Summer Treats Cashback Giveaway

Posted on 09 Jul 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Deals & Competitions
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Summer Treats

Whether it's rainy, sunny or cloudy where you are we're here to have some Summer fun with our Summer Sweet Treats Giveaway. Be sure to visit the website between the 13th July to the 2nd August 2020 and pick up some summer treats to be in with a chance of winning a £1,000 prize!

The Summer Treats will be carried by a fun-loving flying Hummingbird carrying a summer gift. Click on the gift and a summer treat will appear! With over 5,000 brands on site, who knows where you might discover these tasty treats. Take a peek below at exactly how you can be in with a chance to make this a spectacular special…

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Instant win prizes:

There are over 84,000 instant win prizes (the most we’ve ever had!), which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching summer surprises which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize.

At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize.

So, keep coming back each day during the 13th July to the 2nd August 2020 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 2nd August 2020 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Betsyboo5917 August 2020, 11:48 Preferably by email Phil so that those of us who don't do Twitter, Facebook etc get to know too.
Hey Betsyboo

I have previously mentioned that the team are looking into ways of getting the message wider but currently it is emailed to a random selection of members and made clear on the website along with all social media channels.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5914 August 2020, 16:41 Missing those little hummingbirds!! Another game around Halloween/Bonfire if i'm not mistaken?????

The hummingbirds are currently resting but when they are ready to go again we will certainly let members know

Best wishes

Betsyboo593 August 2020, 22:32 Congratulations to
Bryony m winner of top prize of £1000 and others who won the £100 prizes.
Top_Frances3 August 2020, 14:36 Congrats to Bryony m, the grand prize winner! (On the banner at bottom of the page).

Thanks @Betsyboo59, nice to be noticed/Appreciated. I was glad to see you were able to return to the game.

Thanks again to Top Cashback for running the treats. Looking forward to the next one.
Top_Frances3 August 2020, 14:35 Congrats to Bryony m, the grand prize winner! (On the banner at bottom of the page).

Thanks @Betsyboo59, nice to be noticed/Appreciated. I was glad to see you were able to return to the game.

Thanks again to Top Cashback for running the treats. Looking forward to the next one.
LDMaughan3 August 2020, 10:41 Good luck to everyone in The Great Draw 🤞
furry19783 August 2020, 09:09 When does the draw take place?

The prize draw was yesterday and the winner has been revealed on all social media platforms and on the game page

Best wishes

Betsyboo593 August 2020, 08:37 Thank you TCB just what we needed as times are still difficult for many of us. Didn't get to play as much as I would have liked due to internet issues and low phone data but it was fun once again and won 30p! Good to hear from the regulars on here Top_Frances and Mike Jagger to name a couple. Good luck for the big draw everyone and see you next time.
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 23:59 Thank you Top Cashback for running Summer Treats. :O)

Good luck to everyone in the grand prize draw.
Ninjin002 August 2020, 23:34 Always enjoy this competition but when have 1058 pda's and 1 away from all the prizes.... Its hard, but been fun! Well done to everyone who has won a prize this time :)
pokor272 August 2020, 22:49 Bloom&Wild
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 21:42 If my calculations are correct there is just £76 left in the instant prize pot, and the grand prize draw amount of £1000.
Betsyboo592 August 2020, 21:16 Just found a pde on minicabit - takes my total pde’S to 131 Think that’S me done now, don’T think I have the energy to click any more!
Betsyboo592 August 2020, 21:10 Ah that’S a disadvantage to those of us who don’T use social media Rosa162 We just get the pde’S we find Good luck with the big win
Anybody won anything decent??? Please post on here to let the rest of us know
Rosa1622 August 2020, 20:47 Betsyboo59, just shared on Facebook/Twitter and get an additional 5 entries, doubt i’Ll win the £1,000 though, but we can but try !
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 20:44 Pde at Aviva car insurance bringing my overall total to 50. So that's my goal for today reached.

30p won so far. Anything in the last 3 hours and a bit is gravy.

Countdown clock showing an hour more left than we actually have. At 23:59 it's all over until next time.

Good luck everyone for the big draw.
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 20:37 Losing count of my missing posts!
adrian20002 August 2020, 20:29 Nothing but pde's all day :)
Betsyboo592 August 2020, 19:40 Yes same for me 30p won and one away from most of the prizes. How on earth do you get so many pde’S Rosa162???
LauraOsborne12 August 2020, 19:17 Pde on
Rosa1622 August 2020, 19:01 Last day, 30p won. Over 547 pde’S. Today, pde’S coming from all over, but last few days, rare. One away from the 50p, £1, £5, £10, £20, £100, as predicted.
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 16:56 Random bird found at Victoria Plum. Pde for me.
Member6895455399132 August 2020, 16:31 Hai guys
Member6895455399132 August 2020, 16:30 Any Link Missing?
Raspberry1012 August 2020, 15:55 Pde benefit cosmetics.
LauraOsborne12 August 2020, 15:44 Pde on house of fraser
MistryH_2 August 2020, 13:31 Ice cream at Dunelm
LauraOsborne12 August 2020, 11:43 Pde on aviva car insurance
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 11:02 Posts i've made still missing from the blog. :Ol

An ice cream just now at Muscle Food. :O)

Goal for the day, to catch 2 more birds to bring my pde's to 50. A sun, another ice cream, flip flops or a beach ball in there would be a nice surprise. Have won 30p so far.

Ps The last day clock shows an hour more competition time than is actually left. For newbies the game will stop at 23:59 tonight regardless of what the clock says.

