Thorntons - Chocolate Hamper Competition and Cashback

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Competition is now closed, a winner will be announced shortly!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without delicious chocolates from Britain’s best loved chocolate maker, Thorntons. This year, to make Christmas even more special, Thorntons has created some magical new treats featuring The Snowman™ and the Snowdog to accompany all your family favourites.


The Snowman and The Snowdog White Chocolate Model 250g (RSP £10.00)’ is the ideal gift for anyone who has been good this year.

Plus you could win your very own Snowman and The Snowdog Christmas hamper for yourself! Thorntons are giving away 5, so to be in with a chance of winning simply….

Tell us which character from the hamper is your favourite in the comments below!

Click here for a closer look at The Snowmanchocolate goodies. Then just search 'the snowman' on the Thorntons site!

Terms and conditions apply.

suec718 Nov 13 - 19:13The snowdog - he's so cute i've even lovingly knitted a model of him!
adelleg318 Nov 13 - 15:03The snowman is my fav
cascott9915 Nov 13 - 10:47This comes up as an add for me on gmail, but was already closed when I clicked through - time to remove the ad!
Hi there,

I am sorry you are having this problem. So that I can look into this for you, please could you kindly send in a screenshot of the ad to, with the title: fao Ceri

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,
pacedelmondo15 Nov 13 - 01:25The Snowdog
AKROBERTS12 Nov 13 - 19:03The dog!
avstar12 Nov 13 - 12:18Cute
asda1212 Nov 13 - 08:35I like the small milk chocolate snowman best because he's on a stick and I can eat him without getting chocolate every where.
COLWICK45412 Nov 13 - 08:08Megga
s1ng12 Nov 13 - 01:17Snowdog
markg10311 Nov 13 - 22:44Defo snowdog reminds me of grommet!
Revya11 Nov 13 - 17:57Snow Dog is my favourite
drok6911 Nov 13 - 11:05Snow dog is my favorite. He is supercute and has a mitten patch socks for ears and a christmas orange for a nose. He makes me happy :-)
ClaireCoulter11 Nov 13 - 08:58The Snow Dog is Top Dog - In the cold his "Grr" is "Brr"illiant!
brys10 Nov 13 - 21:41Snowman is best
acrabb09 Nov 13 - 20:25I think that the snow dog is the best. Dogs are mans best friend.
robbo508 Nov 13 - 09:21The snowman is my favourite
freddy5908 Nov 13 - 01:07Snowman
07 Nov 13 - 10:46I love the Snowdog, so cute!! X
bignadz06 Nov 13 - 22:47Snowman for me classic
06 Nov 13 - 14:20The Snowdog
Imawhinger06 Nov 13 - 10:22Definately Snowdog according to my little lad :)
jallerton05 Nov 13 - 22:01Snow dog v cute
kieranlong05 Nov 13 - 14:24Snowdog...There'snow competition!
vanellus05 Nov 13 - 13:35The Snowman
bigwilliamstyle05 Nov 13 - 09:02I like the Snowman at the back where his hat appears to big for his head and can't see his eyes....
join_up04 Nov 13 - 22:23The Snolwman and the Snowdog Chocolate model.
Joodle6804 Nov 13 - 20:44The rather lovely snowdog of course!
angelhunt04 Nov 13 - 19:41The snow dog is my fav as he is oh so cute.
yourwebsitegenie04 Nov 13 - 17:24It has to be the snow dawggggg
ziggyja04 Nov 13 - 13:29Snowdog
sandrablainey104 Nov 13 - 12:06I love the dog with the mis matched ears, cos I never have matching socks!!!
Gillmcc04 Nov 13 - 11:08The little snow dog, of course!
Nobby07004 Nov 13 - 10:30Its got to be the dog for his little sock ears!
semolinapilchard04 Nov 13 - 09:12Has to be the snowdog - if only for those ears.
indyjukebox04 Nov 13 - 08:40The snow dog is really cute!
miss_e03 Nov 13 - 23:46I love the Snowdog - so cute!
1246362634303 Nov 13 - 23:43The snowdog!
bargainhuntergal03 Nov 13 - 22:47The Snowman
IRIELADY03 Nov 13 - 22:34Super cute!
agfarmer03 Nov 13 - 21:52Snow dog for me!
keithk03 Nov 13 - 21:42The Snowman.
1138098025603 Nov 13 - 21:36The Snowman
Tegandee03 Nov 13 - 21:30It has to be the original snowman!
mellychops03 Nov 13 - 21:27I just love this it's so cute
nrtaylor03 Nov 13 - 19:57My favourite is the snowdog because he's cute and also because I love real life dogs too :-)!
pepsi998303 Nov 13 - 19:54The Snowman.
jokow03 Nov 13 - 19:13The snowdog
PHILLIAN03 Nov 13 - 19:04Snowdog
sophiertb03 Nov 13 - 17:51The Snowman!
Loug7803 Nov 13 - 17:20Although snow dog is very cute snowman is the original and the best!
HelenSwales03 Nov 13 - 17:03My favourite character from the hamper is The Snowman. Have you noticed on the pic above, The Snowman on the left looks quite rude! Trust me to notice, ha ha.
Pantsy03 Nov 13 - 17:00....The Snowman. Will always have a soft spot for him.
Shydaylily03 Nov 13 - 16:44Snowdog
Heidipiedy03 Nov 13 - 16:29The Reindeer!!
abi138803 Nov 13 - 16:26I like the snow dog best, he's super cute!
siobzilla03 Nov 13 - 15:32He looks really cute :)
purplediva03 Nov 13 - 15:30The snowdog - he looks so cute
BRUCES03 Nov 13 - 15:21The Snowman is my favourite
Member11752243552503 Nov 13 - 15:13Snowdog every time!
linzos03 Nov 13 - 15:10It has to be the Snowdog for me as i'm such a dog lover (as well as a chocolate lover):)
Chirag03 Nov 13 - 15:07Snowdog
sdenise03 Nov 13 - 15:01The white chocolate Snowdog is my favourite
mshell123103 Nov 13 - 14:54I like the snowman :)
cybertrees03 Nov 13 - 14:35My favourite is Ronnie the Reindeer, but of course one is not enough, everyone knows you have to have Two Ronnies!
karenboo03 Nov 13 - 13:37I love the snow dog, he's uber cute!!
jenjonben03 Nov 13 - 13:33Snowman is my favourite, so cute almost a shame to eat him but that wont stop me yummy white chocolate x
cinderellao903 Nov 13 - 12:38I like the snowman character
tjcp03 Nov 13 - 11:31I like the snowdog
MrsAJ03 Nov 13 - 11:03Snowdog
Rachaelsit03 Nov 13 - 10:55The reindeer is the best
milliepoppy03 Nov 13 - 10:47The snowdog, its so cute!
03 Nov 13 - 09:37I just love The Snowman
cristalfiona03 Nov 13 - 09:19The Snowman, although I don't know if I could bring myself to eat him!
frigginpumps03 Nov 13 - 08:23The Snowdog! Definitely!
hannahlw198503 Nov 13 - 08:14Snowdog without doubt!!
Femi_The_Master03 Nov 13 - 04:47The snowman :-)
Pretenna03 Nov 13 - 02:03The snowdog is my favourite - so cute!
sydroo03 Nov 13 - 01:47The Snowdog is my fav, he looks so cute...And yummy!
whizzybop03 Nov 13 - 01:06The Snowman™ And The Snowdog White Chocolate Model is my favourite item.
03 Nov 13 - 00:39I love the snowman :) x
tweety32103 Nov 13 - 00:24Snowman
Morbitonic03 Nov 13 - 00:16Snowdog :)
MixedSpice03 Nov 13 - 00:01I like the Snowman. He is so nice and friendly and looks good enough to eat.
katet7602 Nov 13 - 23:54It has to be the snow dog he's gorgeous! !
Eviebea02 Nov 13 - 23:30Snow dog is my favourite.
junkitmo02 Nov 13 - 23:22The Snowman
zippedup02 Nov 13 - 23:06... The snow dog :)
02 Nov 13 - 23:01The Snowman
24Ern2402 Nov 13 - 22:49I love white dogs, one owns me, and he is even sweeter than yours.
