PS5 vs Xbox Series X: How do they compare?


The next generation of consoles is upon us with both Sony and Microsoft announcing their newest versions of the PlayStation and Xbox. With both of these gaming giants battling it out to be top of your Christmas list this year we’ve taken a look at how they compare so you can make the best decision for you.

Take a quick look at our snapshot comparison below or keep reading to find out more.

How much do they cost?

The PS5 will be hitting UK stores on the 19th November. The PS5 will cost £449.99 while the digital edition costs £359.

Microsoft’s newest consoles will be released on the 10th November. The disc-free Xbox Series S will cost £249, while the Xbox Series X costs £449.

So, they’re pretty much on par when it comes to price, but if you are more of a digital download gamer then the disc-free Xbox Series S comes in over £100 cheaper than the PS5 digital edition.

Which is more powerful?

With every new console comes the promise of better-than-ever graphics and these next generation consoles are no different.

Both consoles feature Solid State Drive which in short means they have the ability to read data quicker and more efficiently, meaning near-instant loading times.

These consoles will have gameplay unlike anything we’ve ever seen before with up to 8k resolution and 120 frames per second.

Technically speaking the Xbox just pips the post when it comes to power. The new console will run on 12 teraflops - which is the measurement of speed in gaming. For comparison the PS5 will run on 10 teraflops and the current Xbox One X only runs on six teraflops.

Download space is power, the more download space the less frustration a gamer has. The need to uninstall old games to update new games is something that every gamer has faced in the past. When it comes to storage Xbox wins with 1TB of space for gaming data whereas the PS5 has 825GB so for those opting for the digital version you’ll be looking for an extended drive before you know it.

Who has the best line up?

Both gaming giants have announced a lot of games to be released alongside the new consoles but let’s be honest there are only so many hours in the day so most people will be sticking to blockbuster games.

Sony have already announced the new Resident Evil game, Horizon: Forbidden West, A Big Adventure and our personal favourite the return of Ratchet & Clank.

The big name game for Microsoft is Halo Infinite, which will be exclusive to Xbox. We expect that to tempt long standing fans of the Halo franchise to pledge their loyalty to Microsoft.

Let us know which you’ll be adding to your wish list?

Now you’re armed full of information to help you decide which console is for you. Most of us will probably stick to what we know, the platform our friends play on or the console that has the best choice of games, but there’s no harm in shopping around first.

Joannakrk8720 Feb 21 - 14:31 I prefer PS5☺️
kybo200612 Oct 20 - 17:20 I’M buying both disc version as i’M a big fan of them both i’M also a pc gamer, don’T care who owns what if you make a great game I want to play it. I don’T smoke, drunk or go out much so pretty much save all my money for games, consoles and pc parts haha. Both consoles will have there pros and cons neither console is much better than the other it’S all down to personal preference. Only thing I can say is the ps5 is so much better looking to me as I like led lights etc my pc looks like Blackpool illuminations lol. Whatever you folks get enjoy and be kind to your fellow gamers xx
Smiffie_11 Oct 20 - 10:00 I like reading the reviews and mentioning of games but can you play the New Fortnite game on the Xbox? I know you can on the PS5 Console. I’M asking for the reason that a couple of my grandchildren are asking me and I can not answer the question until I know.


As that game is hugely popular I would advise that you should see this on both the new xbox consoles and the new playstation model.

Best wishes

Ninjawacker05 Oct 20 - 08:57 Already got the PS5 ordered, no brainer for me as always owned a PlayStation.

