Top 2021 Home and Garden Trends

Top 2021 Home and Garden Trends

Posted on 23 Mar 2021 Posted in  Tips & Updates
home and garden 2021 trends

It is time for that spring clean and a fresh new look ready for a bright new year. If you are stuck for some ideas we have picked out the best home and garden trends for 2021 where you can get some much needed cashback for them.

Trending Home Décor Tips

Strong contrast

If you want to brighten up a space to make it more in the here and now but don’t fancy going too bold with colour then this trend is perfect for you. Stick to more muted colours but brighten up the space and highlight certain areas with a bold pop of colour. You can grab fabulous accessories or paint small amounts of plain furniture to give an accent and be totally 2021 up to date. Accent with a pastel pink, blue or yellow and bring some Spring inside.

Take a look at Dunelm’s new Spring collection for some inspiration.

Strong Contrast Trend

Global Influence

If you are itching to get back travelling, then chances are you already have a lot of fun artefacts from all over the world. Help yourself to feel more at ease and rustic with this trend which ties all these elements together. Put your treasures on display and then try adding in some wall rugs or hangings that match colours of the pieces around it. Keep the furniture muted in colour but experiment with tribal and animal patterns and get those fab far travelled vibes.

Wayfair have some great rugs and stylings available.

Global Influence Trend

Home Office

Practical can still be pretty. The majority of us have been working at home over the last year. If you are spending half your day at a desk at home, it is important to keep it fresh and stylish to keep you motivated and comfortable. Make your office a beauty spot by adding in some plants, real or fake greenery goes a long way. Declutter and brighten the space and add in accents of colour with your functional desk tidy’s and coasters. Finally get that much needed inspirational quote in there, trust us it will help your wellbeing more than you realise.

There are some lovely key pieces at Furniture 123 that can help get you started.

Home Office Trend


Cottagecore is a massive trend and has been for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the top of a skyscraper in a tiny flat or live in a town house full of mayhem, you can still decorate like you live in a cosy cottage. This style really warms the space up with exposed wooden flooring, shabby chic style furnishing and inviting green plants. Your plants don’t even have to be real to be effective. Exposed or painted brick doesn’t have to be cold with this trend, consider throwing around lots of soft furnishings and places some fake ivy leaves around certain key features to create a really light, airy and homely feel.

There is a lot you can find on Etsy to help you bring Cottagecore to life in your home. We especially like the Forest Fairy Lantern from FaeFolkFairyGardens for your child or just the magic in you.

Cottagecore Trend

Snug space

Reading is a favourite pastime for many of us but being stuck inside with the family twenty-four-seven is enough to drive anyone a bit bonkers. If you need some quiet cosy time and you still want it to look stylish then set up a cosy corner to curl up and relax. You can add a matching footstool and magazine rack or cleverly place a book stand nearby to section off the space. Go for a chair colour and feel that will help you feel re-energised.

There are some fantastic cuddle chairs and accent chairs at Furniture village which might just scream the snuggle time for you.

Sung Space Trend

Trending Garden Tips

Wild Gardens

This isn’t suggesting you let your garden grow out of control but more organise the chaos. Adding in lots of larger plants to your walkways so they fill out over time will create a meadow like feel and bring a little more nature to your door. Get things like lavender for fragrance, check out the best pollinator plants for your growing conditions and even find yourself a little edible forest with a patch for growing vegetables and herbs. There is a beauty in finding a hidden ornament or fruit tree that will give you a lovely sense of calm.

Take a look at Gardening Express or Thompson and Morgan for some fabulous deals on top quality plants.

Wild Garden Trend

Outdoor Play

This is one for families or adult children. It sounds simple but the key to this trend is to make the outdoor play areas and equipment blend into the natural background, as if fairies and gnomes built it just for you. Try looking for more natural materials than plastic, if you have a tree make your own swing with rope and a plank. Try adding natural material to a space on the floor to create a giant board game. The beauty of this means you don’t have to clear anything away at the end of playtime as it will still be a beautiful and serene environment.

Crocus have some lovely hammocks which would fit in nicely to this theme. There is also some great natural children’s play sets on Robert Dyas that encourages them to be at one with nature.

Outdoor Play Garden Trend

Wood Features

Sure other materials can be magical but this year it is all about those long-lasting natural wood features. Reclaimed furniture, wind chimes and even water features can be made from the beautiful material of wood. You can stain it to match your garden vibe and when the trend hits you it is easily painted to fit your new theme making it an investment piece. Consider making your beddings raised using old railway sleepers or even using a wooden ladder to help your plants grow. A little wood can go a long way.

Take a look at the lovely wishing well planter at Robert Dyas, The Garden Furniture Centre root planters and all the cute lovely arbours and pergolas at Shedstore for inspiration.

Wood Garden Features

Inside Outside

Taking our interior decorating skills outside is something we might have all done recently as we are confined to our own living space. So this trend was born with outdoor rugs, cushions and sofas making outside as homely as inside. It is a really simple technique to bright up your outdoor area and keep the flow of the house moving from inside to outside too.

Dunelm and Wayfair have some great options for outdoor furnishings that will make outdoors feel as cosy as indoors.

Inside Outside Trend

White and Grey

Moving away from the natural elements is a super clean outdoor look of white and grey. Match your furniture up with soft grey stone features and enjoy a more subtle, quaint, modernised feel to your outdoor haven. If you have a wall, consider painting it grey as a calming neutral colour and letting the green of your plants really pop through.

If you are looking for furniture Moda have some good rattan choices but for subtle changes B&Q and Wickes will have everything you need.

White and Grey Garden Trend

There are still lots more places to grab cashback to spruce up your home and garden. So make sure you check on site before you buy. If you have any great tips or deals then do let us all in on the secret.

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