Good luck everyone.
SwindonMan2 August 2020, 09:08 20p This time see you all next time ?
Raspberry1012 August 2020, 08:22 Pde at Iceland
Raspberry1012 August 2020, 08:10 Pde at Now tv
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 04:15 Random on esure car insurance - pde for me.
Top_Frances2 August 2020, 00:33 Bloom and Wild was a pde for me. Bummer. Was hoping for a prize item, any of them actually. Would have been a good start to the last day. I wonder if i'll manage to get 4 more birds today to round off my pde's to 50.
paulofcroydon2 August 2020, 00:01 02-08-2020 - Bloom and Wild
LauraOsborne11 August 2020, 23:07 Starfish on Now tv
Mjobe1 August 2020, 19:53 Ubarn outfitter pde I think
arca761 August 2020, 17:31 Now Broadband...
Top_Frances1 August 2020, 16:16 Pde on Virgin Media, bird was quite slow to appear - way after banner was back up.
Raspberry1011 August 2020, 14:58 Pde at Getting Personal.
Raspberry1011 August 2020, 14:37 Pde at Go Groopie.
Member3436654524041 August 2020, 13:35 Try grenade
Raspberry1011 August 2020, 13:24 Pde at Topshop, had to wait longer for the bird.
Member4817077171 August 2020, 10:11 Pc Currys did not work for me either initially, clicked on another on the header, in this case Shark, then back button to Currys and hey presto, I get a hummingbird...... Only a pde, but hey, ho.
Fizzymagic1 August 2020, 10:06 Currys tried at 1005 and gone
Raspberry1011 August 2020, 09:40 Pde Currys
Heedbanger1 August 2020, 08:44 Pde currys
paulofcroydon1 August 2020, 00:22 01-08-2020 - Harvey Nichols
adrian200031 July 2020, 20:42 Not a limit at 300 as I have 359 :)
dippycol31 July 2020, 19:46 Great fun :)
Heedbanger31 July 2020, 19:25 My fìRst flip flops at top shop ye ha, I think it's gonna limit at 300 pde's.
brawny31 July 2020, 17:40 Woo hoo just won £1.00, total so far £1.30, need 1 sun for 50p, 1 starfish for £5.00 or 1 ice cream for £10, fingers and toes crossed
brawny31 July 2020, 17:34 Woo hoo just won 1.00
Raspberry10131 July 2020, 17:13 Pde on Virgin media.
LauraOsborne131 July 2020, 16:08 Pde just found on Reiss
Heedbanger31 July 2020, 12:26 Got s Sun on Travelodge matches the weather today 🌞
Brette31 July 2020, 11:08 Can't seem to be able to find the bird with the word today ,
Hope you are having more luck than me at the moment. Good luck to you all .
Member48170771731 July 2020, 10:54 Life is so frustrating, i'm having about as much luck finding a bird on here, as in real life!
LauraOsborne131 July 2020, 10:45 Pde on warner leisure hotels
Fizzymagic31 July 2020, 10:34 Not for me, I missed yesterday so went on today and got 3 in a row from the comments in this forum
Benjam1n031 July 2020, 09:10 I think i've got it sussed. The website has a time delay between finding the hummingbirds. Once you have found one, you won't find another for an allotted period of time. I've noticed if I wait for 5/6 hours before looking again, I tend to find them. I never find one straight after another.
Chowdhurys31 July 2020, 08:20 Today Monsoon
Top_Frances31 July 2020, 04:01 Just got my first Starfish on the daily clue answer - Monsoon.
Won 20p the other day so i'm up to 30p total this treats.

Have 3:Flip Flops, Beach Balls, 2: Ice Creams, Sea shells and
1: Starfish, Sunglasses, Sun & Bikini.

Feels more stretched out this treats, not complaining but have enjoyed other treats more, definitely feels like less birds. I only mention as feedback, because I know TCB are always looking to improve the game. Perhaps there is a trade off been a higher prize pot and how often it feels a bird is found, even for a pde.

Whilst the blog has been finicky at times before, it seems worse this treats.
Brette31 July 2020, 01:03 Today's clue is monsoon still just pde's ,i think the bird is only giving treat's out very carefully because the end is near , but who cares it's free and it's fun . Good luck 🍻
paulofcroydon31 July 2020, 00:01 31-07-2020 - Monsoon
kevinchess131 July 2020, 00:00 Friday
Raspberry10130 July 2020, 23:51 Just got pde on Reiss
LauraOsborne130 July 2020, 23:09 Pde found on Best Western
LauraOsborne130 July 2020, 21:49 Just found flip flops on top shop :)
Member48170771730 July 2020, 21:29 Yep, totally birdless today, not even a flutter.
Heedbanger30 July 2020, 21:01 Got something on tails a couple of days ago that won't post - lets see if this posts. Limited to one post every 5 mins apparently...
devinax30 July 2020, 20:19 Not one bird all day.. Anyone else the same today?
Heedbanger30 July 2020, 19:48 Pde Dunelm
LauraOsborne130 July 2020, 15:17 Just found an ice cream on Converse
Betsyboo5930 July 2020, 15:10 Something amiss again today. Put a message on here this morning saying I had found bikini on daily clue and setting out my current position re prizes and pde's found and yet again not posted! Why are TCB not posting messages from members?? Heedbanger also said their messages had not been posted. How many more members have put stuff on here for others to see and it hasn't been listed???
i can assure you we do post, certain things flag up for manual approval and so I am sorry about that.

Best wishes,
Betsyboo5930 July 2020, 09:07 Bikini found on today's clue - yippee. Put a message on here the other day saying where I was at with the game but it didn't get posted so ----------------
I now have 1 bikini (10p), 2 sea shells (20p), 1 sun, 1 sunglasses, 2 starfish, 3 ice creams, 3 flip flops, 2 beach balls and 115 pde's. What's the chances of me finding the last ice cream or the last flip flops for that prize?? Very, very slim if not impossible but it's fun looking!!!
paulofcroydon30 July 2020, 00:07 30-07-2020 - MandMDirect
kevinchess130 July 2020, 00:00 Thursday
M+M direct
Heedbanger29 July 2020, 21:51 Pde converse - i'm having a good day :-)
Heedbanger29 July 2020, 21:21 Pde Monsoon
LDMaughan29 July 2020, 21:12 Just got a random pde at Topshop
Heedbanger29 July 2020, 20:41 Pde music magpie & Tails.Com
Heedbanger29 July 2020, 20:23 Yay found Sun at Warner Leisure Hotels
LauraOsborne129 July 2020, 17:55 Found one on Sueprdrug as well - pde
Kerriej29 July 2020, 17:24 I always seem to come late to the party on these.....Finally seeing them when nearly done. I don't do Twitter so never see posts/
Top_Frances29 July 2020, 14:55 Randoms at Superdrug and Warner Leisure Hotels - both pde.
Betsyboo5929 July 2020, 13:35 @PaulofCroydon - yes i've noticed that. Blog sometimes different when you log on with posts you've already read missing. Needs sorting. Still haven't posted my message I put on first this morning!
paulofcroydon29 July 2020, 13:19 @Betsyboo59 - the late postings seem to be happening a lot this time, it would appear that their load balancing servers are playing up, if you refresh this page, some of the newly posted items vanish, i.E. You get the data from another server that has not replicated the posts, over to phil @ Tcb !
We will keep an eye on this and I am sorry for any inconvenience it's caused you.