Amezeylady02 Nov 13 - 22:33The snowman - I love them!
Tonkatol02 Nov 13 - 22:31My favourite character is Ronnie the Reindeer, although I think Snowman and Snowdog look delicious.
lalaboo02 Nov 13 - 22:27Snowman
02 Nov 13 - 22:13The snowman is cute! X
emmagough7802 Nov 13 - 21:35The snow man is my favourite
SHORTMAN02 Nov 13 - 21:27I feel awful saying that the snow dog looks really yummy!
Uxorious02 Nov 13 - 21:21For the Snow Dog :)
rayf02 Nov 13 - 21:21Snowdog for me
defairmans02 Nov 13 - 21:12The snowdog
mulchface02 Nov 13 - 20:53The Snowdog
Ciix02 Nov 13 - 20:43It has to be the Snowdog, he looks too cute to eat.
Member4191690193202 Nov 13 - 20:31The snow dog is so cute!
Cashmo02 Nov 13 - 20:17They are all lovely, but my favourite is the snow dog
mamof3boys02 Nov 13 - 20:13It has to be The Snowman. I adore that movie.
georgiebrown002 Nov 13 - 20:09I love the snowman takes me back to being young x
StarryEyed5002 Nov 13 - 20:09I love the Snowman and the Snow Dog. The Dog is my favourite
Rushy2102 Nov 13 - 20:05The snow dog is so cute!
madge4702 Nov 13 - 19:56The snow dog
candystripes02 Nov 13 - 19:56The Snowman™ And The Snowdog Chocolate Model
littlemisstrivia02 Nov 13 - 19:55The Snowdog
ianmegan02 Nov 13 - 19:50The snowdog (although I thought it was a rabbit at first, lol)
02 Nov 13 - 19:49Another fan of the Snow dog, here
juliedee466302 Nov 13 - 19:43Love snow dog, so cute
hazeyhaze500002 Nov 13 - 19:39Love the white chocolate snowman holding on to the little snowdog :)
Barbara502 Nov 13 - 19:36The snowdog is so cute. I love his odd ears. Would fit in well at my house lol.
Member3992859810502 Nov 13 - 19:34Snowman
gethro02 Nov 13 - 19:33Got to be the snowdog,my springer like chasing snowballs but he still can't workout why he can't find them when they hit the ground.....
lmartin48402 Nov 13 - 19:30The snowdog :)
iTG02 Nov 13 - 19:15The White Chocolate Snowman with the dog attached to him :)
morning_star02 Nov 13 - 19:14Milk chocolate snowman:)
xemmax12102 Nov 13 - 18:54Snow dog - too cute.
ptak556602 Nov 13 - 18:53Love the snow dog … Very cute
goodbuy02 Nov 13 - 18:37Snowdog.
kimmy39302 Nov 13 - 18:24Snow Dog
mandahul02 Nov 13 - 18:18The Snow Dog is so cute but not sure how I would feel biting his little nose off.
mrmojos02 Nov 13 - 18:18The white chocolate snowman for me cannot get enough white chocolate.
nokkie2102 Nov 13 - 18:17Snowman
flandot02 Nov 13 - 18:11Love the snowman :)
pompeypaul2502 Nov 13 - 18:07The milk chocolate snowman for me
JBH31602 Nov 13 - 17:56Snow Dog is my favourite - almost too cute to eat!
79493775902 Nov 13 - 17:44The milk chocolate snowman for me. X
diva197702 Nov 13 - 17:44The Snowman and The Snowdog looks brill and I love white choc
Angelinlace6902 Nov 13 - 17:21Snowdog looks so adorable
checkout02 Nov 13 - 17:09My favourite is the snow man the origanal
Blue___Nile02 Nov 13 - 17:06Snowdog
Minxy59502 Nov 13 - 17:06The Snowman - i've fond memories of the 1982 original film, and he's one of the all-time iconic characters :)
katherinesara02 Nov 13 - 17:05Milk chocolate snowman xx
hmdsport02 Nov 13 - 16:51Love dogs so I will lov this
becsthomas02 Nov 13 - 16:47The Snowman with The Snowdog Model is so cute. I like this one :)
timmmers02 Nov 13 - 16:44The Snowdog
marmite197202 Nov 13 - 16:37The Snowdog for me!
latte777002 Nov 13 - 16:26Almost too cute to eat
natz10102 Nov 13 - 16:24... The Snow Dog!!! :)
Barney6802 Nov 13 - 16:21Irresistable and so cute - Snow Dog gets my vote!
thecookiemonster02 Nov 13 - 16:21Has to be the Snowman - he did come first after all xx
blue2502 Nov 13 - 16:14The lovely Snowdog!
kate24702 Nov 13 - 16:13I love those sock ears!
02 Nov 13 - 16:12The Snowman!
ali99102 Nov 13 - 16:02I love the snow dog
red25702 Nov 13 - 15:59Snow Dog what a cutie pie
binna02 Nov 13 - 15:57The Snow Dog is my fave!
Liquorice02 Nov 13 - 15:55The Snow Dog is my favourite
eloisemum02 Nov 13 - 15:46Just love the Snowdog :)
d0nnasaur02 Nov 13 - 15:21Snowdog!
brigger02 Nov 13 - 15:18The milk chocolate snowman
pintofhof102 Nov 13 - 14:59There is snowdog like a Thorntons one !
srobbo7102 Nov 13 - 14:52The Snowman is my favourite
Leumas02 Nov 13 - 14:35...It looks like the dog is on top at present(~500 votes to ~300), so i'll go for the snowman, as the current underdog!
kellyevans1002 Nov 13 - 14:16The snowdog is a brilliant friendly new character love the new story just as good as the old and made me cry :...(
stu_w02 Nov 13 - 14:11The Snowdog™ Mini White Chocolate Model
BexD02 Nov 13 - 14:04I love the Snowman
Dessallara02 Nov 13 - 13:54Snowman :)
caz12345602 Nov 13 - 13:45I love the snowman!
jaypips02 Nov 13 - 13:44I love snowmen!
Jezzamk102 Nov 13 - 13:34The snowdog is beautiful. He looks too nice to eat.
PJLawrence02 Nov 13 - 13:22I love the snowman - but snowdog comes a close second :)
1411eileen02 Nov 13 - 13:15Either would be great, the Snowman cause he represents yuletide and that feel good factor and the Snowdog cause he;s sooooo darned cute, if he was real i'd have a couple but i'd settle for the chocie ones.
02 Nov 13 - 13:09'Snow alternative ....Its the Snowman!
swilsonleach02 Nov 13 - 13:09Has to be the snowman
daisyduck12302 Nov 13 - 12:51The Snowman with his dog.. Although I did a double take as the dogs pink ear is placed oddly ;)
andytf6302 Nov 13 - 12:41Snowdog
dania6602 Nov 13 - 12:33Snowdog
02 Nov 13 - 12:11The Snow Dog of course!
feralgirl02 Nov 13 - 11:26Snow dog:)
Jamme1902 Nov 13 - 11:21The Snowdog is very cute :)
alexlukeshelby02 Nov 13 - 11:17Snow Dog
Madeindevon02 Nov 13 - 11:13The snowman for me, who doesn't like snowmen..
Member12769028641202 Nov 13 - 10:41I love Chocolate Advent Calendar Bundle, its perfect for my family! One each for me & My partner and one each for my two wonderful children :)
sam88802 Nov 13 - 10:32Snow doggie x
bigosuk02 Nov 13 - 10:23The Snowdog Christmas hamper! :)
libra1002 Nov 13 - 09:54Snowman is my favourite
marees3002 Nov 13 - 09:36I love the snowman
Keith_5502 Nov 13 - 09:20It's gotta be the snowman for me, it's a reminder of a somewhat gentler time in all our lives and also a reminder that I could sit and watch it with the kids and now it would be grandchildren.
cathryn102 Nov 13 - 09:03Snowdog
C_Heyworth02 Nov 13 - 08:46Snowdog
MrZammo02 Nov 13 - 08:35I like the Snowman best.
hownowbrowncow02 Nov 13 - 08:13The Snowman
ChelseaGirl2502 Nov 13 - 08:09Snow Dog
tezzad02 Nov 13 - 07:55It's just so cute,but i'd have no problems eating it.
jimdavis02 Nov 13 - 07:47Made my wife cry watching this, she's a sucker for a doggy tale, so why not give her a doggy tail. Christmas soon brownie points for me!
