Top Long-Haul Travel Destinations

Posted on 06 Jan 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Travel
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What do long-haul holidays mean to you? To us they often mean jetting off to an exotic beach for some well needed R&R and if that’s what you’re looking for in 2020 then this guide has you covered. But we also love a bit of adventure so we also have some of the best destinations for soaking up the sights and culture.

These once-in-a-lifetime long-haul holidays will allow you to take in the very best highlights, experience traditional life like a local and marvel at the natural wonders that you won't find on a short-haul holiday. These long-haul holidays will create memories that last a lifetime. Read our guide and book your next long-haul hoiday with cashback.


The Maldives is considered to be one of the most relaxing destinations, with white sand beaches and clear blue oceans it’s clear to see why. Don’t worry the Maldives isn’t a far off dream destination that you’ll never be able to afford.

And we won’t deny that you will not find a £10 per night accommodation there, like in Thailand or Bali, but it is definitely way more affordable than you might think!

If you’re sure to book in advance then you can bag yourself a very nice bungalow in a luxury resort on a private island for around £200 - £250 a night. If this is still out of budget then don’t worry you can also stay in local guesthouses on the main island for around £50 - £100 a night.

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Malaysia is an unmissable destination for nature lovers with over 200 species of mammals and over 2,000 species of tree. Since Malaysia is not as popular as more mainstream destinations you will find that there are generally fewer crowds particularly if you visit the beaches on the islands, such as Tioman Island and Perhentian Island.

From city-view hotels with rooftop infinity pools to straw huts in the middle of the mountains, the accommodation options in Malaysia are out of this world.

There are a ton of luxury options that you can get for a non-luxury price, or alternatively, a great deal of cheap options for the budget-conscious traveler. You can get a hostel room for less than £10 a night, a nice private room for £30 a night, and a luxury hotel room for less than £100 a night.

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Dubai is another world of its own, with its bold architecture and lavish style, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city lives up to its reputation. There is so much to explore and see that you won’t be able to do it all in one trip.

There are some incredible accommodation options in Dubai from hotels on the palm to apartments with a great city view. If you’re on a budget then you’re looking to pay around £100 a night for an in city hotel. If budget is less of a constraint then you can pay anywhere from £250 - £1000 a night for a luxury hotel on the palm.

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Peru has so much to offer with its diverse landscape which means it’s the perfect long-haul destination if you want to explore another land. You’re unlikely to stay in one place the entire time, you’ll be traveling all around from the beaches of Lima to mountains of Machu Picchu.

Peru is a backpacker’s paradise with hotels galore, they’re the perfect place to find like minded travellers and at around £10 a night they’re a real bargain. If the hostel life isn’t for you then don’t worry you can get a mid-range hotel for around £50 a night which is still an amazing price.

If you want something different from your accommodation then be sure to check out some of the lodges that Peru has to offer. The Treehouse Lodge in Yucuruche is our personal favourite but this property can only be booked for a minimum 2 night stay at around £650 for 2 nights.

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So now you’ve seen some of our top long-haul picks for 2020, what would your long-haul pick be? No matter where you’re traveling this year be sure to save more with cashback.

You can earn cashback on your hotel, flights, car hire, travel insurance, airport parking and so much more. Have your dream luxury holiday at a fraction of the price thanks to cashback.

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