Best wishes,
Heedbanger29 July 2020, 13:19 Betsyboo59 i've posted 3 messages not shown...
LauraOsborne129 July 2020, 13:17 Just found a pde on Dunelm
Betsyboo5929 July 2020, 12:34 Posted two messages one setting out my current position re winnings/Pde's and then one very shortly afterwards re my finding another pde on Joanie clothing. They haven't posted my first message but listed my second one twice????? What's going on???
Betsyboo5929 July 2020, 11:32 Found one at last - pde on Joanie clothing!
Brette29 July 2020, 11:10 Them pesky little blighters are hiding today 🕊️🐦🔭 So best get back to looking . Good luck happy hunting , and be happy even if those pde keep coming it's all fun .
Betsyboo5929 July 2020, 10:56 Found one at last - pde on Joanie clothing!
Brette29 July 2020, 10:48 Them pesky little blighters are hiding today 🕊️🐦🔭 So best get back to looking . Good luck happy hunting , and be happy even if those pde keep coming it's all fun .
Betsyboo5929 July 2020, 08:57 Flip flops on the daily clue. Yippee. That brings me now to - 2 seashells (20p), 1 sun, 1 sunglasses, 2 starfish, 3 ice creams, 3 flip flops, 2 beach balls and 109 pde's. Not bad to say I was unable to play properly for a few days. I have to say though I found more birds at the beginning when I was playing until I found one and then having quite a long break
In-between. Last couple of days been hopeless, no birds anywhere apart from daily clue.
Heedbanger29 July 2020, 07:29 Twice i've tried to post now I can't remember what I got there! Pde's for days but I ain't complaining want to see if I can max out on them from an earlier post.....
Top_Frances29 July 2020, 00:24 Randoms found at:
Currys pc World
U Switch
Look Fantastic
Reiss uk
Aa uk Breakdown
French Connection
Watch Shop
Policy Expert
Carphone Warehouse Monthly Contracts
Harvey Nichols

That's all my random finds so far.
Second Sea shell on Karen Millen, daily clue, takes my prize haul to 30p.

Prize items to date:
3 Flip Flops, Beach Balls
2 Ice Creams, Sea Shells
1 Sunglasses, Sun and Bikini
0 Star Fish
paulofcroydon29 July 2020, 00:01 29-07-2020 - Karen Millen
kevinchess129 July 2020, 00:01 Wednesday
Karen millen
Heedbanger28 July 2020, 23:41 Pde Aviva
Top_Frances28 July 2020, 23:41 Random bird at Blacks - pde for me.

Brings total birds found this treats so far (inc.16 daily clues) to 35. So in 16 days of treats so far I have found 19 random birds. As a total it sounds like a lot but it's less than 2 birds a day. I haven't played perhaps as much as other games but this treats seems more spaced out than previous treats. Isn't it normally on for a fortnight (ish) rather than three weeks?
Just an observation.

Still, I have been excited by the prospect of finding one more flip flops or beach ball for a bit so! Hey, I can dream! I won £20 on the lottery last week so that was unexpected and nice. So far this treats my prize haul is 10p.

I'll try to recap all the random birds in a bit.
Heedbanger28 July 2020, 23:25 Pde @ Boots
lozmeister28 July 2020, 18:32 Found a Beach Ball at Very!
Betsyboo5928 July 2020, 16:50 Ajm007 - been on most of the day, short breaks here and there, and not one bird anywhere!!! Have asked Topcashback if they've been turned off cos sure I would have found at least a couple with the number of sites i've tried - but absolutely nothing!
Heedbanger28 July 2020, 16:07 Pde @ Tails.Com
Heedbanger28 July 2020, 15:54 Pde at Superdrug as well.
ajm00728 July 2020, 15:29 Definitely no birds showing for the past 6 hours
Betsyboo5928 July 2020, 14:46 Hi Topcashback. Have the birds been turned off?? Apart from the daily clue not one bird found today!
i can assure you, there are prizes still to be found :)

Tuppencelyanne28 July 2020, 11:22 Get well soon Mike x
Betsyboo5928 July 2020, 10:02 Typical!!! I get back on the internet and am able to start playing again just when the birds migrate to a warmer climate! (Lol). Where are they, can't find any anywhere not even in the clues others have left on here.
Top_Frances, you look to be doing well this time.
Top_Frances28 July 2020, 09:13 Random bird at Superdrug - pde for me.
MIKE JAGGAR28 July 2020, 06:34 Thank you everybody for your kind words & Good wishes. It means a lot.
Mike :-)

Top_Frances28 July 2020, 00:27 Sea Shell on today's clue - Coach.
An Ice Cream on yesterday's.

Nice to have you back, Mike. All the best for a full recovery and good luck in the treats, I hope the hummingbirds bring you a nice win.
CMh6728 July 2020, 00:04 Tuesday Coach
SusieAsp27 July 2020, 23:18 Mike,

So sorry to hear you've had a rough time, wishing you a speedy and full recovery. I have been looking after my husband's prostate since he was 40. We met a Canadian naturopath in h&B who told us all men need extra zinc from 40 onwards to protect the prostate. He's been on that with saw palmetto for 33 years and (touch wood) all good so far. Great advice you've given, all men should get tested.

Nice to have you back.

Butterfly78627 July 2020, 23:02 PDEs 👍
Ali express
Look fantastic
Jaden127 July 2020, 22:52 Mike you're back and you're on your way to recovery I really feel what you've been going through so brave I too gone through op, chemo and radiotherapy year 2000 and i'm still here so you're going to be saying the same in years to come ok wishing you all the best. You deserve to win the big prize for being so dedicated to the game although it's becoming a pain maybe they saving all the cash prizes for you.
Betsyboo5927 July 2020, 22:39 Mike - good to hear you caught it early 😘 Well done and well done on your message to others. Horrible disease, hopefully your post will spur others on who may be hesitant to get checked out 👍
LDMaughan27 July 2020, 22:35 Zooplus 👈 Here's another one to try - it was a pde for me but you might have greater luck
Member48170771727 July 2020, 21:35 Mike,
Very good advice indeed; and your message may save another life.

Best wishes for your recovery.
Heedbanger27 July 2020, 21:33 Pde photobox
MIKE JAGGAR27 July 2020, 21:20 Betsy

Thankfully my Cancer has been detected early enough and the removal of the cancerous Prostate should hopefully prolong my life expectancy now.

