Plastic Free July: What is it and how to earn cashback and make a difference

Posted on 07 Jul 2022 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages others to make small changes such as reducing their usage of single-use plastics every day. So far, this movement has reduced global demand for bottled water, fruit and veg packaging, and plastic straw use. Participants are being inspired in 190 countries around the world to choose to refuse at least one single-use plastic and develop new habits forever. It’s a personal challenge that’s part of a global effort of learning new ways to be kinder to the planet.

Want to know what alternatives are available on the market? We have you covered. We hope these suggestions help to make plastic-free alternatives easier for you to source and cheaper with the addition of cashback.

Give clothes a second chance

second hand clothing

It’s not just the love islanders supporting second-hand fashion this year, the trend is making people consider alternative clothing choices. We have two brands that have done exceptional work to help fashionistas go pre-loved.

Ruby Moon are making your workouts sustainable. Their Gym to Swim clothing is recycled from ocean waste and 100% of their profits are donated to support women entrepreneurs globally. We love their amazing sports bras because they are so versatile, coming in sizes up to a DD cup.

If you are thinking pre-loved clothes means compromising on fashion trends then think again.

Beyond Retro tirelessly search for all the latest trends from piles of unwanted garments, bringing new life to old clothing that will keep you looking your best. By choosing to go retro you are saving tons of clothing from going into landfills and closing the loop on fashion waste.

Avoid plastic covered fruit and vegetables


Using your own bag for loose fruit and vegetables as well as going to local markets instead of supermarkets helps cut down on plastic waste, who really needs their broccoli covered in plastic anyway?

For a different alternative, why not try a vegan meal box. Grubby uses 100% recyclable, compostable packaging with recipes on average including a variety of six or more vegetables. On top of making sure your 5 a day is sorted, they donate a meal for every box sold to children living in poverty.

Here’s one for all you beauty lovers

beauty kitchen

Re-useable make-up pads are a simple switch that is kinder to your skin, and our oceans, than face wipes. Beauty Kitchen has a plastic-free skincare collection that is currently reduced. All their skincare is microplastic free and in reusable packaging which has saved 4 million single-use bottles from going into landfill.

Invest in refillable cleaning products

Refillable cleaning

Swapping out your plastic-contained cleaning products for something refillable and recyclable is a fantastic way to do your bit. Spruce can keep your home clean and smelling fresh without the use of excess plastics. The eternity bottle is pretty and practical and comes with refills in compostable packaging to keep your kitchen and bathrooms sparkling.

Now you are looking at pre-loved clothes, keep them fresh for longer.

Clothes Doctor not only has lots of tips on how to repair your clothes but also the right detergent to help extend their life by 9 months. The products are highly concentrated and provide a supercharged clean. This means you need less - saving you money. Plus, it comes in a recyclable aluminium bottle.

Be part of the solution

We know that all of this can feel overwhelming. There really are so many exciting new products to try that are kinder to the environment and we hope this blog helps to point you in the right direction so that you know what plastic-free alternatives exist. Plastic Free July is all about challenging yourself to cut out at least one single-use plastic and we hope that you can rise to the challenge, no matter how small or big you go - every little helps.


Roshi Chavda19 July 2021, 10:25 Hope everyone gets on board it’S to save our future!
BASSLINEBARGAINS16 July 2021, 21:35 Some Excellent ideas there.... Especially the reusable cups. Fingers crossed the high end chains like Starbucks and McDonald's take the pledge! X
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