Gemsie02 Nov 13 - 07:16The snowdog...So cute!
Jayz26802 Nov 13 - 07:06Reminds me of the wonderful story and film!
mikeymuk02 Nov 13 - 03:01The snowdog is fab
shell328102 Nov 13 - 00:44Snowdog looks delicious! :)
StephenKingFan02 Nov 13 - 00:20Love the Snow Dog - his ears are gorgeous!
tinkertink201001 Nov 13 - 23:50I love the snow dog - so cute! Woof woof!
deanhead01 Nov 13 - 23:05Love the snowman
san8901 Nov 13 - 22:43Snowdog
ruth2301 Nov 13 - 22:21Snowdog
bluecat3501 Nov 13 - 22:20Snowdog
VictoriaS01 Nov 13 - 22:03Snowdog :d
Kellyhox01 Nov 13 - 21:41Snowdoggy!
Member81217250362301 Nov 13 - 21:35The Snowdog!
baggers01 Nov 13 - 21:08Snowman, snowdog..Snowman, snowdog,hmmm snowdog!!
clareo12201 Nov 13 - 21:02Snowdog
Gillass01 Nov 13 - 20:42I love the snowman..Cute :)
cheryl10001 Nov 13 - 20:40Snowman :)
aaagh01 Nov 13 - 20:27Snowdog
savingsquid01 Nov 13 - 20:17Definitely the pup!
01 Nov 13 - 20:05Snowman
matphil01 Nov 13 - 19:52The Snowman.
01 Nov 13 - 19:43Our favourite character is the Snowdog. We made a real snowdog last winter and everyone who passed our house pointed it out and commented on how cool it looked!
booskyeboo01 Nov 13 - 19:25I just love the snow dog :-)
Missbuddy01 Nov 13 - 19:14It has to be The Snowman, He would make an ideal gift bringing memories to all ages xx
millylitre01 Nov 13 - 18:46The Snowman
paulamul01 Nov 13 - 18:25The Snowdog - he is adorable!
Sandy240401 Nov 13 - 17:47Got to be the snowdog-mans or woman's best friend after all!! Who could resist a lovely cuddly puppy.!!
Feebee3201 Nov 13 - 17:41Snow dog is so cute - and I bet the chocolate version is very tasty too!
Jenpoptab01 Nov 13 - 17:40The snowman, much loved character since childhood!
dozymoo01 Nov 13 - 17:38Definatley the Snowdog!
GeorgiaLou01 Nov 13 - 17:30He looks so cute
lewpylew7801 Nov 13 - 17:12Has to be the iconic Snowman but don't know if I could bite his head off.... Oh no wait a minute yes I could!!
Lynnenine01 Nov 13 - 17:11Snowman, its all about Christmas.
Alandave01 Nov 13 - 17:03The Snowman
01 Nov 13 - 16:35Very nice and good to eat
Rieann01 Nov 13 - 16:31Love the Snowman...I'd be 'Walking in the Air' if I won. :-)
cheshiresue01 Nov 13 - 16:30The Snow dog(but they're both gorgeous)
LSAITCHISON01 Nov 13 - 16:28So cute. Loving the snowdog.
dienel01 Nov 13 - 16:23Impossible to choose! - They all look good enough to eat!
evildred01 Nov 13 - 16:15The snowman
72846690101 Nov 13 - 16:08The Snowman
smudgepaws01 Nov 13 - 16:05Love the snowdog every time. Melts my heart. As melting a chocolate snowdog!
smudgepaws01 Nov 13 - 16:05Love the snowdog every time. Melts my heart. As melting a chocolate snowdog!
dawnyj01 Nov 13 - 15:44Snowdog is definitely my favourite. So cute!!
soozybee01 Nov 13 - 15:44The Snowman
hendleyjc01 Nov 13 - 15:28Has to be the mini snowman - so cute & Easily eatable without destroying my appetite for the other hamper items!!!
Sarah_Tonin01 Nov 13 - 15:26The Snowman
charlotte3701 Nov 13 - 15:25The snow dog may be the cutest chocolate i've ever seen! Definitely my favourite
u01tki01 Nov 13 - 15:18Woof!
MarySh01 Nov 13 - 15:17He's too cute to eat though. What a dilema...!
loxxy317001 Nov 13 - 15:13My favourite is definitely the Snowman xx
jezthing01 Nov 13 - 14:53The Mini The Snowman and The Snowdog models look too good to eat, but i'm sure the kids would manage...
handrier01 Nov 13 - 14:48The Snowman!
SmileyShazza01 Nov 13 - 14:19I love the snowman :)
bjtraveller01 Nov 13 - 14:11I agree with everyone else - snowdog but how could you eat him????
melp6401 Nov 13 - 13:59It has to be the Snowman, he's a classic. And why does everyone have to have a dog these days anyway?
Cats301 Nov 13 - 13:57Its got to be the dog, very cute.
KJCxxx01 Nov 13 - 13:53It has to be snowdog - very cute and a great addition!
annamalicka6901 Nov 13 - 13:48The wonderful Snowman,it is a true piece of Christmas magic, winner every time!
01 Nov 13 - 13:44I like the snowman! Makes me feel nostalgic :-)
ACM01 Nov 13 - 13:37Definitely the Snowdog - so cute!
countrygirl1201 Nov 13 - 13:32The Original snowman!!
bentindall01 Nov 13 - 13:29Snowdog
matt7201 Nov 13 - 13:25The little snow dog looks cute....And yummy!
ElisaW01 Nov 13 - 13:14Snowdog
sweir101 Nov 13 - 12:54The Snowdog looks great
luijojo01 Nov 13 - 12:27The Snowdog looks great
indyjes01 Nov 13 - 12:12The Milk Chocolate Snowman & Snowdog combo would be my first choice, though i'd probably apologize as I bit into the dog, big animal loving softy that I am *Blush* :)
JCherry01 Nov 13 - 11:50It's got to be snow dog, it looks like my dog.
Pinkflo01 Nov 13 - 11:39The Snowman is my favourite - full of wonder and love. Christmas all over!
ziggy701 Nov 13 - 11:33Snowman for me because it links my late dad, who loved the film, to me and my daughter who loved it as a child, and now my grandson, who also loves it.
Sipadan01 Nov 13 - 11:20I love the snowdog, it's just so cute!
wef198401 Nov 13 - 10:45Snowdog for me
ScotWill01 Nov 13 - 10:41Snowdog for me!
01 Nov 13 - 10:38As there's so much of me, there needs to be more chocolate!
Melopsi01 Nov 13 - 10:37With those lovely ears it has to be the snowdog.
buzz2therescue01 Nov 13 - 10:34I love the white chocolate snowdog!
ellieo7001 Nov 13 - 10:21It has to be the snowdog for me - his wee floppy ears are just fab :)
bluebuttons01 Nov 13 - 10:18I adore the Snowman,his facial expressions and the love between him and the boy are magical,flying through the air makes me dream of doing the same,Now snowman has a dog,the cutest dog made of snow,adorned with socks to make his ears they deserve to live forever,they make christmas magical.
sscrase01 Nov 13 - 09:49Easily the snowman
alandles01 Nov 13 - 09:19Has to be The Snowman

Char2101 Nov 13 - 09:12Love The Snowman best - but it is difficult to decide as I love them both!
mpsandy01 Nov 13 - 09:08The snowman
wbafcben01 Nov 13 - 08:45Snowdog (snowdoge wofe wofe)!
ssouthurst01 Nov 13 - 08:44Snowman is cute
cluckyhen01 Nov 13 - 08:29Has to be the Snowman!
purpleskull01 Nov 13 - 08:25Love that cartoon x
tonyhaigh7301 Nov 13 - 08:14It is so playful and looks really lovable.
tux197701 Nov 13 - 08:12Snowdog's my favourite - those sock ears are too cute!
sarahgoldthorpe01 Nov 13 - 07:21My kids loved watching this last year & My son adored the snowdog, think its the sock ears that make it so cute!
