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Posted on 10 Jul 2023 Posted in  Utilities, Home & Garden, Technology & Gaming
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Are you looking for the best quality broadband in London? If so, Community Fibre have the fastest fibre broadband packages on the market — at unbeatable prices.

Boasting London’s largest and fastest full fibre broadband network, they provide customers with the same wired download and upload speeds, of up to 3 Gbps (up to 800 Mbps over Wi-Fi). That’s as much as 49.5 times faster than the average UK download speed, and 193.5 times faster than the average UK upload speed.

You can say goodbye to peak time slowdowns, Wi-Fi cutting out and buffering when streaming. By upgrading to Community Fibre, you can future-proof your home with the UK’s most reliable broadband technology, which is up and running more than 99.9% of the time. It’s no wonder why they're London’s best internet provider, according to Trustpilot, with more than 30,000 five-star reviews (as of June 2023).

You can find a Community Fibre package (12 or 24-month) with speeds best suited to your needs, and we’re giving our members the chance to save when they sign up.

Buy a Community Fibre package through us this week and you can earn yourself up to an exclusive £100 In cashback*.


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What Community Fibre have to offer

Community Fibre, named Best Alternative Network by Uswitch in 2023, make switching providers risk-free. You can run their fibre service alongside your existing provider, removing the risk of being without service during the switchover. It’s also hassle-free as they have a dedicated team to get you up and running within 48 hours.

They also offer customers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee which means if, at any point during the first 60 days, you’re not happy with your new full fibre connection, you can leave with no cancellation fee.

What will you be getting if you sign up?

As well as fast speeds and reliable coverage, Community Fibre also offer award-winning service and a UK-based customer service team which is on hand 365 days a year. They can even call you back in more than 20 languages.

TV and calls bundles are also available, offering unlimited entertainment and UK calls. If you’d like to pair your great broadband with guaranteed Wi-Fi, Community Fibre also offer a tailored Wi-Fi in Every Room service, with specialist engineer installation.

Community Fibre Broadband is only available in the capital. It’s currently in 32 boroughs and you can go on their website to check availability in your area.

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What sets Community Fibre apart from other providers?

If you need a little more convincing, here are a few things you happily won’t get with Community Fibre which you might with other providers.

Unlike many other providers, Community Fibre build, own and maintain their dedicated fibre optic network. This means there’s no slow and outdated copper. Instead, you’ll get fast and reliable 100% full fibre right into your home, plus high-quality Wi-Fi throughout.

You won’t be stung by hidden fees as there’s no landline required, and you’ll get a high-quality router included.

Also, unlike other providers, Community Fibre believe it’s wrong to skyrocket your monthly bill at the end of your contract. That’s why they only charge an extra £2 per month when you renew.

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High-performance routers

Community Fibre believe you should get the broadband speeds you’ve paid for. Their high-quality Dual or Tri-Band Mesh routers will help you achieve that.

Linksys Velop Mesh routers with Intelligent Mesh technology are among the best on the market, designed to create a flawless, full-strength Wi-Fi experience.

The Linksys Intelligent Mesh technology learns from you, focusing on the Wi-Fi signal strength to the location in your home.

If you choose their Wi-Fi in Every Room service, your additional routers will seamlessly switch from one to the other, giving you the best possible Wi-Fi coverage at all times.

With six internal antennas and high-powered amplifiers, their technically advanced routers will provide you with the best possible signal in your home.

They’re also specially designed to look great in any location around your home, with the sleek lines and finish offered meaning you’ll no longer have to hide your router behind the TV.

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About Community Fibre

Community Fibre are a broadband company on a mission to provide Londoners with faster, more affordable broadband — especially those who would benefit the most from it — and also work with councils, housing associations and private landlords to help make quality broadband accessible to everyone.

Through offering more reliable and affordable 100% full fibre connections, Community Fibre empower communities, enabling them to connect with friends and family, and access crucial services online.

Community Fibre are also working to limit their environmental impact while also positively contributing to society. They build their network with 100% full fibre, which is future-proof, sustainable and uses 70% less energy than traditional copper.

This gives them more scope to give back, offering free 1 Gbps connection to community spaces on their network and training digital ambassadors, who can provide legal digital support to help bridge the digital divide in their communities.

Don’t forget, sign up for a Community Fibre broadband package through us this week and you can earn yourself up to an exclusive £100 cashback*.

* The cashback rate displayed is what Plus members will receive. The Classic rate may vary.

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