What I would say to all gentlemen aged 45+ Reading this blog (or their wives / Partners also reading this) is go to your gp and ask for a Prostate Cancer Blood Test. Giving a quick blood sample might just save your life too !!!

Butterfly78627 July 2020, 21:02 Wish you good health Mike 🙏 All the best...
Radoz27 July 2020, 21:00 Found a pde on My Protein
Heedbanger27 July 2020, 20:54 I've won 10 p & 20 p so far first time i've played.
MIKE JAGGAR27 July 2020, 20:48 Jaden1 - thanks for your kind comments. It's nice to be missed and appreciated. Cheers Mike
Betsyboo5927 July 2020, 20:48 Aw Mike hope the surgery went well and you are on your way to a full recovery. Best wishes
Heedbanger27 July 2020, 20:43 Got an ice cream at the North Face :-)
MIKE JAGGAR27 July 2020, 20:43 Aw thats really kind Betsy......I've been "offline" for a while, (surgery for Prostate Cancer) and I spotted the competition, so I thought I do a few clicks.
Member58903654614327 July 2020, 19:49 What happened to the bird? Didn't find it at all in the past 2 days
Radoz27 July 2020, 16:31 Found a pde on The North Face
LDMaughan27 July 2020, 15:42 Found flipflops on lookfantastic you give it a try, you might get lucky to 😉
Radoz27 July 2020, 15:26 Found a pde on LookFantastic
Brette27 July 2020, 14:49 Hi everyone , just a pde and a ice-cream on the exante diet
So far i'll give half an hour and go hunting those pesky blighters . Good luck to you all.
Betsyboo5927 July 2020, 14:26 Yippee i'm back on the internet. Didn't have internet for a while and had nearly used up all my data on my phone so couldn't play properly for a while so some catching up to do. Any suggestions gratefully received. Interesting stuff on the blog. Some very serious moaners!!!!
Nice to see you back on here Mike Jagger, if you read the earlier posts you were missed!!!
MIKE JAGGAR27 July 2020, 14:16 Just found a Starfish on card factory
And Sunglasses on iceland foods
paulofcroydon27 July 2020, 00:08 27-7-2020 - Exante Diet
LDMaughan26 July 2020, 23:54 I have won 60p in instant prizes so far - 50p (3x suns) and 10p (1x bikini).

During the Spring Treats Giveaway earlier this year I won 30p in total.
Not huge amounts but alright for a bit of fun. 😉
Hustler12126 July 2020, 23:17 Totally agree with you Sammy woof.
Quinlami go play ludo
sammywoof26 July 2020, 22:08 Quinlami, of course it’S not a scam. Loads of people have won prizes. Stop being a whingeing git and get a life... In all competitions with Radom outcomes sometimes you win sometimes you get a prize draw entry... If you don’T like it don’T play! Idiot!!!
Samdud12326 July 2020, 20:52 Found a pre on blacks
safmitchell26 July 2020, 19:30 I've been using TCB religiously for over 3 years now (i clearly have a shopping addiction) after switching from its main competitor. I've participated in every one of the hummingbird competitions since and the most i've ever won is about 20p.

I haven't heard of anyone winning big money but at the same time, i'm not sure that I would post about it if I had won. So, these competitions are really difficult and the payout may not match the effort but its not gambling nor is it high-stakes. So, I wouldn't worry about not winning because in any competition the odds will always be against you. But if you have nothing else that you could spend your time doing, it is a bit of fun.
LDMaughan26 July 2020, 18:26 Found a Starfish on Mountain Warehouse ...Goody gum drops
tudormay26 July 2020, 17:44 I think people wouldn't moan so much about getting pde's if they were pretty little pictures rather than boring pink boxes, they just don't have the same effect as finding a pretty starfish or an ice cream. I think it's fun, not sure why so many people moan about it then spend hours looking for birds. The benefit to me as well is discovering some stores that I have never heard of and would never have looked at if it hadn't been for your competitions, so thank you for that.

Thanks for that feedback and i'll certailnly pass it on to the team

Best wishes

Hustler12126 July 2020, 17:12 Pde on mobiles. Co.Uk
DCG126 July 2020, 16:12 Pde on john lewis
DCG126 July 2020, 16:06 Quinlami stop moaning its a free game if you dont like it dont play simples I did say it wouldnt take long for the moaners to crawl from the gutters
Danka9726 July 2020, 16:02 Waste of time. Almost just Pde. This game is getting less fun. 😞
Heedbanger26 July 2020, 13:59 Pde I saw it first
Heedbanger26 July 2020, 13:42 Pde Zavi as well
Rhubarb2326 July 2020, 13:01 Top_Frances

I just wanted to let all the moaning minnies out there, know that prizes are genuinely won. The only thing i've ever won before was an electric blanket in a raffle, about 40 years ago.😕
shamcashback26 July 2020, 12:17 Just found a random one in Monsoon
Member118168794681326 July 2020, 11:19 Have had hummingbirds on both Goldsmiths and jd Williams over last few days, but then both came up with error message when I clicked on the bird, so no prize.

If you can please get in touch with the team and we can check the game to see if these have registered for you. To help prevent this please keep cookies cleared.

Best wishes

Top_Frances26 July 2020, 06:44 Random bird at Zavvi - pde for me.

@Rhubarb23 Nice one on the wins you mentioned from previous games, especially the £20. I could be wrong but I think that's the highest win mentioned by a member on a treats blog, especially since not everybody who plays and or wins posts in here.

@Member481707717 Congrats on that £5. A nice wee win! :O)
DCG126 July 2020, 00:23 Buyagift
kevinchess126 July 2020, 00:02 Sunday Buyagift
paulofcroydon26 July 2020, 00:01 26-07-2020 - Buyagift
Heedbanger25 July 2020, 14:41 Eventually pde Clarks....
Butterfly78625 July 2020, 10:07 Thank you Brette, just keeping things light and in perspective 😀 I sense the temperature 🌡

Brette25 July 2020, 09:12 Won 50 pence and a pde on triumph
LDMaughan25 July 2020, 09:07 @Brette thanks for posting, I got a pde on HQHair also 👍
Brette25 July 2020, 08:45 HQHair for a pde
Brette25 July 2020, 08:36 VHa you alright , your a bit heavy for a freeby game site , just enjoy .
Butterfly78625 July 2020, 06:01 Good morning 🙏🏼 Please respect one another's opinions...As previously noted we are already in a global crisis, and it doesn't cost much to be kind ❤ Despite your view.