Lahen01 Nov 13 - 06:18Although the snowdog looks cute too
cazbike01 Nov 13 - 05:19It would have to be the snowman for me. The original Raymond Briggs character.
kelzw01 Nov 13 - 03:15Has to be the snowdog
stevekay12301 Nov 13 - 00:48Snowdog
youngatheart01 Nov 13 - 00:46Raymond Briggs who wrote the Snowman used to live a few houses away from me. My favourite book is a signed copy of 'Ethel & Ernest', the life story of his parents in strip-cartoon format.
lightfran01 Nov 13 - 00:11I love the snow dog :-)
01 Nov 13 - 00:04The Snowdog
jazzking01 Nov 13 - 00:01I loooooove the snowdog, it's so cute :)
free40poundsoff31 Oct 13 - 23:54I think the snowman is by far the best there is nothing better than to watch this at Christmas whilst the kids lick his head away until the end.This Thorntons lot will definitely be on my Christmas list! Yum
micksfran31 Oct 13 - 23:44Loads of yummy bits to bite off
aboooo31 Oct 13 - 23:42It's the snowman for me. It reminds me of the film
Becklowe31 Oct 13 - 23:21The Snowman
minxie4131 Oct 13 - 23:18Defo snowdog! He reminds me of sleigh rides in the snow pulled by husky dogs and his sock ear warmers look so cute and a must for keeping out the winter chill x x
31 Oct 13 - 22:48I love the snow dog! So cute!
MartinLStevenson31 Oct 13 - 22:19The Snow Dog!
Jayneeeee31 Oct 13 - 22:14The Snowman is the best!
pje31 Oct 13 - 21:58White snowman would be my chocie
newlyork31 Oct 13 - 21:55The Snowdog is barking good.
clairepom7831 Oct 13 - 21:47Snowman
bIuecrimson31 Oct 13 - 21:32I like both. It would be a shame to eat them but Thorntons have some of the nicest chocolate.
Bowzer131 Oct 13 - 21:31Id love the while chocolate snowman and im keeping it all for me, hiding it upstairs and eating it on my own, so what!
pfcpompeysarah31 Oct 13 - 21:29They all look yummy, but my choice would be the snowman, but that is partly because he is one of the larger figures so more choccy.. Yum!
zebralennon31 Oct 13 - 21:21The Snowman! X
cornishpasty131 Oct 13 - 20:59Snowdog
AnthonyDas31 Oct 13 - 19:56Definitely The Snow Dog.
millmarsh231 Oct 13 - 19:07Because he'll melt my heart as he melts in my mouth!
jaxstone1231 Oct 13 - 18:52Snowdog is very cute with lovely white choc!
alportel713a31 Oct 13 - 18:34The originals are still the best
annox31 Oct 13 - 18:05Snowman- such a lovable iconic figure!
row199831 Oct 13 - 17:25Snowdog
Janice198531 Oct 13 - 17:21Snowdog
lizrjones31 Oct 13 - 17:19I like the Snowdog best - his ears are cute!
dy98931 Oct 13 - 17:05Snowman
jaxjams31 Oct 13 - 16:47The Snowdog
31 Oct 13 - 16:37The Snowman, he's cute!
vmb12331 Oct 13 - 15:43The Snow Dog
sgh100731 Oct 13 - 15:11The snowman
Susan_Hancock_31 Oct 13 - 14:59The snow dog is cute but 'The snowman' gives me that lovely Christmasy feeling!
dajohnston1031 Oct 13 - 14:48Snowdog--adorable
phia4431 Oct 13 - 13:34Snowdog so cute!
tinkerdel31 Oct 13 - 11:44My favourite character from the hamper is The Snowman, he is an iconic image of Christmas and brings back fond memories of Christmas. Plus he is bigger = More chocolate, winner right? :P x
petegilb231 Oct 13 - 11:27The snow dog is the cutest by far
lisi1031 Oct 13 - 09:00I love the Snow Dog, he's adorable!
solvagirl31 Oct 13 - 08:05I love the snowmans matching scarf and bobble hat.
carrier31 Oct 13 - 07:32I think the snow dog is best
sylvia_k31 Oct 13 - 05:34Snow dog for me every time!!
Bolton12931 Oct 13 - 01:34I love the snow dog
Andwynn31 Oct 13 - 00:33Love the snow dog, with the different coloured ears!
ClaireAG31 Oct 13 - 00:02Both! It doesn't look like you can eat one without eating the other! But the snowman has so nostalgia yet the snowdog is adorable with coloured ears.
dsummers30 Oct 13 - 22:58The Snowdog, it's so cute!
whitehorse7730 Oct 13 - 22:43I love the the little Snow Dog as I am a dog owner and simply adore the story of The Snow man and the Snow dog as it shows caring, love and magic all in one story. I would like the Snow dog chocolate, the dogs nose is adorable and his sock ears are very funny. The dog reminds me of me and how I wear odd socks to work.
AuntyS30 Oct 13 - 22:41The cute little Snowdog's ears are just begging to be bitten off and i'm just the person to do it. :-)
30 Oct 13 - 22:29Definitely the snowdog because he's adorable... Even though its a common answer, just cos he reminds me of my dogs :)
stephwhit8130 Oct 13 - 22:12I love the Snowman because he is so cute with his hat and scarf :o)
Member61128492905830 Oct 13 - 22:10I love the Snowdog!
effigy8630 Oct 13 - 22:09My favourite character is definitely the snowman.
KJaybaby30 Oct 13 - 22:08The Snowdog is my favourite xx
stajou30 Oct 13 - 22:00The Snowman is my favourite character from the hamper
crnichols30 Oct 13 - 21:39Definitely the Snowdog
Nikita530 Oct 13 - 21:09It looks so cute, it looks like my own dog (except for the socks for ears!)
donnyphil30 Oct 13 - 20:56Fantastic update to the original story, getting my snow dog tomorrow
albatross30 Oct 13 - 20:51The Snowman
cheryl1130 Oct 13 - 20:36Snowdog all the way!!
johnomac30 Oct 13 - 20:33The Snowman
easyone30 Oct 13 - 20:25The Snowdog love his little grin
MaThac30 Oct 13 - 20:20The Snowman
kathsmith30 Oct 13 - 19:53The snowman for me.
cowboybar66630 Oct 13 - 19:39Snowdog
debis30 Oct 13 - 19:22Oooh Thorntons,yummy,white chocolate-i'd love it :-)
njshope30 Oct 13 - 18:58I love the snowman!!
njshope30 Oct 13 - 18:56My favourite character is The Snowman. He is the very image of Christmas for me and best of all he is made of white Thornton's chocolate. Yum!
furkhanda30 Oct 13 - 18:36How cute is he?! I want him :)
jsw2230 Oct 13 - 18:16Love the snowman - so classic!
MrsB210030 Oct 13 - 17:01The Snowman - I loved that film as a kid, and i'm still the same now i'm all grown up!
Al_MacInnes30 Oct 13 - 16:58Tasty
pyueao30 Oct 13 - 16:40Snowdog's ears - want to nibble them off!
LJRBMTH30 Oct 13 - 16:08Love them both but the Snowdog is adorable.
Lynnbramley30 Oct 13 - 16:03Love the snowman
bezerina30 Oct 13 - 15:57Snowman - he's a classic
balmcake30 Oct 13 - 15:51It's got to be the Snowdog - cute!
Jude12330 Oct 13 - 15:50Snowdog
danniallchin9130 Oct 13 - 15:45Snowdog is so adorable!
topjamescash30 Oct 13 - 15:40The snowdog is so cute
magenta_pink30 Oct 13 - 15:16Snowman
jasmine200930 Oct 13 - 15:13Snowdog
hannah27230 Oct 13 - 15:04Snowman
enderit30 Oct 13 - 14:45Snowdog
ajtgraves30 Oct 13 - 14:44Snowdog
SHADY10030 Oct 13 - 14:43The snow dog all the way
deadleg2130 Oct 13 - 14:36The snowman looks fantastic.
