The Ships and the Art of Sailing in SoT

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game set in a beautiful sandbox fully equipped with all you need to live the pirate life. From the get-go, you have the freedom to explore a shared world, full of action and adventure. Whether you’re setting sail solo, as a dastardly duo or with a group of friends, you will encounter other crews on your journey – but will they be friendly or keen on plundering your loot, and how will you respond?

The Ships

There are two ship options to choose from. The 3-4 player Galleon or 1-2-man Sloop. Sea of Thieves is very much a multiplayer game – if you want to set sail on your own you can do so via the smaller sloops, but the real fun comes when you are part of a larger crew. If you do want to play with others you can either play as part of a group with three of your friends or join with other strangers – if you do this make sure you have game chat turned on so as you’ll need to communicate throughout your journey.

Battling ships

 The Galleon is designed for four crew members in mind. Equipped with 8 cannons (four on each side) it’s an absolute powerhouse – you certainly want to avoid a broadside volley, particularly if you’re in a Sloop! As a result, it is also harder to sail. With three sails, it needs a coordinated crew to handle her effectively – you will need to raise, lower and tack all three sails to get the most out of the wind and the anchor takes a lot more time to raise. With two lower decks, it is also a tougher job to fix on the go (but also means more places to hide your treasure) – those holes in the bottom deck fill up fast and you will need to bail water out from the top of the ship. Best to have some roles dished out to the crew so everyone knows what they are doing in the heat of battle!

The Sloop in Sea of Thieves

The sloop is much smaller and a lot more underpowered than its bigger cousin. Equipped with only one cannon on each side, you will need to use all your cunning to take on a galleon. With only one sail it is much easier to sail, but it lacks the speed with the wind. Your advantage here however is manoeuvrability, with a much sharper turning arc than that of the galleon – and if you need to escape, the sloop sails faster into the wind. Don’t be ashamed to make a slow getaway!

The art of sailing together as a crew

Getting to grips with sailing can be a bit tricky for newcomers, particularly on a galleon – although it is all very intuitive so won’t take long at all to get the hang of it. But here are a few tips for the new sailor...

Sea of thieves crew

Don’t get too close to land – This may sound obvious, but don’t forget that some water can be quite shallow and that your ship has a whole deck beneath the waves. It’s worth trimming the sails to come in nice and slow and ask a crew mate to keep an eye out for shallows and reefs! And don’t forget to drop anchor!

Extinguish Lanterns – At night, the light from your lanterns are visible from miles away. Whilst in some circumstances you need the light, such as in storms, they can often attract unwanted attention – particularly if your ship is full of treasure!

Keep a look out – If you have treasure worth guarding, it’s often a good idea to keep a brave crew member up in the crow’s nest on top of the main masts. They’ll get a bird’s eye view on the horizon and spot any incoming ships…or of course, an unwary victim to your pirating ways!

Raise sails when docked – Sails that are down are visible on the horizon, revealing your position to watchful eyes.

Aim low – Aim for the water line or just below it. You want to hit the lower deck so that the enemy ship starts taking on water. Hitting the top of the ship may net the chance to hit one of their crew, but it won’t sink their ship.

Angle sails – You’ll get a visual and audible cue when your sails catch the wind. They will billow out and you’ll hear a triumphant tone. Trust me when I say you’ll know when all sails catch the wind. When in pursuit or evading a ship – it all comes down to how well each crew can sail.

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sea of thieves battle

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