Top Ten Toys for Christmas from Tesco

Top Ten Toys for Christmas

Top Ten Toys so hot, they are thawing out the snow this Christmas. 

Christmas time comes far too quick and it’s a rush to fit in all the shopping. Struggling to think of ideas this year? Not to worry we have you covered. Here is a list of 2013’s most coveted toys that even the adults will be sat playing with come Christmas morning:


   Air Hogs Sharp Shooter RC ToyThese remote control helicopters will provide hours of entertainment, just make sure you have cleared the room of everything fragile as these will zoom about.

Plus, these Sharp Shooters are called it for a reason! With these choppers you can remotely fire missiles, just get into position and FIRE with the big red button!

Monopoly Empire

2)      Monopoly Empire  The traditional game is back and up-to date causing arguments about the rent on Christmas day as usual. Choose from iconic gold pieces such as a Coca Cola bottle or an Xbox Controller and take your chances to become a business entrepreneur around the board. This new Monoply brings a more definitive end, as users now win once they have built up their tower. A nice twist on a classic game.

LeapPad Ultra
3)      LeapPad Ultra  Available in pink and green; this hand held device makes the children feel like one of the grown-ups without the big bill to go with it! It has 11 apps and a built-in MP3. If that doesn’t keep them happy, we don’t know what will! Plus you can be reassured that with built-in Wi-Fi and LeapSearch kids can browse only the safest videos and images from the web in a secure environment.

Bop It Smash

     Bop it Smash- The original Bop It was a fantastic, interactive game which kept you guessing and provided hours of fun trying to beat your high score! The new Bop it Smash, puts your reactions and timing to the test.

This is a great game for Christmas, whether you buy it as a present or a party game. You can play by yourself and focus on beating the high score or get your friends around for a fun multiplayer game.

Lego Chima Temple

5)      Lego Chima The Lion Chi Temple Lego is a timeless classic and fun for all the family no matter the age. Lego has created a whole new world of humanlike animals that are at war with one another. The question is who will conquer? Read the background story and be submerged into their world. The kids might be kept quiet during construction but there’ll be uproar once the game begins!


6)      Robofish  –These little aquatic robots come alive in water and act just like the real thing. Choose from a variety of clown sharks and clown fish. These are fish you won’t need to flush down the toilet in a few weeks’ time when you forget to feed them!

Monsters Inc Mask
7)      Monsters University Sulley Monster Mask - Let your little monsters become their favourite monster. The mouth and eyebrows move to give a proper scare. Just be careful you don’t drop the turkey in fright!

Monster High
8)      Monster high 13 wishes dolls from the movie Monster High. Let the kids join their fang-tastic adventure! This theme is no longer just for Halloween with such a gore-geous selection of dolls

Planes Toy

Disney planes Tilt and Fly You and the plane become one as Dusty mimics your motions with the wing controls. It includes fun sounds and phrases from the film Disney Planes. Jet away on an adventure!

Nerf Blaster

Nerf CS-18 – Go in all guns blazing with this streamlined, lightweight Rapidstrike CS-18 blaster complete with serious rapid-strike firepower. Perfect for the great outdoors…

Not to mention Tesco Direct are offering a fabulous 2.1%

Grab it now so they are delivered in time for the big day!

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Posted on 06 Dec 2013  |  Posted in  Christmas Ideas
Ordered some Robo fish for me Nephew who is fish mad cant wait to help him play with them
  16 Dec 13 - 15:48
My two grandchildren would love to play
With toys and so would
Their grandad
  10 Dec 13 - 21:44

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