Whilst we appreciate Top Cashback is light-hearted fun.... I would want to know if what I invest my time in, if not my money isn't a scam! On the same note becoming 'mockingbirds' is unnecessary when hummingbirds seem more apt to the game.🤔

Peace 🙏💛

Thank you Topcashback for this platform, thank you contributors for the tips on clues. Much appreciated...Have a peaceful day.
Brette25 July 2020, 06:00 Pde on pet plan
Brette25 July 2020, 05:01 I wish these moaning sod's would just stop playing if they don't like the game .
It's free you don't have to play.
Member107919066040225 July 2020, 01:06 I have been playing for the past 9 days. I seem to be getting prize draw entries. Won 10p though.
Member17096582592325 July 2020, 00:55 Kate spade
LDMaughan25 July 2020, 00:46 Found my 2nd pair of flipflops on Petplan 👍
kevinchess125 July 2020, 00:02 Todays is Kate Spade
Top_Frances24 July 2020, 23:25 ⭐️ Hear hear, thank you Top Cashback. ⭐️

I'm enjoying the game. I don't tweet for extra pde so I value the ones I do find.

Bring on the birds and all of their surprises. :O)
Member48170771724 July 2020, 21:01 I've often wondered about the chances of winning, but I have always won at least 10p; and previously a couple of quid. This time I came over a week late in to the game and in the ten minute catchup won loads of prizes; and a fiver win, my biggest win ever. So, to those numpty's contacting Trading Standards, wind your neck in and take it for what it is, a free fun game that you might win a few pence. You don't pay anything, or contribute to the game financially, so what interest are Trading Standards going to have in it. It isn't gambling, just harmless fun, as long as you don't take things too seriously. I'd say it is sour grapes on the part of that person messaging on here, so they should just stop playing the game and find something else to moan about. We're in a terrible global place at the moment and this is a small area of minor relief, that's all it is. Thank you Topcashback, keep it up.
Rhubarb2324 July 2020, 18:42 Quinlami

The game is free! You don't have to play, so don't. Fyi, I for one have won £5 and £20 In previous games.
T4revor24 July 2020, 18:24 Top_Frances........I too came up with the "Storks" translation (the reason I too decided not to post!)
I do like these little games but I don't take them seriously, some days I don't have time to look. Not doing too badly all the same...... I catch up the next day or the day after.
To date I have: 1 bikini, 2 sea shells, 2 sunglasses, 2 star fish, 1 ice cream & 3 beach balls
Mello19424 July 2020, 17:41 Just had a beach ball on Carphone Warehouse
Claire4499424 July 2020, 15:09 The most i’Ve ever won is 20p. Just got a pde from fig leaves
kookieboy24 July 2020, 15:05 Quinlami, you don't have to play, so locate yourself elsewhere
quinlami24 July 2020, 13:34 Have asked Trading Standards to investigate these “Competitions”.


I am sorry you believe the competition is unfair for you personally. I can assure you we do check the compeition against strict guidelines and make this as fair as we can make it for all members which is why you may not be as lucky as you wish to be for this game.

We do wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game and keep an eye on the prize draw too :)

Best wishes

Heedbanger24 July 2020, 13:32 Except for the clue answer been on all trending & Top pics not a tweet in sight. Pde from iwoot
quinlami24 July 2020, 13:26 Too_Frances
I never heard of a win above £1.
This “Competition” Is basically about making TCB more money via their real customers, the retailers and the extra advertising, exposure and bonuses they get at the cost of (the retailers) dishing out 10p to many members and get them to chase “Birds” Around their screens.
Some thank them for it too and for getting a pde!


This competition is intended to be a bit of fun for members whilst they are looking for our cashback offers. I am sorry that you have not heard about members winning certain prizes but we are posting these on social media and on their you can see real members talk about winning too :)

Best wishes

quinlami24 July 2020, 13:17 Tcb can take their PDEs and ....
Give you a great chance to win a top top prize

Best wishes

Top_Frances24 July 2020, 12:27 @T4revor
Just did and curiously i'm not posting the result from google translate. :D
devinax24 July 2020, 10:49 Out of interest, what happens when you meet the maximum PDEs? Do you stop receiving hummingbirds?

There is no maximum number of Prize draw entries you can get so it will keep tally of them behind the scenes if it passes the amount on the prize page

Best wishes

T4revor24 July 2020, 09:29 Can someone please translate Pucek comment.....
Sunglasses on Triumph 😊
Butterfly78624 July 2020, 09:25 'Ice-cream' out loud by the Coast! No pde...It's a Happy Friday! 🍦
Pucek1024 July 2020, 05:27 Gdzie te bociany? 6 godzin bez sikorki o co chodzi

Hummingbirds do appear at random except the daily clue and to help with the running of the game please make sure to keep cookies cleared

Best wishes

Top_Frances24 July 2020, 04:06 A bikini at today's clue answer - Coast - for the win!
CMh6724 July 2020, 00:53 Today answer Coast
Top_Frances23 July 2020, 22:23 Hey @Chris121212 nice to see your fabulous post. Sure that wasn't there yesterday!

Anyhoo, just wanted to ask you if you had any monetary wins this game yet, or anything from a £5 up in any treats since last summer? My personal best is still under £2.

Thanks for the long list of sites to try. All the best. :O)
Top_Frances23 July 2020, 22:14 Random bird found - pde for me at Watch Shop
Member17096582592323 July 2020, 21:03 Pde at Ann Summers
Heedbanger23 July 2020, 19:45 Figleaves pde
Radoz23 July 2020, 16:20 TopGiftCards-pde
Top_Frances23 July 2020, 15:23 Random bird dropped in with Flip Flops found at iwoot. :O)
Member17096582592323 July 2020, 13:40 Another pde found at Watches2U
Heedbanger23 July 2020, 13:17 Treats @ Iceland, Golsmiths & Julian Charles
Butterfly78623 July 2020, 13:08 All good fun, and not to be taken too seriously 😊 Ofcourse PDEs could be a potential win too...Thank you Topcashback, and Good luck 👍💛
Top_Frances23 July 2020, 11:42 Random bird on Clarks. Just for a change, a pde. Also got a pde yesterday on myprotein which I was sure I posted but it's not in the blog.

