on your policy. If you choose a higher excess, your overall insurance costs will be lower. Bear in mind the excess shouldn’t be so high you can’t pay it if you need to.

🐶Compare quotes

Using our comparison tool means once you’ve added in all your pet’s details, you’ll get an overview of results that match your needs. You’ll then be able to choose the best and cheapest pet insurance and get cashback on top.

🐱Get multi-pet insurance

This can work out cheaper – and simpler – than individual policies for more than one pet.

Compare pet insurance providers in just a few minutes to find the best quote for you, from as little as £3.64 a month.

Pet insurance FAQs

  • How much is pet insurance?

      Pet insurance has no set price, as each policy depends on several factors. The monthly or annual price will be determined by your pet’s age, breed, current health, and any pre-existing conditions. Sometimes an annual fee will work out cheaper than monthly payments, which is a higher upfront cost but you won’t have interest added on.

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  • Are pedigree animals more expensive to insure?
  • Can I cover costs if my pet damages my property?
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  • Does my address affect pet insurance?
  • Can I get cover that starts immediately?
  • What pets can I get covered?
  • What should I do if my pet goes missing?
  • Can I cover my pet for life-threatening injuries or illnesses?
  • Can my pet still travel after Brexit?

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