Top 2021 Home and Garden Trends

Posted on 24 Aug 2021 Posted in  Tips & Updates
home and garden 2021 trends

Since the world turned upside down, we’ve found ourselves having to spend a great deal of time in our own private space. Whether it was local lockdown restrictions limiting us to a specific number of guests or the only space being allowed to socialise in being our gardens. Here are some of the latest home & garden trends that we hope will bring you inspiration that will impress those visiting your wonderful little havens.

Trending Home Décor Tips

Grey & Yellow

This year’s colours of choice are Yellow & Gray! Pantone took an unusual approach for 2021 and named two colours of the year instead of the normal one to demonstrate how they both complement each other with a zingy yellow and a dull grey. The colours were chosen to represent a message of strength & hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting… which is very appropriate for the current times indeed. So, brighten up that house décor with a modern approach highlighting the contrast between the two colours.

We recommend both B&Q and Wickes for the best deals on paint.


Make the home office a focal point

I’m sure for many working from home has become the norm over the past 12 months. If that’s the case, then make your home office a focal point of the house. Be proud of the environment that you work in. Whether it’s the furniture you’re working on, the desk accessories to make your working position more efficient & comfortable or just a general colour theme that compliments the room that it’s in. You want your home office to have crisp, clean lines, comfort, and a creative inspiration to allow your thinking process to flourish.

For the best in home office furniture, quirky accessories and supplies check out Wayfair, and Office Monster


Ocean Blues

Get a cool, calm, and clear blue colour scheme to capture the essence of skies, swimming pools and the sea. Not many of us have been able to get away this year so bring the tranquil vibes to your home to help with a sense of clarity. Match a blue with a seashell white and you have your very own beach hut feeling that can be a great interior design for an outhouse in the garden.

We recommend checking out Furniture Village and Etsy for both furniture and unique ocean themed accessories.


Trending Garden Tips

Hanging egg chairs

One of the main garden trends of 2021 was the hanging egg chair. Outdoor furniture is a must-have for social interaction and gatherings and these fabulous, snazzy looking egg chairs offer great full body support allowing you to take the weight off your feet. Not only can they be used to dazzle your guests, but they are also fantastic for unwinding with a book or having a tipple. In fact, in the last year searches for outdoor hanging chairs have gone up by a whopping 234%.

We recommend, The Range or Wayfair


Garden pizza ovens

Wow visiting guests or loved ones with a delicious pizza night… whether it’s as a drunken treat or to go along with an outdoor movie viewing. Mix both style with convenience and you can turn a boring day into a fun competition to see who can make the best stone-based pizza! They also do a double service acting as a great source of warmth for those cooler to come months.

Check out Lakeland, Selfridges or Ooni


A garden bar

Think about it… every pub and bar fully booked, early close times and an expensive day out? Why not retreat to your own drinking space where you have the freedom to design your bar as you like… sports, Hawaiian or fairy lights are all themes that have been done. So let your creativity flow and have a good time with your friend & family. Just don’t forget to drink responsibly.

Our best bet for everything to do with garden bars are Robert Dyas, Beerwulf or B&Q

Garden Bar

There are still lots of places to grab cashback to improve your home & garden. So, make sure you browse on-site before you buy. If you have any great tips or deals, then please share the word. We would love to know all about it in the comments.



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