Whilst i'd love a prize item I do understand why it can't be all prize items all the time. Nice to find a hummingbird all the same, pde or otherwise.
Ventura1223 July 2020, 11:25 Top Cashback admin can someone help me pls?
The daily clue is misspap but a hummingbird does not appear when I go onto it? I'm not using the app and have not seemed to have any issues on the last clue answers.
Many thanks

If you are having issues please make sure cookies are cleared and that you have the correct answer as a hummingbird should appear after allowing a little time for it to show.

Best wishes

Butterfly78623 July 2020, 09:37 ....And another pde flew past Iceland 🙏😅
Butterfly78623 July 2020, 09:14 Pde Hummingbirds should be renamed as the Redherring 😂 All seem to be flying my way!
Top_Frances23 July 2020, 07:28 Random bird found at aa uk Breakdown. Pde for me.
Top_Frances23 July 2020, 05:58 Random bird found at Vertbaudet. Pde for me.
Radoz23 July 2020, 00:20 Todays clue is Misspap..Won 10p (bikini)
paulofcroydon23 July 2020, 00:18 23-07-2020 - Misspap
Stephen Cooke23 July 2020, 00:04 Misspap today
LauraOsborne122 July 2020, 23:44 Swarovski - got a beach ball :)
Radoz22 July 2020, 20:53 WatchShop-pde
Suebobbysocks22 July 2020, 20:44 Can anyone tell me how to start playing
LDMaughan22 July 2020, 19:37 @Quinlami yes but the sarcasm is for the reader to interpret.

Just got another pde on Goldsmiths - whoop whoop
Member17096582592322 July 2020, 19:05 Just got a pde from Swarovski :)
quinlami22 July 2020, 18:05 LDMaughan are my eyes deceived get me or did you say thanks for receiving a pde?
akirkmartin22 July 2020, 17:51 I got a beach ball on Goldsmiths.
Radoz22 July 2020, 16:27 Sheilas Wheels-pde
quinlami22 July 2020, 15:24 Just pathetic TCB.


I am sorry you feel this way. We do intent the game to be a little bit of fun for members to give them something back for the awesome support you give us year on year.

If you have any specific improvemnet ideas please reach out us via email and we can certianly get them passed on to the team.

Best wishes

Top_Frances22 July 2020, 14:53 Random bird at myprotein. Pde for me.

Prize items to date this game: 2 Flip flops, 2 Beach Balls, and 1 Sun, Sunglasses and Ice Cream.
LDMaughan22 July 2020, 13:49 Got a pde from O2 - thank you
Heedbanger22 July 2020, 13:00 Pde Holland & Barrett from email
Heedbanger22 July 2020, 11:23 Got pde Goldsmiths
Raspberry10122 July 2020, 10:48 Thanks T4revor, I need 1 for £20 and it might have been one of those 4.
T4revor22 July 2020, 10:34 Raspberry101.....The only time this has happened to me is at midnight on the closing day of the game!
One for the tech guys?
LauraOsborne122 July 2020, 09:47 22 July - Carphone Warehouse
Brette22 July 2020, 09:23 Finally got a flip flop on Clarks shoes . Give it a try you never know . About 10 or more pde's before I got a picture ,but it's part of the fun . Happy hunting folks 🔭
Raspberry10122 July 2020, 07:47 Sometimes I get a black screen with a white 'wheel' spinning when I click on the bird, if I wait it doesn't change and if I refresh or back button the 'prize' message doesn't reappear. This has happened twice on the daily clue and twice on extras, any ideas , is it me or a busy site? Thanks.

Can you please try clearing cookies regularly when playing the game and bear with the prize is if it taking time to load as navigating away may not register it.

If you have regular issues please try a different web browser as this may help.

Best wishes

Brette22 July 2020, 07:46 Yet another pde from light in the box . They seem to be never ending at the moment ☹️
DCG122 July 2020, 03:11 Got flipflops on o2
Chris12121222 July 2020, 02:54
Brette22 July 2020, 01:05 Car phone Wearhouse today's clue still a pde wear are the prizes , these birds must be knackered carrying all these pde boxes
paulofcroydon22 July 2020, 00:27 22-07-2020 - Carphone Warehouse
Top_Frances21 July 2020, 21:09 Random bird found on u Switch a short while ago. Pde for me, might be something else for you?
Dave056421 July 2020, 14:31 Direct Line worked for me today.
Brette21 July 2020, 13:17 Still just pde's , I think the bird as migrated .
Benjam1n021 July 2020, 13:13 Pedro4 Starfishes are for £5... Not £1000 :/
Butterfly78621 July 2020, 12:50 Only PDEs for several days....I guess the hummingbirds are nesting elsewhere.....I hope the PDEs are worth it....Good luck everyone. 👍
Top_Frances21 July 2020, 11:42 Huh?! Bit of a delay on the blog post showing up. Surprised to see mine from the weekend since it still wasn't showing much later that same day.

Hope you can get your internet sorted Betsyboo59.
Pedro421 July 2020, 10:52 Found a starfish on look fantastic today I found one of the clue yesterday which was the Scottish energy If I remember I need one more for a thousand pound ☝️
Jean239721 July 2020, 01:41 Brand alley
paulofcroydon21 July 2020, 00:29 21-07-2020 - BrandAlley
DCG121 July 2020, 00:27 BrandAlley
DCG121 July 2020, 00:21 Jpeace yesterday was scotish power

20 Jul 20 - 00:18
20-07-2020 - ScottishPower Gas and Electricity

20 Jul 20 - 01:02
Scotish power
Jpeace20 July 2020, 20:14 Anyone worked out todays clue Flag and looks like a door knocker
jpyhyk20 July 2020, 20:03 Just pde's today!
Brette20 July 2020, 11:35 Getting lots of pde 's which is normal after a big win like 20 pence .So it's time to go hunting for those pesky blighters 🐦🕊️
Brette20 July 2020, 05:14 Just won 20 pence and a sun on house of Frazer
DCG120 July 2020, 01:02 Scotish power
paulofcroydon20 July 2020, 00:18 20-07-2020 - ScottishPower Gas and Electricity
LDMaughan19 July 2020, 15:47 Try Feelunique for another hummingbird 👍
LDMaughan19 July 2020, 14:14 Just got an Ice Cream on LookFantastic 🍦
carolinesteele19 July 2020, 14:10 La Roche Posay
candan4819 July 2020, 12:20 La Roche Posay
janepwr19 July 2020, 11:01 Pde thanks
Betsyboo5919 July 2020, 10:08 Yes janepwr, you're right where is MikeJagger too?
Well that's me more or less done. No internet at the moment, nearly used up all my data on my phone. Was off to a good start with two balls, two Ice creams and flip flops first couple of days and since then just one more ice cream and rest all pde's. Nothing at all won! And with no internet and very little phone data looks like i've had it! Good luck everyone else, get lucky!
Top_Frances19 July 2020, 01:48 Hey i'm baa-ack! ;O) Discovered the game was on on Friday but not had much time to play or post.

