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If you’re a big fan of zombie apocalypse films, you’re probably already aware that Monday marked the start of season 6 of one of the hottest shows around at the moment – The Walking Dead.

The sixth series is due to open with a bang, the thrilling ride you would expect from a zombie epic, firing you right back into the action from where the fifth season left off. We won’t give too much away but you can expect more of everything you loved from the previous series’ – more zombies, suspense and gore.

The show airs on FoxTV in the UK and is available on NOW TV entertainment. If you’ve not watched the show before and are looking to get involved, don’t worry; NOW TV have S1-5 box sets available (NOW TV is available from £6.99p/m + cashback!). Once you’re up to date you can catch the live show and catch up from Monday night at 9m.

This Friday we’re hosting a Twitter party to get your adrenaline pumping in time for the second episode of the series (or maybe the 1st if you’re not up to date).

To get involved follow the hashtag #TheWalkingDeadNOWTV and @Top_Cashback on Twitter from 1pm on Friday 16th Oct 2015.

There’ll be a chance to win a year’s subscription to NOW TV, meaning you can watch The Walking Dead and other top shows all year round. To enter, tweet with the twitter party hashtag and follow @Top_Cashback and you’ll be entered into our prize draw.

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Posted on 15 Oct 2015  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
How do you "follow" a hash tag?!

Hey Sanchosser,

If you serch Twitter for the hash tag it will bring you up all of the tweets people are sending with that hash tag.

Best wishes,

TopCashback Support
  16 Oct 15 - 12:23

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