Can't wait to win him.
deanbeauty30 Oct 13 - 14:30I love the snowman, traditional Christmas snowman ;)
freddy1530 Oct 13 - 14:23The dog, he's super cute!
dunwomblin30 Oct 13 - 14:12Who else? He is the cutest cartoon dog ever!
Victoria_KSN30 Oct 13 - 13:57The Snowdog is my favourite!
vange30 Oct 13 - 13:56Gotta be the dog, so cute!
nickyt30 Oct 13 - 13:39He is soo cute just love him
Maestro30 Oct 13 - 13:25I'm loving the snowdog. He's as cute as a button.
Annie_Can30 Oct 13 - 13:19Awwww - The Snowdog ..... In yummy white chocolate - looks to good to eat!! X
gibbers1030 Oct 13 - 12:55The dog is so cute, sadly I would have to bite his ears off first so he couldn't hear how tasty I though he was :p
lucyb120630 Oct 13 - 12:39Snowdag is quite adorable I would pick him as a fave
zeusiblue30 Oct 13 - 12:38The Snowdog is soo cute. Have 5 on my Christmas shopping list for all my dog loving friends. Hope I get one too !
stressedmum7230 Oct 13 - 12:30Has to be the countdown to Christmas advent calendar :)
Zoe_Moore30 Oct 13 - 12:29Snowdog everytime, love him :). And i'm not even a dog lover!
eaglewolf30 Oct 13 - 12:29The snowdog.
robkateheap30 Oct 13 - 12:27The Snowman with the little snowdog at his feet is adorable!
RicLoc30 Oct 13 - 12:24Snowman is cool!
duetemmo30 Oct 13 - 12:20The snowdog is so cute and adorable my daughter loves the film...I would love to see her face if she won this as she adores Thornton chocolate too.
joannef198330 Oct 13 - 12:20My fave is the snowdog!
Suze6230 Oct 13 - 12:18Snowdog is way cuter!
elainemargott30 Oct 13 - 12:17Snowdog for me :-)
SARAMARGETSON30 Oct 13 - 12:17We love the snowdog here :)
bennitto9430 Oct 13 - 12:12Snowman!
tiggy7730 Oct 13 - 12:11Snowdog is the one for me,
The cutest one by far I see,
I'd love to win the hamper prize,
To see the look in my son's eyes!
leedsbargaintart6430 Oct 13 - 12:08The Snowman of course
sylwright30 Oct 13 - 12:07Any really, just love chocolate
lisapaice30 Oct 13 - 12:07As a child of the eighties it has to be the snowman although snow dog is cute
MrsH38130 Oct 13 - 12:05Snowdog!
Lexxx30 Oct 13 - 12:05I love the Snowman, all melty and delicious!
Yarmouth1330 Oct 13 - 12:03The Snowman of course! Ah
lowmalzie30 Oct 13 - 11:58The wee snow dog!
leofung30 Oct 13 - 11:56Snowman :-)
Rai55530 Oct 13 - 11:52It has to be Snowdog - so so cute! :)
Sara099030 Oct 13 - 11:52I like the snowman best as it means Christmas is coming....!!!
vkidgell30 Oct 13 - 11:50I love the snowdog. He's adorable!
CindyT30 Oct 13 - 11:49The snowdog -so cute!
kerrington232330 Oct 13 - 11:46The snowman. So cute.
lexibc30 Oct 13 - 11:44It has to be the snow dog with his lovely ears
SMT8730 Oct 13 - 11:41Snowman!Snowman!Snowman!
Xanthe30 Oct 13 - 11:39Snowdog is the cutest!
wewoo30 Oct 13 - 11:39Love snowdog so cute x
Peter_Hayhurst30 Oct 13 - 11:39The Snowman
joolsb1630 Oct 13 - 11:35Snow dog
LadyLee30 Oct 13 - 11:33My Favourite is the snow dog :-)
hollyh30 Oct 13 - 11:30He is just so cute and definitely my 5 year old's favourite character too!
eliza080530 Oct 13 - 11:30I love the snowdog, the grandchildren would love him too.
sapphireeye30 Oct 13 - 11:29The mini snow dog looks really cute, yum yum!!
haslingdene30 Oct 13 - 11:25Snowdog
30 Oct 13 - 11:24Definitely the Snowman for me he's just magical
irio30 Oct 13 - 11:24The Snowman, because it is an ever lasting symbol of winter, and Christmas (in consequence). And the one by Thorntons looks like an 'upgraded' more human version:)!
JoJo0130 Oct 13 - 11:23Snowman!
sarnie7030 Oct 13 - 11:23Because it made me think of One man and his dog...Which my boys loved watching on countryfile on Sunday!
janiemcc30 Oct 13 - 11:19The snowman, reminds me of my childhood
wigleyshopper30 Oct 13 - 11:18Too cute to eat! Well, almost !
r1c0l130 Oct 13 - 11:13I like the Snow Dog, purely because it is the closest thing to owning a real dog!
Member91226513313430 Oct 13 - 11:06The Snowdog :)
nessafan201030 Oct 13 - 11:04My favourite is the snow dog, I love his coloured ears, took ages to choose between that and the snowman with snowdog, guess i'll have to buy them both!
sazzie199030 Oct 13 - 11:04How can anyone not find his little mismatched sock ears adorable! Not to mention is shaped carrot nose and cheeky little smile!!!!!
hanwilson30 Oct 13 - 11:04Snow Dog. Too cute.
boranpolska30 Oct 13 - 11:04The snowman, I still have my cuddly snowman which must be 30 or so years old now
scotty15830 Oct 13 - 11:02Snow dog
Mrs_Sweet_P_x30 Oct 13 - 11:02The snow dog is my favourite. Such a great follow up to the original Snowman programme...Christmas!!
30 Oct 13 - 10:58I love the snowman it reminds me Christmas is coming
30 Oct 13 - 10:57The Snowdog, is so cute, these look too nice to eat, but sure i'd manage!
Hayleysastar30 Oct 13 - 10:57It has to be Snowdog just because of the ears.
Anigel30 Oct 13 - 10:56It has to be the Snowman.
cat2430 Oct 13 - 10:55The Snowdog is incredibly cute.
rebeccacroot30 Oct 13 - 10:54Snowman - original is always the best.
lilcherub30 Oct 13 - 10:52I love the Snowman :)
msgchristiansen30 Oct 13 - 10:52Snowman
luanda1130 Oct 13 - 10:50I love the snowdog.
sarajo30 Oct 13 - 10:50Definitely the snowman - brings back lovely memories of my childhood :)
airidag30 Oct 13 - 10:49Definitely the snow dog. If I won the hamper I would give it to my little sister (5) and brother (3) who I know love all the characters in the film!
Member12771506255030 Oct 13 - 10:48Love white choc.
duckard1230 Oct 13 - 10:46Love the Snowdog, so cute and no doubt tasty too!
30 Oct 13 - 10:46I love the snowman :)
Member4192383460530 Oct 13 - 10:45The large snowman with the snowdog is the best closely followed by the snowdog.
stacey23uk30 Oct 13 - 10:44I love the Snowdog, sooooo cute :)
Karen_Fry30 Oct 13 - 10:44It has to be the Snowman :)
kez7730 Oct 13 - 10:42My favourite is the Snowman, timeless & Classic.....Although the Snowdog is very sweet.
8161830 Oct 13 - 10:42I like the snowdog the best because he is so cute. The snowman is always a favourite at Christmas, so the snowdog makes a change. : )
xkatiejpx30 Oct 13 - 10:42My favourite character in this hamper is the snowman with the little dog at his feet, cute :)
byersgreen30 Oct 13 - 10:41Snowdog
ninamotylinski30 Oct 13 - 10:40It has to be the snowman, he is such an all time classic children's Christmas icon, he's been in my heart since the early 80's and love that my children now love it too!
judith357330 Oct 13 - 10:39My favorite is the Snowman although the Snowdog is cute also.