Anyhoo, since I needed to catch up myself I thought i'd recap the daily clues I missed (and found). For those new to the game you are guaranteed one single hummingbird on the correct answer to a daily clue. The rest have to be searched for and appear randomly throughout the game.

If you miss a daily clue (or four) as I did, however, you can still visit the answer and click on your hummingbird on a different day.

Random birds are just that, and when someone posts a find here in the blog you might find one there too, but you also might find you visit that same site several or more times before you find a random bird there yourself or not at all. It's random. That said, sharing where you found a random bird is really helpful. I've had small wins (20p) etc after other members shared where they had found both pde or a prize item.

Anyway here is the recap of the daily clue answers from Monday 13th July, fingers at the ready to click on those hummingbirds!:

Day Answer Location
Mon 13
Tue 14
Wed 15
Thu 16
Fri 17
Sat 18
Sun 19

I also found a random bird at Currys pc World.

Good luck everyone. Half my birds (just 8 so far) have been prize items, half pde. No monetary wins as yet.
Chan_Tatum19 July 2020, 00:41 Sunday 19th July -
La Roche Posay
paulofcroydon19 July 2020, 00:40 19-07-2020 - La Roche Posay
Chan_Tatum19 July 2020, 00:32 @CarlaSimpson - pde means Prize Draw Entry.
After finding a Hummingbird, you will get a picture or be entered into the prize draw.
LDMaughan19 July 2020, 00:29 @CarlaSimpson
Pde = Prize Draw Entry 😉
paulofcroydon19 July 2020, 00:08 19-07-2020 - La Roche Posay
CarlaSimpson18 July 2020, 23:27 First time playing, what does pde mean?🙈
Rosa16218 July 2020, 22:27 First two days, won 30p and one away from £5 win, now only pde’S. Me thinks i’Ve had my lot and will get the occasional win but not monies.
janepwr18 July 2020, 22:13 Mike jagger missing too betsyboo59
Cateycat818 July 2020, 20:44 Hiya, i've been playing since Day 1 but all i've found so far is a bikini, two beachballs and then a ton of pde's? It's really strange as normally I find at least one symbol per day but this time i've gone 3 days with no symbols just pde's. Is anyone getting symbols? Xxx
ad4mxx18 July 2020, 15:15 Where have those hummingbirds got to?
runforlife18 July 2020, 13:38 Found a sea shell on '& Other Stories'
Betsyboo5918 July 2020, 10:49 Just read your reply to my post of 16th July Phil where you apologise for my not receiving an email informing of this game starting and you state emails were sent to selected members!!!!! Are prizes issued to selected members too?????

I can confirm that prizes go to all members that play but they are given out at random. We are always looking at ways of notifying members about the game and make the game clear on site and Social media platforms that most of our members use. I will again pass on feedback for future games

Best wishes

Betsyboo5918 July 2020, 10:44 Looks like Top_Frances is missing this game like he/She did with the last one. That member regularly posts messages on games but again this time, like last nothing. Keep banging on, I know, about members being informed but it must be really frustrating when you regularly play and then you realise you've missed a game cos you didn't know it was running.
LDMaughan18 July 2020, 10:26 I have managed to win a 50p prize (3x suns) and a 10p prize (1x bikini) but all I seem to be receiving now are prize draw entries.
...Enjoying the hunt for those hummingbirds tho 👍
LauraOsborne118 July 2020, 07:51 18th July - tastecard
Networth18 July 2020, 06:53 Woop woop i've won a 10p and a 20p first time i've ever won on this, anything is better than nothing yepeeeeeeeeee ha ha he he Lol xxx
Nessa198518 July 2020, 06:16 Tastecard
Hargow18 July 2020, 01:14 Got a bikini (10p prize) on Reiss
paulofcroydon18 July 2020, 00:04 18-07-2020 - tastecard
Brette17 July 2020, 23:56 Just got another star fish on picnic
Betsyboo5917 July 2020, 19:32 Thanks T4revor for the advice but shortly after putting my message on the blog I got an ice cream!! Strange that. This happened before on a previous game. I put a message on to say couldn't find anything but pde's and lo and behold shortly after I got a bird with a prize!!! De ja vous!!! Strange, really strange.
janepwr17 July 2020, 19:30 Just got a seashell for Benson beds.
Tasha270917 July 2020, 18:45 Can you find a bird more than once at the same shop?

Not many birds today compared to yesterday?
T4revor17 July 2020, 17:27 Betsyboo59.....I have a challenge for you!!!!
31 is rather a lot of birdies, I think you are clicking on them too quickly & Too many times. They have not had time to go back to the nest & Pick up more treats.....
No more lookin' today???
Lets see if giving them a break gets you a treat tomorrow?
Brette17 July 2020, 16:35 Just got a pde at Agoda , looks like the birds have gone to roost for a little while
Betsyboo5917 July 2020, 11:31 Yes what is going on T4revor?? Where are all the birds with the prizes?Last 31 i've found all pde's. Ah well keep searching!!!!
Tasha270917 July 2020, 09:42 Benson for beds also worked
Tasha270917 July 2020, 09:16 & Other stories and Reiss both worked for me this morning. Only a +1 entry though. Not complaining though
janepwr17 July 2020, 08:36 Justjune.... & Other stores is Friday 17 July clue
Danlad148517 July 2020, 07:16 I never saw one when I went to the 20 cogs page Wednesday or ted baker yesterday. If it isn’T going to work everyday why even bother setting us up like this ?

If you do have the correct daily clue answer a hummingbird should appear but please make sure cookies are cleared and that you allow a little time for a hummingbird to fly by.