Really looking forward to the 3D audio Tempest system, Haptic joypad and ssd drive.
AdventureRob04 Oct 20 - 17:00 PS5, because Microsoft have cheated by buying Bethesda.
Danj691_04 Oct 20 - 09:19 Xbox all day long
Colinandioana04 Oct 20 - 01:33 PS5 no question...
Stuandvic1703 Oct 20 - 23:36 Pre ordered PS5 !!!
cloud03 Oct 20 - 20:24 Xbox all the ay
Nayer577703 Oct 20 - 19:51 Ps5 console all the way.
W33ANN1303 Oct 20 - 18:01 Ps5 the only way to go
Member58863528380403 Oct 20 - 11:58 Ps5 disc version.
Paulypops03 Oct 20 - 11:57 Must be Xbox
Chaseybr03 Oct 20 - 10:29 Ps5, always had Sony and generally find it better. Big concern is that Microsoft have purchased Bethesda.
Neilabg03 Oct 20 - 08:19 Definitely Xbox
ahmedq4u02 Oct 20 - 23:01 Pubg mobile on iphone
Iansutherland02 Oct 20 - 19:41 Nintendo Switch
NatalieHarley02 Oct 20 - 17:14 I like the Wii hahaha
Xbox all day long for me
matts02 Oct 20 - 14:33 Ps5 but not for several months , It will be interesting to see which console has the most teething problems and which ones are impossible to purchase due to lack of stock availability.
joannie78902 Oct 20 - 02:32 Ps5 disc
Sapphire0201 Oct 20 - 22:39 Ps5 disc 😀
claretsbabe197001 Oct 20 - 18:44 PS5 disc console
DeeDebz101 Oct 20 - 15:51 Ps 5 disc version
Russ_Tierney01 Oct 20 - 14:51 PS4 when the prices crash :)
Benji_Lavinski01 Oct 20 - 12:52 Xbox Series x
Theseeker8501 Oct 20 - 07:51 Xbox already ordered
tomcaley30 Sep 20 - 23:56 Xbox better system but ps has way better games
Member99237991712330 Sep 20 - 23:24 Xbox series x 👍👍👍👍👍
Member25855338831930 Sep 20 - 20:41 Xbox series x but would love more n64 classic games
Member25855338831930 Sep 20 - 20:39 Xbox but plz bring some n64 classic on the switch
Teza_ox30 Sep 20 - 19:26 Xbox series x.
I'm defo more of an Xbox girl than ps.
Bones86630 Sep 20 - 17:17 PS5 for me👍
SabinaWozny 30 Sep 20 - 15:56 Xbox for sure
ShinyMiller30 Sep 20 - 14:08 I only got both a PS4 and Xbox One a couple of years ago (when they were very cheap) and nothing about the new consoles is particularly enticing at the moment, so i'll be waiting a few more years and then getting both!
yannick8130 Sep 20 - 13:04 PS5 with no doubt
tonymorton130 Sep 20 - 12:59 PS5 for me as I have a PS4. PS5 will be backwards compatible with most PS4 games e.G. Only those that the software company is happy to write an update for their game to be useable on PS5. So all the big PS4 games like cod and gta you'll be able to continue to play on your PS5, and obviously all your progress will transfer too if you continue with the ps Plus subscription
Katbornrider30 Sep 20 - 12:46 I’Ve got the Xbox x scorpion edition , I was so impressed with that ,i have Xbox series x on pre order from Microsoft 😊.
I’Ve been trying endlessly to pre order the ps5 with no success .
I have always had every Xbox’S and PlayStations . Looking forward to all the new games for both consoles .
Member77622379904430 Sep 20 - 10:46 Ps5 for us
pedro20093330 Sep 20 - 08:47 Ps5 would be my choice
mozla187730 Sep 20 - 06:43 Both consoles!
sulo36030 Sep 20 - 03:26 Iam already on PlayStation so that where iam staying with the PS5. Plus never go back to XBox after Microsoft refused to repair a fault they created on the XBox360, The Red Ring of Death, even though it was still under warranty.
Psmdriver29 Sep 20 - 23:38 Ps5 for me and hopefully a wireless vr to come soon?
Sandancer8729 Sep 20 - 23:07 PS5 once god of war comes out
MA1383_129 Sep 20 - 20:25 Ps5 for the exclusives
uk78629 Sep 20 - 18:53 PS5 is definitely the more compelling console. Especially given the track record of the hugely successful PS4!
mattcole197129 Sep 20 - 11:17 Ordered both 3rd party games and backward compatible for xbox.
Exclusive games on ps5.
bretlfc189229 Sep 20 - 11:11 Xbox Series x. Never liked PlayStation or the controller
alkerbix29 Sep 20 - 07:09 It’S a question of backwards compatibility for me. Xbox series x promises to improve older games in terms of graphical fidelity and frame rate, this is a big win. Both are going to be great, but I suspect Xbox have the horse power this time around while PlayStation will have the bigger market share inherited from the very successful PS4.
cathal7628 Sep 20 - 23:56 Ps5 never liked xbox
Member128301157025828 Sep 20 - 23:51 Ordered ps5 due to better games lineup at launch. Also I have a ps+ Account already, so will just roll with the ps5 and see how it goes. Also I don't want to fund bill gates 😃
whatislife28 Sep 20 - 22:23 PS5 is an absolute unit. Xbox all the way for me.
coffey583528 Sep 20 - 21:45 Always been an xboxxer.....For some reason, i’Ve preordered the ps5
HAMBLY198828 Sep 20 - 19:34 Ps5 for me
Thetone7928 Sep 20 - 18:22 Both obviously
bazaaa28 Sep 20 - 17:27 Ps5 all the way
trim8128 Sep 20 - 17:21 Both for me
laila2728 Sep 20 - 16:48 Ps5 for me
Stuartlaw197828 Sep 20 - 16:40 Does the ps5 support the vr gear from the ps4?
mattvxr28 Sep 20 - 16:00 Xbox all the way with gamepass
Member89175992904228 Sep 20 - 15:04 Ps5 for me
Kijek8628 Sep 20 - 14:27 No idea i'm torn
garyk090128 Sep 20 - 13:04 PS5 100%
MrD00728 Sep 20 - 11:43 Ps5 all day woop woop .. Any cash back deals coming for ps5 ?

We are always having new cashback offers and these are updated daily.

Keep an eye on site and you never know we may have an offer that might intrest you in future.

Best wishes
Salmon8428 Sep 20 - 11:12 Xbox Series x all day long
Winkey28 Sep 20 - 06:06 My son is wanting the Xbox series x, so it looks like that’S the one we’Re getting.