Goddard30 Oct 13 - 10:39Snowdog my favourite
vicky679230 Oct 13 - 10:36I love them all but the snowdog is just the cutest! X
Jane_Litchfield30 Oct 13 - 10:35The snowdog !
Pepperpotty30 Oct 13 - 10:35Christmas isn't Christmas without the Snowman!
lholding30 Oct 13 - 10:33My favourite is Snow Dog
acm200030 Oct 13 - 10:32Dogs rule
Alicewootton30 Oct 13 - 10:32I love the pup! Way to make chocolate cute as hell!
jellytot198330 Oct 13 - 10:31Definitely the snowdog, love his sock ears
paddy271130 Oct 13 - 10:28My dogs lick me, so it is only fair that I should be able to lick a dog!!
Aimsky30 Oct 13 - 10:28I love the snowman
lorra30 Oct 13 - 10:28The snow dog is a chocolatey version of my big puppy Ella. Only without the fluff and the muddy paws!!
richargr00130 Oct 13 - 10:27I love the ears on the snow dog (or reindeer) soooo cute!
darkangel8730 Oct 13 - 10:27Snowman :-) my fave xmas film as a kid so love the character
kiwimogs30 Oct 13 - 10:27I'd love to get my teeth into the snowman. Mmmmmmm!
mermaid1330 Oct 13 - 10:26The dog. But could I eat it? Probably not!! Too cute :)
anna197530 Oct 13 - 10:26The snowman has been a favourite of mine since childhood. Gives me goosebumps every year I watch it and i'm 38 years old !! The dog is cute but my favourite is The Snowman :)
kimll256930 Oct 13 - 10:25Love, love, love the snow dog.
30 Oct 13 - 10:24Would have to taste-test first...(!) But the dog looks cutest.
jbubbles30 Oct 13 - 10:24It has to be the snow dog just so lovely : )
Roo7130 Oct 13 - 10:24I love the white chocolate Snow Dog
jacko625130 Oct 13 - 10:24For me it is definitely the snowman !
jacko625130 Oct 13 - 10:24For me it is definitely the snowman !
jbubbles30 Oct 13 - 10:23It has to be the snow dog as it is just so lovely : )
Muffinsmum30 Oct 13 - 10:23It has to be the Snowman! My daughter loved him as a wee girl and she still loves him as an adult.
30 Oct 13 - 10:23Snowman
Kathrynb7630 Oct 13 - 10:23Mmmm, white chocolate... In the shape of the ultra-cute Snowdog. Who couldn't wish for a nicer Xmas stocking filler!
colinheap130 Oct 13 - 10:23It has to be the delicious looking snowman. Loved the film as a child and now enjoy watching it with my own children.
archerg2830 Oct 13 - 10:22The Snowman!
esme200430 Oct 13 - 10:22It has to be the snowman. It just isn't Christmas until i've snuggled up on the sofa with the kids to watch it! X
kathyanderson30 Oct 13 - 10:21The snowman was my favorite
traciej30 Oct 13 - 10:20Who can resist a snowy pup with mismatched socks for ears and a satsuma for a nose?! Awww x
Gillpoole30 Oct 13 - 10:19Got to be the Snow dog he's cool
moglovesshoes30 Oct 13 - 10:18The Snow Man :)
Scottmceneaney30 Oct 13 - 10:18It has got to be the Snowman as he brings back memories of so many happy Christmas times which always transports me back to my childhood. The best bit of all is that I am now getting to share that with my daughter and she loves the Snowman even more than me.
enorrie5530 Oct 13 - 10:18The snowman
vickilanc30 Oct 13 - 10:17Oh it has to be the snowman, so my grandaughter says :)
r_turner438330 Oct 13 - 10:17The milk chocolate snowman... I'd like to think the people at Thornton's have put a bit of forethought into this and, as such, this particular delicacy represents the 'muddy' snowman.
enorrie5530 Oct 13 - 10:16The snowman
alimartin1730 Oct 13 - 10:15I love the snowman!
childmanda30 Oct 13 - 10:15I love the snow dog he is sooooo cute :)
tamby6930 Oct 13 - 10:15My favourite has to be the white chocolate Snowman always love to watch this film when I was a kid & Love to watch it now with my own children. Wouldn't be christmas without the Snowman xxx
Sabretooth33530 Oct 13 - 10:14I love the ears on the Snowdog. Very cute!
Helen_White30 Oct 13 - 10:13Snowdog is my favourite :-)
nbatch30 Oct 13 - 10:13The snowman reminds me of the cartoon when I was a kid which seems like an eternity away and reminds me how old I actually am so I pick the snowdog :)
30 Oct 13 - 10:13The Snowman is my fave. Classic and now deliciously Throntons? Sounds fab! X
Hayleysastar30 Oct 13 - 10:13:)
cfsmith8930 Oct 13 - 10:13Snow dog all the way!
hazelmckay7830 Oct 13 - 10:12The Snowdog :-)
skellbird30 Oct 13 - 10:12Love the snowdog
30 Oct 13 - 10:11The SnowDog's my favorite, he's so cute x
suarp30 Oct 13 - 10:11It has to be the snow dog
chichigana30 Oct 13 - 10:11The Snowman is my favourite.

My Mum, who was a big David Bowie fan, used to joke that she'd seen David Bowie's bottom because he narrated the re-released film and you catch a glimpse of the boy's bottom at the beginning! Bless her.
Bigcol161130 Oct 13 - 10:11The snowdog is great, the kids loved watching it last year and would love eating this year instead!
chrisjeans30 Oct 13 - 10:11Very cute :-)
JBDance_30 Oct 13 - 10:11I really like him, he's my favourite x
cheekypj30 Oct 13 - 10:11You just have to love those ears on the Snow Dog
30 Oct 13 - 10:09I'd be walking in the air if I won this!
Alyssasmummy30 Oct 13 - 10:09The snow dog, he's so cute almost too good to eat! (Almost!)
amandaleeds30 Oct 13 - 10:08The snow dog but he looks too cute to eat :-)
pippacat30 Oct 13 - 10:08Love the snowdog!!
jpieter30 Oct 13 - 10:08The snowman looks adorable
josparkes30 Oct 13 - 10:07Its got to be the Snowman - such a classic character, Christmas isnt complete without him!!
janemike7730 Oct 13 - 10:07Snow dog my fav
malamay30 Oct 13 - 10:07Isn't the snowdog adorable? He is my favourite!
Twilight12329 Oct 13 - 22:39The Snowdog is adorable.
hannah_2529 Oct 13 - 22:04The snowdog x
Jaynie8229 Oct 13 - 21:59Love the snowman!!
littleme9629 Oct 13 - 21:53The Snowman - just magical from the original film to last year's sequel. Takes me straight back to my childhood.
Member10724548125529 Oct 13 - 21:46The Snowman, I can remember being spellbound by it when I was little. Hope to get my little boy to watch it this year.
soopdragon29 Oct 13 - 21:26The Snowman I remember when it was first shown on the tv
yoeydavis29 Oct 13 - 21:10Definately the snowman, I remember when it first came out. We bought it on vhs, my little sis had a huge cuddly snowman toy and dad bought the song on vinyl.
gametin29 Oct 13 - 21:01Fave character has to be snowdog x
tralla29 Oct 13 - 20:42Snowman
tralla29 Oct 13 - 20:41THe snowman
jumapech29 Oct 13 - 20:08Gotta be the Snowman
ay98929 Oct 13 - 20:03Snowdog
daisydaisy2129 Oct 13 - 19:42The snow dog is my favourite, it reminds me of my puppies
georgemjohnson29 Oct 13 - 19:36Snowdog
luckybutterfly29 Oct 13 - 19:02The Snowman is my fave!
jazza129 Oct 13 - 18:50The Snowdog
itsmeexxx29 Oct 13 - 18:48The snowman, Love white chocolate! :-)
Member31026226050329 Oct 13 - 17:44Bonzo the snowdog
Abouttojump29 Oct 13 - 17:22I love The Snowdog.