Best wishes

Member115383316401417 July 2020, 06:09 I won 20p ...Its a good start x
Brette17 July 2020, 05:59 Today's clue is & Other stories , you need to put the & Symbol not and to find the site good luck to you all
Brette17 July 2020, 05:45 Caroleann16 to get extra hummingbirds just go through the sites randomly and if you find one leave looking for half an hour before you look again . Good luck
JUSTJUNE17 July 2020, 01:43 Struggling with Friday 17 th clue
paulofcroydon17 July 2020, 00:12 17-07-2020 - & Other Stories
dianneconnor6116 July 2020, 22:53 Didn’T know this was back only noticed when I went to another page and it popped up at bottom !!!
Love this game but it drives me mad I must have opened over 500 pages today and all I got was a cpl pde s grrr Lol
Good luck everyone xx
T4revor16 July 2020, 21:37 Comments seem a bit sparse (3 over a 16hr period) especially as around lunchtime I know I asked how everyone was doing along with an update on my progress......What's going on?
Betsyboo5916 July 2020, 16:18 You didn't announce this to everyone via email Phil! I found it was running purely by chance as did others according to messages on here. No email was sent to me informing me of this game. So if, as you say, emails were sent then why didn't every member get one?????

I am sorry that you did not receive an email and these would be for selected members. I will pass feedback on and please keep an eye on social media and the home page for further information on the game.

Best wishes

T4revor16 July 2020, 11:29 How is everyone doing...........
Anyone had a decent win?
I am job hunting so this has been a nice distraction in between applying for positions & The results have been better!!!!
I have 2 x beach balls, 2 x starfish, 1 x sunglasses & 1 x bikini to date
LauraOsborne116 July 2020, 10:58 16 July - Ted Baker & Currys
paulofcroydon16 July 2020, 00:11 16-07-2020 - Ted Baker
CaroleAnne1615 July 2020, 21:28 Well done Brette
I can't seem to find any today except tip from here, 20cogs.
Dave056415 July 2020, 21:14 Hi Carole

There are several birds each day. But each award is random, and just because someone else gets something doesn't mean you will.

Places to look:

The Daily Clue
Trending merchants (because we're all doing this)
Yesterday's clued merchant (and so on)
Also check on this blog for hints (like T4revor's below)

I believe the list of places to look refreshes several times during the day, so you get to go back round later, although the daily clue only seems to work once a day - you need to wait until tomorrow to try again.

Btw a pde is a "Prize Draw Entry" if you hadn't guessed....

This help?
Betsyboo5915 July 2020, 21:09 Well hi T4revor and all. Yes I am here. Had decided I wasn't going to post messages this time as looking back at the Spring Treats I was never off the blog!! But was lovely to hear you say T4revor that you were missing my posts. Thank you. On the 2nd July I asked on the Spring Treats blog when another game would be run and Phil replied to say that when the hummingbirds were ready to come out again members would be informed. And were we???? Were we heck! Like others on here have said they did, I dropped on it by chance just logging onto Topcashback to check something and Summer Treats popped up. And yes, again like others only pde's today but not complaining just wish we had been told it was going to run as promised. Could have missed it completely! Happy hunting everyone 😘

We did announce this on Social media and via email. I am sorry you did not receive an email but there is plenty of time left to play the game

Best wishes

CaroleAnne1615 July 2020, 19:44 Well done Brette
I can't seem to find any today except tip from here, 20cogs.
CaroleAnne1615 July 2020, 19:34 Hi everyone
Hope you are all okay.
Can anyone set me straight, are there several hummingbirds a day, and if so what is the best way to find them?
Blessings to you
CaroleAnne1615 July 2020, 19:29 I'm a little confused about this game but having a nice fun time playing, love the way the little hummingbird flits across the page when you find it, very cute.
Can anyone set me straight, are there several hummingbirds per day, if so what's the best way to find them?
Brette15 July 2020, 13:29 Just won 10 pence
Hargow15 July 2020, 12:36 Sunglasses on 20cogs today
Jaden115 July 2020, 12:05 20 cogs = Pde already and we only started Monday and if Betty Boo and Mike Jagger had any sense from previous spring treat who are missed on here perhaps they don't know this has started like myself didnt know until going on Topcashback to order.
paulofcroydon15 July 2020, 00:01 15-07-2020 - 20cogs
T4revor14 July 2020, 21:39 Bal - I like your comment
I love this game
I try to work to work out a system, but it seems to be a moving target........
Yesterday: Virgin & Reiss=Beach ball. Iwoot=Starfish. Ethical Superstore, Dunelm, Rinkit, Ted Baker, Hotel Chocolat=Pde
Today: u-Switch=Sunglasses. Then Samsung, Aviva, Currys, Zavvi, hp Business, Sixt, Very: all pde's
Anyone have any more tips?
Where is Betty Boo from Spring Treats? ;)
mizan714 July 2020, 20:12 Really Cool
CaroleAnne1614 July 2020, 17:12 Sounds cool x
Bal_Kumar14 July 2020, 16:48 I think my hummingbird had died!

I can confirm that all Hummingbirds are alive and well :)

Best wishes

Cateycat814 July 2020, 11:51 Woo hoo! X
Member69000476555014 July 2020, 09:40 👍🏼👍🏼
Joogles14 July 2020, 07:04 Ooh love a competition.
gwennie637414 July 2020, 00:34 Ok looks good!
paulofcroydon14 July 2020, 00:07 14-07-2020 - grenade
Latterdonna 13 July 2020, 22:04 Great idea
Caroldawson196213 July 2020, 20:47 👍Well done
DCG113 July 2020, 20:06 Just watch it wont be long till the pde moaners start again I wish they just didnt bother to play this free game
Member128294058483413 July 2020, 19:25 Excellent
Jockey3113 July 2020, 19:24 Great to see it again
mummymarsh113 July 2020, 18:49 Fab thanx
Caroline195913 July 2020, 18:29 Let's play ...
Member38626761393713 July 2020, 18:08 Lovely......
Robbo6713 July 2020, 18:01 Don’T do twitter
lindsaydobson120313 July 2020, 17:25 Great thank you!
SUZY15613 July 2020, 16:47 Yippeeee
Janny1713 July 2020, 16:33 Love this game
Member102541529473813 July 2020, 16:33 Good to see it’S back
MissCH13 July 2020, 16:14 Sweet Treats is always a great way to get a bit of free cashback, everyone wins an amount.
checkoutlass13 July 2020, 15:41 Brilliant it's back on
Brette13 July 2020, 15:39 Today's clue is rac break down
Chelseaw2113 July 2020, 15:38 Love it
paulofcroydon13 July 2020, 11:02 13-07-2020 - rac
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