John_Mousley29 Oct 13 - 16:49The one and only Snowman
Rahven29 Oct 13 - 16:22The dog here too. Tho I must admit I thought it was a bunny at first. Then realised that was the wrong season!
mitzu8629 Oct 13 - 15:43Snowdog :-)
JoJoBaldwin29 Oct 13 - 15:03I love the Snow Dog hamper, so cute!
kristinajt29 Oct 13 - 14:54Keeping it original - Got to be the snowman :) x
donut11129 Oct 13 - 13:17Snowman
Eas8529 Oct 13 - 12:55Can't beat the snowman, we watch it every year on Xmas day!
29 Oct 13 - 12:54Thank you
joanjf29 Oct 13 - 12:47Snowdog, love him
tabbaz29 Oct 13 - 12:40Snow Dog
callumsmithfamily29 Oct 13 - 12:38My favourite is the Snowdog
29 Oct 13 - 11:04Snowdog
nsjm129 Oct 13 - 10:39My favourite is the Snowdog
ellams29 Oct 13 - 10:33Snowdog is my favourite
dmillard29 Oct 13 - 09:48I love the Snow Dog!
lainey0129 Oct 13 - 09:06I love the Snowman..Looks too good to eat though!
clare1729 Oct 13 - 08:50I love the snow dog
grandee229 Oct 13 - 08:12Because he makes dreams come true at Christmas
lizd3129 Oct 13 - 07:43I love the snowman & The snowdog
peskyvarmits29 Oct 13 - 07:12Snowdog by peskyvarmits
michael_29 Oct 13 - 07:09Snowdog
flyingfresian29 Oct 13 - 07:05He's too cute!
Member91243105863729 Oct 13 - 07:03Love the Snowdog he is so cute :)
phillip66629 Oct 13 - 05:25The Snowdog Is Adorable -

I Want Him -
coffeevanilla29 Oct 13 - 02:21The snowman
buchanl29 Oct 13 - 02:16Snowdog is the best
Jenzer12129 Oct 13 - 01:08Snowdog is such a cutie!
ashton5329 Oct 13 - 01:00I love the Snowdog :)
cvgmail29 Oct 13 - 00:50The snowman! :-)
29 Oct 13 - 00:28I like the look of the milk chocolate snowman best - the detail's impressive.X
thingamaBob29 Oct 13 - 00:00The Snowman
carrotie28 Oct 13 - 23:48The snowdog is cute! Its my fav!
carrotie28 Oct 13 - 23:46The snowdog is very cute!I like it the most
Applepies28 Oct 13 - 23:45Snowdog white chocolate model - looks too good to eat
smeghead328 Oct 13 - 23:45The snowman
NDM28 Oct 13 - 23:20The snowman :-)
teppanyaki28 Oct 13 - 23:13The snowman of cousre
Blulu28 Oct 13 - 23:07It was not an easy choice, they're all soooooo cute and tasty looking - just like ;o) But the snowman reminds me of the snowman from the tv cartoon film. The only thing is that I would feel mean eating him - might have to close my eyes to do that :)
28 Oct 13 - 23:00Snowman
Member3528296705828 Oct 13 - 22:47I love the snow dog.. Because my little girl sounds so cute as she points to it saying 'woof woof'!
robinson_13128 Oct 13 - 22:45Snowman
28 Oct 13 - 22:41Definitely the Snowman. He's a classic icon.
misscoupon28 Oct 13 - 22:25Milk chocolate snowman
tinkerdel28 Oct 13 - 22:13I love the Snowman and The Snowdog Selection Pack because it has cute packaging and there's enough chocolate in there to share with others (just about)! ;-)
hellywellyt28 Oct 13 - 21:53The Snowdog™ Mini White Chocolate Model
mije198328 Oct 13 - 21:46White chocolate snowman!
vals240228 Oct 13 - 21:42Snowdog
angelarose28 Oct 13 - 21:38The snowdog!
kerry13628 Oct 13 - 21:33The white chocolate snowman :)
taz1028 Oct 13 - 21:33Snowdog
Annimousey28 Oct 13 - 21:31I love the Snow Dog!
downingarms28 Oct 13 - 21:24Snowdog
kasza28 Oct 13 - 21:21The Snowdog
Pud123428 Oct 13 - 21:19Snowdog is my fav
stewaris28 Oct 13 - 21:18Snowdogs. Brill!
Stephme19128 Oct 13 - 21:02The snowdog is my favourite!
ambernora28 Oct 13 - 20:59The snowman
badrick28 Oct 13 - 20:48It has to be the snowdog
SAINTJJ28 Oct 13 - 20:43Snow Dog!
tigermum1728 Oct 13 - 20:40The cute Snow Dog
greenfrog28 Oct 13 - 20:38I love the Snowdog - cute and delicious!
VelvetGlove28 Oct 13 - 20:32The milk chocolate Snowman
kthwaitey28 Oct 13 - 20:31It has to be the snowdog its adorable x
cheekychicken2428 Oct 13 - 20:30The Snowdog! He's so cute xx
nutunit28 Oct 13 - 20:28My favourite is "Snowdog".
jeniferlack28 Oct 13 - 20:22The snowdog! :)
millzy7928 Oct 13 - 20:21The Snowman. So iconic and it looks so delicious.
kasben28 Oct 13 - 20:20But the Snowdog is cuter
Karen210528 Oct 13 - 20:17Snowdog is my favourite I love white chocolate
daisy200228 Oct 13 - 20:14The Snowdog xxx
BizieBea28 Oct 13 - 20:07Snowdog nomnomnom
beckyinman28 Oct 13 - 20:07He is adorable!
cocochips28 Oct 13 - 20:06The snowman
reddevilman28 Oct 13 - 20:03The wite chocolate snowman with the wee snow dog! :-)
walk199228 Oct 13 - 20:01Snowdog
icol28 Oct 13 - 20:00Snow Dog
gymbuddy28 Oct 13 - 19:59Its the Snow Dog, but tbh any white chocolate, Snowman, Snow Dog, Snow whatever... Its white !! Lovely...
prwilson28 Oct 13 - 19:56The Snow Dog.
Funkyferret28 Oct 13 - 19:50The Snowdog, definitely!
shellsterooney28 Oct 13 - 19:50White choc Snowman with snow dog, sweet!
martinh8728 Oct 13 - 19:40Its got to be the snowdog!
abbyed3328 Oct 13 - 19:29The snow dog...Id start with his head!
ancientian28 Oct 13 - 19:28The Snowman :)
ClaudyandDave28 Oct 13 - 19:28The Snowdog
cupcakelisa28 Oct 13 - 19:27I love the snowdog...He looks tasty
clozza_9028 Oct 13 - 19:24The snowdog is my favourite, not sure I could bring myself to eat him though!
Member2916990230428 Oct 13 - 19:21My daughter loves animals and he is so cute with his odd sock ears and his heart button nose! Looks good enough to eat!
jacknutter28 Oct 13 - 19:19Snowdog is my favourite
starfishing28 Oct 13 - 19:17The Snowdog.
RangersGirl28 Oct 13 - 19:14The Snowdog
alsproject28 Oct 13 - 19:11The Snowman!
IzzyJo28 Oct 13 - 19:03Snowman in milk chocolate. White chocolate is sickly.
Member101255205552928 Oct 13 - 18:49I love the snowdog <3
yuppiebaker28 Oct 13 - 18:46The Snowman!
rosie15428 Oct 13 - 18:45Snow dog!
Phantasma28 Oct 13 - 18:44Easily the snowdog :-)
simone1128 Oct 13 - 18:38Got to be the snowdog
handmadetsunami128 Oct 13 - 18:38I love the snow dog!
ian_tregidgo28 Oct 13 - 18:36The Snowman is my favourite character from the hamper.
28 Oct 13 - 18:35Snowdog
jaslfc28 Oct 13 - 18:30Snow Dog xxxx
Hdh7428 Oct 13 - 18:22The snowman
asher2228 Oct 13 - 18:10Snowman
cagsd28 Oct 13 - 18:09I love the snowdog, he's gorgeous!!
Ikea123428 Oct 13 - 18:06Snow dog - original and cute!
LyndaJ28 Oct 13 - 18:04I love the snow dog he's very cute
starry64428 Oct 13 - 18:03The snowman
edds44428 Oct 13 - 18:03Snowdog
introspection28 Oct 13 - 18:00The Snowman
Member12773610755228 Oct 13 - 17:59Snowman
Stuffit28 Oct 13 - 17:57Has to be the snowdog for me
jan39d28 Oct 13 - 17:50My favourite is the snowdog
ratties28 Oct 13 - 17:49The Snowman
Member2910341090628 Oct 13 - 17:49Snowdog

easter196528 Oct 13 - 17:46The Snowman
cinders5928 Oct 13 - 17:38Snowman
jessiecat28 Oct 13 - 17:35Snowman
kacky28 Oct 13 - 17:30Snowdog.

I've never seen anything so cute and lovable before
Tonkatol28 Oct 13 - 17:28I love the snow dog!
Member81210200575328 Oct 13 - 17:27Definitely the snowdog but they all look yummy
flyingdutch28 Oct 13 - 17:24The Snowman
28 Oct 13 - 17:17The snowdog
105474194328 Oct 13 - 17:15Snowdog!!!
Hailz8628 Oct 13 - 17:12I would love the snowdog for my little niece
laura35228 Oct 13 - 17:10My favourite is The Snowmanand The Snowdog Model
finleypop28 Oct 13 - 17:08My favourite is the Snowman
greathat28 Oct 13 - 16:58Very cute
flashingblade28 Oct 13 - 16:55The snowman
Dr_Pete28 Oct 13 - 16:52Snowdog is my favourite.
Gareth_pmi28 Oct 13 - 16:52It's got to be the snow dog, he looks awesome.
moonbase1128 Oct 13 - 16:51Snowdog is my favourite
furby200928 Oct 13 - 16:50Has to be the snowman :-)
strawmeadow28 Oct 13 - 16:49Snowman because he reminds me of when I was little :)
majorminus128 Oct 13 - 16:49The Snowman
DarrenA28 Oct 13 - 16:48The Snow Dog
purple4528 Oct 13 - 16:46I like the milk choc Snowman best! Lovely!
dizzychick2uk28 Oct 13 - 16:44The Snowdog
28 Oct 13 - 16:42Little snowdoggy x
lfc4eva28 Oct 13 - 16:41My fave is Snow Dog.... How cute is he
28 Oct 13 - 16:33Snow dog
misty6428 Oct 13 - 16:10I love the snowdog
sallpress28 Oct 13 - 16:09Easy- it just has to be The Snowman!
meech13728 Oct 13 - 16:08White chocolate snowman
lucyalana28 Oct 13 - 16:03The snowdog, I love it!
kagle6928 Oct 13 - 15:57Snow Dog of course - so cute!
michellebamber28 Oct 13 - 15:56The snowman is still the original and the best
marcc8228 Oct 13 - 15:54Snowman
glennamy28 Oct 13 - 15:53The Snowdog
annarack28 Oct 13 - 15:52The snowman is my favourite
nataljap12328 Oct 13 - 15:51The Snowdog
NickyMB28 Oct 13 - 15:50The Snowdog is my favourite
Member11753966992528 Oct 13 - 15:47Snowdog looks super cute!
mallang28 Oct 13 - 15:46I just love the Snow Dog he reminds me so much of a dog I used to have many years ago
Claire_W28 Oct 13 - 15:46Can't beat the classic Snowman himself :)
Jubilee_girl28 Oct 13 - 15:45Yummy
kmginty28 Oct 13 - 15:45Snow dog is my favourite
Loulabellegirl28 Oct 13 - 15:43Snowdog in white chocolate - Looks so like my dog! So cute!
pennwood28 Oct 13 - 15:29Snowman
Elleceebee28 Oct 13 - 15:27I love the Snow Dog
Oll128 Oct 13 - 15:27White choc one with the snow dog, its so cute you wouldn't want to eat it
pinklady12345628 Oct 13 - 15:26Gorgeous and super tasty!
salsquiggle28 Oct 13 - 15:23Looks so much better behaved than mine!!!
susiebaby28 Oct 13 - 15:18Snow Dog is so cute - almost too cute to eat!
jacrac28 Oct 13 - 15:18The snowdog
Hippy2328 Oct 13 - 15:17The cute Snowdog
Jammaco28 Oct 13 - 15:15The snow dog is really cute - maybe too cute to eat! (Or maybe not)
janeyf28 Oct 13 - 15:00The Snow Dog - so cute
Member81214215684628 Oct 13 - 14:58Snowman
psychotart3228 Oct 13 - 14:57Snow dog :-)
26jibby28 Oct 13 - 14:52Snowdog is my favourite as he is so cute. X
noisemaker15528 Oct 13 - 14:49Its got to be the snowman all the way :) So cute
purplesparkle28 Oct 13 - 14:48Woof! Cute! :)
Doff28 Oct 13 - 14:47I love Snowdog he's so cute!
Megancch28 Oct 13 - 14:45It's so cute!
RecentFuture28 Oct 13 - 14:44Snow dog of course! :)
greengable28 Oct 13 - 14:43Love the snowdog
callkiki28 Oct 13 - 14:43Favorite is the Snowman
SDREID28 Oct 13 - 14:40Cool snowman is my fave!
hannahc828 Oct 13 - 14:40Love the Snowdog he is adorable
kama8828 Oct 13 - 14:38The dog is adorable :)
wynnie9928 Oct 13 - 14:36Love the Snowman!
Gary_Irving28 Oct 13 - 14:36Chocolate Snowman :)
olive28 Oct 13 - 14:34The snowman, very cute
clairebears3028 Oct 13 - 14:33The snow dog is my fave they make these thing that cute its hard to eat them .....Hehe not that hard yum yum
fionatinkerbelljames28 Oct 13 - 14:31The dog is cute :)
betty0128 Oct 13 - 14:31The snowman
sandian3128 Oct 13 - 14:30Love the Snowman
Silverone28 Oct 13 - 14:29The Snowman is my favourite he's cute
CandyFlosser28 Oct 13 - 14:28His ears are so cute!!
hrclarke0128 Oct 13 - 14:27My fav is the Snow Dog! He has cute little ears
Darienne28 Oct 13 - 14:27Has to be the snowman - looks like he is just going to burst into song "i'm walking in the air"....
28 Oct 13 - 14:26The Snowdog White Chocolate Model - he is so cute.
28 Oct 13 - 14:26- The Snowdog!
28 Oct 13 - 14:26White chocolate snowdog
MimiJoy128 Oct 13 - 14:26The Snowman
Member81210995871428 Oct 13 - 14:26Reminds me of my dog at home:(
dalicheema28 Oct 13 - 14:26Love his colourful sock ears, so cheerful!
HelzSpatula28 Oct 13 - 14:25The Snow dog! How cute.
28 Oct 13 - 14:23He looks like my dog when he's been playing in the snow.
xMINx28 Oct 13 - 14:23The Snowman is the best.
lilmisskitkat28 Oct 13 - 14:21The Snowman as it is my favourite Xmas film, always makes me cry though!
catowen28 Oct 13 - 14:19White choc snowdog :-)
hamsterchump28 Oct 13 - 14:19The snow dog!
catherinelv28 Oct 13 - 14:18The Snowman :) It must be great to fly!
ellemm28 Oct 13 - 14:18Love the Snow Dog, very cute expression
flertygerty28 Oct 13 - 14:17Snow dog, his cute orange nose and floppy ears are so cute.
chris474928 Oct 13 - 14:14Milk chocolate snowman
thepie23728 Oct 13 - 14:14Has to be the Snowdog - cute!
lucky32128 Oct 13 - 14:12The snowdog is my favourite x
DJASKEW28 Oct 13 - 14:12So edible!
Spligg28 Oct 13 - 14:11It's got to be snowdog
Barb528 Oct 13 - 11:50I love the Snowdog white chocolate model! He has a great little orange carrot-coloured doggy nose :-d
BUSYMUMOF428 Oct 13 - 10:37I love the socks on his ears!!